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A versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections have come and gone over many years, some are cherished and remain. Asian decoA versatile collector/dealer/evaluator, always interested in learning more. Collections have come and gone over many years, some are cherished and remain. Asian decorative art is a favorite, as well as old jewelry and anything decorative from the late Victorian era to earlt 20th. Bohemian glass is my latest and exquisitely challenging foray on the antique market. (Read more)


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Great Blue Welz 'Harlequin' Spatter Glass Signed Czech Bowl/Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
IDEA - Pot Pourri Covers Recycled as Bohemian Posey Bowl Lids...  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sold As Loetz... Kralik's Version Overshot Yellow Glass Blue Threaded Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Recent Vintage Asian Sterling Silver Garnet Marcasite Link Bracelet Marked - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Recent Murano Italy Spatter Glass Vase Original Label - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very pretty Czech Kralik Spatter & Mica Cased Glass Vase 1930s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage European? Sterling Silver Filigree Wire Butterfly Brooch Signed - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Grouping Five Wakayama Collection Pieces Green & Red Silver Overlay Pottery Japan 1900 - Asianin Asian
New Jar Wakayama Collection Japan 1900 Pottery Silver Overlay Ho-Bird Deep Red Glaze - Asianin Asian
Education With Contemporary 80s? Iridescent Glass Vases - Have an Eagle Eye! - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. WOW! Looks really different now, quite dark, nice stone! Now, since it is a decorative object, meant to be displayed, unless it's a paperweight. Could also be Japanese, an okimono, or small decorativ...
  2. Thank you Craig, answer much appreciated.
  3. I have a question about the Truitt book II, which represents many pieces that are now identified as Welz, this book is meant to document Bohemian glass between 1915 and 1945. Is the Passau stating th...
  4. What a great find! I know the details. It pays to know your Bohemian glass, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing it Michelle. :-)
  5. What a happy combination of colors, great Welz shape and decor.
  6. Thanks you for the 13 loves CW members, comments and identification help were very much appreciated. :-)
  7. Thanks you for the 8 loves CW members, much appreciated. :-)
  8. Thanks you for the 16 loves CW members, much appreciated. :-)
  9. Impressive Welz glass grouping! Excellent photography. Baskets are hard to display? Ive got one and it's sitting on it's own on top of a small cabinet. Thank you for sharing this. :-)
  10. Thanks ho2c, perhaps new images with a white background would help, with all the reflections and the curved elements to the stone in the photos we have now, it is a really hard one to identify. Even i...
  11. Thank you, that helps, the images seem to be on a mirrored surface, making it look even bigger with odd angles. What I see is the traditional Chinese peach with a stem (1st image upside down), twig a...
  12. ho2c, how big is it?
  13. You are ALL welcome to share your opinion, in whatever reasonable format you wish to use. I'm aware of the ongoing controversy. Nothing said or done is going to change anybody's mind from what I have ...
  14. vet's got it. :-)
  15. racer, LOLOLOL Yummy vase, what? Glad you love it. :-)
  16. That's interresting, I am just getting into this kind of detail. thanks Michelle.
  17. Thanks Michelle, got to get more and do more mix and match. :-)
  18. Sounds good to me, glad we can identify it properly. Thank you both very much: yesterdaysglass and Michelle.
  19. Thanks BB2.
  20. I agree yesterdaysglass, it was just one more company to look into as they used spatter glass of all kinds on a lot on small items.
  21. thanks czechman for the love.
  22. WOW! That was fast. Thank you so much yesterdaysglass for the links, and czechman for the comment and the love . It is a rare combination of colors, and the handles add even more questions. I'm good ...
  23. What you think? :-)
  24. Very nice Welz pair Michelle. :-)
  25. I'm thinking Ruckl, a lot of their multi colored glass pieces look like this, with larger splotches and a mix of smaller ones in many other color combinations. Have a look at their glass lamp shades.
  26. Love Amphora pieces, great find!
  27. Another aspect of buying and evaluating carefully online: Misattribution can be rampant, when a mistaken identification is applied to a piece, which is then repeated over an over, it becomes an inacc...
  28. Thanks Maura, lots of really good cameo examples to prove your point. Seems this cameo is in the same vein as these other 'Rebecca At The Well' you have provided. Did not realise there was so much of ...
  29. Guess we can remove the 'unsolved mystery' now.
  30. Great! PO is satisfied and found her own example. Can't be better than that. LOL
  31. Love the color combination with the black accents. Great piece or art glass.
  32. Gorgeous, another one!
  33. Maura, Thank you for the story and explanation. You say "I know a lot of these cameo's called 'Rebecca at the wall'." Would love to see one to further my cameo education, can you find a link? thank y...
  34. I'm out...
  35. Maura, I was curious so already checked your comment and information about 'Rebecca at the well' on the internet. My view has not changed, there is no well to be seen, no bucket or jar to collect wate...
  36. Thank you for the 16 loves CW members.
  37. Thank you for the 9 loves CW members.
  38. Thank you for the 9 loves CW members.
  39. Thank you for the 12 loves CW members.
  40. Thank you for the 14 loves CW members.
  41. Thank you for the 11 loves CW members.
  42. Thank you for the 11 loves CW members.
  43. nuts, comment deleted
  44. gosh...what have you been up to? and who was watching?
  45. Seems to me the lady is wearing an 18th century corset and a bustle, the mystery deepens?
  46. incorrigible...bb2 lol
  47. The advantage to this post is that it confirms actual Ruckl spatter glass decors. This add is placed under the chapter 'painted glass' in Truitt II, but the ad combines both styles, spatter glass lamp...
  48. Does not explain why Palda would publish their own catalog with their own brand (with the glass duck decanter image), to sell other people's glass? Does not make sense....
  49. Love this, also admired them in the Truit book. There is a larger size of 10 to 11 inches long in pink I just found, with the head bent slightly (second row, last piece, 3rd image), you can see these...
  50. This might be a historically relevant image for Italy. As this is a carved shell cameo with gold setting made in Italy. Looks quite old and worn as you say, some of the details may be gone. A lady su...
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