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Hi! I am insane about old matryoshka! They are my little escape and most of the time, stress relief!


My Favorite Old Russian Matryoshka Dolls - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Wow! Great artist-style nesting dolls! Lovely detail and colors!!
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would not have cared if only one! i love this style doll..... i am crying inside and outside :(((( I need to go shopping with you!!!
  3. Sweet dolls! They are a Zagorsk region style doll. Possibly circa 70s-early 80s.
  4. cactuscorner.... will you be collecting matryoshka now? they are a totally addicting!
  5. i love them, too! they are my favorite set :))) yes, more traditional russian made matryoshka dolls.
  6. hi... sweet doll :) she is old... maybe 1950s or older. i have seen similar but they have not been marked. if i run into another and it has any info, definitely will send you a comment.
  7. hello. these are sweet vintage matyroshka. you are totally correct, the first is a political set and the other is a set of maidens. i am not sure if the girls represent a folk tale or just peasant ...
  8. hello again. please note that i am not an expert. your set is pretty and yes, having male figures is a plus :) if you decide to sell, put your own price. it may go for that! you never know who ou...
  9. it is a hoot! value can be from 150-300 dollars or more maybe. the condition and if a set is complete affects value. she is sweet..... :) if you sell, where?
  10. you asked a question about value. sets of this age and look vary in worth depending on condition and a complete set. are you thinking of selling or just curious?
  11. hello again... funny... the doll you reference to in your question to another russian doll set posting was mine :)))
  12. hi lisast3. yes, just like manikin wrote russian nesting dolls came in many sizes and numbers. i used to own a couple of sets like yours but, mine held a bag/bundle. circa late 1920-30s. collectin...
  13. still love your russian dolls :) happy holidays
  14. the word ykpaiha=ukraine
  15. hi. yes, these are russian nesting dolls. looks like yours are a hospitality theme: 1st doll holding bread, 2nd jug, 3rd samovar..etc. the label reads 1999... so that could be a good guess for age. ...
  16. hi phatbuddha.... have you had a chance to speak to your friend on the russian dolls? sorry... i just love'em :)
  17. hi justjenjen! yes, the base of the doll may indicate the artist and place/city. sometimes they even put in date. usually you see this type information/writing on 'artist dolls' from 80s-present. ...
  18. THANK YOU for the news... :))) maybe i can make him an offer ;) inspire him to list on ebay. thanks again... until then... i will be anxiously waiting.. hope he finds more old matryoshka!
  19. aahhhhhhhhhhh! don't tease me! i would love to have a chance to buy these dolls. honestly, i have been having a difficult day and this news made it a bit brighter. i like them especially for the m...
  20. hi again! oh, i did not realize you were from uk. i would love to travel there and look for old russian dolls!!! i recently bid on an old russian matryoshka dolls ebay auction from uk. it was a 12...
  21. hi! oh, i collect nesting dolls and mainly the older ones... so these are just what i love! can i go with your friend to the dump?! circa 1930s or so. during this time, no signature. maybe a stamp...
  22. Your ramp walkers are so NICE!!!
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