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Ancient Astronaut Books  - Booksin Books
We are not the first: Riddles of ancient science by Andrew Tomas - Booksin Books
Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles H. Hapgood - Booksin Books
Heirs Of The Gods: A Space Age Interpretation of the Bible - Booksin Books
Ancient Astronauts, Cosmic Collisions and Other Popular Theories About Man's Past - Booksin Books
The Holy Bible Is an Extraterrestrial Transmission by C. L. Turnage - Booksin Books
The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin - Booksin Books
The Stairway To Heaven by Zecharia Sitchin - Booksin Books
When Time Began by Zecharia Sitchin - Booksin Books
The Lost Realms by Zecharia Sitchin - Booksin Books


  1. Atheism is inherently negative and self-contradictory, it is defined by what it disbelieves and cannot prove, and it behaves exactly like the theists it claims to be superior to. It redefines terms su...
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