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Please just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. I used to sell books and still have many that remain uPlease just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. I used to sell books and still have many that remain unsold but hate to get rid of them because they hold precious secrets of antique collectibles. I Like collecting aeroplane or airplane ashtrays and similar items. Now it seems I am fascinated by the world of hood ornaments, making life seem to have that new excitement, I cannot describe how happy that makes me. But I will. It makes me feel like I did when I had that first incredible place and every discovery is a FIRST, I love that place and miss it dearly when I had the nicest compliment that I ever got which was " Your home is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. "!! Have heard that compliment before and after but from one person all the time. Even my antique couch was in extra fine condition. I was lucky to have one of the most fun auctions of all time. I would go often with my friend Eddy, we were the youngest there and prices were cheap and I could go Tues, Thurs, Sat, all without a problem. Seen the most amazing things there. Once I passed up an old wurlitzer style machine with a screen that played old videos, the people loved it even though it went for only 600 dollars. There in the front row were lookalikes for Hitchcock to Hitler. Have always been a collector and somehow it seems to get stronger, reminds me of all the good times. I sometimes like to put too many pictures of my things on facebook, but you know what - they seem close to me and will always be in my heart, so somehow it seems justified and right to hold to your heart what you hold dear !!~ I really miss some of the magnificent things and everything that I ever sold. I find it so hard to sell anything. As times get more expensive, needing room and needing to help my sister makes me sell things now which I only intended to do a little of before. I have learned that the most important thing that you own is what seems to get the most attention at one particular moment... And sometimes that can be your latest find or the new piece you got in the mail, or a book about your collecting field. The best advice one can heed for any type of collecting is go with your gut feel as everyone else's opinion is usually burned to toast in the space of a minute or inevitably through the passage of time !~Phil. (Read more)


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signed Sherman Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
signed Sherman Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Watermelon Men - Photographsin Photographs
Photo for Manikin - Photographsin Photographs
Helmet Transistor Radio, Mid Century Modern - Radiosin Radios
After a photo of Rita Hayworth - Photographsin Photographs
English Rocket Lighter, no markings. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rocket Lighter by Planet, circa 1950's - Art Decoin Art Deco
CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY, Aug. 17, 1958 - Photographsin Photographs
Man Skier Mascot, by A. E. LeJeune - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Sorry, I have been so busy and wiped out and missed this jewel of a mannequin in that tall size. She looks like a true gem, and such pristine condition, its impeccable !~
  2. I used to have a friend who took me under her wing in my city with her own family and I remember in 78 she took me out to dinner with her family and it was great with the Don Pérignon flowing all nigh...
  3. mani will really love this one, beautiful !~
  4. Really love this card David, so wonderful. Maybe they are from Saskatchewan. Here is a reference to a Sask card also by Wilson and Larkin: Search object details
  5. Really hope you get some help on this mystery painting, love it.
  6. Wow, this is massive, it would overpower almost any room in a normal house, beautiful !~
  7. Hey Mani I was going to send the original to Sue, to show what it looked like before I fixed it. If you want to maybe send to her the orig unfixed, - but that is at your discretion. Just wanted to sh...
  8. Very nice, I remember seeing somthing from this visit in my postcard collection. Unfortunately would be hard to find, as it is in the miscellaneous collection which is large. Great photo that you have...
  9. You never should measure to the top of the finial. That gives no info about the lamp whatsoever. Some of these lamps had ridiculous large shades of no importance.
  10. Well I am just offering my opinion. Usually you see lines running down in faces and ivory signs of age just do not show here in your photos.
  11. Like your own personal coat of arms, beautiful !~
  12. Its a resin based material, which they used to put marble shavings or dust mixed with the resin. They now use more synthetic materials than marble. I used to have the angels they made a lot from italy...
  13. Most probably German, and really nothing to do with black forest. It looks like alabaster although ivory is more common if it is that size. If it is ivory look for grain marks - almost as if wood - th...
