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Strange and unusual glass pieces....


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Large Foam Glaze Round Planter - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Fire-King & more- I.D. and Value Guide by Gene Florence w/surprise inside! - Booksin Books
Two-Sided Vase w/tiny Mouth-signed - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Baccarat Blue Crystal Parrot - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Scheurich W.Germany"Ammonite" Vase! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
15" Tall Cased Glass Bulb Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
pyrex Assorted cups from Rescue Project (siestaware also) - Kitchenin Kitchen
My Pyrex Casserole Lid Rescue Mission! - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Good when you can find sets of it! Usually I find stragglers..,..but I get them.......just gonna have to do it that way......great find!
  2. I know little about jewelry....but I recently, "accidently" bought a butterfly brooch that turned out to be German filigree....sterling silver w/gold I pay attention to the costume jewelry...
  3. I'm starting to buy the large brooches myself...I hang em on my plate holders.....the ones that are large and multicolored work best! This one is great!
  4. Thank you Sean! Most definitely will!
  5. Well, I sure told them what you said Racer4! They say "thank you".....they really do enjoy it.....
  6. Thank you racer4!
  7. Turns out its called an "ammonite" vase! I have hunted for ammonites in Colorado......near Mesa Verde Ntl!
  8. Yes, I thought you had posted some W.Germany stuff! The mark is done in same block/ size! The numeral 1 gives it a confirmation....thanks Sean ! This is my first piece of it.....plenty more to come ho...
  9. It is cool , bright and cheery ! I think that's why the vintage stuff is picking up momentum.....the fab designs!Thanks Bettywirsen!
  10. Thanks Mikelv!
  11. I found the same awhile back! I don't know how to link in here..,? I'd show ya otherwise! Cribska? What is that?
  12. Wow! I'm starting to collect absolute fave is "friendship" then next- Butter print! Fab!
  13. Didn't load that first pic sideways....?
  14. Thank you Rcer4!
  15. My younger son saw this Baccarat and was whispering "get it, get it ,get it, get it.....I'm like "man, should I?........"
  16. When my sons went on vacation to see Grandmother in Colorado, they brought back glass from galleries located in Estes park etc. It was cute!
  17. I appreciate the link Sean ! I can see the details of the Baccarat mark as well as the added wording - my mark is so small and I have no loupe- need to get one ! I have some St Louis crystal goblets t...
  18. My Sons go with me quite a bit Eye4beauty- they love glass even more than I do...when we go to an estate sale or thrift store, they immediately flank left and right and each one covers a separate area...
  19. Those are fantabulous! Looks like they came out of "The Jetsons" home! Awesome!
  20. Thanks Sean! Thanks Racer4.....the blue really helps it out.....
  21. Looks like really thick milk glass that may have been silvered? It has a pattern that comes close to some more modern pieces but these look ancient! Really cool look!
  22. What a terrific and wonderfully whimsical piece you've got there! Lovely!
  23. That's a whopper!Nice looking !
  24. I referred to the 1976 remake of Madrid as "reflection"- it was called "recollection" in bad.,
  25. I have a tendency to gravitate away from amber unless it is an old toothpick holder or those "siestaware" wooden handled mugs that I'm always a sucker for.....
  26. Man did you score on that $10 and under!
  27. Sounds complicated Sean....I paid $75! Yeah!
  28. Unless you have already found the words like "Arcoroc France"....that is, but I really don't know those pieces values either...
  29. The Madrid is great pattern whether or not you get the 1970's " reflection" repro pieces or older- the pink especially! That French stuff may be valuable- my most expensive glass in my entire collecti...
  30. Too small to be a punchbowl....
  31. Is that a metal " holder"? If so, could you pull out the piece and get a shot of the glass base please- I have a similar bowl and simply would like to know if the bases are similarly "swirled"
  32. Wonderful- do they for the most part, contain bubbles?
  33. Wow! Great price!
  34. The faucet is worth about $185 and the blades.....let's not even go there......
  35. This time around, when it came time to negotiate a price, I had to deal with the elder man who is in his eighties....he was a shrewd barter! But I still feel good about the purchases! I had a few piec...
  36. Thanks racer4! I'm now going to be out of town for a few days- this will be the time when the actual casseroles themselves will be sold to other " pickers" -without lids of
  37. Racer4....check my latest post for my recent findings there! They are irresistible aren't they?
  38. Oh my...yes- sorry Virginia! Thank you!
  39. Okay...spent 1 hour and 40 minutes in the "hell heap"....look for my new posts and pics! Thanks Manikn-Sean.......(I think)
  40. Oh yes...I am also going to be mindful of the metal"heating trays" that pyrex sold with some of its casseroles....?
  41. Oh..and a Panasonic "Tape-a-vision" had to move the 54lb thing so it wouldn't clobber someone....the man let me have it low to find the power cable?
  42. Yes racer4....the amount of broken glass on the floor crunching under our feet is a sad sound.....the good news is that I've had witnessed the tempered strength of the pyrex for myself! Several lids a...
  43. Thanks Sean!
  44. Thanks Tallcakes!
  45. They don't appear to be same pattern.....but they are old.....early brilliant cut period I'd say.....I am seeing a lot of "Hobstars", "Buzz Saws" etc. Gonna take awhile finding the makers/patterns bu...
  46. That's a beauty! "Lily of the Valley" is a great name for it!
  47. How large is it?
  48. That is a great piece of Vaseline! First time seeing it. Wonderful!
  49. I found it ! I didn't put much effort into trying.....its a pretty "common" piece I see but Federal made a good one here! Thanks Tallcakes!
  50. Yes I totally agree and was surprised myself.But I usually pick up Napco as well as Enesco (are they affiliated?)pieces when out hunting because they are good quality but the themes are usually child ...
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Japanese Parfait Glasses Help identify this large Vaseline Glass Measuring Pitcher I see it as a Soup Server. Cobalt Bowl and plate with gold trim Carnival Glass 'ICE LOOK 'ASHTRAY Antique lacquer chinese bird feeder/cup. Signature? THREE LEAF PLATTER Kralik Export  (Wiener Werkstatte) Cobalt Glass Silver Residue Gazebo Vase Marked Made in Italy LIKE-ABLE Swan Slag Glass Bowl 70s Orange Blue Grey Mix Ransbottom and Hull Elephants McCoy lawn sprinkler frog


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