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Hi! I am insane about old matryoshka! They are my little escape and most of the time, stress relief!


My Favorite Old Russian Matryoshka Dolls - Dollsin Dolls


  1. hello again. please note that i am not an expert. your set is pretty and yes, having male figures is a plus :) if you decide to sell, put your own price. it may go for that! you never know who ou...
  2. it is a hoot! value can be from 150-300 dollars or more maybe. the condition and if a set is complete affects value. she is sweet..... :) if you sell, where?
  3. you asked a question about value. sets of this age and look vary in worth depending on condition and a complete set. are you thinking of selling or just curious?
  4. hello again... funny... the doll you reference to in your question to another russian doll set posting was mine :)))
  5. hi lisast3. yes, just like manikin wrote russian nesting dolls came in many sizes and numbers. i used to own a couple of sets like yours but, mine held a bag/bundle. circa late 1920-30s. collectin...
  6. still love your russian dolls :) happy holidays
  7. hi again! i had a little email conversation with a nesting doll collector. they believe your dolls were made in italy. the side glancing blue eyes was the biggest clue to their origin. i saw some ...
  8. hi. sweet nesting dolls. i am trying to guess from what country they are from: poland, italy or even german :) does the bottom of the first doll have any info: stamp, label, etc? just curious :) ...
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Really old Russian Dolls, More info, how old, artist...?