  14. I'D just call it rattan type fruniture. It looks from the 1990's.
  15. It may have been a mascot also separated from the base. Does it have screw in rings on the underside ?
  16. I was walking through a gallery in Christies a couple years ago also and came upon an exhibit for a similar artist. He has a link you can look up and the painting is called "the storm" of a similar su...
  17. Oh, and by the way, the base is a solid piece of brass and weight seems to indicate that it is not hollow.
  18. No problem arcobot !~
  19. Thank you Ron for the comment, appreciated.
  20. Thanks for loves Trey and Radegunder.
  21. Even the newer ones can have a profound effect when decorating. I sold one to friends who put it above the fireplace in their new 20's period home and it looked so right. Even the newer ones from the ...
  22. too funny blunder.
  23. Very hard to capture the real beauty of Jewellery, love these.
  24. You are too kind Ron, but I think we all have wonderful talents that we can not show online, and especially collectors, but we all have our self worth. Mani has many talents I have found from her post...
  25. The first pin I really think is a great find.
  26. These glass balls look great when lit. I have ones made by the JB Hirsch company for their pixie lamps. They make bigger glass balls also which I replaced some of mine with. The original ones had th...
  27. Thank you so much for the loves VioletOrange, mikelv85, Virginia.vintage, vetraio50, aghcollect, Jewels, freiheit, and Manikin !~
  28. Usually the eagle is much more pronounced in wider turned neck and larger wings of the 1840's variety. The ones from the 1920-1940's when these were widely popular again resembles yours. Often called ...
  29. Happy Anniversary, hope you had a little celebration. I remember in the day they used to have come and go teas for an anniversary !
  30. Thanks Rose for the comment, so nice of you.
  31. Thank you for the loves aghcollect, Moonhill, Virginia.vintage
  32. 30's to 1940's likely although the catalogs show furniture like this into the 1950's.
  33. Its called a"half moon" table also, rose.
  34. Called fer forge mainly now in France, or wrought iron. They are making a lot of reproductions now of these type of lamps with leaves. This one seems to have been fitted on an older type American lamp...
  35. I am not sure of the amount of stones, but some are so small and the stones were were all set by hand, so doing some of the claw setting by hand of them I believe would be impossible today.
  36. Thanks AnneLanders for the so nice comments, I really appreciate what your wrote, good luck to you and your daughter also.
  37. It reminded me of the books made to hold the red rose tea cards that came in a package of tea. The cards we collected and the books were very beautiful I remember and really taught us kids a lot of th...
  38. Thank you for the loves gargoylecollector, walksoftly, Manikin, artdecogirl, valentino97
  39. Thanks shareurpassion for the heads up. I found another bracelet recently which is quite rare and incredible. Would not want to be near anyone wearing it though, as there are so many stones to get sna...
  40. Thanks Jewel, I had to have some work done. But other than that I am original.
  41. Thank you for the loves pops52, artdecogirl, angelhair23, lourdes, Virginia.vintage, SpunkysMom, and Trey
  42. Thank you racer4four for the beautiful comment.
  43. Almost looks like trench art. Nice find.
  44. Do you know the dimensions of this book ?
  45. I got mine maybe 1966 or 67, not sure which. There were many globe banks around at that time. Looks in good shape. Could not be dropped much with weight in it, as the metal was easily dented.Love it.
  46. Appears to be a chalkware or plaster lamp. A boy fisherman throwing his net, made by one of the big potteries of the 50's to 60's. There were many potteries in the U.S. who may have made this, and the...
  47. I had an earth one which was very popular as they seemed to replace piggy banks in the 60's, when they were made and sold everywhere.
  48. I see the chinese are making items similar to this and even a lot of ashtrays similar in crystal. If you ever look on, they will make anything, and I have ordered crystal in the past from ...
  49. How can it be pouty without the tears and open mouth. Very well behaved doll.
  50. I remember when I was 23 I found one from Germany from 1930 and it was in German and English, it was my prize for quite a while. It was immensely interesting. Yours are a plus score !~
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