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Eastern Shore, Maryland


1899 French Legras Cased Thorn Art Nouveau Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wow... The dealer's description is an interesting read.
  2. Cherry-licious!
  3. Very pretty. Those violet hues are something else.
  4. Just a thought: The design of the grape and leaf motifs from your decanter set is similar in style if you look at some of Czech Egermann cut glass with grape and leaf motifs.
  5. It's amazing these sold in the USA during the Prohibition era in. From my understanding, there was a loop hole and people were allowed to make up to 200 gallons of non intoxicating cider and fruit jui...
  6. Yes, my mistake and misunderstanding from a friend who wanted to share, but does not have an account here on CW. Have to admit, as I typed I thought this attribution was correct. So enjoy the laugh. I...
  7. It's always interesting how you take someone else's research or findings to call it or make it as your own.
  8. Then maybe you should take your own advice, Kyle and just not respond.
  9. Hi Lisa. You are absolutely right with certain topics not being fully resolved. I think we try our best, but there is others who want to prove correct with their findings. To keep a balance and not ge...
  10. Really, Kyle... same old LAME tactics that does not prove anything other than YOU misconstruing what I or others have to say. Please, let me know when you have something to share that is constructive....
  11. Not, Baccarat, and was advised from an expert of French glass that your perfume is from Saint Louis which is still French glass, Lee. Hope this helps you.
  12. Interesting find, Charlie with the "Royal Art Glass" example. Don't forget from the link with the console set, the shape of the candle sticks is a nice match up with a Kralik posting from Warren. ...
  13. My best advice... there is no sense in believing supposition methods of research based on Welz or responding to antagonizing comments.
  14. The tube vase from Truitt I is not a thorn vase. There is no evidence to support Welz produced thorn vases. None. As a matter of fact, the same tube vase shape that is in Truitt under Welz is at the ...
  15. and here is the translucent green thorn: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/93509-kralik-thorns-butler-brothers-1900-192
  16. Hi. Cute thorn. This style is called "frog legs" and Alfredo has an example posted in translucent green. The Bohemian thorns usually have a six sided, cut rim and the British thorns have a reheated ri...
  17. Wow! You've been busy. Nice newbies, Anne.
  18. Gorgeous, Gary. Nice collection of Kralik floriforms.
  19. Ha-ha... Your luck is better than mine! ;) Glad it finally arrived. Worth the wait.
  20. I have glass envy.... :)
  21. I have provided pictures of catalogs that originate from the source. What does the link from Kovel's have to offer by way of documentation? I have shown what evidence exist. Can any other information ...
  22. Sorry, but I do see a match. I do not consider Kovels.com as primary documentation. Just a brand name that promotes themselves as a price guide. No different than Worthpoint.com.
  23. @CF, I'd like to know what documentation exists to say this thorn shape is British or from Stevens and Williams and how applied prunts are a signature mark of S&W?
  24. Thanks, Mike for the reminder of the French/Bohem connection. Just out of curiosity, is it also known if Legras sold any British made glass? The Kralik/Hosch catalog does give the measurements for...
  25. Hi Friends of CW!! :) Thank so much for the love. Your welcome, Gary. You did ask... lol Phil!! Thanks for noticing the stand and the lovely compliment. So glad you agree. I did have the blue a...
  26. Hi Jim. Leah Goodwin, here. It's a fantastic example. Definitely Bohemian, as the shape can be identified in a Hosch catalog page from your site. http://www.fairy-lamp.com/Fairylamp/Fairy_Lamp_Undoc_...
  27. Indeed they did, Dave. Very happy for you and Gary. Glad everything worked out for the best!
  28. Awesome duo, Dave. Thanks, Gary. Glad to be of help. Gorgeous, and love the colour.
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