I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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HOLIDAY BLUES - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
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MERRY CHRISTMAS - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
OLD PICKLE BOTTLES - Bottlesin Bottles
OLD BOURBON BOTTLE - Bottlesin Bottles
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  1. Thanks antiquerose it has been a pleasure following your post Nicefice will do and you too sklo42 hope you have a great new year find lots of cool stuff
  2. Thanks Rick55 it is a Rock-ola bubbler but from the 80s
  3. Thanks Brunswick and valentine for the nice comments
  4. Holy moly hurts my eyes but good color for a lady I guess
  5. Thanks to antiquerose efesgirl aura for the comments and loves beyemvey hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year Thanks Kurt I was actually getting a little worried have had a ...
  6. Hi antiquerose well looks like my post and your comments are being deleted by CW wonder why anyway thank you for the links there was a song I had not heard in a long time A Thousand Stars in the Sky s...
  7. Looks like my post and comments are being deleted by CW wonder why
  8. You betcha thanks for the links the first one was cool love American Graffiti the second one was a good old Alabama group good rock&roll could not access the third but there was a song I had not heard...
  9. Thanks antiquerose yes the colors are great and they rotate it also has bubblers it is a rock-o-la yes it is in my pool room
  10. Nice Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year Sklo
  11. Thanks racer4four tassiedevil Caperkid Nicefice mike rockbat Ivonna Sean68 and pops52 for the loves
  12. Phil you obviously have some wonderful collectibles I have never read your profile on this site sorry to hear you have had problems maybe it is jealousy I have been called a few choice name the last a...
  13. It certainly looks right and being magnetic is good were there old mines in the area it was found maybe take it to someone who will know for sure hope it is a meteorite
  14. There are a lot of authenticators that can tell you about these just google native American authenticators pick one near you or the region in which these came good luck
  15. Thanks for the loves ho2cultha Nicefice and antiquerose
  16. Hey Bill nice boat and story my pop had a similar one he gave it to me it didn't run stripped it restored the best I could reverse gear was bad found one in Washington it got here a few days after the...
  17. Heck I thought it was a crapper with a pisser oops wrong again lol
  18. Thomas sorry for your loss at least it is staying in the family nice guitar you must play I have several including a real nice Gibson Hummingbird got in the 60s due to an injury my left hand don't wo...
  19. So many great artist came threw muscle shoals the history of rock and roll and blues you are very fortunate to have been a part of and still are
  20. Thanks Brunswick bobby725 ventraio50 and aura for the loves
  21. I`m a bit of a leg man myself lol love what you've done with the place your décor is amazing
  22. Thanks fortapache Antiquerose if it could talk bet it would have bad breath lol Thank you CindB glad you found it funny
  23. Forgot to say there is no mint mark so made in Pennsylvania
  24. Thanks mikelv85 Rick55 and officialfuel really did not expect much of a response to this post so thanks again
  25. Nice coin lucky to be able to see the date on these early Buffalo nickels the mint mark is between the five cents underneath
  26. Thanks kyratango about every time I look at this thing I picture that ladies face turning red as a beet first from blowing it and then from embarrassment still cracks me up glad you found it funny too
  27. Thanks beyemvey same to you Thanks Bill if you have any good colored ones or different CDs I would like to see them
  28. Thanks mikelv85 EZa and martika for the nice comments and thanks to everybody for the loves
  29. Thanks fortapache the windows are hinged so can be opened up thank you and katherinscollections for the loves
  30. Thank you Michael Bill
  31. Thanks PhilDMorris and beyemvey for the love nice comments and thanks to vetraio50 and mikelv85 for the love
  32. Might be pyrite
  33. This is beautiful great job I love fire opal try to dig Virgin Valley at least once a year
  34. Hi Celiene that was quick I agree the old pickles are very fancy could not imagine throwing one down a privy. Thank you and Caperkid for the love
  35. By golly not a bad idea Thomas
  36. Yep looks cool alright cant remember seeing snow curl under the over hang
  37. Thanks AnnaB mikelv85 fortapache bottle-bud for the loves
  38. What an amazing collection it is fun colleting will we ever stop probably not
  39. Real funny Bill but no emerald cup for us I don't have anything to do with that sort of thing and thanks I had a 3'x5' mission orange sign there at one time so this coke sign fit nicely might be going...
  40. Thanks Caperkid it was very nice of her there are only 2 W.T. whiskey bottles Thanks vetraio50 and efesgirl for the love
  41. Thanks fortapache it was good to meet a fellow CW friend the first hopefully not the last Hey racer4four maybe if the 2 Bill`s would of had a Karen with them they would of gotten into some sorta misc...
  42. Thank you CindB for the love it is appreciated
  43. Thanks officialfuel and bobby725
  44. He has one more but has to sell the knives first when that happens you will have another one sorry again for you having to wait out in your car we were just busy in the house
  45. Nice meeting you to Bill the case looks good all filled up glad you got it thanks again for the float Mark bought the Corvette a few guns you saw the 3'x5' coca cola sign I got and Helen my friends wi...
  46. Thanks Kurt where the heck you been hopefully everything is OK best wishes and blessing to you and yours for the holidays good to have you back
  47. Artfoot is 100% correct I checked mine thinking it was Fulper it has the original Haeger paper label
  48. Maybe Fulper
  49. You have the cutest bugs Bonnie
  50. Good find Bill my pop had one real similar to the one in the first photo bottom left brought it home from WW2 I think We are planning on heading to SR either this week or next it has just been kind...
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Vintage Blob Top Bottle Glass Bottle Found Diving in St. Kitts Some unusual glass figures - Japanese?


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