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I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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BRETTON GIRL ?? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
OLD WHISKEY BOTTLES - Bottlesin Bottles
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MORE INSULATORS - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
HOT ROD - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
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HOT ROD BBQ - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
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  1. try this email hbanks@grantspass.com this is Howards email he puts out the insulator book crown jewels of the wire
  2. Nice job on the headers sure could not tell it is a 40 chevy by the picture but hen again its a ratrod not suppose to be recognizable never read your hector the collector that's great
  3. Bloody Walloon is that a drink lol or is a Walloon French Belgium people Thanks for all the loves and comments
  4. Yep perdy cool alright and definitely outside the box I have a 28 study sedan I was gonna make a rat rod but I know what it would turn into just cannot stop myself so it sits as yard art good look wit...
  5. This is about the coolest thing I have seen on CW I love old rusty farm stuff it tells a story we used and old model a jacked it up took a tire off put a rope on the rim to power things like old chick...
  6. My friend joined CW earlier today and posted this but think I will leave it posted for awhile
  7. They are still in business in West Virginia give them a call send them a picture that should do it
  8. I could not get through either so I got ahold of Dwayne Anthony of open wire insulator auction after he saw your post he told me these started showing up about 4 years ago and are being made by Wilker...
  9. 3 years wow people collect a whole lifetime and don't accumulate what you have I am very impressed if I ever get to Utah you can bet I will be stopping by good luck in your search
  10. This is fabulous amazing it has lasted this long yeah you must be having a great time picking for a museum or is this your personal museum either or what fun
  11. Nice fans like the brass fan heck I`m using a couple of fans right now it was 108 here today oh yeah and my swamp cooler
  12. Thanks Gillian I posted the other side of my garden check out my other posts I do have a lot of artifacts was posting some but was warned about posting them so don't do it anymore glad you like my gar...
  13. I have one just about as foamy but more of a green posted it a couple weeks ago this is a nice insulator
  14. Interesting story great concert some of the best of the day
  15. Thanks AzTom for posting this and thanks to roycroft for the link I bought one had to pay 26 bucks but that's OK gonna have some fun with this
  16. I want one best mug ever had 4 of the 97s on a bucket T many years ago
  17. Would be cool to build a filling station and use some of these with a couple old cars
  18. Here is Howards email admin@cjow.com I would be curious as to what he thinks
  19. I meant the center pin is it threadless bet they are really didn't mean reproductions persay I believe these are somebodies fantasy pieces. Google Howard Banks jewels of the wire send him these pict...
  20. Are they threadless
  21. Love the two tones
  22. Hi sslam first I want to thank you for the nice comment about my pole I think these are reproductions nothing in the CD book that looks anything like these but like spiritbear said they might be for...
  23. I believe it is an early OF weight the numbers are weird they started in 1972 what looks like 1970 is not right surprised it is not artist signed might be an early Boyd weight don't worry about the ir...
  24. Whoops actually 4 post hot rod BBQ
  25. Hope this made you go oh wow the 3 post of the hot rod BBQ are at this mans house and yes it is a private collection the train holds about 25 people and it goes around his property over a bridge/pond ...
  26. Thanks Nicefice the old tractors are cool I have more pictures of them and will post all of his tractors run even the steam stuff probably used on farms for many years
  27. No need to apologize you know I`m a little partial to hot rods the goat and Camaro are cool
  28. Nice cars you forgot to mention the Model A with the visor cut to make it look like a 32
  29. Any insulator that isn't glass or wood they are made from clay sort of mud but that is what they are called mud nothing to do with color
  30. Without any markings hard to tell who the maker is don't know much about mud insulators it is real thou I have some real similar
  31. When you find the porcelain one post it
  32. Yep figured there had to be a couple show up more like a couple thousand I bet that is a wild motor in the Model A they are all cool looking love hot rods thanks for posting
  33. This is so cool and you have some great kids
  34. Yep we seem to
  35. Nice looking tri-5s any hot rods show up lol
  36. Thanks fortapache wasn't really planned just sorta happened thanks to spiritbear Phil Celiene Nicefice and iggy for the loves pictures don't do this justice there are some very good insulators on this...
  37. Good luck in winning the lottery Celiene the tri-5s are definitely a sought after car I have always had hot rods when I was 14 had a 27 bucket T my pop hated made me a deal sell the T he would buy a 3...
  38. You may never find out when or where it was made sometimes we just have to appreciate things for what they are good luck
  39. WOW love the cal electrics Some of them must be Dwayne`s surprise Dennis Bray wasn't there with his EC&Ms looks like a great time was had by all just joined this site a couple months ago so catching up
  40. We found glass their that looked a lot like yours not really sure if it was made there just guessing wish I still had some of it
  41. It`s not pontiled so it was formed in a mold great glass love all the bubbles just guessing maybe foreign, glass similar to this came from Viet Nam real heavy and bubbly
  42. Hi Celiene sounds like you have had some good cars should of kept the Nomad went to the sites looks like Terry likes the stock model A as you can see I like hot rods heck I`ve been in mine for more th...
  43. WOW don't know anything about wicker but this is definitely cool
  44. Sometimes we have to appreciate things for what they are and for no other reason I really like old enamel ware
  45. Hi fortapache pretty close it`s a 350 block bored 30 over to 355 cant see it but polished the block smooth as a babies bottom then several coats of clear looks like chrome thanks for the nice comment ...
  46. Thanks caperkid and windwalker for the nice comments and everybody for the loves it is appreciated
  47. Further north Celiene near but out of Redding
  48. Thanks nicefice man I am so envious that is the best show in America and I have only seen bits and pieces take a camera post some pictures
  49. This is the cutest picture ever looks like from the mid 5os
  50. Great there is always plenty hope you can make it
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