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I love these dolls! My email is Thanks!


My second ARCO collection! - Dollsin Dolls
Beautiful Dolls of Many Lands from Kraft Natural Sliced Cheese promotion - Dollsin Dolls
My ARCO 12 Beautiful Dolls of the World - Dollsin Dolls
My Blue Bonnet Collection - Dolls of All Lands - Dollsin Dolls


  1. I agree with tetti, really sweet collection! I also have this style of dolls in 6 different collections. And true, not worth much, but to those of us who love them, they're priceless!
  2. Still looking to complete my collection of Blue Bonnet "Storybook Dolls" if anybody knows where I can find more to buy, please let me know! Thank so much. Oh, I only need Queen of Sheba, Contrary Ma...
  3. Manikin, thank you very much, I'll check that out! Maybe I'll get really lucky!
  4. Thanks, Manikin, I remember, I tried them too, but with no luck and they're very pricey! But, I think I'll look again anyway, you never know!
  5. I found another doll for my Blue Bonnet Storybook collection on Ebay, but I need help. Can anyone tell me ANOTHER place I can look to try to find these dolls? I have found a site called Neely's Anti...
  6. Ok, I'll email you, I did find out about the doll!
  7. I've never seen any of the ones I have in the box you describe; as far as I've seen they only came in plain cardboard boxes or thin cardboard-like boxes. How tall is it? The ones I have are approx. ...
  8. So cute! I'm not afraid of clowns, but I do remember that stupid movie you're talking about! But your clowns are precious!
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posted 3 days ago