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Please just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seemsPlease just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seems to get stronger, reminds me of all the fun times I had. When quite young I seemed to try everything. Strarted out on photo shoots as a model and wanted to be the one taking the photos and soon bought my very first fine camera. Then I became a collector of antiques and read a lot of books on what I loved. Soon enough I was selling books and had several apartments in the cities where my main sales would be about 4-5 times in every season of the year. I find it so hard to sell anything. As times get more expensive, needing room and needing to help my sister makes me sell things now which I only intended to do a little of before. I have learned that the most important thing that you own is what seems to get the most attention at one particular moment... And sometimes that can be your latest find or the new piece you got in the mail, or a book about your collecting field. The best advice one can heed for any type of collecting is go with your gut feel as everyone else's opinion is gone in the space of a minute or inevitably through the passage of time !~Phil. (Read more)


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Siam Red Sherman Bracelet, Marquise and Square Stones With  Aurora Borealis To Some Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tiffany Lamps, Grand Canadian Railway Hotel, Hotel Saskatchewan - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rare & Unusual Sherman Brown and Aurora Borealis Cabochon Bracelet Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Vintage Sherman Grey and Aurora Borealis  Cabochon Bracelet  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Antique Cedar Box  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Signed Sherman Bracelet Jewellery - Art Decoin Art Deco
signed Sherman Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
signed Sherman Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Watermelon Men - Photographsin Photographs
Photo for Manikin - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Gorgeous photos.
  2. Thanks ho2culthca, yes they do look egyptian revival also.
  3. His use of colour is beautiful, always nice to see a Canadian artist. Phil.
  4. Have seen coke ones. The larger displayones in coke go for good money.
  5. I like the 6 rings in there all at once, makes it harder to hand-pick the treasures individually. It is so hard sometimes to know or have exactly what a person needs to properly display treasures all...
  6. Love the first and third photos, as they seem to show a sort of depth to the view of the vase, making it more exciting. What a great gift to be left.
  7. Thank you Zowie for your comment, all is going down the drain, but just a bad time. Phil.
  8. Thought you might like to see:
  9. Did you ask the people you got it from anything?? what are measurements??
  10. Thank you SpunkysMom for the caring and stopping by. Phil
  11. Simply breathtaking design. Phil.
  12. walksoftly, great deduction, thinking outside the box !~
  13. Even after a year, would look nice in my collection !~
  14. Blunderbuss2 - I love that expression " trunk-heads", pretty much explains the passion and good for some laughs today !~
  15. Blunderbuss2 I see that you have revived from your flu and are providing top comic relief in this items worth. If I had it I would try to send to you, although that may not be legal, I don't know.
  16. Thanks Kyratango, one also has to realize that after having several homes to care for, that I had to work extremely hard, day to day, to realize those dreams I had which included all that I aquired fo...
  17. Thanks Mani for the special comment, always xo
  18. Great Photo, nice depth to the scene and love the statues especially !~
  19. Thank you Drew for the comment, appreciated !~
  20. Thank you CindB for the nice compliment !~
  21. Great find, love finding books on things that are now much forgotten.
  22. Thanks walksoftly for the comment, always appreciated.
  23. I love the whimsical collection of cherubs also, particularly the one doing the somersaults, have not seen those before.
  24. Are the lamps with any marks. I believe they are from the seventies. The reason I say thay is that they were making similar glass lamps, some with names and dates. Have seen examples marked 1972 and 1...
  25. Beautifully painted !~ I remember a 1979 or 80 Arch Digest cover where they used these for a glass coffee table. Loved the cover at the time, and then I went to Montreal in that year and saw a friend...
  26. This is fantastic, very nice with the surrounding patriotic maple leafs. Looks to be around 1910 when they made so many cards with the maple leaf surrounding the scenes.
  27. Thank you fledermaus for the compliment, the artist who created the piece was Enrico Astorri, and the piece is signed also with Milan. It is known that he worked in his Milan Studio in 1885, probably ...
  28. Thank you CindB, for the beautiful comment, appreciated !
  29. Hope you are better soon :)
  30. You rolled your dice perfectly to get these so cheap, great score. Phil.
  31. Yes, I live in Canada and have seen these torchiere lamps also with the chinese? figure. Turn the bottom over to see if there is some info on manufacturer. I am most familiar with Metalcraft Mfg. Co. ...
  32. Thats not like you, sometimes your remarks are a hoot !
  33. Thanks kyratango, my favourite in my storage were always my lamps. I would love to go to the storage unit also further beyond where I had more stuff to enjoy, never seemed to all fit in one home. Need...
  34. This is a piece of art in itself, majestic and would take over a whole room in its presence !~
  35. Thanks for the comment.
  36. My father dragged one of these type of cabinets home, the cabinet was very beautiful but had to give to landfill last week as cleaning out his home, had to make some drastic decisions, gorgeous cabine...
  37. Beautiful. Wonder if they made glasses to match ?
  38. Was watching my favourite retro show "Mad Med" and saw a couple of these small bags. The black restroom girls said if they get any smaller we'll have to find other jobs. Not room for much tip money or...
  39. Reminds me of Humpty Dumpty. Really nice.
  40. Gorgeous advertising art !~
  41. Yes, you really have a nice selection of items.
  42. Magnificent gold !~
  43. Still have cat in the hat cartoons, the modern ones are still pretty good.
  44. Many of these type of carved boxes on ebay, I love all of them.
  45. Very similar to what was coming out of italy in the 60's to 70's. they were mostly using plaster bases in the 60's but branched out to ones with more inventive bases in the 70's. The tables were made ...
  46. She seems closest to Terpsichore, which is # 5 on the list here:
  47. Love the muse of music on the cover, she lends an air of mystery to whats between the covers of this album. Treasure.
  48. Thanks for the love bratjdd and Trey !~
  49. Thank you for the kind loves you have clicked, VioletOrange, PatSea, Jewels, and Elisabethan, you are all precious people.
  50. They also used these cards with various religeous scenes as Funeral cards, my family had many collected.
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Vintage Mickey Mouse Bank shaped like a phone


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