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Please just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seemsPlease just call me Phil. The above name is my facebook name, because of all the people with the same name. . . Have always been a collector and somehow it seems to get stronger, reminds me of all the fun times I had. When quite young I seemed to try everything. Strarted out on photo shoots as a model and wanted to be the one taking the photos and soon bought my very first fine camera. Then I became a collector of antiques and read a lot of books on what I loved. Soon enough I was selling books and had several apartments in the cities where my main sales would be about 4-5 times in every season of the year. I find it so hard to sell anything. As times get more expensive, needing room and needing to help my sister makes me sell things now which I only intended to do a little of before. I have learned that the most important thing that you own is what seems to get the most attention at one particular moment... And sometimes that can be your latest find or the new piece you got in the mail, or a book about your collecting field. The best advice one can heed for any type of collecting is go with your gut feel as everyone else's opinion is gone in the space of a minute or inevitably through the passage of time !~Phil. (Read more)


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Sherman Jewellery, Sherman Bracelet, Cobalt Blue Enhanced by Aurora Borealis Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Wood Showcase With Curved Glass Front - Advertisingin Advertising
La Roco Earrings and Bracelet Set, Finest Marquise Green Stones With Aurora Borealis Coating - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sherman Parure set of Brooch, Earrings and Bracelet - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Signed SHERMAN Rhinestones Demi Parure Set of BLUE BROOCH, SEMI RIGID BRACELET,& EARRINGS - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sherman Bracelet With Citrine and Amber Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Siam Red Sherman Bracelet, Marquise and Square Stones With  Aurora Borealis To Some Stones - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tiffany Lamps, Grand Canadian Railway Hotel, Hotel Saskatchewan - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rare & Unusual Sherman Brown and Aurora Borealis Cabochon Bracelet Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Vintage Sherman Grey and Aurora Borealis  Cabochon Bracelet  - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. The shutter release cord is new. Rolleiflex cameras were one of the best ones out there. They are not really all that rare, but the good ones can go for thousands. I usually get catalogs from Europe f...
  2. Great photo Zowie, nice to meet your family. Phil.
  3. Thank You shareurpassion for the funny compliment !)
  4. I seen that there is an auction coming up with some nice magazines and they look in great shape, and other MM: Simon Parr's Auctions 2/2/15 Phil
  5. I had one of these, but no key unfortunately, I gave it to the owner of the car detailing shop, across from shoppers, along with my other locks for his collection since he had some in his collection, ...
  6. Thank you pops for the compliment. I have now moved them into showcases about 10" X 14" or so. I have 3 showcases + now, so it is growing beyond control already !~
  7. Here is the link Rose, this is the kind of thing that metal models airline collectors would want to buy: Aviation and Airline Memorabilia/ Phil
  8. I remember the old Army and Navy store used to have a table and more of these in their store.
  9. Beautiful piece for a collection, great find !~Phil.
  10. A beautiful memory. A lot of these are considered art deco now also. It looks like he really knew what he was doing, a real craftsman, a wonderful keepsake in such good condition also !~
  11. Thank you Elizabethan for the nice compliment.
  12. I really love the jewellers high attention to detail which is beautiful in the closeups.
  13. Also I found that the unglazed clay had a washed out color of like a straw haybale so the face and hands and bottom unglazed were all that wonderful color. The best thing about them is they really loo...
  14. Mudmen were brightly glazed figurines of women, wise men and old sages, sometimes fishing, seated or standing, holding flutes, scrolls, pots, fish and other objects of mystical importance. The thin...
  15. I used to collect mudmen in the 80's. These are no where near the beauty of the original old ones from the early 20th century. These are later pieces than the 80's, still being made in 1990's and 200...
  16. Canadian Design Resource says, " This heavy cast bronze stylized maple leaf was an Air Canada executive gift item in the late 1980’s or 1990, I believe. An elegant and sharp cast and machined leaf-wit...
  17. They are quite new, still making these resin sculptures since the 1990's, and using very similar lamp shades. Not as well made as the metal ones from the 19th and early 20th century. Introduced in the...
  18. Thanks Zowie for the beautiful comment, as always, love you too.
  19. Very nice rose, I like the lamp above it, late 70's or early 80's to 1984. They usually had a metal grill inside so it would give a nice soft light. You changed your picture again so I missed this fir...
  20. Thank you racer4four, it looks almost invisible when the clasp is together.
  21. Really great !~
  22. Great buy, I only have one old one,not this one, I love the Greene photos here, not often printed.
  23. Thanks mikelv85 and inky both for your nice comments !~
  24. Superb display pops, some new items used for display that I never seen before really adds interest and love the various dates shown. My email got partially wiped out and have not sent you any email as...
  25. Delicate things that are made of pottery have to be hand modeled, esp with petals and leaves.
  26. Love the sienna marble. The statue is not familiar to me, I have lots of bronze books and the encyclopedia of bronzes, 4 volumes.
  27. Gorgeous, it may be spelter. Some of the spelters had equally good craftsmanship as the bronzes. Its a beauty.
  28. Thanks katherinescollections for the nice comment !~
  29. I have one of picaults statues in my collection and does not look like anything he would have made. His men's faces were more expressive like some deep pain within.
  30. More like Perseus, although he only really cut the head of Medusa. Phil.
  31. I only have that Romanian piece of the flamingos which had so many leaves upturned on the bottom. The leaves look hand done on yours.
  32. Yes nuts, I feel the same except that for collecting these originally for my sister, I have gotten really wrapped up in the beauty of the pieces. One of the best things about collecting Sherman is tha...
  33. I must be weird too, I almost want to pound a hammer to it. Reminding me of the toy tool kits, some had miniature anvils with hammers also.
  34. All the ones I ever saw were with a quite dark oak finish. Not sure if that happened later or not.
  35. Thank you Mani for such a nice compliment, it's true !~xoxo
  37. W-O-W, what a prize your car !-Phil
  38. Thank you antiquerose. Appreciate the comment.
  39. Thanks DrFluffy, I have added my take on baguette stones as I usually try to avoid these stones now as some are quite lifeless.
  40. Thanks CindB for the nice comment, outa sight is right, unfortunately in a showcase now.
  41. These are wonderful, from all the ones I have seen. Phil.
  42. Gorgeous item.
  43. What an incredible prize this must be to own.
  44. You must live too close LOL, seem to be picking something up today. Nice set here.
  45. Is it plastic or metal.
  46. Love it.
  47. You should add the photo that David found for you. Wonderful item.
  48. I imagine its Stockton California, or I like to think. Went through there in 74 and kept meeting the same girl all the way to frisco. Love this. Phil.
  49. Nice robust carving, a treasure/ Phil.
  50. Great research.
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