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Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,...Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,... (Read more)


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Philips café coffee cardboard poster - Advertisingin Advertising
Opera soda tin sign - Advertisingin Advertising
texaco motorcycle oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
pennzoil oiler oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Gunthermann Tin toy Tram Streetcar - Toysin Toys
SFC motorcycle tin toy - Model Carsin Model Cars
joustra deauville convertible electric tin toy - Toysin Toys
Nomura 1951 packard 4 door sedan japan tin toy car - Toysin Toys
mobiloil oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
tri-ang truck tin toy - Toysin Toys


  1. nice one, are you planning to restore it ? it looks to be a good candidate for a nice restoration
  2. wow really nice find
  3. when an old painted mural like that is totally repainted, is it still original ?
  4. great way to display old items in an old showcase
  5. beautiful cabinet and wonderful collection of cans
  6. new made tin sign usually sold in gift shop not old at all and not a rare item, those were sold for around 10 $ at gift shop less than 10 years ago, don't be fooled by the 1936 date, it's a reproducti...
  7. nice sign, I hope you'll be smart enough to keep it
  8. just an old piece of rusty metal
  9. really nice item, good find
  10. Nice I love the motorcycle toy, great find
  11. the toy is 11,41 inches length ( 29 cm ) as joustra is a french brand I don't think they sell their toys overseas at the time
  12. wow great condition nice item
  13. wow thanks for the information, that's exactly that, I saw a similar one on ebay but red version :
  14. I went to a coca cola trade show some weeks ago and they were asking 2 € a can, those cans are and won't never be rare
  15. original ones were design by french designer Jean Pierre VITRAC for Piranha, usually there is an embossed plastic at the back with the name piranha on it, I had one a few years ago
  16. by vthe way those gearbox pedal cars were sold around 2000-2002 and were recalling 75.000 pedals cars because of pedal cars contains high lead levels
  17. sorry for you but it's a reproduction made less than 10 years ago, original murray pedal cars have a "M" in the hubcaps and a murray decal on the back of the seat
  18. Thanks, it was really dirt when I got it and managed to got a lot of the dirt off without damaging it, I really love this scenicruiser and my dad too ( he collect die-cast cars and bus and got last ye...
  19. Thanks for the love and comments, those one were mostly distributed in England or Europe so, I don't think many of these were available in USA
  20. worth nothing, new decorative piece made less than 10 years ago, complete fantasy item
  21. great cooler and it was a bargain for that price, nice find
  22. wow really nice graphic can, I love it
  23. if you found it and think it looks great just keep it and enjoy it, displaying it in your bar looks a great idea for me, it would appeal and it would be a great conversation piece, it doesnt look in b...
  24. is it part of your collection ?
  25. here is a better pic of a same one : this is splendid item and had a great looks with the bullseye exactly like crosley or arvin radio had
  26. sadly for you that's not an original from 1933 but a re-issue from the 1960's "In the 1960's and 1970's several companies, the most prominent being Portal Publications, reproduced a number of vinta...
  27. thanks the royal crown coca was one of my first item bought in my collection, the seeburg wallbox was the first one and the royal crown cola cooler was the 2nd
  28. Hi, if I remember I paid 40 € for it in the Netherlands, if you want to buy one be sure the procelain is in good condition and the sign has not been restored, those were only produced in the netherlan...
  29. I have just a last question for you, how did you find those oil can skin ? did you cut yourself oil can or did you find a bunch of those flatted cans ?
  30. just compare the complete oil can from dave, there are 3 white lines on the bottom then a black line then the seam, yours has been cut in the middle of the white lines, there are 2 white lines and som...
  31. Hi, thanks for your comment, I'm not really good to find correct scale so I'll give you the length of every toy, this bandai is 11.81 inches length ( 30 cm ) it looks to be like 1:18
  32. thanks for the love
  33. cast iron michelin are all fakes, original ones were in papier mache
  34. great sign but if was you I would use better nails than those, if the pins goes off, the sign will fall and will be badly damaged
  35. your model is from 1905 :
  36. really nice sign did you have other signs in your collection ? for value, it's worth what you paid, nothing more as it's for your pleasure and not fore re-selling
  37. I think it's made of masonite during World War II period
  38. not at the seams, it's missing a good part and not have been cut properly, like I said they have been cut and around 0,8 inches are missing on the bottom, plus oil cans are worth when complete and in ...
  39. some really talented persons can relid an oil can but yours has been badly cut on the bottom and it's missing some on the lithography, that's too bad but this can is ruined, there is nothing to do wit...
  40. wonderful light
  41. new fantasy decoration piece made less than 10 years ago
  42. it's for sure from the 1990's
  43. what's your mystery ???
  44. hang it on your garage that's the best thing to do, display it on your wall, be sure to used good screws as porcelain signs are heavy and if not well hanged can fall and be damaged
  45. wow nice cardboard sign, in pretty condition
  46. this oil can is fro mthe 1930's, too bad it's quite damaged
  47. wonderful microphone, it's a great piece to start a collection, it worth nothing if it's for selling but if you keep it for yourself thanksd for sharing it with us
  48. that's a french pedal car MG is for MORELLET GUERINEAU, your model is called a CYCLORAMEUR, it was made around 1958, your is only missing the metal bars that looks to have been cut off here is a li...
  49. what do you want to know more ? you know the brand and the year, that's all a little research on google and you got this " The Kilgore Manufacturing Company originated in Westerville, Ohio. THe com...
  50. really nice toy, what's the mystery ? you write it's from 1920 and it's from 1920, do you have other model from this brand ? or do you have other toys from your collection to share with us
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