I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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  1. Cool project real curious about the motor that runs
  2. Way to go Mike a great buy
  3. But that`s not a Ford there is a Buick Electra 58 Impala and 2 49-50 Chevies
  4. Nice display is that a real Brown`s Indian Queen looks a little different
  5. Nice 58 Impala when cars were recognizable now I don't no one from another Which one is the Ford Mike
  6. Thanks billretirecoll I hear ya whenever I find an item I think the about the last person that touched it how the times have changed Thanks to everybody for the loves
  7. Yep that's what it is new it looked familiar thanks Bill love this old stuff
  8. Good post Bill in the first picture the item on the right looks very familiar just cant place it help
  9. Definitely not for sharpening arrowheads it would dull them I believe this is a worry stone used just like you are holding it whenever they (usually a woman} would be worried about something out comes...
  10. What does the 6.955 mean Karen is that the shape number
  11. Thanks martika this represents a lot of years of collecting
  12. Rub them against your teeth if rough or gritty they are real
  13. You should model more of your jewelry
  14. Thanks ho2cultcha gotta ask what the heck is a molcajetes is it a dog maybe you are talking about mortars and pestles lets see some pictures I would love to see some from another country or area take ...
  15. Don't know what is going on with CW they keep putting my post in different categories this is not a picture of a photo this is my dog in my rock garden really getting irritating
  16. Hey CW what does a tree have to do with animals its a tree
  17. You`re funny Bonnie if you put a hook on this I bet anything you would catch a fish just think you can feed yourself and look pretty too you must of never caught anything I agree with you about golf b...
  18. I agree with you SpiritBear takes a special combination of circumstances to create this type of patina
  19. Thanks MALKEY seem like a lot of the early sodas have the mug base
  20. Amazing what you guys pick sounds like quite a trip blowouts wreck hope nobody or anything got hurt and then to be ripped off for 4k think I would be doing a little crook hunting
  21. This is cool Bonnie to tell you the truth I thought it was a fishing lure
  22. SpiritBear there is a place called Benicia Ca. and there is a dump on Benicia beach that is where a lot of these bottles came from must be something in the soil that puts this coating on them and of c...
  23. You should see it up close and personal SpiritBear it changes colors as you turn it I have seen a couple more of these but none of them were covered with Benicia (patina) like this one
  24. Yes blunderbuss2 the bottles were made back east probably Pennsylvania the shipped out here and filled there are around 10 of these know and most have issues
  25. Thanks Tlynnie1942 glad you like it
  26. Thanks ho2cultcha you must have been in a good site the sodas date to the 1850s the whiskey 1872 I know there were a lot of good bottle that came from the Santa Cruz area can you post some that you fo...
  27. thanks ho2cultcha and Brunswick for the nice comments and thanks to everybody for the loves
  28. They were fairly common around here they were used on all the mine lines I was always to busy waiting for a fish to bite
  29. Holy moly you got to be kidding me this is absolutely incredible you might have to get a bigger place you have an amazing collection
  30. Wow quite a chunk of glass Karen never seen anything quite like it almost looks organic very interesting piece
  31. I like these my pop found several trolling around Shasta Lake in low water I never found one
  32. Thanks Tlynnie1942 I was hoping you would be taking a look and giving your opinion which is appreciated and respected thanks for the imfo Pima it is
  33. Fortapache that is how I get the heavier stuff up to my loft easier then going up an attic ladder I found the old iron bed piece use to use it as a garden gate now use it as a loft gate lol Thanks Th...
  34. Nice ring don't think I have ever seen a glass ring interesting Don't feel bad my sister has been in he place for 8 years she has stack and stacks of boxes to unpack
  35. Cool bottle good color a 1920s bottle with an applied top gotta be foreign or not an American bottle most bottles were machined made by the early 1900s
  36. Kinda looks like Kralik too but different colors
  37. Tetties I believe are 14 sided
  38. These are onyx I believe dodies are 12 sided it would make a good paperweight how big is it
  39. Hey SpiritBear don't knock the crown top some sell for good money I know of one sold for 2500 bucks
  40. This is a great basket looks like it might of bee actually used instead of like most made for sale on road side stands I love old used items of native Americans
  41. Very nice piece of glass but don't believe it is up to the standards of Galle
  42. Thanks MALKEY yes it certainly does Thanks antiquerose it is very special to me
  43. These little barrel knives are cool some have nice burl wood I posted a picture of some knives a friend of mine got there is a burl wood one in there
  44. Cool I would like to see them maybe use Velcro for the straps
  45. Hi Rick55 yep he scored and you aint seen nuttin some of the fixed blades are amazing he has sold some to friends still has a bunch
  46. Kyratango there are also some mother of pearl a couple with exotic wood and some with walnut one bakelite Billretirecoll I don't make them I can hardly sew on a button I will ask where or who made ...
  47. Thanks billretirecoll it holds 50 knives has a couple of straps with buckles so just roll it buckle it and off ya go
  48. Hey Efesgirl glad you were not offended by my comment but I am in fine form every night and day lol
  49. Thanks to everybody for the loves and Celiene NB will never love anything I post he don't like me I definitely don't like him to me he is a look at me boy and I don't like that kind of man
  50. yep a good day at the flea market is better then a good day at work any day well some days lol
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Vintage Blob Top Bottle Glass Bottle Found Diving in St. Kitts Some unusual glass figures - Japanese?


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