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When I was about six my father used to take me and my five brothers and sisters into the woods upstate New York to dig for bottles. I found a piece of hand painted When I was about six my father used to take me and my five brothers and sisters into the woods upstate New York to dig for bottles. I found a piece of hand painted china that was only half there. I was so fascinated by that one piece that I went digging every chance I could. Over the years found mostly broken glass and some whole bottles. My parents took us to the Corning Glass Museum one summer and that is when I morphed into a glass lover. Been collecting glass for about 30 years. I collect anything eclectic that I like and some that are just too nice to pass up. It is an addiction albeit a beautiful one. (Read more)


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  1. No problem Valentino97 and thank you SpiritBear!
  2. Going digging.
  3. Thank you SpiritBear. I have more bottles and my sister and I are doing digging again tomorrow .
  4. This one had me puzzled because it looked like a nail polish bottle but it was very tiny and truthfully I don't know how far back nail polish goes. I thank you.
  5. Thank you once again SpiritBear for your info. I got the dates that I used above from a page very similar to the link you sent me.
  6. Would it be mercurochrome? I completely mangled the spelling but that's the way it sounds when you say it. Thank you so much for your input. I didn't know how far back that product went but my moth...
  7. Thank you Brunswick.
  8. I also thought it was a vase, I love it!
  9. That is quite alright, I appreciate your trying. Thank you.
  10. Thank you again!
  11. Thank you again TimeTraveller!
  12. Thank you TimeTraveller!
  13. I would so appreciate it art.pottery. Thank you.
  14. Love these stories!
  15. Yes, shaped like a squash and colors of a watermelon.
  16. I have had this for a very long time
  17. I am not real positive either event this for a very long time I don't even remember where I got it from
  18. Absolutely one of the most gorgeous pieces I have seen in a long time!
  19. Thank you Lizzycbw I checked out the site and found several pitchers/Evers almost exactly like mine except for the color combo. I am going with problems solved
  20. you have such class and beautiful taste!
  21. It was such an elegant time for fashion.
  22. There is no tinge in my piece, I think it is just where I took the pictures. I am sure this is a Murano.
  23. Could not get them on British Antiques Roadshow. Am not sure how it works.
  24. Thank you I will correct it
  25. Thank you both, I don't know my birds, and it looks exactly like FM Konstglas Swfinluv1.
  26. Thank you TimeTraveller and racer4four
  27. Thank you.
  28. Maybe I will just Google antiques roadshow and see if I can find them
  29. No marks and I use them
  30. Thank you both.
  31. So envious, I love the Gatsby Era. What an awesome tribute. Wish I could have been there.
  32. TallCakes, it is very hard to tell whether it is amber or a very deep pink. I do not like amber, but I love this plain looking vase. It definitely has a 20's feel to it. Thank you.
  33. Thank you TallCakes, you are a wealth of information!
  34. My pleasure, I wish I knew as much as TallCakes so I could be more helpful. Everyone on this site is so very generous with their comments.
  35. Thank younutsabotas6. Yes, we are fortunate.
  36. Thank you TallCakes. I couldn't recall the word Opalescent for some reason. I have many opalescent pieces.
  37. Thank you once again TallCakes!
  38. Curious, TallCakes was kind enough to give me the information on this item. Click on the link she posted above our comments and that will take you to a page that has some information. TallCakes h...
  39. Thank you very much TallCakes.
  40. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces!
  41. His art work is beautiful.
  42. I have one of these dishes in blue glass. Sold my white one.
  43. Thank you very much TallCakes, I looked it up. Did not see this particular one, but the other colors had the exact same molded body. Many thanks.
  44. I agree, and I wish I could have been a glass blower. To me it is one of the most amazing arts around!
  45. Lol, thanks for the explanation fhrjr2.
  46. Haha. My dad lived in Watkins Glen for awhile. Did your dad have the heat cranked high too?
  47. You were correct fhrjr2, thank you!
  48. Dbclary, collectors weekly put it under Murano. I didn't have it under Murano because I wasn't sure so maybe they know more than we do about this particular vase.
  49. Thank you fhrjr2, will do.
  50. Absolutely beautiful!
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Josef Rindskopf's Söhne, Art Nouveau Twisted Iridescent Vase, Circa 1905-10 WILHELM KRALIK SOHN TAFELDEKORATION Splatter glass piece - ALTAGLASS, Canada Two cobalt blue glass vases Murano glass Picasso lady with hat by Austeré Sheesam carved wood from India!!! Kralik or Welz thorn vase - frog leg variant Kralik MOP martelé teardrop vase Welz glass vase in a new (?) shape Diamond bubble (sort of) massive acid orange and blue Unidentified Japanese vase Kralik iridescent  snowflake on amethyst glass vase


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