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A versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections have come and gone over many years, some are cherished and remain. Asian decoA versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections have come and gone over many years, some are cherished and remain. Asian decorative art is a favorite, as well as old jewelry and anything decorative from the late Victorian era. Bohemian glass is my latest and exquisitely challenging foray on the antique market. (Read more)


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Antique Wisteria & Foliage Black Japanese Cloisonne Plate 6 inches - Asianin Asian
CHINA Export Porcelain Brushwasher With Millefleurs, Bat & Dragon Signed - Asianin Asian
Antique Bright Yellow Japanese Cloisonne Dish, 6 inches (similar to black one) - Asianin Asian
Art Deco KINKOZAN Bottle Vase 1920s Japan Marked - Asianin Asian
Unique Old (for some) Rotary Phone Dialer - Tiffany Sterling mid 20th. - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
A Fine Black Suede, Metallic Leather, Sterling Clasp Signed RALPH LAUREN Clutch Purse 1980's - Bagsin Bags
Old Meiji Japan Pottery Bottle Vase Lovely Teal, Yellow & Cream Enamels - Asianin Asian
Antique Japan Porcelain Tea Caddy Jar Gilt, White  & Cobalt Enamel Designs - Asianin Asian
Small Satin Green Glass Bottle Vase & Mat Cream Enamel Bouquet - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Czech (Kralik or Ruckl) Cobalt & Multi-Heated Glass Chip Layer Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Where do you think? Should it be far away from New Plymouth? LOL Actually, NZ has always intrigued me, my aunt had a best friend who lived there (not sure where exactly), she used to show me photos o...
  2. Ruckl or Kralik, fantastic auction win, we are moving to NZ.... :-)
  3. I think the beads are very nice but more likely pink crystal quartz. Still a gemstone and women love them. Earring could always become charms. Thanks for sharing Mike.
  4. Close, it is a romantic symbol, 2 Chinese carps kissing, symbol of a happy marriage, you find this on many decorative items. Necklace is silver? Asian, recent vintage. Lovely.
  5. probably
  6. Dear kyra, now that you mention it I'm going to have to bring it to a brush expert to have it appraised, I tested it with a hot needle, and the brush groaned... might have something even more rare and...
  7. HAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! What a great and fun idea, and they say French people are tooooo serious..... lol Just helped the mystery with a clue... Am I forgiven? My brush is blue, too...
  8. I will give you a clue.... a figure of a Japanese samurai in full armor. :-)
  9. I also considered that charcoal, making it even more complicated for our identification purposes. Challenging? or what. :-)
  10. kyra, WOW! will be there asap. best, lisa
  11. Of course Mike. :-) I like those little figures too. The Japanese had a lot of fun making those too, especially in their Sumida Gawa wares. Ever seen those? Thanks for the comment, compliment and th...
  12. Hey, Jim. Hoped your mark knowledge would come to the fore. Thanks for the visit and input. best, lisa
  13.'s_Laugh-In here is a link to the TV show's details, Jan 68 to Mar 73. Sorry agh, Ernestine or Lily Tomlin was the operator. Ruth Buzzi WAS a mainstay p...
  14. Gee, thank you nutsabotas6, been practicing for a while, it's paying off. Appreciate the love and comment. :-)
  15. of course, thanks Sean and Nuts too for the comments and love.
  16. Yay!!! thanks aghcollect, knew someone would remember faster than I could look it up. Will add it to the post. Was her name 'Josephine' in the skit? Seems to stick in my mind. Thanks for the love too.
  17. Well, I think it is, you would have to touch it to see for yourself it's a good piece, the leather is genuine and it is very well made. Stood the test of time well. Thanks for the facebook links, but...
  18. Sean, you went through a lot of trouble here. Frankly I don't remember were exactly, the USA most likely and at auction, not sure if it was a private one or Ebay, but this had to be about 10 years ago...
  19. Of course, I believed for once on Ebay... it was accurate. Glad I got something right. :-)
  20. Jim's right, also called mutton jade which is serpentine. There seems to be a lot of inclusions, possibly alabaster, or is that another name for soapstone. Nice piece.
