Antique Pastel Art Piece by Dan W Smith "Doctor R" race horse - Animalsin Animals
Antique dual key Mantle Chiming Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Antique Chinese Pottery Corked Pot with Carry Case - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My Japanese Kirimon Back stamp Moriage Beaded Porcelain Wall Pockets Vases - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
I bought this model horse about 35 years ago at antique auction barn. - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thank you for the information. That is what I found on him as well. Doesnt seem to be much information out there for someone that had a history for his work does there?
  2. I just came across something that I didn't know so I learned something too. I am pretty sure your piece is a moriage flower frog used to display stemmed flowers. The hole on the bottom would be the wa...
  3. I believe that is the 1935 Murray Streamline Velocipede. Hallmark made an ornament after it also. The history behind the making of those bicycles is rather interesting. There is a whole legacy behind ...
  4. Update: I have identified the mark as a mark supposedly only used by royals as the Kimiron back stamp. Anyone know who the maker would be? I have exhausted the research with everything I know to try. ...
  5. Wonderful thank you for all your help. I appreciate your time to do this. Hope to talk with you again someday. Take care. ?
  6. Bruce99 you are awesome! I looked through jewelers loupe and it does have the s and f just as you said. There is a whole on the bottom and the pendulum seems to be missing. Thank you so much for all t...
  7. Yes I see that now. You are very helpful Tutzie thank you so much for the info.
  8. Thanks for the tip Tutzie! I appreciate all your help
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New garage sale find: Murray Tricycle