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Atlanta Georgia

I love the hunt......I don't like traditional hunting with guns .....I've set my sights on these helpless dishes, plates, cups etc.:)))))


My own artwork and a 1985 Leo Ward "Bluebird of Happiness" - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'm the one who hit like,,....sorry
  2. I have some very bizarre "imaginatives " that are very funky....maybe I can post them too! I might as well , I did say the "F" word earlier!:)
  3. Haha! Okay...okay pops...I will wait till I can handle it (if ever) lol!
  4. Awww thanks Pops!:) I'll check out what Blunderbuss is doin'!:)
  5. Thank you Eye4beauty!:)))
  6. Okay....that colored one, I call "Four Trees"....I had it made into a big 27" by 18" poster....I used. Colored pencils on it...
  7. I posted some flowers I drew....I love, I show you my trees....
  8. I didn't take seriously enough ....Perhaps.....I still don't understand it really ...I just know I feel horrible....and sorry...and angry....and miserable....
  9. Well Hedgewalker....I can't say whether this account will stay as I have requested 3 times and it could close at any second...?...but I deleted all that shit.,.but if you want me to stay on and be chi...
  10. Oh please Eye4beauty! Have you forgotten that I was the king of overstaying AND muddying?lol! I don't mind you sitting in my room talking...unless of course the dinner bell rang...:)
  11. I can't......these first drawings deal with initial hurt and anger...they are to personal and include "someone"..... They are just for me -although there are elements of truth in the drawing that the ...
  12. Yeah I feel ya isn't something you'll discover in any of the was happening outside of here........just a bad idea to begin with....oh well, live learn,...fall down, g...
  13. Thanks Hedgewalker!:) I gotta get my head back ....and my soul.....this was a tremendous and shocking blow but I am a tough son of a you know've been nothing but cool as s#!t to me!:)
  14. Hell, after what took place recently, I think a mural or two is in the future!:)
  15. I have an outlet for my troubles.....its not drugs, not booze, requires thoughtfulness, time and skill.....I will be spending an exhorbanant amount of time drawing over this.....
  16. But not "participation" its CW traditional sense....
  17. Well, talking to oneself in his own comment section could barely be construed as "participation" .....right?
  18. Okay Mike!:)
  19. Since you asked nicely and all....
  20. Its deleted.....
  21. The post was supposed to be a symbolic gesture....the "Bluebird of Happiness" being all that's its including shameless cursing etc....jeeez just delete it before I post this cartoo...
  22. I might add a picture....
  23. Yeah...later eye4beauty....shouldn't be long now....cursing....
  24. I have enough of fedoras and sexy fantasies in the comment sections!lol
  25. You may.....but I will not answer that.....its a pretty personal matter- individual to individual type things....turns out I'm a less than stellar human.....time to begin my cycle of tantrums -this is...
  26. Leaving..,...had are you?:)
  27. I have requested a courtesy "delete account" from CW 3 effing times! How long ? I just need to post some more cartoons for a quick response?
  28. Only ever found "fake loves" here folks.......Don't want to play anymore..,
  29. Or....just settle for a few"Punk", "Ass","Despicable","Jerk" know.....
  30. Unless you are in St George Utah! Where there are huge boulders of it!
  31. Maybe some real world.....I will catch the blue .....of a smile from you!:)
  32. Yes....I agree!:)
  33. St George Utah?...or near?
  34. Where did you get these?
  35. I think the bottle is glued to would make sense then.....
  36. Mr October!
  37. Glad your feeling love for your purchase!I think the crowd is cheering as the dice you rolled came to rest......:)
  38. Gorgeous! Stunning and gorgeous!:)
  39. Must have a bath potion type aphrodesiac or something ...I would really like to get me one!( redneck enthusiasm)
  40. Why I think I see a sex scene also.,...on that bottle there!
  41. And its a curio cabinet as well!Bravo!:)
  42. Nice town! Nice ashtray!:)
  43. "We'd hear it from the people of the town- they'd call us Gypsies, tramps and thieves!" Its a song by Cher Alan.....nice painting Alan..
  44. That is adorable! That's Jewels in there!:)
  45. Yeah....the black material is a mystery what do you suppose its made out of?:):p:p:p
  46. Oh..its very beautiful! The umbrella is nice and made of wood-I love the wooden ones!
  47. That floor is inlaid wood? this correct?
  48. Imperial Hunt? I'm jealous!:)
  49. Jealous!:)
  50. I've never seen one with such a pronounced flower in with the hobstars and geometrics! Very interesting!:)
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