Cleveland, Ohio

If I clicked the Love button on your items I truly meant it! There's a lot of good people on this site, that's what attracted me to it:) I enjoy collecting many diffIf I clicked the Love button on your items I truly meant it! There's a lot of good people on this site, that's what attracted me to it:) I enjoy collecting many different things, but my passion is the friends I have made here. (Read more)


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General Electric AM/FM Radio Cassette  - Radiosin Radios
Brown Drip Glaze Pitcher - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Fulton Flashlight - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Guardian Service Cookware - Kitchenin Kitchen
Styled by Kaye LaMoyne Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Christmas Poinsettia Pins - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Hull Pottery #447 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Crown Trifari Brooch and Earrings Sets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fire King Cups and Saucers - Glasswarein Glassware
Carnival Glass - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. The kids today would say what is this junk. Where's my mp4? Thank you antiquerose for the comment and love!:)
  2. Hi jewelry expert ,I meant kyratango. Thank you for the love!
  3. Thank you Karen, PHIL and walksoftly for the love!
  4. I have not seen or heard from my brother in nearly 4 years. I understand your situation.
  5. These photos are great! I would have been 1 month old at this time.....My older brother stole all of our family photos and the end result is we don't speak any more.
  6. Did not take my love back, just deleted my account. Always loved your posts!
  7. You are really good at building models!
  8. Many thanks scott and Jewels for the appreciation!!
  9. No doubt about it!
  10. Thank you!!
  11. Hi Jewels. Do you know how Virginia is?
  12. Things go by here so fast. I wonder how you are doing? Not seen for quite some time now. I care!
  13. Hi Tony. You have so many posts! Where do you find them?
  14. You're welcome Katzl......So Kind!!
  15. Vous etes belles! I Hope I said that right!!
  16. I don't know furniture either, but would expect to pay much more than 275.00 in a retail store! I would say you got a very good deal!!
  17. Many thanks aghcollect, Trey, mikelv85 and aldo78 for the love. Merry Christmas!!
  18. Nice job walksoftly!
  19. Thank you Ken. Didn't mean to pass you over. I think you're a great guy!:)
  20. Thank you fhrjr2. Your appreciation means a lot to me, more than I can say!
  21. Thank you Ken. You are way too kind!:)
  22. Where are you Virginia? Miss you!!
  23. Doesn't matter still a cool truck!
  24. Thank you surfdub66! Really appreciate your kind comment! Would like to see your flashlight!!
  25. Thank you Karen. Always look forward to your visits. The Queen of CW!!!
  26. Many thanks PatSea Jewels aghcollect mikelv85 for the love! How do I keep the E-Mail me unchecked? So aggravating!! mikelv85
  27. Nothing a little duct tape would repair.....Only kidding! If it were mine I would look into fixing!
  28. A beautiful southern sky and great photography.....Love it!!
  29. Such a beautiful bowl and what a shame the seller didn't pack it better.....Another lost treasure due to someone's carelessness.
  30. Thank you PatSea for the kind words!:) Merry Christmas to you too!!
  31. Have you tried a Google or e-bay search? They are great resources for information.
  32. Thank you Cindy for the love!
  33. I've seen this somewhere before! I think its a cologne or perfume bottle.
  34. I thought so. Would it be Blue Lagoon? I've always wanted that one:) Merry Christmas!!
  35. Thank you Cindy for the kind comment!;)
  36. Thank you Cindy for the nice comment!:) Yes it does!!
  37. Wow! So many beauties!!! Do I see a Sarah Coventry brooch?
  38. I agree with your date of the 50's.....Love them!!
  39. Hopefully, I got one too!
  40. Love that color!
  41. What a stunning set.....Gorgeous!
  42. Many thanks aghcollect pops52 Trey bratjdd mikelv85 Manikin Belltown Comoran1925 SEAN68 for the love!
  43. Very beautiful, reminds me of a gazing ball!:)
  44. Thank you Sean for the love!
  45. Thank you Sean. You are so kind!:)
  46. Many thanks pops52 aghcollect Trey mikelv85 Jewels Manikin Cindy for the love!
  47. Merry Christmas Sean! I know how you feel, that's what reposting is big deal!!
  48. You sure do love those Mustangs!!
  49. Love that shade of green.....They're Beautiful!!
  50. Hi inky. The only way I've seen them is in a pot, must be beautiful seeing them growing in the wild! Thank you for the kind comment and love!!
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