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A versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections have come and gone over many years, some are cherished and remain. Asian decoA versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections have come and gone over many years, some are cherished and remain. Asian decorative art is a favorite, as well as old jewelry and anything decorative from the late Victorian era to earlt 20th. Bohemian glass is my latest and exquisitely challenging foray on the antique market. (Read more)


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Recent Vintage Asian Sterling Silver Garnet Marcasite Link Bracelet Marked - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Recent Murano Italy Spatter Glass Vase Original Label - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very pretty Czech Kralik Spatter & Mica Cased Glass Vase 1930s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage European? Sterling Silver Filigree Wire Butterfly Brooch Signed - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Grouping Five Wakayama Collection Pieces Green & Red Silver Overlay Pottery Japan 1900 - Asianin Asian
New Jar Wakayama Collection Japan 1900 Pottery Silver Overlay Ho-Bird Deep Red Glaze - Asianin Asian
Education With Contemporary 80s? Iridescent Glass Vases - Have an Eagle Eye! - Glasswarein Glassware
Unusual Goldberg Graduating Light Verde to Rosa Matte Glass Silver Deposit Etched Tulip Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Current Carl Goldberg Bohemia Art Class Collection 1900-1914 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Multi Stone Link Vintage Silver Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. paris, seems I had already commented on your posts and wrote my opinion. After visiting the German Ebay site I did find several 'Goldberg' called Harrach which are called Goldberg here. I'm new at col...
  2. Thanks for the reply Ian. You are right about questioning everything, a funny instance was all the not 'Murano' glass for sale in Germany... :-)
  3. Appreciate the reply and info. I was not sure either, early on Japan produced a lot of Chinese 'looking' pieces for export, as they were both competing for the same markets in late 19th and early 20th...
  4. thanks paris, I've been on the UK, French and German Ebay sites in the last week looking at glass, so could not remember which one exactly. Do you have your brother vase posted? Would love to see it. ...
  5. Hi ho2c, this is like looking at clouds, everybody sees something different. I see a partial oval line with an impressed delicate design in the center. But, I don't know how many times I bought somet...
  6. Hi surf, great find! I got to say this vase might be Japanese, unusually so, but the dragon has 3 or 4 claws, the Japanese way of decorating with the Asian dragon motif. I love the lush flowers, th...
  7. thank you for the loves for this odd ball glass pitcher.
  8. Hi Michelle, found another in this color on Ebay in Europe if you are interested. best, lisa
  9. Hi AD, looks American to me. The construction and design remind me of USA silver jewelry made 1930s-40s.
  10. Love it! Brings back memories, GOOD TV.... Enough of those reality shows!
  11. Style is very much in the Josef Riedel enamel and gilt work on decorative glass from that time period. IMHAO (in my honest amateur opinion) ;-)
  12. That's interesting, thank you for the background information. They are lovely, and must be very special as they belonged to your grandmother. Thank you for sharing them. :-)
  13. Had an interesting day yesterday on Ebay-Germany, doing searches for Bohemian glass. I don't speak German, so it was a very basic word search using German for glass, spatter, Bohemian, Czech, jugends...
  14. Are they orange Bohemian glass? As I am getting more involved in the decorative glass pieces from that area, I'm also enjoying the great glass beads that were produced early 20th century. Very nice.
  15. Thank you kyra, your explanation is fine. I'm surprised when I forget to follow my own experienced approach after many years and a few bad experiences. Such as study those images over and over, a fi...
  16. kyra, I think I gathered what had been there for a while, nothing right now to be had, except one tiny 3.5 inch worn green bowl. Thank you for the kind comment and love.
  17. Thank you ozm, it sure is and collecting too! :-)
  18. Love the wall display, perfection in balance and spacing of all the frames, this is not as easy as it looks. Room is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this with us. :-)
  19. Just one idea about the space between the opal and the bezel, do you have any fine wire you could place there around the stone and glue or solder? Beautiful colors.
