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I only do a small amount of my own collecting, but I assist others in sales of collectible items. I am selling seasonally on eBay under the same user name - antiqueI only do a small amount of my own collecting, but I assist others in sales of collectible items. I am selling seasonally on eBay under the same user name - antiqueandvintagebroker. I studied pre-columbian art history, and also have a well-rounded knowledge of European, American, and Oriental art history. I have museum training in art handling. As an artist, I bring an extra creative sensibility to decorating and commercial photography. Working in the estate liquidation business for several years, doing photography and cataloging auctions, has put me in contact with so many interesting antique dealers and "sleeper" stories where some unexpected thing from the corner of a relative's attic brought thousands of dollars at auction. I alternate between various types of design work which frees me from any conflict of interest while I am selling online. The same goes for the honest appraisals I can offer. By specializing, I don't compete with the people I work with. My other main contacts are with the finest consignment stores in Florida. My page may be inactive intermittently, but I am always taking quality consignments. In my own collecting, I sometimes accumulate excellent condition ephemera and quality small decorative items. I collect art pottery, textiles. prints, silver, turquoise and other Native American and Mexican jewelry, but my main passion is simply the study of musical instruments and fine art. Some antiques are just bound to do better selling online than local auction or other consignment, and I can help decipher which those are in your collection. I specialize in fine art, American guitars and stompboxes (guitar effects), as well as tube amplifiers. I resell everything from the right motorcycle fender to a 1960s Fender Jaguar, or a pendant of a jaguar. My interest is in preserving estate heirlooms and matching them with collectors - not in undervaluing collectibles to undercut anyone else. I show every estate, every antique the respect I want someone to take with my own, and I have a sterling reputation in the secondary market for furniture and connoisseur circles for fine art and decorative art. I am available for appraisals by the hour throughout the southeast U.S., with a reasonable per day cap for longer distance requests. (Read more)


1960 gibson les paul special type electric guitar unmarked need help can anyone tell me what this 4 string banjo is worth? old gretsch i believe Ibanez AD-80, Analog Delay Original Electro Harmonix PolyPhase Vintage CF Martin & Co Acoustic guitar (not so sure about the model) Fender Thinline Telecaster 1969 Reissue 1970's-1980's Carl Heald Super Tryke yard trike minibike Stetson Open Road square mini jug Mod Bull