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Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,...Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,... (Read more)


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  1. aha but you're not complety wrong, gas and oil companies made salt and pepper with shapes of gas pumps :
  2. great items and great work on the polishing, I love it
  3. and a better picture :
  4. that's from a Willys 1953 :
  5. wow great found, you've just found a beauty, I love it
  6. It took me a few days for it but it's going nice, I took the old paint off as the bakelite underneath the paint was in gorgeous condition, so after a few days of scraping and carefully removing the pa...
  7. I don't think there was a manufacturer for this one, it looks home made
  8. Thanks, I've just tested the wind up motor and it's working really well, my cat loved to run after it
  9. wow great piece, it's for sure a million dollar item, no just kidding, really nice item to start a collection, thanks for showing part of your collection to us
  10. Thanks, that's a great place, that's every 3rd sunday of the month in a huge shopping malls, there are a lot of sellers, mostly for old comic books and marklin train but there are lot of old toy selle...
  11. Thanks for love and comments
  12. better pictures with a real camera would help a lot better to see details on it, is there any makers or date written on the bottom, as if it's original, I really doubt but it can be, I think that it's...
  13. fantasy item made less than 10 years ago, not original at all
  14. the illustration depicts a television show based on a circus theme, where artist show some performance, one with a clown performance and one with an ice skating performance, it's kind of obvious with ...
  15. nice one, they are for sure from the 1960's
  16. Ok, I hope you'll be smart enough to keep it as those are quite difficult to get in great condition, I'm Belgian and I have some Belgian coca cola posters like this one but not this model
  17. it's great, do you have other coca cola posters in your collection or did you just came here to know the value for selling it ???
  18. nice one, do you plan to have it hang on the wall at your home ?
  19. on the pile of hubcaps you have one with an "S" it's from a Simca
  20. maybe a display pen holder from a shop ?
  21. RuffinMorrisKing, I hope you'll be smart enough to keep it for yourself and not selling it as it's great item to start a collection and shows your items from your collection here at Collectors Weekly
  23. 5 seconds search on google and you found your answers.... so easy that's a vendo junior coca cola vending machine, the water fountain is not original to this model, has been added later by the shop ow...
  24. great, nice way to salvage a piece from a coke cooler, well done
  25. wow great signs and with original frame it's even better, welcome to CW, those are fantastic items
  26. Hi surfdub66, yep I saw your firechief, also a nice model, I have a preference for japan models as usually their lithography are really detailled and very colorfoul but your firechief is really great ...
  27. thanks for the comments, it's fun for me to wide up my collection to toys, my dad is a huge collectors of diecast models and gave me the virus to antique toys, they are so fun
  28. Thanks, I really got a crush on it yesterday and I think that when I never seen another one before and if the price is right I just buy it, I don't think I'll find another one in a while
  29. I would be careful with those ornaments, those two ones were aftermarket ornaments and some of them are still make today
  30. nice ones I love it, thanks for sharing
  31. that's right, just put it in the garbage, it's made less than 10 years ago FOR THE INFORMATION OF ALL, COCA COLA ONLY MADE 5 TO 6 DIFFERENT MIRRORS BETWEEN 1920 TO 1940 AND ARE NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE T...
  32. nice, it's great to see a pepsi fan here ( there are much coca cola fans but I love both )
  33. nice that's remind me that a few years ago I was collecting movie standee and I got the giant wall-e standee with the large box, I also got the wall-e with waving hand, but it's quite a long time sinc...
  34. thanks, I love renovate wood furniture, they are easy job to do and wood furniture are fantastic, it was a time were quality was high and furniture made to last
  35. yep repro at 100 % sure I hope you didn't pay more than 10 $ for it
  36. 1970's puzzle made around 1975-1976, worth 5 to 10 $
  37. nice set, I love them
  38. Hi, it's based on a jaguar 1965 e type
  39. thanks all for comments and love, I always try to find toys and items in the best condition but not mint as I love to see items which where played with
  40. No asking for value here thanks, I hope you'll be smart enough to keep it and not sell it as it's a great item to keep
  41. get a refund as it's a coca cola truck that has been repainted in green
  42. First did you have larger picture of the truck as the image is as big as a stamp, second a toy from 1998 is not rare, rare items in coca cola are before 1970 and were not intended to go on the market ...
  43. 5 to 10 $ maximum as it's fairly new and in really bad condition
  44. no we can't help you on value
  45. nice sign but you overpay for this one, be aware of not paying too much for your items, a complete rack have would have been great for that price but for just the top sign it's quite a price for that
  46. cheap radio made less than 10 years ago, no value at all, cheaply made
  47. I think many people throw away old furnitures to buy cheap ikea items which breaks after 6 months of use... When I see a great piece of furniture in great condition put to the garbage I can't let this...
  48. I'm pretty sure it was made to display posters or lobbycards at cinema theater here is a similar one :
  49. I can't help you on value but the better condition they are the more interesting they are
  50. nice cardboard in kay frame, great item, I hope you'll be smart enough to keep it, that's a fantastic piece
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