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Please just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seemsPlease just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seems to get stronger, reminds me of all the fun times I had. When quite young I seemed to try everything. Strarted out on photo shoots as a model and wanted to be the one taking the photos and soon bought my very first fine camera. Then I became a collector of antiques and read a lot of books on what I loved. Soon enough I was selling books and had several apartments in the cities where my main sales would be about 4-5 times in every season of the year. I find it so hard to sell anything. As times get more expensive, needing room and needing to help my sister makes me sell things now which I only intended to do a little of before. I have learned that the most important thing that you own is what seems to get the most attention at one particular moment... And sometimes that can be your latest find or the new piece you got in the mail, or a book about your collecting field. The best advice one can heed for any type of collecting is go with your gut feel as everyone else's opinion is gone in the space of a minute or inevitably through the passage of time !~Phil. (Read more)


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The Swan Dive : Jantzen Swimsuit Car Mascot Circa 1920 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sherman Jewellery, Sherman Bracelet, Cobalt Blue Enhanced by Aurora Borealis Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Wood Showcase With Curved Glass Front - Advertisingin Advertising
La Roco Earrings and Bracelet Set, Finest Marquise Green Stones With Aurora Borealis Coating - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sherman Parure set of Brooch, Earrings and Bracelet - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Signed SHERMAN Rhinestones Demi Parure Set of BLUE BROOCH, SEMI RIGID BRACELET,& EARRINGS - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sherman Bracelet With Citrine and Amber Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Siam Red Sherman Bracelet, Marquise and Square Stones With  Aurora Borealis To Some Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tiffany Lamps, Grand Canadian Railway Hotel, Hotel Saskatchewan - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rare & Unusual Sherman Brown and Aurora Borealis Cabochon Bracelet Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. The pyramid shape looks pretty much like 1920's also, and appears very high quality !~
  2. It looks around 1950 based on chairs in my collection. Hard to be positive from only pictures. Did you look underneath. They were were still making these styles into 1980's. Some even in production to...
  3. It has a little Louis XV in it, combination of styles, and it is basically called a sofa tub chair or sometimes even called, Louis XV Tub Salon Chair or Cabriolet. Phil
  4. Thank you SpunkysMom for the nice compliment, much appreciated as always !
  5. Great clock, its beauty is rather hypnotic in the pictures here, and I wrote that before I see that you were a hypnotherapist. Its rather like a lone sentinal, guarding its impenetrable secrets of the...
  6. I have seen other images online that look very similar to yours, they would be so wonderful to have a collection of these beauties. Phil
  7. Would be wonderful to hang on a Christmas tree. Phil
  8. The word Happy Manikin seem to sum it all up for us. xoxo
  9. Such a beautiful story and ties to great football memories and yet you entwined both into a gripping story of intrepid, fearless people in your history. I know from experience that when you deal with ...
  10. Thanks smiata for the nice compliment !~
  11. Kind of resembles a photo of tryouts for dukes of hazzard. Love these photos !~
  12. I see one on Etsy.
  13. I see one on CW from Australia, but not identical. Wonder if it is valuable ? Love it though.
  14. Great photo of her, superb for your collection. Must have been happy to score this one !Philxoxo
  15. Great find !~
  16. You could squeeze a lemon with these stoppers, nice.
  17. Rather amazing to see they are still in business. Must be pretty cool !~
  18. I wonder if its about 10 watts?
  19. Hard to find these little beauties anymore. In Canada we used to be fahrenheit so would not see these here likely.
  20. Thank you kyratango for the very nice compliment !~
  21. The Commercial & Savings Bank of Stockton, California built a large skyscraper building for their bank in Stockton, California in 1915. Still standing.
  22. Thanks fledermaus and CindB. This was made to fit ANY car, the motometer underneath was used by pretty much all cars in the 20's and onward. The Jantzen hood ornament would have been popular with pro...
  23. Good for you, wonderful.
  24. Thank you Virginia.vintage for the compliment !~
  25. Thank you Manikin, Weirdpuckett, Jewels, sklo42, antiquerose, aghcollect, walksoftly, DrFluffy and CindB for the loves.
  26. Looks like a true gem, could stand the test for time !~
  27. The colors are really beautiful, superb workmanship !~Phil.
  28. Yes, your house is definitely a corker, beautiful !~
  29. Very nice stereo card !~Phil
  30. Thanks Manikin, I appreciate your comment very much. Lovexoxo
  31. Thank you for the nice complements shareurpassion, most appreciated !~
  32. Really nice design !~Phil
  33. What a great deal you got, love it !~Phil
  34. There was a store downtown I think the Urban Barn which sold similar ones in the nineties. I opted for the real looking 3 foot branches which had normal grape size and dark color. They look real but w...
  35. Here is an ad for finials that shows another sputnik lamp in the additional photo that is more similar to yours, but yours are far nicer: Phil.
  36. Ok, now I looked at images and found several lamps also with sputnik finials, and also one with some on the middle, but have not seen this exact lamp. Also saw more than several sputnik finials on eba...
  37. Thank you pops, I was thinking that you'd like to see more, I appreciate ! Thank you Inky and Sean for the compliments.
  38. I have never seen sputnik finials before, these are gems !~Phil.
  39. Gotta love the Jetsons era shade, love it.
  40. There is one up for auction tomorrow, similar make, but a nurse instead. This one is certainly similar to the one I posted, love the Jantzen swimsuit logo. The model certainly knows its her time to sh...
  41. Remind me of a recent post, I love these, even the shades are wonderful.
  42. Thanks CindB for the beautiful comment, most appreciated.
  43. Fascinating !~
  44. They were popular novelty cups in several different decades.
  45. Nice to have the date of 1967 on them. Very period. The shades at this time in lamp making were big and rather ugly but these would look beautiful with a smaller newer shade.
  46. Gorgeous, do the glass bases light up ?? If it was made in the late 70's to early 80's the bases would have lit up. At that time they put a metal grid surrounding the bulb, which lit it beautifully.
  47. Very gorgeous, I am envious of these beauties which are rare. Phil.
  48. Superb Zowie, beautifully colored also.
  49. Are the chickens knife rests, they almost look like them from the pic? Phil.
  50. Its trying to take some style from Classicism but mixed styles which actually work together beautifully, the legs are chippendale. Beautiful. Without a label it would be impossible to tell which furni...
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