Cleveland, Ohio

Hi my name is nuts I enjoy collecting a little bit of everything. All the things I post were made by people I don't know. So hats off to them for making these thingsHi my name is nuts I enjoy collecting a little bit of everything. All the things I post were made by people I don't know. So hats off to them for making these things for us to enjoy! (Read more)


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Sarah Coventry Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Avon Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Kramer Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Dog Tags - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1957 Ford Fairlane Model Car - Model Carsin Model Cars
Vintage Tie Clips 2 - Accessoriesin Accessories
Unsigned Brooch and Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fenton Silver Crest - Glasswarein Glassware
Ceramic Swan - Figurinesin Figurines
Coro Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you Daddy.....You are very kind!
  2. LOVE your new profile pic.....So sweet and loving!
  3. Virginia and Julie.....Two Lovely Girls!!
  4. WOW! Amazing collection! Better than most I see on cw!!
  5. I've been looking, it seems like a long time just to find One pretty cameo like this.....with no luck. She is Beautiful!
  6. Looks like an opal to me, could be wrong but not sure.....still new to jewelry.
  7. Hi Julie!
  8. You're Welcome My Friend!
  9. Love Trifari! IMHO The finest in costume jewelry!!
  10. It is so beautiful.....Really Love and Nice Find!!
  11. Thank you Virginia.....Always So Kind!!!
  12. Never seen before, but find them to be very lovely!
  13. Many, many thanks for the LOVE.....aghcollect and bratjdd! Very appreciated!!
  14. F.T.D. or not.....Still Pretty!
  15. Hey Celiene.....Are you a clown?
  16. Such a sweet memory.....Love it!
  17. Thank you Tony.....You are so kind!
  18. This piece is So Pretty! Know nothing about it, but willing to learn!!
  19. Feelin' cocky.....God of Coke!
  20. Nice Find mike.....!
  21. wowwwww
  22. Superb old photo....Always liked Oldsmobile....Brought up in a GM family!
  23. It is a shame to be left this way. Could be a beautiful home!
  24. Looks like out in the country? Have you ventured inside.....Wonder what might be left behind?.....Tempting!
  25. You're welcome. Great radio!
  26. One of my all time favorite groups!
  27. Your really good at restoring jewelry! Excellent job!!
  28. I agree with Phil, I tried to repair a brooch and failed miserably. You did a wonderful job!
  29. Pretty neat item....Nice save!
  30. I have one small knife like these.....Somewhere! They are unique in the way of opening and closing!
  31. Super cool! Love the mono 8 track player!! Still looks new.....Great memories!!!
  32. I can see why you love them.....Gorgeous!
  33. The birds with the nest looks like a Gerry's pin and the eagle has a signature I can't quite make out?
  34. Your welcome and would like to see more of your S.C. jewelry......Welcome to CW!
  35. Very Nice.....Love Sarah Coventry Brooches!
  36. Too bad you're not here anymore! Enjoy your jewelry!!
  37. This clock/lamp is really beautiful.....Nice Find!!
  38. Very Pretty!!
  39. Thank you kyratango for the love and comment! Also thanks to SEAN68 and inky for the love!!
  40. Love the colors...Beautiful Piece!!
  41. Reminds me of the Jetsons.....Cool Car!
  42. Chinese? Looks like one of those $ store items.....I could be wrong but not sure!
  43. I would duck too.....Wow the Beauty you are then and now!
  44. Looks like we have something in common......Love the wedding dish.....Thanks TallCakes!!
  45. Love the bunny and what is that little square thing with the flowers on it?
  46. Hi Share! Thank you!! So kind you are!!!
  47. They're so pretty.....Too nice for S & P!
  48. I'm all in for Christmas, but there has to be presents for the children!
  49. Thank you inky. Its people like you who make the world a better place!
  50. We had this game back in the day.....Love it!! Welcome to cw!
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