  21. It would! remember those, I had a brass pair once, the birds, I mean.... he he he.
  22. Thanks Bob, you are so patient. It's really hard to learn when the same pieces are called by different names in the Bohemian glass category. I found an Ebay link which confirms Welz for your pieces,...
  23. HAAAA! That's what I was going to say, are you psychic? My other ideas are the two right script marks looks more like a squiggly Kutani, the art work is much closer to Kutani, with the gold at the sh...
  24. Went back to my online source and the shape is not quite the same, but the glass style and decoration is definitely Kralik, did someone else do this type of glass with the geometric pink and purple sh...
  25. These two glass pieces Bob, why not RUCKL? I was doing Bohemian glass research this morning and found several described as Ruckl, on two glass sites, with the same type of multicolored big red splash...
  26. I think so, just did an hour of perusing this morning on etc., they had small jars with lids in the same pattern but a plain color glass choice where it was much easier to see the des...
  27. Just have to add my two bits or ten.... lol When I first read the label, I laughed and said to the computer monitor, "No wonder people are confused." Because of the combination of the two words KUTA...
  28. Could be a business contract for the maker H.O.L. in England having an India Company produce these E.P.N.S. goblets. One reason I say that is because my 6 silverplate and gold napkin rings in the sam...
  29. 'parcel-gilt' is a term UK antique dealers use, means gilded or with a gold finish. The French use the word 'vermeil' for gold over solid silver. If the base is silver plated, then you already have...
  30. There is no image, but by the information they have described in the listing, these are English with a London assay mark, and the 1974 date mark, used on solid silver. There is a law in England whic...
  31. these are solid silver pieces, I think.
  32. It's interesting how the glass colors are more like abstract paintings rather than very defined spatter. Good to know for future reference. Thanks Lou.
  33. This is very nice! and crazing too... ;-)
  34. Thanks for the link and id. Weirder and weirder... Some members get mad and do that, we might find out something yet, if he hangs around. Got your message, it's ok, will reply. I'm waiting for the T...
  36. I think dark is better too. Tarnished silver, that can be a problem when you buy because it can hide a lot of flaws.
  37. I have the same box which contains 6 gilt and silver palte napkin rings, these belonged to one of our neighbors, a low income Swiss lady in her eighties. Her relatives did a small sidewalk sale after ...
  38. That's true. Thanks for having fun with this. :-)
  39. Good thing the mark is impressed on the base, because nobody would have guessed. Nice find.
  40. This was a good opportunity for me to learn something new. I find that keeps you humble, the more you know - the less you know. Thanks ho2 for your patience with me.
  41. That IS weird, Jim, hate it when that happens. I can only think of one thing, because WE did not do anything against the rules. Perhaps, the posting was somehow. I was nice to share the knowledge we h...
  42. Well, here is MY answer, it only takes ONE because if you or anybody says it a collection then it is, a work in progress that starts with one... ;-)
  43. Funny Karen! ;-) Interesting answer, you looked at the number but not the feeling. My answer, it's a collection if you (or anybody) says so...a work in progress that starts with one. Another Ame...
  44. Go ahead Val, I'm talking World Hockey Championship, not NHL. Ya, it's not like the good old days anymore when there were 6 teams and Canada had the Stanley Cup for many years. Canadians complaining,...
  45. here is a listing for a martaban jar, very old and pertinent to the name which applies to Asian antiquities, pottery food storage jars in brown with oc...
  46. Well, you had to be there... this stuff went with all the other weird colors and decors of late 60s-70s. I like it too. Americans don't like hockey especially when they lose to Canada in the finals.
  47. It's beautiful and classy. Looks European, that's as close as I'm going to get.... lol.
  48. Amber, youre in trouble..... :-) and you so close to the border too. Heck lets not start about bad... anything Phil, sure the good old US of A made some doozies and still do. ;-p Cabbage doll anyone?
  49. From the base marks type, and the Chinese decor of the pair of blue and white vases, I would suggest 20th century, hard to say more without a close-up image. is a great resource to ident...
  50. Just saw your new ID picture, I am laughing my head off... is that the true you, racer? Got a riddle: how many pieces does it take before you can call it a collection? Try ammonia and water, or wi...
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