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Strange and unusual glass pieces....


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Indiana Pebble Leaf Divided Tray with sterling silver edge - Glasswarein Glassware
Heisey etched stemware unknown pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
nice uranium butter dish-pattern? - Glasswarein Glassware
Robinson Ransbottom dbl hndld 18" Floor Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Fostoria American Cubist Cake Stand! - Glasswarein Glassware
Crystal Hex "stackable" lidded paneled Box - Glasswarein Glassware
Bottoms Up! Cobalt Blue and Iridized Shot Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Amber/brown Swirled Glass Bottle w/stopper - Art Glassin Art Glass
Havilland Porcelain Bowl - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Sklo Union amberina glass ashtray by Adolf Matura! - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks Tallcakes! Yes, I was concerned about the metal in metal my own self....gonna put a couple of turns of cello tape around hanger....
  2. Love that ice blue color!
  3. I'm thinking about cheese biscuits.....
  4. That utopia is great because the design was composed with some kind of vantage point and perspective in mind- not a lot of patterns even attempt this......lovely!
  5. My vote for Louise as well....
  6. Thank you! He's asking a bunch....
  7. Thank you misswhitneykat! I can barely find another example of these! I'm just gonna keep them anyways ! Thanks for your help!
  8. Helen Reddy song popped into my head,.....weird....
  9. Blinding brilliance! She's beautiful!
  10. This must be Belgium's answer to the American Cabbage patch craze- these will outlast cabbage patch kids because they are stone! These are very cute!
  11. Hey.....Christmas is only a couple of months away.....hmmmmm......
  12. Where is Kralik located? This is a nice piece....
  13. I haven't either....that is fantastic! Looks like the pattern called "oleander" on some mid century glasswares...nice find!
  14. I'm currently in the market for a curio myself....wonderful gift!
  15. Well, this must be 24% lead and made by Godinger! The piece has no "rum well" and is certainly a "glue on " it really refracts light!
  16. Why THANK YOU misswhitneycat! I scan the internet frequently trying to determine the origins of my favorite pieces in my home - just yestrday, my kids asked me which piece is my favorite -out if hundr...
  17. The pieces with this kind of character are great finds! Lovely!
  18. That looks great! Real thick piece- I wonder if it is flashed or stained?- looks flashed to me....great piece...
  19. That looks great! Real thick piece- I wonder if it is flashed or stained?- looks flashed to me....great piece...
  20. Thanks Tallcakes! The antique lady couldn't find it after much research....she thanks you as well !
  21. In looking at the band that circumvents the lid around its edge, according to a reproduction site, the newer versions have a single line.... This piece appears to have the older, "double line" so......
  22. Thank you surfdub!
  23. Thank you nutsabotas! Thanks Vintagefran!
  24. Thanks Nutsabotas! Thank you Racer !,
  25. Thanks Tallcakes! Thanks Virginia !
  26. Thanks Tallcakes!
  27. That is snappy!
  28. Interesting mauve and gold combo!
  29. Thanks Tallcakes! I know your love for cake probably have one of these from each maker/era .....
  30. Thanks Sean! It was filthy when I bought it.....looks great now!
  31. Thanks Tallcakes! They are a conversation starter......and a motivational tool to remind us to do more Pilate's (spelling?)
  32. Thanks racer4!
  33. Wow! Thanks for the Identification Ladies! Gal, Vargon, and the nice link to your own Antiquerose! Learned a new one!
  34. There were two trade acts passed concerning labeling of exports: the first, came in the late 1800's which required all exports must have labeling/stamping of country of origin. The second act , passe...
  35. Those are crazy! Great find Sean!
  36. Are you in Ohio?
  37. Love Kutani! I've got a nice lamp from them....with butterflies on it....
  38. Me don't know what is but me likey...!
  39. That is fantastic!
  40. Quite a lovely pair! Nice shape and detail as well
  41. It has a fiesta-ish look to it...
  42. Thanks for sharing....I have never seen one before...
  43. Nice save!
  44. That was set out with the garbage?
  45. The h and anchor logo is the older logo....they switched to a anchor in a box later on......lovely pieces! Never have seen these!
  46. Thanks Sean!
  47. Tallcakes....I'm scrapping the movie!
  48. Thanks shareurpassion!(I think)
  49. That is nice! Shine a blacklight on it......
  50. Can I use this in my movie?lol..
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I see it as a Soup Server. Cobalt Bowl and plate with gold trim Carnival Glass 'ICE LOOK 'ASHTRAY Antique lacquer chinese bird feeder/cup. Signature? THREE LEAF PLATTER Kralik Export  (Wiener Werkstatte) Cobalt Glass Silver Residue Gazebo Vase Marked Made in Italy LIKE-ABLE Swan Slag Glass Bowl 70s Orange Blue Grey Mix Ransbottom and Hull Elephants McCoy lawn sprinkler frog


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