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Strange and unusual glass pieces....


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Bisque-like Flower Frog Lady w/jug - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Ceramic Fish on a Wave! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Fostoria Candleholders- Strange! - Glasswarein Glassware
Fostoria Coin Small Cruet in DARK BLUE missing stopper - Glasswarein Glassware
Very old Shoe-Shine Box - Great Signage! 
1801 Brass Relief of Unknown Man-signed "G.A Collette" 
Antique Oval Wooden Picture Frame-w/photo! - Furniturein Furniture
Two Rosenthal Mallard Ducks signed "W. ZUGEL"  - Figurinesin Figurines
Orange Swirl Glass footed Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
13"Light Blue Divided Glass Relish Tray - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Oh wow...Royal Haeger! Looks like a green version sold for a pretty good amount too. How do these "flower frogs" work exactly? Thank you aghcollect for that info!
  2. Some new "speculation" this town I live in , a man named Jordan (last name) is currently cleaning out an entire building that, now get this, was once a barber shop/ pool hall since the 20's and...
  3. You are correct! The bolt is slotted variety as well, the other two but and bolt assemblies are different though......they have hex nuts and "X" slotted bolts...looks like a change out was made- on wh...
  4. They used to sell a ton of those garnet rings! I remember the catalogues would be pasted with them.ha - too funny!
  5. saw one at a service merchandise? Was that in the eighties? I haven't heard of them since then!
  6. Are people really gonna buy it though?...that's a bit outrageous!
  7. Thanks Tubeamp! I like that in the description, they reminesce of days of old, where one can start out low and move on to better endeavors- as WAS the case. But I think that its funny that this compa...
  8. I originally thought Latin....because I hadn't properly Identified each letter...then, when "Collette" became discernable, I supposed French all-around! Thanks again Ripley! And after a brasso treatme...
  9. Wow! Riply206- you are full of knowledge! Thank you! I tend to be drawn to "carnival" and "busy" objects....this piece has a bunch of character and I normally only buy glass/ porcelain objects, so I a...
  10. Mikelv ....If this is gonna hang in my wall......I MUST clean it up......otherwise angst and discomfort will haunt me for the duration of its so I have to clean it!
  11. Thank You Riply206! I'll of course have to now listen to the word "repoussé" spoken on YouTube so that I pronounce it correctly( still working on "cloisonné") so the artist would make a recessed mold ...
  12. Wow walksoftly....The one I'm holding IS the one in that auction! I matched every position of each blemish, tear, and hole as well as that " "repair" that was mentioned in their description .....this ...
  13. Thank you Sean! What if she's famous?
  14. Still patiently waiting to run across a ruby flashed one!Nice finds! That pitcher is a beauty!
  15. I believe I have a few of their shot glasses with gold on is Elvis Presley if I remember correctly....can't find them right now, in boxes somewhere!
  16. Yes is indeed....
  17. Added a new(crummy) pic..
  18. This is the best I can do right now.......3" tall by 4" diameter...
  19. Thank Tallcakes! Love the blue!
  20. Well, I'll certainly have my work cut out for me now ! Orange glass is NEVer found in my area....with the exception of the orange found in an occasional Amberina Piece- or a "fited- on" piece.Orange g...
  21. No marks whatsoever Sean...akro would be cool though...
  22. Thank you Sunfawn!
  23. And to add to this confusion, Imperial glass companies "Provincial" reported by Replacements! Looks IDENTICAL!
  24. Wow! I went and compared the measurements listed from those selling these plates and they match mine perfectly! Tallcakes thanks again for guidance! Very helpful!
  25. I love that Greek key stuff!
  26. Thank you Sean! They grow on ya for sure!
  27. Yeah Sean....I thought that $30 was a bit high but then again....I have been looking high and low for just ONE piece of fire king jadeite- never came across a single piece - and I stop at thrift store...
  28. Sorry..I meant your FRIENDS husband...
  29. Eye4 beauty that's a great story! What if the jadeite actually HELPED ENCOURAGE your husband and His Father in that? That's what I am suggesting.....
  30. Another revelation ! Based on these calming qualities of jadeite, would it be the best dinnerware choice during the holidays? Less fighting among family members? Think about it!
  31. I will not sell my jadeite! To do so would be equvilent to selling , in part, MY SANITY!(open for comments)
  32. You know, I think I just figured out why collectors love this jadeite glass so really comes down to the color! This color, combined with glass , with it's lusterous quality, has a "calmin...
  33. I thought that "jadeite" colored glass was basically a sort of slag "junk" glass...a kind of "let's make something out of the floor sweepings" kind of operation -you know, like they do with left over ...
  34. Yes eye 4beauty...from what I can gather, some of the mugs in the restaurant ware are intended to seat down into a saucer.....some are flat bottomed with no intended saucer...I'm still unclear about t...
  35. Thanks Valentino! They are soooo elusive....I felt very shocked when I turned the corner from the foyer to the kitchen......and looked down and saw what? I first thought "nawwww.....they're plastic".....
  36. Had to pay $30 bucks......but so what.....!
  37. That's funny! And I was the only comment on your milk version! As it turns out, I held true to my comment as is my purchase of this piece! Thanks for referencing this Mike!
  38. Thank you nutsabotas ! Thank you Racer4!
  39. Thanks Sean!
  40. That is a nice set!
  41. Thanks Graycay for the vindication! The light fixture , as an antique dealer explained to me, was added later on.After manufacture..... I'm really curious regarding the gold finish.....I took the fri...
  42. That is beautiful! Nice texture! Could be fire-on ,iridized glass grains to give it that texture....
  43. I have read that in the silver crest line, items made after 1958 will be "more opaque" this infers that there is a difference in genuine Fenton pieces of sivercrest.....hope this helps...
  44. The pattern is "Pebble Leaf" by Indiana glass .....I just recently posted a clear one with silver edge....and less recently, a "Uranium" version as well.....
  45. Looks like somebody had donated a collection....that's always a bonus!
  46. A nice story that reveals the preservation motus of collecting!
  47. Doing some research, this could be called a " vitrine"?????
  48. Thanks Racer4! Thanks Antique! Thank you Mikelv! I am finished making fiamboard template for the glass shelves I quoted around $80 for those pieces....had to buy 8 brass shelf pegs got t...
  49. Oh yeah! Nice one!
  50. I think he's sitting on a hornets nest ( not the brightest boy)but we will give him a pass since he has so urgent need! Lol
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Japanese Parfait Glasses Help identify this large Vaseline Glass Measuring Pitcher I see it as a Soup Server. Cobalt Bowl and plate with gold trim Carnival Glass 'ICE LOOK 'ASHTRAY Antique lacquer chinese bird feeder/cup. Signature? THREE LEAF PLATTER Kralik Export  (Wiener Werkstatte) Cobalt Glass Silver Residue Gazebo Vase Marked Made in Italy LIKE-ABLE Swan Slag Glass Bowl 70s Orange Blue Grey Mix Ransbottom and Hull Elephants McCoy lawn sprinkler frog


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