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Bohemian glass


The gilded maiden - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. You beat me to it...congratulations, love it.
  2. I agree with your statement, Warren. You just have to go with your gut feeling. Many times I just liked the piece, bought it first and was ( or wasn't ) able to attribute later. But if you see someth...
  3. Beautiful. I would have done the same thing, in fact, I have done it before. I purchased a piece in not so perfect condition because I was affraid I would never see anything like it again. Gret job!
  4. The goldfish bowls are beautiful. One seller on German eBay has been offering those past about a year. I asked him if they were originals and he told me they were made by a young lady in Novy Bor as a...
  5. Warren, it drives me crazy as well because of my set. I asked Ms. Truitt once hopping it'd be Haida or Steinschonau production but she didn't think so. I am still hopeful it is a Bohemian production b...
  6. Hello there, I believe glass made with Roccocco Art Glass mark was made in Steinschonau. I got that info from this web site : http://www.glasmarken-lexikon.de/ Unfortunatelu, I no longer subscribe t...
  7. Yeah, meant to tell you as well, this is another of your less favorite - Harrach. I love Harrach, it can really surprise you.
  8. That is cool in deed....congratulations!
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