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  1. In the first pic they look like 30/06. the ones with the groves are guard ammo,low power. Pic #2 also look like 30/06. the one with the metal band on it is from a belt for an michinegun. Pic#3 loohs...
  2. The one on the left is a bullet mould and reloading tool for an old time cartridge. The other three I have no idea what they are,sorry.
  3. It is a pipe wrench. The patten date does not mean that it was made in 1903, although it looks to be old.
  4. It's a shuttle used in weaving.
  5. I have seen hats like this in a museum in Seattle, although this might not be one. They were made by the North West coast indians.
  6. I have a large bunch of WW2 ammo with a lot of Jap ammo in 6.5 mm,& 7.7, they are all like yours with 3 marks that crimp the primer in. Yours looks like a 7.7Jap from WW2.
  7. From the one picture I can't tell for sure, but it looks like a contact printer not a camera..
  8. Unfortunately the number is not a serial #, it is a assembly number. It uses the 38 S&W cartrige & is not black powder. No one collects these, and can be bough for less than 20.00, so the is no way ...
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