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Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,...Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,... (Read more)


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Distler 7000 tin car - Model Carsin Model Cars
tippco military police tin car - Model Carsin Model Cars
Ichida Ford Gyron concept car tin toy - Model Carsin Model Cars
schuco wind up race car 1050 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Jep electric train - Toysin Toys
opel hood ornament - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Marusan tin toy truck crane - Toysin Toys
vebe wind up truck tin toy - Toysin Toys
ML wind up tin toy - Toysin Toys
firetruck wind up tin toy joustra - Toysin Toys


  1. thanks, yep sadly sometimes toys have some parts missing but I never seen another one here in belgium and for 50 $ I coulnd't pass it, missing parts are the most common thing for toys in flea market a...
  2. really nice can
  3. not 1970's more around 1996-1999 as the logo had the water drops on it at this period
  4. fairly modern coca cola items from 1990-2000
  5. fantastic find and in outstanding condition, I love it
  6. modern fantasy piece made between 1970 tot 1999, not rare at all, dozen of different ones were produced and sold as decorator piece, this is not an old piece if this mirror was old, mirror start to...
  7. be aware that at this period time painting had lead in it which was toxic..., a beautiful wood oak stain will be perfect for this beauty
  8. it's not patina, the paint is damaged, removed the old horrible white paint and try to find a stain for old oak wood, you'll see the difference will be fantastic
  9. I think the best thing to do if you want old parts is finding a same one to take the missing part for yours, I got myself one from 1900 but a complete one and it's impossible to find parts for sale fo...
  10. thanks all for loves and comments
  11. Wow outstanding condition for this beauty
  12. I think it came from a kelvinator 180 cooler from the 1950's
  13. that's not a sign, that's a cooler lid
  14. it was worth trying, I put a light coat of wd40 over the sign and it works great, it cover the white stains and obscure a little the sign, we can see beter the forest green of the sign, that's not too...
  15. nice piece, I'm pretty sure the restaurant used and old sign to make this one, I think it was at first a royal crown cola sign which was painted over in white with canada dry decals placed on it with ...
  16. by the way your clock is a promotional item based on a french tv show called "bonne nuit les petits" which first aired in 1962, in 1963 the second serie aired with new children characters called "Nico...
  17. nice one
  18. nice can, just keep it it could be nice on your shelf for decoration
  19. Thanks, I have no idea, there are no holes in it to hang and the back has no trace of glue, I thought it could came from a blackboard but I never seen another one or a complete one, as it's a german s...
  20. cool, sure you can show your others electric fans, that's funny I also have 8 electric fans, my favorite one is the General electric on it's original stand :
  21. the best way to clean sfor me is just cotton swab with a little water, don't go to hard so you won't damage the lithography of the paint and a soft clean tissue to end
  22. If I remembered I paid 20 € for it, it's worth what you want to pay for, if you love it just enjoy it and don't think about the worth just enjoy it, you can show your electric fan to us
  23. it's nomura for sure but it's not the pinkee farmer, you have the farm truck mystery piston action tin toy, here is a picture of another one with the box :
  24. not 1960's, if they were 1960's it would have been glass, this machine is from the 1980's with the plastic globe
  25. great find
  26. Riply206, did you wrote a letter directly to Ghirardelli ? there is an address on the bottom of the cup, the cup is not old and they could perhaps solve you problem
  27. I tried plain vinegar but it didn't work, what is bizarre is that when the sign is wet it's green and nice but when it's dry the white stains came back
  28. Thanks, what is funny is that my dad collects miniatures cars for almost 40 years ( mostly 1:18 ) and I'm now also starting collecting toys but older ones, with all the brand existing I try to buy the...
  29. Thanks, I'm not sure about the headlights, there are some electrical cables under the front axles but can't find how to reach it, Vebe had produced some amazing toys and I'm really happy to get my han...
  30. thanks, many toys were inspired by american cars and mostly the buick like murray did with it's pedal car, schuco also used this design that was quite a car
  31. Thanks all for the comments and love
  32. nice radio, it's from 1939 listed here, there is also another model with dionne quints decals on it
  33. nice, did you put it on your wall ? if so please add a picture of this wonderful sign next to your collection
  34. Thanks, for me schuco was one of the best toy maker and they produced a ton of great quality toys that still works today
  35. put them on your wall for you collection ! as you come here to show us item from your collection
  36. Nice one that's a Bandai ( B for bandai, C for Company ) japanese toy but I can't help you on the model of the car
  37. great signs, they all look in great condition, nice find
  38. nice sign, it's related to tydol and veedol oil, did you already hanged it on your wall ? I'd love to see it well displayed at your home
  39. Thanks Phil for the comment, do you think it could be a soviet rocket, I'm not sure but could have been from the 1960's or earlier ?
  40. you erase my comment ? why ? this is a recent item not old
  41. for german signs I would go with ebay germany, there are not much other websites in Germany for finding good german signs, check and search for "blechschild", "coca cola blechschild", "coca co...
  42. Thanks for your comment, this particuliar sign is quite rare even in Germany, those don't come often for sale, I found mine at the coca cola collector show in Essen in Germany, if you go there it's on...
  43. really nice sign
  44. Thanks, I got it pretty cheap, 40 € if I remember and it's on my wall since I bought it, I've just added a picture of this clock on my wall along my other items, Rc Cola is rare but finding an origina...
  45. great find for a great price, far better than buying new coke glasses
  46. it's funny to see 2 different world of coca cola collectors, those who are looking for original advertising pieces from 1890 to 1960 which are highly collectables, rare and sough after collectors and ...
  47. yep only sentimental value, nothing else
  48. yep reproduction, worth nothing.
  49. it's just a coca cola poster that has been glued on a wood box, if the poster is original it's missing all the bottom and top
  50. you can't restore it, the frame can be repainted bu the signs are made of tin and impossible to restore, if you don't like the item that way, wait to find one in pristine condition
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