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Pairpoint Veneti Comport Latticino Dew Drop Cut Crystal - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Salmon Cased  Footed Vase Unusual Shape Crystal Acanthus  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Dollhouse Wall Decor Handpainted - Dollsin Dolls
Apollo LM Lunar Module Astronaut Plastic Toy700 - Toysin Toys
Dale's Space Top Hanging Gold Luster Lamp  - Art Decoin Art Deco
A three toed glastic Flatmonster is Approaching - Art Glassin Art Glass
Attack of the EyEball Monsters true color - Dollsin Dolls
MY Favorite Celluloid Doll Irwin - Dollsin Dolls
My Favorite Hi Color Barbie American Girl c 1966 - Dollsin Dolls


  1. yes, the lattice cutting is repeated in the foot, yes, absolutely as are the florals within the trefoil border cuts
  2. ummm I am not seeing any connection to this salmon vase though ? (I'm a little slow.. so bear with me) :--|
  3. THANK YOU MOONSTONE! ( i am excessively proud of that image that illuminates the interior.. but am fond of the image of the acanthus trails too.)
  4. eye candy!
  5. yes, absolutely pomeiian. as a coincidence, Vesuvius erupted on my birthday, 24 th August :---(
  6. That's the word I was looking for! Raspberry! thanks!
  7. yes I was thinking muses too, absolutely.
  8. oh, i should have posted: these are sleep eyes for insertion into vinyl doll heads. margon is the manufacturer.
  9. The entire dollhouse no longer exists. this room was the only complete room that survived. I will post images of the room itself.
  10. heh. beautiful wordcrafting!
  11. i thought you guys would think this was pretty cool. a little crude, good old american plastic from Apollo era.
  12. ok I will. if my wife can find it i'll scan it. oh yeah I was gonna say, that would be a funny picture of the hair spray bottle shooting fire and stuff POOF!
  13. a panel optic blank with rose floral etching.
  14. yeah that glass is amazing, crystal is so great with light coming through. amazing stuff.
  15. Hey. I had hair like that for REAL. I mean I walked around like that. Like the red headed guy with the afro on room 222. You guys are making fun of it. < crushed >
  16. darn single hairs in the way, but oh well.
  17. HE can READ! :-) You don't think that huge head is EMPTY do you? ITs FULL of BRAINS! He just can't TYPE because one of his ARMS is gone plus he is only 9 inches tall and can't reach the keyboa...
  18. Heh well no, she went AWAY to live in France. And NEVER comes back to visit. But reviewing other images I do believe you are correct as to the Ash as opposed to Titian. Is it possible to post mor...
  19. :---P Irwin says he wubs YOU because you are just nice!
  20. yes this American Girl is a beauty. I am thinking it was Titian, but you might be right. It actually looks more like Ash, a light brownish with blonde shine color. I will have to see if I can find m...
  21. Oh this is your old GF then. !!! I will post MY favorite doll one of these days. His name is Irwin. He IS a KILLER !
  22. mmmm yummy! eye candy! :)
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Zeigfield Girl Margit Nilsen scolds a Manniquin Lon Cheney, for " Laugh, Clown, Laugh "


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