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Please just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seemsPlease just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seems to get stronger, reminds me of all the fun times I had. When quite young I seemed to try everything. Strarted out on photo shoots as a model and wanted to be the one taking the photos and soon bought my very first fine camera. Then I became a collector of antiques and read a lot of books on what I loved. Soon enough I was selling books and had several apartments in the cities where my main sales would be about 4-5 times in every season of the year. I find it so hard to sell anything. As times get more expensive, needing room and needing to help my sister makes me sell things now which I only intended to do a little of before. I have learned that the most important thing that you own is what seems to get the most attention at one particular moment... And sometimes that can be your latest find or the new piece you got in the mail, or a book about your collecting field. The best advice one can heed for any type of collecting is go with your gut feel as everyone else's opinion is gone in the space of a minute or inevitably through the passage of time !~Phil. (Read more)


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Vintage Signed SHERMAN Rhinestones Demi Parure Set of BLUE BROOCH, SEMI RIGID BRACELET,& EARRINGS - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sherman Bracelet With Citrine and Amber Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Siam Red Sherman Bracelet, Marquise and Square Stones With  Aurora Borealis To Some Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tiffany Lamps, Grand Canadian Railway Hotel, Hotel Saskatchewan - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rare & Unusual Sherman Brown and Aurora Borealis Cabochon Bracelet Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Vintage Sherman Grey and Aurora Borealis  Cabochon Bracelet  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Antique Cedar Box  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Signed Sherman Bracelet Jewellery - Art Decoin Art Deco
signed Sherman Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
signed Sherman Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you nuts and Mani for the compliments, very kind of you.
  2. Most intriguing pieces - love the first and the show stopper for me today seems to be the pottery with the guns and art deco figure, fascinating and beautiful !~ Also the bases are incredible. They...
  3. Great card, Merry Christmas David !~
  4. I think basically an art deco novelty lamp, or more specific " Art Deco lamp in the Frankart style. It quite beautiful. Should search for any marks etc. Have seen one on the computer, I believe it wa...
  5. Cloudy and dull here this whole week so far. Highly unusual so I miss the sun.
  6. I won one of these at a raffle for my mom back in 71-3 I believe. Looks like the same red box.
  7. You have a beautiful home there, wish I could visit. Merry Christmas to you and yours Bernie, all the very best in the New Year to occur.
  8. I love this with the greek key pattern top.
  9. Great idea and I can see the results would be more than pleasing !~
  10. Thank you for the loves aghcollect, gargoylecollector, katherinescollections !~
  11. I used to have a similar designed set which was by Norman Bel Geddes. This is based on that design but not by Bel Geddes. The original Bel Geddes was sturdier and was used for seating in police stati...
  12. Great photos. I remember when we went to town to sell our weekly cream cans, we had around 4 large ones and one smaller one.
  13. Thank you pops52 for the nice comment, very appreciated !~
  14. I know that in the 90's in particular there were a lot of companies making such pieces, even Bombay company I found were making some beautiful reproductions. I love the green crystal cut piece near th...
  15. Someone may have washed it in hot water. A lot of these pieces like paperweights also crack if immersed in hot water.
  16. Great piece, I used to have a larger one but it was so heavy I always worried it falling off the wall, hurting someone, very nice piece you lucked in on !
  17. They still make some beautiful pieces like this, however the price is rather astronomical.
  18. What a great story, she must have treasured the piece that you worked so hard for. Don't really think its Aurora Borealis coated, but hard to tell from the picture.
  19. Love the card, unusual for me to see a shield with a kangaroo there, another great card you have given us !~
  20. Wonderful trike.
  21. Ok. I did fix it anyway for practice, turned out quite nice.
  22. I love the hand, maybe I can do a small fix of the picture on the computer for you if you like, can take out the tears and spots, etc.
  23. Thanks mcheconi for stopping by, you always are appreciated.
  24. Meowmix, meowmas, I'm confused.
  25. Thank you for the loves walksoftly, mikelv85, CindB, and kyratango - very appreciated !~
  26. Its Phil, not what you wrote.
  27. Yes, Katherine is correct, made as a tv lamp, there are collectors books on tv lamps.
  28. I remember them using a lot of metal to diffuse lights in 82-84 period, this plastic gives the same soft light. I have some vintage lamps that use the same principal and it works beautifully ! Wonderf...
  29. Went to see an aunt so long ago, found out she made fabulous quilts, now I wish I had one of hers to treasure.
  30. Very nice, highly unusual !~
  31. Thank you mcheconi and SpunkysMom for the very nice compliments and the loves, you both are always so kind.
  32. Thanks for the loves Jewels, kyratango, Manikin and southcop, appreciate.
  33. Thank you very much for the loves valentino97, aghcollect, Jewels, and VioletOrange, you are appreciated.
  34. Love it, love the color and the magic happening in the photo !~)
  35. Thank you DrFluffy for the comment, so kind of you.
  36. Thats the kind of moth one hopes to find in their trunks and chests. Beautiful.
  37. Very nice.
  38. Thanks racer4four for the heads up.
  39. Thanks surfdub for the comment.
  40. Some very nice ones Rose, Merry Christmas to you !~
  41. That is one useful tea strainer !
  42. Great photo and great memory to have !
  43. Thank you Spunkys mom for the compliment and the wishes, love to you this season !
  44. Sometimes a hint of where you reside helps others in determining where a piece may be made, but with so many people doing the rhinestone thing during its day it can be hard.
  45. Wow, you did a fine job on the restoration. I use body filler too for a lot of my restoration jobs. Its so good to work with. Phil.
  46. I would probably take the light fittings out and just use as decorative ewers. They are made of spelter metal.
  47. Thank you nutsabotas6 for the nice compliment !~
  48. Thank you Elisabethan for the compliment !
  49. Thanks shareurpassion, for such a nice compliment.
  50. Its possible that its from the nouveau period, however it is hard to tell from photos. Possibly there is someone who handled the stripping of the original finish around you who would know more about ...
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