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from granny, saw as a child and loved it - Art Glassin Art Glass
One of my favorite colors.   I use it for holding one large flower, stunning. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Glass choir girl, gold flex in book, arms and collar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small pinkish vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
ID and value of small pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
2 pots for ID and value - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. really exquisite piece. Great find
  2. SPAM, still a yuck. I raise all our own food, kindly and healthfully. I even do my own butchering and give thanks when I do butcher. I just wrote an e-mail to my 104 year old Uncle who will most l...
  3. Oh the mid west!!!!You would probably like the gift I gave my husband, a large lovely wrapped can of Spam. It is a mid west thing, right? Sioux
  4. What is "CW?" Can I sell it and is it collectible? MC to you where ever you are and whoever you may be. Sioux
  5. Thank you again. Will go re-check in the AM. I somehow remember something about wings. Where are you writing from. It is Christmas Eve and we are both on the computer. How come?
  6. Thank you so very kindly. I now do think this is a Murano piece and by dang, realized her "wings" are gone. Bummer but it is a piece I have always loved. Thanks you for getting back to me. Sioux
  7. Not sure if this is art deco or art nouveau
  8. Since I use to throw pottery, I am pretty sure this is high fired, cone 10. The glaze color looks like from the arts and craft era and who makes ash trays anymore? Hummm. I still do not even kno...
  9. Thanks so much. I have not been able to find the maker of the ashtray. Maybe someone will recognize the mark; it is so small.
  10. Glad you check them out. Hopefully you do NOT find anything exactly the same. Many of their pieces were one of a kind. If I remember they were in Southern California. They (Charles and Ray) also ...
  11. Have you considered re-searching Charles and Ray Eames' designs? Your "sputnik" lamp has many of the design features of their combined genius.
  12. Your ID ing treasures. Sioux
  13. Hi Bern, did you check out Lundberg yet? Would be interested n and will ask Craig if he does sign all his pieces. Good for future looking.
  14. Bern, getting closer. Here is what Craig Zweifel's wife wrote back to me. "Nope. Looks like a Lundberg, or offshoot thereof. That paperweight is fumed. You see how the whole surface is matte? On Cr...
  15. Bern you may be right for all the reasons stated but I just e-male them to see what they say. If not Craig Z maybe he or Anny can ID for the sake of art. Sioux
  16. HI B. not sure but would likely bet that this is the work of Craig Zweifel/ glass artist Look him up on the internet. In the meantime I will forward your quest to him and see if it is, but do chec...
  17. Thanks for trying. I have the GSS on my watch list so if it sells I will get that price also. Did you see my other post of the small red pot w/ lid? How are you at glass? I know what I have, saw...
  18. Thanks so much Manikin. I have been looking for ages w/o results. The pot you ID'ed has not had a bid so not sure if I will be able to check true value. Thanks for your assistance. Sioux
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Loetz Candia Silberiris Rusticana Vase II-1788  ca. 1904 inspired by Marie Kirschner Coverlets Upholstered Chair Writing desk Rookwood Umbrella Stand Small vase, unknown mark


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