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I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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ARROWHEADS - Native Americanin Native American
ARROWHEADS&KNIVES - Native Americanin Native American
GOUDA FLORA - Potteryin Pottery
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  1. Thank you Dragonflypearl
  2. I would not worry about it its the CD number and condition and of course color that matters even if radiated does not effect the price
  3. So you are still working that's cool wish I was sometimes when its 110 not so much I did concrete what do you do
  4. Thanks fortapache Karen what a nice compliment thank you your appreciation is appreciated
  5. Valentino97 sorry I changed your image of this good lookin dancer like I said just my old warp mind maybe if she wasn't looking behind herself or if she had clothes on or if things weren't piling up b...
  6. Nice brooch but what I really find striking are your pooches eyes
  7. Thanks Bonnie the little lights are spaced just right Thanks to everyone else for the loves
  8. Well I`ll be darned they are reproducing just about everything the old onions held rum
  9. To shareurpassion some CDs are made a royal purple and remember these little jewels spent a great deal of their time on top of a pole where they turned purple some people to radiate them to obtain a d...
  10. Don't know what this gal has been eating but she should change her diet hahahahaha that's what I thought when I first saw this sorry what a warped mind
  11. These are cool like everyone else I really like the second one
  12. Thanks inky maybe this is what started my glass addiction lol Valentino97 that would be great and sounds like fun
  13. Thanks valentino97 wish we would of taken more
  14. There were a lot more that got their start in Mussel Shoals so much music history from that area don't know how much acreage you got but keep your eyes open for artifacts
  15. Good girl
  16. This is so familiar just cant place it I know I have seen this before
  17. Looks more like Dylan in the third picture
  18. Don't even know how to respond to that rockbat
  19. Hello mareredware thanks for the nice comment I would like to see what you found there are some spectacular items from Missouri you can see more of my collection on a previous post a couple months ago
  20. Radio reminds me of my home far away whew bunches of memories good post
  21. Thanks kyratango glad you like them and that is the most serrated arrowhead we`ve got
  22. Thanks Roy and blunderbuss I was beginning to think you didn't believe me so posted a couple pictures
  23. Cool ring nice piece of agate
  24. You are right it all had to weigh the same around here they used sandstone shaft straighteners there are some in a previous post Thanks everyone for the loves
  25. Thanks to everyone for the lovin
  26. Will do OneGoodFind
  27. That's OK Poire sure got my blood flowing as I am sure it did Bonnie`s as well we are all looking for a jar of gold huh
  28. Not to many battles there were some raids the pit rivers use to try and take slaves or omen from the Wintu and visaversa not certain about the great basin area I think that thing about not using arr...
  29. Thanks Roy I posted more f my collection a while back if you want to take a look Blunderbuss for some reason around here we find a lot more perfect points then broken and I have always wondered why ...
  30. If you ever are on a road trip on northern Ca. let me know if you want to stop ny for a visit. You are probably right they will like to know where and when but it is all the small memories that mean s...
  31. There is a paperweight site on facebook they might be able to help I have a lot of weights don't recognize this good luck
  32. Wild looking candy dish
  33. What a cutie pie
  34. Heck thought I was looking at a jar of GOLD not butterflies
  35. Thanks valetino97 for the nice comment so you use to hang around the old town of Bodie I use to live in that area a place called Ravinel Meadows own by the Hiltons we use to change irrigation and move...
  36. Thanks fortapache
  37. Blunderbuss I aint got a clue what a ganja field is read my last comment Caperkid the bigger stuff atlatl item from the sites dated 6-9k years BP the smaller arrowheads 3k years to when the were wip...
  38. Hi Caperkid look on creeks and rivers the south side of a mountain high side sometime there will be a old homestead there too look for black dirt and chips of obsidian in the great basin look for hot ...
  39. Glad you agree I do believe that is what it is the mahogany bands should kind of reflect if that makes sense
  40. Lets see how you have it displayed
  41. I have never really paid much attention to these little jewels they are very ornate so many different styles and materials
  42. Kinda looks like obsidian with mahogany bands
  43. This one is nice and looks old I know some of these are quite valuable and there are lots of reproductions maybe you could educate us who no absolutely nuttin
  44. Do you know what the markings are or the dates you seem to have quite a few
  45. Thanks EZa glad you like it
  46. Onions held rum this looks right good buy
  47. This is great love these old posters speaks of the times I think it is well worth the 20 bucks good find bet you will take care of it too saving history one piece at a time APs quote
  48. Man I have had a few jack and the pulpits but never anything with these colors pretty amazing
  49. Thanks Rick55 this is not my first piece but my first piece purchased off ebay I really like this style of glass it is soooooooo addictive
  50. There are a few different versions of this bottle the oldest ones we found were in a 1890s layer and were the red whittled and has an applied top there is another later version that has not to be sol...
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Vintage Blob Top Bottle Glass Bottle Found Diving in St. Kitts Some unusual glass figures - Japanese?


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