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Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,...Hi collectors, I'm John and I'm a 26 year old guy who felt in love of soda pop and petroliana, I collect signs, oil cans, bottles, wallbox, microphones, radios,... (Read more)


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pra-tic polish car tin can - Advertisingin Advertising
Zenith galaxy disc jockey Stare turntable 1957 - Electronicsin Electronics
Distler electric train set - Model Trainsin Model Trains
clockwork train tin toy - Toysin Toys
TN Nomura mystery plane battery tin toy - Toysin Toys
Lesney N°03 trolley toy - Model Carsin Model Cars
citroën DS friction bandai toy - Model Carsin Model Cars
Gulf oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana
advertising cardboard display Comptoir Commercial de Chimay-Dinant - Advertisingin Advertising
caltex quart oil can - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Thanks, I realy love the bi-tone of this turntable, it reminds me the colors of the 1950's car like the pontiac starchief :
  2. nice collection
  3. try looking for Mel Ramos
  4. thanks, yes those were also called standee, for this size it was usually counter standee, it reminds me that a few years ago i got a huge collection of cinema standee ( the really large ones from the ...
  5. thanks for love and comments
  6. thanks for love and comments
  7. you don't need to know what is worth if you love it, just keep it for yourself, find a good place to display it and enjoy it
  8. The clock itself was made by Glo-Dial in 1930 but they never made Harley davidson clock, so what you have is and old clock from 1930's with a new glass face of harley davidson
  9. erasing comments won't make you nicer, I understand you are such a great collector and love your item so much you' ll never sell them
  10. oh what you have is a coca cola cooler that was cut in half, yours is missing all the bottom part....
  11. nice sign, this brand has also produced other signs such a flange and a cutout, you can see them here :
  12. it looks likey a Hubley toy
  13. nice I could be wrong but with the font used on the cap I would say 1910-1920
  14. Great I have the same machine but in white, it's from mid-sixties, those are great to use, mine uses german coins but it's still workin great
  15. hey great I had the exact same model a few years ago, the quality of the image was outstanding but the problem was the size and the weight of the disc, plus the player was really noisy, I remember wat...
  16. I had the same visual on a cushion in 1994, worth nothing
  17. nice the red sinclair is a pretty unusual ones and in great condition, I love it
  18. yours is the Pink Princess Tricycle and you can still buy it today!pink-princess-trike/ccu1
  19. nice, it's great to see a sign being completed like that, I love it
  20. ok, could you light up on this point why is there a green sticker on the bottom of the mirror ????
  21. you posted here to have answers by experts or did you came here by knowing for sure it's an original, if you don't want to hear that's a recent fantasy item don't ask the advice of coca cola expert ...
  22. to CHARLESJR if you don't trust Daddy_Nobucks,( which is a coca cola expert I trust ) you just have to buy the allan petretti coca cola price guide, you'll have your answers written black on white on ...
  23. fake fantasy sign from 1990's no interest for real collectors
  24. yep I live in Belgium but my first language is french
  25. I can give you the exact date for this as it was made in 1998 for the football world cup in France
  26. by the way if your are looking to build a new bracket for this sign I have a ford sign with the same shape, here is how they designed the bracket in the 1950's :
  27. nice signs
  28. great sign, I love it
  29. @ racer4four, I went to the toy museum on saturday, and took some pictures, you can see them on my twitter page here :
  30. @birdjt it's worth what you see on the link from Daddy_Nobucks, "was priced at $176 retail in mail order catalogs." I love reading this "No old shade like this was ever made. This is an entirely ne...
  31. wow I wonder who could buy that, it's far beyond from restoration, it's a total reconstruction, is there any part on this that is not rusted ?
  32. If you are sure it's an old original lamp, buy the book from Allan Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide, I'm pretty sure youll find your answer in that book ( and all the knowledgeable people...
  33. very nice, it's the holy grail of bakelite radio, I would leave it just like that, it's fantastic
  34. Just a little advice if you want to find only original old antique items stay away from item produced in wood or cast iron, at 99% they are fake fantasy recent items original wood toys had a decal ...
  35. brand new item once again, it's just a decorator piece that was mass produced in india or pakistan... Think about that if that was old it would be better made than that
  36. sure I'll try to go on sunday but here are some picture of the museum I found online : https://aline2318.files.wordpress.c...
  37. thanks, once again it I found it at the same monthly collector show inside a mall here in Brussels, but today the choice was tough many expensive items and not always in the best condition, but I got ...
  38. nice great collection of nice cans
  39. thanks, i've just add a video of it working here on youtube :
  40. this pepsi logo is fairly new around 2000-2005
  41. that's just a well know scam, somebody switch the cap or the label and call it rare item, that's just a bottle with wrong cap on it, the cap can be easily replace with a pepsi one
  42. Thanks, it's the second time I goes to that toy show and that's a great fun, it's inside a shopping mall with around 80-100 sellers with quality merchandise, you can see toys that you never seen befor...
  43. nice, did you hang it on your wall to display it ? Id'love to see it well displayed on your wall, that's a wonderful sign, I love it
  44. wow great graphic on this can, it's beautiful
  45. it was produced by NAKAMURA, The letters “NT” (N superimposed on T in a circle)
  46. yep another fantasy piece made less than 10 years ago, not value at all, if that's wood I think that can be used in a fireplace
  47. I've just found and old photograph of the same sign in situation in Belgium, usually this sign was placed in front of cafés and restaurant here in Belgium, quite odd that it was placed on a tree
  48. no, don't make lamp with them, just a good cleaning, maybe a fresh paint ( please no theme on them ) and that's a great decoration piece, i restore one a few years ago all in red, that's great, I hope...
  49. I would say even later around 1990's - 2000, poorly made fake fantasy item worth absolutly nothing
  50. just to compare, here is one of my original ones :
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