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Cleveland, Ohio

I like to collect many items. Since joining CW I've been influenced into collecting jewelry. Prefer name brand brooches especially Napier, Monet, Sarah Coventry and I like to collect many items. Since joining CW I've been influenced into collecting jewelry. Prefer name brand brooches especially Napier, Monet, Sarah Coventry and Crown Trifari. (Read more)


Kathleen Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My Favorite Southern Rock Band - Musicin Music
Classic Rock Music I Like - Musicin Music
Water Lily Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Cedar Point Post Card - Postcardsin Postcards
Swirl Silver Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Thank you Tony for the love! Always so Nice!:)
  2. Thank you Julie for the love! I hope you can see that I never E-Mailed you!!
  3. Thank you Dan121156 for the love! Very appreciated!:)
  4. Thank you Moonstonelover21 for the love! Long time no see. How are you?
  5. Hi PatSea. Like a Virus looking to infect!
  6. Thank you Karen! Did I ever tell you how Kind you are?
  7. Hi PatSea. Some bot is trying to ruin me......unsuccessfully! Thanks for the liking!:)
  8. They are beautiful front and back! Sadly so many pieces of jewelry unsigned. I would treasure having them from my Great Aunt:)
  9. Thanks Tony and Trey for the loves!:) I didn't think anybody ever heard of them.
  10. You didn't let me down! When I posted this I thought of how caring and thoughtful you are Virginia!:) I think you are the most kind person on CW!
  11. Such a lovely home you have! Inside and out!:)
  12. Beautiful! Nice to have the complete set with the carrier!:)
  13. So Cute!
  14. You're welcome. Glad to help.
  15. I'm not familiar with this pin, but would date it from the mid to late 1950's!
  16. This pin is from 1963 and is named Evening Snowflake!
  17. Amazing! You definitely know where to find the Quality items!:)
  18. Thanks Sean for the love!
  19. Thank you Vintage_Joe for the like and comment.....agree on the Pink Floyd! Also thanks Trey and toolate2 for the loves.
  20. Why.......?
  21. Disagree!
  22. Many thanks to all the friends I have made on this website......I truly appreciate all of you!:)
  23. Thank you SEAN68 for the love!
  24. I'm speechless! 56 loves!! WOW!!!
  25. Thank you Tony for the love!:) Where would we be without you......So much love and knowledge you bring!
  26. Thank you SEAN68! Always so thoughtful!:)
  27. Thank you Val. My mentor!;)
  28. Thank you Patty for the very kind words!:)
  29. Hi Julie. I'm fine:) Thanks for asking!
  30. Thank you racer4four. A.K.A. Karen for the kind words!:)
  31. You're welcome my friend. I like how you always describe your items to the T!:) So honest.....Something we don't see everyday!
  32. Hi CindB. Rock on ZZ TOP and Skynryd! Love southern rock!:)
  33. Glad you understand. If only CW would listen to it's users!
  34. I see now why we click:) Isn't life funny?
  35. Me too!!
  36. Hey mike sorry I missed this. Trifari is King in costume jewelry......My favorite!
  37. It's human. We don't always agree. We need a forum here where we can discuss things without ridicule!
  38. Been there done that.
  39. Many thanks fortapache, racer4four and aghcollect for the loves and comments. I know these cd's aren't vintage, but the music is!
  40. Is there a crown symbol over the T?
  41. A lot of info out there about Trifari.....Just Google it!
  42. You're so kind Virginia:) Thank you!!
  43. Thank you surfdub66 for the love:)
  44. Good for you;) Nice Find!!
  45. I'm a big fan of fans.....Use one all the time.....COOL:)
  46. Been waiting for you shareurpassion! Thank you very much for being So Kind:)
  47. Long time no see. Look forward to seeing your other Avon bottles:)
  48. Love your profile pic;) And your post's!
  49. Thank you Julie for the love:) Like your new profile pic.....Pretty!
  50. By the wayside. Thanks for being So Kind;)
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