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When I was about six my father used to take me and my five brothers and sisters into the woods upstate New York to dig for bottles. I found a piece of hand painted When I was about six my father used to take me and my five brothers and sisters into the woods upstate New York to dig for bottles. I found a piece of hand painted china that was only half there. I was so fascinated by that one piece that I went digging every chance I could. Over the years found mostly broken glass and some whole bottles. My parents took us to the Corning Glass Museum one summer and that is when I morphed into a glass lover. Been collecting glass for about 30 years. I collect anything eclectic that I like and some that are just too nice to pass up. It is an addiction albeit a beautiful one. (Read more)


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Milk Glass Vanity Jar - Glasswarein Glassware
Sweet Little Old Amber Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Turkish Art Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Art Glass Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Art Glass Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wee Art Glass Pitchers - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiny Old Noxema Jar - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Rats! Enjoy it, it is beautiful!
  2. What an epically beautiful piece!
  3. I love this, it matches my paperweight!
  4. I too would have bought that in a heartbeat!
  5. It is beautiful, maybe someone will make it in glass. Where did you try to sell. If I can ask that question.
  6. Beautiful racer4four. Love your eye for art!
  7. Thank you all for all of your input. You are all very well appreciated!
  8. Thank you Gillian, artfoot and racer4four. I won't feel bad if it gets broken, it was only 12.00. I really like it and it is perfect for our large gatherings of the family.
  9. LOL, thank you fortapache!
  10. Thanks Emma and Deano, probably Murano. It is my favorite of all!
  11. Thank you racer4four, the pictures do not do it justice!
  12. There is another one under the paperweights that is almost the same. I couldn't believe it, I got this about twenty or so years ago.
  13. Thank you Deano, I think the same thing, but don't like to be presumptuous if I don't know for sure.
  14. I love it, I have a very similar one!
  15. Love it with all my heart, I just posted an almost identical paperweight and I know nothing of it either. You have excellent taste if I do say so myself!
  16. Awesome piece of art glass!! Envious of most of the stuff I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing.
  17. This time I am going with Murano, because it has a few of the earmarks. Rigaree on the bottom, gold infusion, rough pontil. I could also be wrong! I thank you for the education, it is always apprec...
  18. You have great friends and you are an even greater friend for taking their advice!
  19. Probably better than the rating it has after one finishes drinking the bottle! LOL!
  20. Is very special reserve the name of the Brandy.
  21. Holy Hannah, how beautiful!!!
  22. Very nice SpiritBear!
  23. Thank you blunderbuss2, is that the name?
  24. Hair tonic? In that huge bottle? Hmmm...
  25. to me it is absolutely stunning!
  26. Gorgeous! You have a wonderful eye for art!
  27. absolutely gorgeous!!
  28. Doesn't matter what it is or isn't, it is absolutely beautiful!!!
  29. Thank you blunderbuss2.
  30. Thank you racer4four!
  31. Very envious, beautiful!
  32. Thank you PoliticalPinbacks, this one is somewhat of a mess, it was in dirt for 80 years.
  33. Thank you Caperkid!
  34. Hmm, interesting! I am trying to put the package together and see what it symbolizes.
  35. Live and learn.....thank you TubeAmp. Maureen
  36. YOU are a genious....lol....thank you TallCakes. I even asked the woman if she was sure her item was Murano and she said yes....guess she chose to misrepresent.
  37. Thank you TallCakes!
  38. Outstanding!
  39. Thank you VikingGirl and Malkey!
  40. 1stdibs shows the same pitcher in blue, but Murano. listed as Aquamarine Blue Murano Ruffle Vase Pitcher. What are your thoughts TallCakes.
  41. The Made In Germany is a sticker and the date etc. is stamped or etched in frosted print.
  42. Thank you TubeAmp. Did not think Franklin because Franklin usually prints on their items. Is Franklin German?
  43. I am going back to Fenton. Thank you TallCakes.
  44. I have also seen one in Italian glass and now am really unsure. "R"???
  45. Thank you to lizzyebw, Tallcakes and robin56. I forgot about that little detail, the cord is thin, does not say ACDC, but it does say EIW on the plug. The lamp is also hand painted.
  46. Me too katherinescollections. It is beautiful!
  47. This is gorgeous!
  48. what exactly is a spooner?
  49. I probably would have assumed the same without the sticker. The Japanese also make beautiful glass, why anyone would want to fake the labels is beyond me, because Japan's glass is beautiful in it's o...
  50. Thank you TallCakes. It is listed with the pitchers, but I don't think this is a pitcher.
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