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I love the hunt......I don't like traditional hunting with guns .....I've set my sights on these helpless dishes, plates, cups etc.:)))))


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  1. I thought I was peapod?....don't give this lifeless thing any love....:).....
  2. These are interesting.......
  3. Fantastic Trunk!Patsea.....since you and I are in the same boat, what say we crack a beer, break out the fishing rigs, and fish a spell Darlin'? Or, just write down their name, and place it in a milk...
  4. Thanks pixie peach patsy! Deslumbrate lo royo Kamchatka!:))
  5. Thanks upstatenycollector!
  6. Nanna nanna boo-boo!:)
  7. I've never seen one! That's really nice!:)
  8. Nimitz is a nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier isn't it?I sailed under the Coronado bridge myself a time or two....on a Fast Frigate U.S.S Meyerkord ( floating target) around 1985....yes! I remember the...
  9. Digging that color!:)
  10. He's in the fetal position because punishment is on its way....but he waits with a condescending smile....hmmmm I like this guy!
  11. And look how content he looks! Rulebreaking does this to elves......are you sure he isn't a Tommyknocker?:)
  12. I hear ya girl! I have a whole nursery of broken pieces! I mean, I'm flawed....why would I hold fragile little pots to a higher standard?:))
  13. Though, not as bad as the way "old man winter" "marks" his pieces........splits 'em right apart that one........:)
  14. Yes, a terrible, terrible way of "marking" his pieces!:)
  15. The guys name is "chip"...:)
  16. Thanks for the love Attwood!
  17. My pieces whisper "leave me alone!- go away!"
  18. I guess this piece really "speaks to you" then?:)
  19. I have this exact one also! Barometer! Amazingly thin and delicate piece isn't it?
  20. Thank you shareurpassion!
  21. Very nice ornys! Colorful!
  22. The style of the painting leaves me to believe its Bohemian in origin....cannot determine age however....maybe early 20th century?
  23. Sweet Virginia!I will call you "sopapilla"! :)
  24. Num nuns ARE indeed referring to something yummy....but inn this case speaking to the sweetness of these fine ladies!
  25. Keep going have the floor......:P
  26. I wonder if you refer to Star Parkers book? My interest is piqued.....hmmm
  27. Hi VV! Num nums!
  28. Thanks Jewels!
  29. Thanks share! Lovely sunset! Orange County?:)
  30. Its a rustic style restaurant that's very popular! They even have a nice little "General Store"!
  31. My first impression was of an underwater scene! Great ring Kyra!:)
  32. Well, I'm thinking its a "Cracker Barrel"....:)
  33. My fantasy destination ! Love it Vetraio!:)
  34. I love these! Your son J has great taste!:)
  35. Thanks Dan! I concur!
  36. I played these in Japan!lots of fun!
  37. Ahhh..thank you!:)
  38. What is uncle sambos plantation?
  39. I've provided some visual is correct! Good girl!
  40. AS YOU WISH!
  41. Every Queen requires a whole court full of servants.....yes , she has her King......and she has a jester......I honorably fulfill that role as long as the queen so desires YOUR service my l...
  42. "Cherished"....
  43. I've had extensive , lengthy encounters with that funny bone......and I have found when its stimulated, from some nearby place comes what I can only describe as a most charished and distinctly similar...
  44. Another holds her heart indeed .....but...she has surrendered her funny bone to me!:))
  45. Jewels....could I hang this in your house in a place of my choosing?:)
  46. What? The post?
  47. Wow! Mine are solid and dull......I'm jealous......;)
  48. Tubeamp, thanks for that insight! So these are just pour molded?
  49. He called while I was there! I could hear him on the sounded very concerned ! "What's he doing on our room?" Was one of the questions ......poor guy..he doesn't know me quite yet!:) Hi swe...
  50. I remember the big "Swatch" the Swiss portion.....!did you by chance walk the "transportation road"...That was fun! We hung out with out the coolest Canadiens too! I was just being too loud and ...
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Hallmark lighted Ornament Japanese Parfait Glasses Help identify this large Vaseline Glass Measuring Pitcher I see it as a Soup Server. Cobalt Bowl and plate with gold trim Carnival Glass 'ICE LOOK 'ASHTRAY Antique lacquer chinese bird feeder/cup. Signature? THREE LEAF PLATTER Made in Italy Ransbottom and Hull Elephants McCoy lawn sprinkler frog


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