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Southern California


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Glass Light Lantern Ship? Railroad? - Lampsin Lamps
Victorian House Mansion Unknown Location Gothic Revival Glass Plate Negative - Photographsin Photographs
Unknown Location 1800'S Glass Plate Negative California Coast Sun Bathers - Photographsin Photographs
GLASS PLATE NEGATIVE Unknown Location of 1800s Church Alaska California Quaker Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Oak Wooden 6 Volt Automobile Battery Holder - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Vintage BEAR BRAND Tin Iron Stove - Kitchenin Kitchen
UNKNOWN Leather Case Telescope ? Holder Cartouche Markings - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Shell Engraved Mourning ? Heart or other Victorian jewelry piece? - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
MAYFIELD Brewery Sign Palo Alto Wood Thermometer  - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. yes....more than a Bravo...I think this is the second time you have unsolved my mystery! thank you so I look forward to taking a day and actually visiting this awesome piece of architectur...
  2. looking at tent cities....but this ocean vista really threw me....thanks again
  3. OMG....I think you have nailed it TubeAmp.....Here I am in los angeles only 22 miles away from this site! thanks so much for the awesome links for catalina also!
  4. great shots....what adventuresome women.....the hats & victorian dresses on Catalina Island!
  5. thx TubeAmp.....i think you hit the nail on the head. the coastline has may not even be California!
  6. still have not been able to track down location of this photo....zuma didnt match up.
  7. i'm familiar with Zuma....looking at photo right now....
  8. thx blunderbuss2
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Oak Wooden 6 Volt Automobile Battery Holder Shell Engraved Mourning ? Heart or other Victorian jewelry piece? Civil War mourning tintype