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I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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MISC. GLASS & POTTERY - Art Glassin Art Glass
TRI MOTOR FORD - Toysin Toys
HOT RODS & OLD TOWNS - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
OLD BANKS - Toysin Toys
ROOKWOOD - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
 ORE CART - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
BODIE&BOTTLES - Bottlesin Bottles
ARROWHEADS - Native Americanin Native American
CARSON BREWING - Brewerianain Breweriana
MORTARS & PESTLES - Native Americanin Native American


  1. Hi racer4four I really appreciate your appreciation for items I post you are a sweetheart I have not posted these before just the paperweights in the last picture trying to post things I have not post...
  2. Thanks Nicefice and OneGoodFind for the nice comments I might post a couple of separate items if there is something you want to see let me know
  3. Use to call them coil boxes we took the coils out rigged them up to our hot rods to shock anyone that touched them don't remember much about the boxes don't remember them being wood so I could be mist...
  4. Thanks PhilDMorris
  5. Cool room
  6. Hmmm sounds good to me too racer4four I am having a cocktail right now but it aint in nuttin that fancy
  7. Thank you racer4four and martika for the nice comments everybody on this site is so nice
  8. Thanks Nicefice I like them too have quite a few these are my favorites Thanks to everybody for the loves
  9. Thanks Nicefice and you are right on Vette is a 66
  10. Amazing piece what great artisans they were and the appraisal price whew
  11. fortapache yes they do thanks to everybody for the loves
  12. Holy crap thats one ugly woman know wonder the guy looks like he hasn't slept in days glad you saved it anyway
  13. Might just do that Nicefice wont blame you for nuttin Thanks for not calling me stupid blunderbuss2 you are a real gentleman That is a good idea Celiene suppose to be 112 here maybe in the fall
  14. I changed it just for you blunderbuss2 so don't go grittin your teeth OK
  15. Thanks AmatoorPikr for the nice comment Yes Celiene and keep the off handy for back up lol
  16. Racer4four anytime you are in No. Ca. you are more then welcome to wander around blunderbuss2 think I will leave it now that I know it bugs you sorry for the miss spelling lol Thank you Celiene if y...
  17. Nice combo looks like a picture right out of the 50s-60s
  18. I have one similar except reads Harold`s Club or Bust and has a team of horses Harold`s club was in Reno
  19. Thanks BrewerianaAficionado nice to meet people that appreciate this kind of stuff Thanks to SpiritBear also
  20. Hi blunderbuss2 the pistol is fake and is there 24/7 Thanks antiquerose I posted picture of it before but deleted all my post Thanks for the loves
  21. Cool bottle like all the bubbles maybe a medicine bottle Asian`s did not air vent bottle that is one reason there are so many bubbles
  22. Was gonna say nice job looks great Nicefice beat me to it so great job looks nice seriously looks great
  23. Hi Nicefice you are right it is quite a chunk of glass everything you want in an old whiskey bottle
  24. Thanks Nicefice and racer4four thank you I will do that
  25. I was figuring some kinda fancy scented oils pretty elegant looking set
  26. Thanks Celiene you mean you care golly jeepers whiz thanks again
  27. Thanks pops52 for the loves And thank you Efesgirl you are so nice
  28. Beautiful sterling silver ring love fire opal
  29. Hi Nicefice looks good to me I have a few of these trays not this particular one Coke made a bunch of different rectangular trays the back should be a dark gray with no writing if there is writing on ...
  30. Thanks Nicefice and Efesgirl this wound up being a fun find the truck is still there if I could I would go get the darn thing
  31. Bet there use to be a filling station there at one time
  32. Good story you just never know what you will find by exploring I would be grabbing the wagon wheels and the American flag
  33. Nice back yard put some red lights in its eyes lol
  34. My folks had one of these making a light out of it is a cool idea Phil has a good idea but find one made in America
  35. Thanks to all for the loves Thanks Nicefice yep finding stuff is a lot more fun then buying it but I have bought some thing just part of collecting happy hunting
  36. Yep definitely Rookwood 1923 the 1824 is the shape number it is a production piece probably worth 100-150 you did great I have over 70 pieces of Rookwood and never find anything for a buck way to go g...
  37. Dang you got some big ole bugs in the Netherlands lol
  38. Thanks martika I am sure some of the others are that old but also sure that some of them are not
  39. Thanks kyratango most were found but some were bought use to not think much of them I liked finding arrowheads glad we kept them Thanks pops for the love
  40. Never seen anything quite like it but it is cool good find
  41. Thanks mikelv85 and Efesgirl
  42. Yep I would say a scraper too
  43. You may not care but you might want to think about getting it authenticated cost about 20 bucks less if its not real I use Ben Stermer
  44. Nice be sure to keep them out of the sun or they will turn white
  45. Thanks for the loves and comments OneGoodFind and racer4four
  46. I have a few of Kataro`s pieces although the signature looks a little different I am sure it is his signature like you said do to the small size nice piece
  47. Rookwood started using the flame in 1886 each flame representing a year in 1900 they went to roman numerals so art pottery is right 1940 good find I`ve been collecting art pottery for years especially...
  48. Thanks Nicefice you too
  49. Thanks to everybody for the loves SpiritBear kind of wish I would not of but was warned by a friend about posting stuff on the net
  50. Celiene I deleted them
  51. See more


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