Redding California

I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks


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FISHING LURES - Fishingin Fishing
ARROWHEADS AND OLD STOVE PIECES - Native Americanin Native American
PAPERWEIGHTS - Art Glassin Art Glass
INSULATORS - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
MORE ARROWHEADS AND STUFF - Native Americanin Native American
ANOTHER WHISKEY COLLECTION ++++++ - Bottlesin Bottles
MORE ART POTTERY - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
OLD WHISKEY BOTTLES - Bottlesin Bottles
MORE ARROWHEADS - Native Americanin Native American


  1. You live in a great area to find some great stuff keep searching you will find something good the obsidian point is a little curious I have tried making points wind up tossing them in the field someda...
  2. Wonder why they cut the base off when they could of just drilled a hole to make a lamp also don't see any marks or damage to the top where it would of had some kind of shade I believe its Gouda
  3. Yeah I`m ready
  4. Looks just like the one used in Grumpy Old Men
  5. Nice rocks great banding why don't you post some more
  6. Thanks for the loves and nice comments antiquerose it kinda creeped me out too but its been 25 years doesn't bother me anymore now I think its kind of cool
  7. Thanks melaniej I have taken pictures of it at night but my flash goes off turning everything to day light there is probably someway to turn off the flash I will work on it thanks for the compliment
  8. This is the only native American post and its not a pendant am I missing something
  9. Great piece don't believe it is true black opal the only place black is found is Virgin Valley and it is black looks like obsidian with fire I believe the previous comments are correct lightning ridge...
  10. Thanks fortapache I could not find it now I know
  11. Thanks for the loves and nice comments hey Nicefice you got a good deal on the O&F paperweights cant get em that cheap around here I have a lot of paperweights I will post someday
  12. The oldest ones are not in these pictures I have them on a pole in my cactus garden and on another pole inside my house the oldest I have is a called a confederate egg made during the civil war and I ...
  13. Thanks Jean123 it is getting harder to come up with a new design and yes we spent a lot of years searching for stuff
  14. Thank you Virginia
  15. Do you guys metal detect too that's a lot of fun and you always find stuff. I think the tool I have been trying to identify was used in shoe making how it got to the old Indian site one can only imagi...
  16. Like the story it is fun to find things I don't know much about this kind of stuff
  17. If you donate them to a museum you will never see them again they will be put in a box believe me there is a guy in Arizona Ben Stermer that is an authenticator of artifacts. Just looking at what you ...
  18. Sorry EZa have not been on here lately I will get out a box at a time and take pictures I do have old Czechs Russian and other European beads I have given quite a few strands to friends probably shoul...
  19. To bad these are reproductions a blue fish bitters sold a few years ago at the Pomona bottle show for 100k but I personally believe that bottle was made by Clevenger Bros. just like the blue homestead...
  20. Hi Destiny.Jennifer most of these were dug some were bought from friends and from bottle show oh by the way you are cute
  21. That was his plan another friend of mine does have a museum it is the RIP Rust in Place a bunch of old equipment wagons cars guns toys even has a steam train on small gage that runs around his propert...
  22. HAHAHAHAHA yep you got it
  23. Holy crap that s a big blade I have a 4 footer that I cut my hot rod with flames in wish I had one this big this is cool
  24. Hey Roy it is always fun to meet fellow collectors hope you can make it someday
  25. PhipDMorris yes she does and it pisses a lot of people off you know like all the vultures that swoop in after a death including some relatives my friend wanted it to stay as a museum WHICH IT SHOULD b...
  26. Caperkid I had a lot of his collection on another computer but don't know how to bring it to this computer lost a lot of great pictures and this is only part of the collection and absolutely amazing p...
  27. Thanks Caperkid really nice comment
  28. I like the end of the day stuff its cool
  29. Thank you guys for the compliments it is getting harder and harder to come up with a new design I have 54 frames
  30. Yep you are right but not all is black there are reds grays silver and gold sheen lots of banded even some green obsidian and there are some made from agate jasper petrified and opalized wood even fo...
  31. I will take a picture of the flower frog I have with the same markings as yours it is made in Barstow Ca. I was wrong it is not Niloak or Evans pottery. Thanks for the nice compliments about my collec...
  32. Well you can disregard all the above I just found a flower frog I had forgotten about that has the same marks as yours and it is made in Barstow Ca.
  33. Hello Valentino97 this could be a piece of Niloak pottery they were in Arkansas started in the early 1900s lasted until the mid 40s some of their pieces are marked some are not I have never seen one t...
  34. Thank you MyFavoriteTreasures and Junkman60
  35. Good eye Alan that's a good bottle it is a Woods Napa soda it is a real crude one the cruder the better
  36. Hi kyratango yep you could say that I guess it has been a couple years sense I`ve bought anything been selling some things that why there are 5 voids in the picture thank you for the interest
  37. Thank you antiquerose Efesgirl EZa and katherinescollection I appreciate your comments
  38. Hi Ken I see you are from Redding too small world I have found quite a few arrowheads from all over No. Ca. to Nevada I have never seen even a piece like this if I were you I would have it authenticat...
  39. Hi EZa I see you like beads I have literally thousands don't know much about them just like`em would you like me to post a picture of some and maybe you could help identifying some of them
  40. Hi AnnaB my favorite is the mouse bottle have you ever screened the dumps, you are not in and old area but you could still find silver coins marbles buttons you might be surprised at what come out of ...
  41. I agree just love the basketry of native Americans I have several one was given to me by a friend who found it in a cave in Nevada the cave years ago dated to around 7000 years amazing things last tha...
  42. Nice paperweight junkman would still like to see one of your 14 cases of displays with Rookwood Daum Galle Loetz and Tiffany you do have some nice gouda I have a small collection maybe 30 pieces
  43. Hi Jay yeah I remember you guys if you ever get to the Redding area let me know I will not put my number on here
  44. Thanks LOUMANAL wasn`t planning on it maybe I will do a few of my favorites
  45. I don't speak French these are absolutely gorgeous
  46. These are great love the display there is so much fake Galle around hope these are real happy collecting
  47. Don't see any type of grain ivory and bone have grain you like beads I have literally thousands maybe I could send you a picture and you could identify some for me there are chec, Russian Italian and ...
  48. You sure have some cool stuff
  49. This is fantastic without question the best I have seen
  50. Thanks for the nice comments I`m with you EZa, I would like to see junkman cases too how about some pictures junkman
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