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Did you ever heard of a FIUME passport? Yes, it's a real thing! - Paperin Paper
Romanian Minister Murdered By The Iron Guards - Paperin Paper
East Germany - A Visa which shouldn't exist - Paperin Paper
US Passport Of An Guggenheim Employee - Paperin Paper
Elton John's Passport 1972 - "Rocket Man" - Paperin Paper
US Passport of Glenn Ford (best known for GILDA & WESTERN) - Paperin Paper
One of the very last Nazi-Germany passports... - Paperin Paper
US Passport 1817-1825 pre-signed by John Quincy Adams - Paperin Paper
US passport 1959 with East German visa - Cold War - Paperin Paper
Passport of a General & Commander of U.S. Colored Troops, most notably during the Battle of the Crater - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. blunderbuss2: Nowadays if you loose your passport in a foreign country you will get an emergency passport from your embassy. The validity of the document will be limited for one year or even only for...
  2. Quite unusual! Maybe they could not wait till the passport was issued due to some emergency and after certifying the application the could leave Florida but going where?
  3. I guess it was quicker to place such a stamp than to issue a new OFFICIAL passport. Any visas?
  4. Nice one! Please show the passport pictures when you post collectibles as those are always one of the most interesting details of a document (besides all the visas of course).
  5. Indeed it translates "customs inspector" and the picture in uniform is also unusual. Great finding! Congrats!
  6. Top condition which is not unusual for this type of "passport" which was always rather more in use as a resident permit for aliens. This ans also the 3rd Reich type are rarely used for foreign travels...
  7. Do you think to ask a collector if his items come from a lost or stolen source is appropriate? Some collectors could understand such a question even as offense. I don't but I think it's a inappropriat...
  8. Indeed, the lookalike to Wood's famous painting is obvious - it can't be an accident. I guess he staged the picture. What a cool idea!
  9. Actually the topic of these money exchange stamps has to be investigated but for my understanding in the past you could chance only a certain amount of money abroad and to trace the limit it was docum...
  10. Yeah, signature looks shaky... Unfortunately not my collectible but from a US fellow who was very lucky to grab it for his fine passport collection. I wish I had it...
  11. Regarding his birth place - good remark, vetraio50! The name is rather Furhop, you are right.
  12. Another coincidence... I have seen papers from him including a Sugihara in his name...and other documents.
  13. LoL, interesting to see that my items ends up at your desk. Enjoy!
  14. Thank you, LeDandy! For me an old passport is a piece of art beside it shows the (travel) history of its bearer. Imagine, who was travelling 70-80 years ago to countries like China, Japan and India? ...
  15. Thank you LeDandy. Every new item which comes into my collection tells a new exciting story. I see you are a document collector as well...
  16. Great passport and US aviation history! I am passport collector and would love to know if there are any travels made with her passport. Interesting to learn that Bell were producing such notable a...
  17. Hi Scott, thanks for your input. I don't think he was obscure but forgotten for sure. He had the bad luck getting president when the economy was weakening. The nation blamed him but how can you blame ...
  18. Thx also to @Vetraio50!
  19. @blunderbuss2 Thank you very much for your feedback. This great document WAS in my collection as my focus is German history (as German). Now it's in a US collection of a fellow collector where it fit...
  20. @Savoychina1: I do agree with you. Museums always expect you generously donate your collectibles as they never want to pay a decent price for your item but at the other side, as you mentioned, got mil...
  21. Hello, a great document. I would love to display the full passport and story at my website Please contact me. Thanks. Tom
  22. Hi, just found your posting now. I am passport collector and run a website with the same name. Welcome to take a look. Thanks. Tom
  23. Thank you Scott, I did had already his bio data...Interesting is the letter of the War Department from 1936 where some relative was requesting when and where he served. Today you just ask the web...;-)
  24. Belive it or not, I found many of these on a German fleamarket when I was a young man. In the area where I lived 30 years ago there were a lot of US army. Unbelivable what you could find in these days...
  25. Thank you for looking at this collectible. Glad you love it. See more "celebrities" at my website.
  26. Thank you for your comment and the reference to this book. There are more. "The Native Pass Tokens of German Southwest Africa" by McGregor/Häberling written in German/English. Showing all types and t...
  27. Thanks for your comment, glad you like it.
  28. Thanks for your comment, Manikin. It`s safe in my own collection. These types are hard to find.
  29. Indeed it is, Chrisnp. Thanks for your comment.
  30. Thank you for your kind comment. Do you collect passports?
  31. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your feedback. Indeed passport collecting is a tiny area within the ephemera world but of increasing interest. Old passports telling the story not only of its bearer but also ...
  32. Jason, thank you for clarifying - I made the update... Best regards from Switzerland Tom
  33. See more


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Documents Passport & Employment War And wound card Orville Wright signed licenses (three total) one interesting item is from Shanghai, circa 1940...


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