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Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,...Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,... (Read more)


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banania tin box - Advertisingin Advertising
singer sewing machine tin sign - Advertisingin Advertising
philips cardboard sign display - Advertisingin Advertising
white elephant condensed milk tin sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Wiel's beer cardboard poster - Advertisingin Advertising
Belge Delbruyere beer tin sign - Advertisingin Advertising
ford zephyr 1953 hood ornament - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
peugeot lion hood ornament - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
noris diapositive projector - Camerasin Cameras
coca cola & pepsi cola caps - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. beautiful bike, I love it
  2. it's scream reproduction
  3. thanks, it was a time where illustators did great job, it's sad it is not signed, I saw another sign some months ago in USA with the same illustration but for another beer, but couln't find it anymore
  4. it's difficult to see as the picture does not show the entire cardboard, but it looks like it's missing the bottom, usually the date is written on bottom right
  5. it's a time machine ! no, c'mon you never go out when it's sunny and take one of those to picnic on a trip ? that's easy, that's just a cooler
  6. thanks for your comment and love, the green and blue caps were made for Belgium with the name of the city were they were bottled ( Bruxelles, Brugge, Roeselare, St Truiden, Barchon) the seller had oth...
  7. too bad the top has been cut, on you other picture I see another one with the top part still there, are the other ones in better condition ?
  8. not brand new, there would never been anything like that in the past, they had taste and this thing is horrible, why not making just a good paint instead of applying dozen of decals which have no mean...
  9. it's not an old sign but a fantasy sign from the 1990's worth around 5 $ not more, they were made to be sold in gift shop, before buying signs be sure to have the petretti's 12th edition of coca cola ...
  10. I don't know much about bottle but the label looks too clean for me if it was from early 1900, I have experimented that old paper use to be really crispy and fragile when it's over 100 years old, as t...
  11. nice microphone, I have the same one in my collection, the brand is Geloso and was made in Italy in 1955, do you have other microphones in your collection ?
  12. Thanks Trey for the comment, like you can see in my collection I love colourful signs, it was a time where advertising companies were not afraid of making colourful ads which catches the eyes of the p...
  13. wow they are fantastic, are you planning framing them ? I'd love to see framed and displayed in your room
  14. wow 40 years of collection, I would be really happy to see pictures of the rest of your collection
  15. thanks for the information, I'm really lucky to have found one in fantastic condition yesterday for only 20 € ( 28 $ ) those telephones have a fantastic design and I was looking for a good looking one...
  16. great buy, it's great to see you again here
  17. wow thanks for all those great informations
  18. great pedal car, I love the color
  19. thanks for the comment, what is great about this poster is that I first saw it 3 years ago in a huge flea markets but I didn't have the budget for and I didn't see the seller for 3 years and 2 weeks a...
  20. I finally opted for a complete removal of the paint with polishing the metal parts and it's exactly the result I was looking for
  21. the paint was badly damaged by the years so I decided to go scrub the old paint of the face and polish it so now it's really shiny, I'm really pleased with the result which give a cleaner look pict...
  22. great find under your house, I hope you saved it and put on the wall of your house, that's a great story behind the item for a collector
  23. they are separate, there is a like a patella on the feet brass that allow the chair to get really steady, I've added 2 pictures of the feet on pictures 3 & 4, it's a brass part with a plastic part for...
  24. thanks for the link, I checked but it's not the same, I'll see if if find like you said and old coffee table but those feet looks to be used on this cocktail chair model only
  25. nice one, the 3rd look like is from a 1949 buick
  26. thanks and it's really comfortable, the only problem is the brass feet, I tried to find 2 others but it's kind of difficult to find those pieces
  27. Hi, sorry but it's a fantasy piece made recently in india, not original, I hope you didn't pay too much for it
  28. wow treasures burried under dust but it would be a great fun to dig into those wonderful antiques
  29. I took a little time yesterday and made some digital restoration to the poster to see how much was missing, it's the fourth pic
  30. don't take it wrong but if you don't collect anything, why coming on a website called COLLECTORSWEEKLY ?
  31. that's not 500 $ value at all for this, drive in speaker were never been painted, they were aluminium polished on a base like this :
  32. hum... it's a made up item, worth nothing, this lamp was made with a new stand, 2 drive-in speaker, a new light shade, a tons of coca cola stickers and a bad taste. I hope you didn't paid too much fo...
  33. really nice meter
  34. nice piece, really unusual
  35. nice, really unusual shape
  36. I missed one this year in brussels as I thought it was too expensive, the guy wanted 140 € for it, do you think I could find one for less than that ? I'll go to the next coca cola trade show in Essen ...
  37. Thanks for the comment, apparently this one is not a common one and quite difficult to find, there is also a russian radio, the Zvezda-54 made in 1954 which is a perfect copy of this one but in differ...
  38. I finally found, it came from a russian car, a Moskvich 400 from 1954
  39. wow I've never seen a water powered fan, do you know if some of those were sells in Europe, I've only seen "classic motor" ones fantastic item
  40. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks, for me it's depicts perfectly the joy of this period of the 1950's, where everyone where enjoying life
  41. fake sign ( fantasy sign ) produced in india less than 10 years ago, check this great website :
  42. thanks for the comment, it took me a while to have one but was really glad to buy it, it's a great conversation piece and really impressive standing with all the chrome parts
  43. thanks for the love and comments, actually I'm 10 years younger than you, I was born in 1986
  44. really nice sign
  45. 8000 to 12.000 $
  46. fantastic, it's a really nice sign, I never seen this one in german, I have the french version of this one, great item
  47. Nice one, I love how it's so colourful, really nice find
  48. great sign
  49. ok so let's go with values I would say it worth between 800 to 1200 $, nice and solid cooler, so let's see now if we'll see it for sale on ebay soon....
  50. you don't need to know the value if you keep it in the family, right ?
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