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Strange and unusual glass pieces....


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Cool Pressed glass patterned Glass Plate(guess Indiana) - Glasswarein Glassware
Fostoria Sugar? - Glasswarein Glassware
Weishar "Moon & Star" Uranium lidded bowl  - Glasswarein Glassware
Eastern Glass Amethyst/yellow bulbous "Venus Flytrap" vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
1958 Fire King Snoopy/Woodstock Snowing Mug - Glasswarein Glassware
Hull Cookie Jar - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Imperial Glass "Lustre Rose" Vaseline repro - Glasswarein Glassware
pressed glass cake stand - Glasswarein Glassware
porcelain bird figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Red Clay jug Vase  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. That is a beauty.....
  2. Actually found it in one of my books....the example shapes are a creamer and toothpick holder that don't show pattern so well at all.....the book says Duncan&Miller and Tarentum both made at same time...
  3. I see.....well I think I will give that a try myself. Thanks again for your help Tallcakes!
  4. Tarentum? I wasn't even close! And I apparently need to understand "hobstars" and their makeup......thanks for the Identification.....please tell me what resources you use to I.D these things so effic...
  5. Thanks Tallcakes- Thanks Antiquerose- for the compliment!
  6. That is one fan ashtray man! Love the glazes!
  7. Way cool!
  8. Very nice! Looks great in that old frame...
  9. Love that dolphin! These are wonderful!
  10. What a cool piece! Always adored the Spanish and Italian hand done art on their ceramics....there seems to be what look like 3 little stilt marks on bottom?
  11. The remote still looks great too!
  12. Nice going eh!
  13. My guess would be carnelian....or some variety thereof....keep a stone with you and take to gem/ mineral dealer or post in one of their forums. ...
  14. That phone could be used to call in orders for some restaurant ware! Would be a great centerpiece for such a display.
  15. Wow!....
  16. That is awesome!
  17. Although I did recently catch a glimpse of a Roseville "Donatello" at an antique mall recently.....these mythical creatures may exist after all......
  18. Jackpot! Only seen these mythical Rookwoods on internet..,..they are like "Unicorns" or something.
  19. HahahaLol! Now that's funny right there....I don't care whoyar!
  20. That's it Tallcakes.....Why, I wonder, doesn't my book "Collectible Glassware of the 40's 50's and 60's " by Gene and Cathy Florence -8th edition mention THIS pattern.? It lists so many Fostoria patte...
  21. Thanks Tallcakes....yeah I figure that many moon&star pieces came from an assortment of glass houses over the years. My question now is who/when made this patter patten in Vaseline/uranium..,?
  22. Thanks Virginia....and Racer! I kno......
  23. We call them "flower frogs" here in states......looks like the piece may be designed to fit inside another .....very nice!
  24. Looks like something Blenko would do......
  25. These vases get confused with a pattern called "tree trunk" by another maker.....tree trunk is more rare if I'm not mistaken ..
  26. You're welcome Michelle! The illustration in my book shows an extended "votive" style bowl on top that your example does not feature if that provides more help.....
  27. That is indeed a nice find! No chips and original lid a bonus!
  28. Love the rich, "Root Beer" colors! Has a avante garde character I appreciate ......nice piece!
  29. Niiiiice!
  30. Are there any symbols impressed on glass items?
  31. The closest pattern I have found to this is Duncan #320 AKA Bevelled Button also made by U.S Glass .....the example Shape I saw was a tumbler which had a frosted/scalloped top made in late 1890's.....
  32. I knew that Tallcakes, I have been guilty, as many are, of using the term "Vaseline " to describe any glass that fluoresces...oooops.....should rightly divide in its use in future......
  33. Here's what my book says:"First made in a square , flat base and then in a step base(yours) by Sandwich Glass and Mt. Washington glass , and later by Bakewell, Pears. Early examples date from the 18...
  34. I find it curious that they would use uranium in glass at such a late era.,....
  35. Thanks Tallcakes! Lenox bought them? Good to I can recognize this variation in future with insight -Thank you!
  36. People are going ga ga over these molded chairs these days yours seem to be in pretty good shape!
  37. They are brilliant! Leaded crystal no doubt......
  38. What a beauty! I am a sucker for the lidded dishes/ comports,..nice!
  39. Love that pattern! Deco-ish and deep!
  40. Well ponder no more! You did wonderfully! Nice piece of history in toys!
  41. That's really neat Amber! It would give any gift some " Lanniappe"!
  42. Funny....I feel blessed as my kids love thrifting......a contagion inherited from me....
  43. I take it you also have one of these? Isn't it great having a bluebird of happiness in the midst of your collection?
  44. Thanks everyone! Racer, I KNOW HUH?...The neighbours might have to sheild their eyes!
  45. That's a nice enough lesson- ouch.....molded? Like a machine pressed it all together?......cheaters! It still looks cool. But getting the real deal is a lesson in progress for certain ! Thank for info!
  46. Nice I'd! Please look at my cloisonne elephant I recently posted/ acquired...I love the cloisonne!
  47. Thanks Tallcakes! Its a bizarre piece- s little bit of here and there in it....
  48. It probably glows under blacklight ....I have a frosty green tiffin "jungle assortment " cologne bottle that glows wonderfully! Lovely piece!
  49. Much appreciation surfdub!
  50. Glad you like it Vetraio50!
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