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A versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections come and go, some remain. Asian decorative art is a favorite. Bohemian glass A versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections come and go, some remain. Asian decorative art is a favorite. Bohemian glass is my latest foray on the antique market. An important aspect of my collecting hobby is to be knowledgeable the objects, their country of production, even the history during that time period. I have a large reference book collection for that purpose. Some of my interests include: European ceramics, American glass, Italian glass, antique and vintage European jewelry, American vintage sterling silver jewelry, Mexican sterling silver jewelry, vintage hand printed cotton and embroidered Japanese silk textiles, Victorian hand painted hobby blank tankards, Asian ceramics, Asian cloisonne, and Asian miniatures. I grew up in a chaotic family environment, from move to move, assets and possessions diminished. It's not till my twenties and I had a job that the collecting bug revealed itself. (Read more)


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Carved Vintage Chinese Ivory Tusk Tiger Lily & Daisy Brooch    - Asianin Asian
Fine Vintage Japanese Red Cloisonne Enamel Roses Vase  - Asianin Asian
Home Carved Etched Bone Guanyin Buddhist Goddess Shrine  - Asianin Asian
Vintage Chinese Silvered Filigree Cinnabar Heart Brooch  - Asianin Asian
One of those glass pieces, LOVE it no matter who made it! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Interesting Japanese Vintage Martelee Copper & Cloisonne Enamel Rose Tray - Asianin Asian
Latest Green Satin Silver Residue Goldberg Crimped Vase 7inches - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chinese Antique Celadon Enamel Insect, Bird & Flower Hand Painted Motif 8" Marked - Asianin Asian
A Kralik? Fine Clear Splatter Glass With Mica Inclusions JIP 9 inches - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Export  (Wiener Werkstatte) Cobalt Glass Silver Residue Gazebo Vase Marked - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Lee, in today's world of commerce and overseas production, quality and legitimate claims are not as reliable as they used to be. I have learned to be skeptical. Want to see my worn 925 Sterling ring, ...
  2. Ya, TA, you would be the member I pick....LOL
  3. So I'm going to go and do a search and prove your point? LOL Something wrong with your fingers today?
  4. I did say 'show me'.
  5. Information leads to evaluation leads to .... What would it matter when, where, and what it is otherwise? This site has rules about this approach from members. Good thing too, other sites have been...
  6. Love this stuff. Owned a few. This is Chinese of course as it is impressed CHINA on the base, it's possible the metal is gilded copper not brass. Dating early 20th. These were meant to be cigarette b...
  7. Lee, I'm referring to the current price of gold. Not what it was worth 100 years ago. I'm referring to the current practice of jewelry making, not what was done 50 to 100 years ago. That was an entire...
  8. Good for you!
  9. My problem is that the end result is you are getting your pieces evaluated here one by one, by constantly demanding full information for every piece. Dating, genuine or not stones, marks, metal, etc....
  10. Since stones are fake or manmade not genuine, begs the question about the 14kt gold very expensive settings? Would be unusual for this combination to be produced in the recent past.
  11. I don't understand, you have all these beautiful pieces of old jewelry, yet your not sure what they are? And bought them? And now need info from us here on CW with a few photographs? A local jeweler...
  12. OMG! Fantastic artistry and craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing it. :-)
  13. It's an old Chinese lacquer sewing box. It's empty, but all the little compartments on the top usually have all kinds of small implements, really nice ones have ivory pieces.
  14. If it's the Eiffel Tower, it's had a major re-design, missing the middle section...
  15. I can tell you the last image of carved bone is a Buddhist symbol for the ying/yang or male/female or positive/negative duality, within a Buddhist circle design which defines infinity, I think.
  16. Hi, did see this yesterday but taking a break, Jim was handling it very well. Yes, I think mid 20th or maybe a bit less. This one is quite different from the Chinese dragon bracelets I have seen, any...
  17. just helping the folks here who don't speak French to understand, I hope you don't mind. :-) A very interesting and rare piece, as far as I know.
  18. Translated that would mean 'roast handle'
  19. Yup, tried everything I could think off. No luck.
  20. Similar to your new black glass vase, except mine is cobalt with silver, and marked with same round mark, very f...
  21. That's the big irony of it.... I agree your images are much better. Looks lovely. You got to do a group image post of your same shape vases when you have time. Would love to see that. I'm a fast le...