  20. Karen you make me laugh! LOL Of course a challenge, what would life be without them? I'm the same with people, never a dull moment.... Thank you for the love and the comment. :-)
  21. Hi Jim, appreciate your thoughts. I agree there is no documentation on the internet about Wakayama, only one paragraph in the Sandra Andacht book "Oriental Decorative Arts", in the chapter for antique...
  22. Thanks inky for the comment and the love, glad you like them.
  23. I'm sure the CW jewelry collectors will have their expertise ready for this one. Probably an Italian parure bought as a set in a large padded box. Gorgeous workmanship of shell cameos and jewelled met...
  24. shrine, it's a hand painting on old 'rice paper?' covered with glass... not a piece of painted fired porcelain IMHO.
  25. Hopes this help with identification, with my own matching plate.
  26. Thank so much Michelle for the love and comment, it was a good exercise to put them together, with the different sizes, color and shapes. Turned out better than I thought. :-)
  27. Thank you welzebub, you captured my intent and verbalized it much better than I did. "to show a vase, that upon close in hand examination, she feels is relatively new" is the gist of it, when in han...
  28. This post was not meant to be or evolve into personal attacks. Unless you have ALL the facts, your opinions/comments are just that and will remain as long as they stay within the site's comment guidel...
  29. Thanks for the love hot2c, and thanks for the funny comments bb2.
  30. Thank you for the loves and ALL the comments. The ones which referred to the price and the seller's site were removed by me.
  31. hey, thanks bb2, after 12 years, I still get caught.... ;-)
  32. Thanks Lee, always means a lot to have your 'love it'.
  33. thank you inky.
  34. thanks a-rose, I thought it was slow going (patience is not my thing), makes it more challenging and rewarding in the end. thank you for the comment and the love. best, lisa :-)
  35. OOOOHHH! Love this Riedel, been looking for some, this is a lovely matte color, yet with the Riedel art glass touch.
  36. Could be Italy or Thailand, they both produced this sort of flat weave sterling silver link necklace, very nice!
  37. What a really neat set plus box. Great pieces! They did the same thing with porcelain vases and ashtrays in fancy boxes. I like the glass better.
  38. Riedel documentation added to old posting.
  39. Found out last year, I have one, that they are Caribbean , made for the tourist trade by hand. Nice carving. :-)
  40. There it is! I saw it and jumped... ;-) Love the color too. thanks Michelle for comment and love.
  41. Thanks Ian, I am watching, always curious to see what you are going to show next. I completely understand too about how your point of view can change over time. I like the Goldbergs, because most are ...
  42. First I thought what the.... then I had a flash back, Japanese celluloid apples with interior design of small figures, cottage, courtyard and even a water wheel. Of course those were bigger. So, thes...
  43. Here is a page for Ball Black & Co from New York, during the same time period 1860-70, showing sterling hallmarks. I read Sharp went on his own till the m...
  44. Love the mag cover, steak dish sounds...horrid. Anchovies, olives and apples? Thanks for posting, brings back home memories. ;-)
  45. "more experienced/informed eyes" that would not be me, but I think it's Kralik bambus on a smaller scale, the base certaily looks right for Kralik. Very nice.
  46. WOW! Ian, did you see the one I posted a few days ago. A glass cousin, with very similar approach. Your's has a base and form that seem more Bohemian. Now, all we need is information.... ;-) http:/...
  47. When I got the basket, vetraio50, I was not sure either, the O is very very slightly more linear on the left. I sent an image to Chris with this mark on the basket, after asking him if he wanted one f...
  48. Thanks Karen for the love and comment. Ditto. best, lisa
  49. Here is the link for some identification of the distributor L.D.B. & Co.
  50. Hi vet, L.D.B. & Co and it's identification is a pet project of a collector of European porcelain and it's marks. He has a website with one page about his company, his research enabled him to accumul...
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