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Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,...Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,... (Read more)


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microphone stand - Radiosin Radios
schuco tin toy car limo red version - Toysin Toys
Ford Thunderbird Battery Tin Toy  YONEZAWA-CRAGSTAN - Toysin Toys
cigarette laurens khedive ashtray - Advertisingin Advertising
old pedal car - Toysin Toys
 Rothermel Brush Microphone - Radiosin Radios
schuco varianto 3042 truck - Toysin Toys
charles rossignol tin bus - Toysin Toys
charles rossignol tin toy bus - Toysin Toys
Wells Brimtoy london tin bus - Toysin Toys


  1. nice find
  2. Welcome to CW, you should keep them and show us the rest of your collection, they would be georgous on your wall
  3. wow great find, they are rare and here in Belgium you can't find them, most of them are in collection or still used in carnivals ride, they are impossible to get, congrats on them as they are outstand...
  4. Thanks, yes it has been well take care as there is almost nothing wrong with it and the paint is georgous
  5. it's just a recent reproduction, you can find them in souvenir shop for 15 tot 18 $ not more
  6. Thanks, great story, I love knowing more about the past and how things were used in those days,laurens cigarettes used this specific graphics during 1925- 1930's era and not many items were produced, ...
  7. Thank you all for love and comments
  8. nice one, I have a question about this particular model, on this model the lid is basic metal with the label on it, mine has a red lid with coca cola logo painted on it, it was used in Belgium, was it...
  9. wow that's huge, I never seen one that big before, really nice item, congrats
  10. Thanks Ray for the pictures, I love seeing old pics of this time, it show well how signs were displayed and used at time
  11. bobbywiggins, please read the rules of CW, this website is for Collectors like the name said
  12. as you erase my comments and you came here only to know the value, you can easily get 600 to 800 $ out of it
  13. myersshon, it is for sure a FANTASY item if you be sure buy the Allan Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide 12th edition
  14. the driver is there but hard to see on pictures with the body on, here is a picture of it before I reassemble it :
  15. Thanks for the comments and love, when I see a restored sign I'm always asking how much of this sign is still original as it was redone now, is it still an original piece or a recent one as it was res...
  16. great toys, I see there is another "Tim the tool man"'s fan here, like he said Real men don't need instructions
  17. splendid pedal car, you don't need to know it's value as it's a great gift from your grand father and a good way to remember him, forget the value, think about this great heritage
  18. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks for the comment and loves, the bottle is what catch my eyes first, it's the first sign of this kind I have seen with the bottle intact and I love it
  19. Thanks, I'll try mineral oil, maybe it will give a second life to the rubber caterpillar
  20. Thanks for the love and comment
  21. it's a reproduction for sure, and they are still produced today :
  22. yep that's a new piece made probably in india or pakistan, crudely made
  23. Welcome to CW, those signs are nice, it would clean easily, are you planning to place it on your wall ?
  24. Thanks for love and comments
  25. thanks for the love and comments
  26. great can
  27. thanks all for love and comments, Phil don't be jealous you have outstanding pieces in your collection too that's I'm also jealous about, lol what is funny about with this attic is that some years...
  28. thanks for the comments, the dvd's are my other passion, I managed to find most of the old cartoons and movies I saw when I was a kid, I think I have more than 1600 originals dvds, that's better watch...
  29. I've just made a frame for it, it looks good to me
  30. great item and rare too bad you removed the original picture tube
  31. I think this sign is a little bit later around 1998 to 2004
  32. nice picture, the small sign in this picture looks familiar to me I think I saw one at the essen collector show, is this sign the green version or the red one with the silver border ?
  33. great pictures, I have two of the signs in this picture and there is the one I got from you, thanks again
  34. Hi, thanks again for the sign, it's not in Belgium that I could have find this one, and I found a great place for it on my wall, if you have ever the chance to come in Belgium, feel free to came for v...
  35. Thanks, it's the only one I have, I know there is a different one and also fanta and sprites but I'm not interested in those, I prefer the contrast of colours of the coca cola, red white and black. I ...
  36. wow that's quite big, I'm impressed it looks to be in great condition, great buy
  37. Thanks for the loves and comments, The room is more and more filled with coca cola items Daddy_Nobucks, thanks non-american coca cola items are difficult to have information on them as there are no...
  38. great toy truck I love it
  39. thanks I'll try but framing is really expensive so I'll think about it
  40. thanks, sometimes you find nothing for months and then in a show you'll find a tons of great stuffs
  41. it looks like a cheap reproduction
  42. The texaco is Belgian and was made in 1934, it's made of porcelain, if I remember less than 500 were produced at the time
  43. really nice coca cola flange, I love the canada dry, I never seen this model before, great find Trevor
  44. Thanks, I tried to find a color that match the dial and enhance the beauty of this radio. For Philco, that's a shame they launched the predicta tv at the wrong period, this television has a great des...
  45. nice item, I see you are also a pepsi cola fan, great cooler for a collector, I love it
  46. hey cool sign, I have the same one but in vertical
  47. buy the Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide 12th edition, that's the best ressource for it
  48. like the other item you have all of them are fantasy made pieces, not original jsut recent fake fantasy pieces
  49. like the other item you have all of them are fantasy made pieces, not original jsut recent fake fantasy pieces
  50. it's a modern fantasy piece probably made in india or pakistan, it's a fake fantasy piece made recently, no real value at all
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