  22. You won't believe this but when you won that vase, I was second runner up! All this because of my new glass education. Felt I recognized the shape too, even if it was PINK! Glad is was you, I had a fe...
  23. This is sssoooo cute! Love it. :-)
  24. If you read the guidelines for this site, it is not permitted to discuss value of anything posted here. This is not an evaluation site. Can tell you it is an Italian carved shell cameo and genuine, qu...
  25. Wanted to add for nick601, this is a very nice cabinet. The Japanese had gorgeous wood and loved to show it off, with just a bit of decorations, in this case some small floral inserts. I would love to...
  26. Really odd little thing, not practical for snuff powder as you brought it up to your nose. How about an old hunting or military container? The markings are very unusual and etching with pendants at b...
  27. Good catch. Whats's going on, I don't know. Your choice.
  28. Chinese snuff bottle, vintage faux ivory. marked with archaic Imperial reign marks. Probably lacquer, hard to see details, images are dark and very small.
  29. sorry for the typos, still waking up.
  30. No, don't think it's strange. These were not mass produced, hand crasfted and unsique. The best you can do is find something similar for it's country of production, between China and Japan, which is c...
  31. I know, loved the painting and subject too, it's unusual. The little table is nice too. Maybe replace the painting with tiles or something.
  32. Youre welcome, I'm aware that I can help on a site that does not have a lot of cloisonne collectors. ;-)
  33. Of course you are right, holes too big for cigarettes but then, who has 24 pipes to store at home? Was repeating what the link stated (with tongue in cheek). I have seen these before and that's is ...
  34. This is Chinese. Nice watercolor that was not originally set into this table, as what happened was bound to happen, it got wet. If you want to preserve it, best to remove it, see if a framing company...
  35. Beautiful bowl, Chinese cloisonne, Jingfa manufacturer for many decades. This is a very good quality piece, don't know about the labels, as I'm more familiar with the older pieces. Has some age, may...
  36. I think it's Japanese vintage, mid 20th century, the first letter means 'the great', which is the old way Japan marked their export wares. There was probably a paper label in English, with Japan on it...
  37. Japanese wood smoking stand for cigarettes:
  38. WOW! just fantastic painting and so precise on the small ivory surface. The lady IS beautiful, as those 1900+ hairdo's covering the ears were not always flattering. Great blue eyes.
  39. @mikelv85, looked at your similar Japanese cloisonne vase. Not quite the mate of this one, maybe it's bigger cousin. There were popular and produced by several companies during 20th century, mostly a...
  40. Glad I can share my hobby.
  41. I was going to respong to the 'awful', but then saw the latest comment bobogal, thank you for clarifying. I knew China is called the Middle Kingdom, meaning of pictorial character must be the same b...
  42. Glad you don't mind my pursuing the topic. Had a hunch and wanted to verify if I was wrong or not. I felt that if it was real ivory the decorative approach would have been different, respecting the g...
  43. Appreciate you saying so, glad you are happy. :-)
  44. Could not help but pick up my jaw from the floor, you must be a privileged lady, and/or karma is on your side. Such a wonderful collection of jewelry you are sharing with us.
  45. Thanks for the love and nice comments" inky, friendofvincent33 and ho2cultcha.
  46. ya, thats right.
  47. Thank you for the comments and the love: nutsabotas6, racer4four, mikelv85, and friendofvincent33.
  48. I can imagine. Thanks for sharing it. :-)
  49. Glad you liked my comment. Good show!
  50. Absolutely fantastic! Love this Scottish jewelry and been wanting to buy some for ages, my favorite combination of silver and semi-precious stones, but with a Gaelic design.
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Korean Carved Faux Ivory (Resin) and Brass 10" Vase / Circa 20th Century Cinnabar Vintage Bangle - Or Not? Unusual necklace Chinese or japanese?? Vintage Italian necklace Japanese and/or Chinese Vase Brass Carved Vase or Glass Auth Gucci  Purse A Pair of Ornate Satsuma Vases / Birds and Floral Design with Moriage Gilding / Unmarked and Unknown Age Asian fish Covered Dish


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