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I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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LOETZ ????? - Art Glassin Art Glass
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BEER & WHISKEY TRAYS - Brewerianain Breweriana
SILVER OVERLAY - Art Glassin Art Glass
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CAR SHOW - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
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  1. Hello Karen nice piece of glass I have never heard of Dolphin glass but there is a lot I haven't heard of lol if you want that tumbler thingy I would love to give it to you maybe I could give you my e...
  2. Great picture looks like you were about 4
  3. Coolest house ever
  4. Quite a ring looks like an amethyst stone I think the same thing when I find and old arrowhead or bottle wish they could talk maybe all collectors do that
  5. Thanks rucklczglass that is Bodie he was a Leonberger passed 3 years ago he was a wonderful dog finally broke down and got another one a Caucasian Ovcharka Hope you get better sounds pretty serious ...
  6. Good post so you can walk right in and start picking out the pieces you want I would be broke lol a friend of mine is coming in from Prague she will be hear tomorrow think I will pick her brain maybe ...
  7. What a beautiful collection you have simply amazing love to see it displayed Would you please look at what I have been told is early Loetz I posted it 10 days ago give me your opinion thank you
  8. These smaller mortars were used for herbs and medicines
  9. Thanks bohemianglassandmore
  10. Bobby is right on yep nice piece
  11. OK thanks Mac63 reckon I`m gonna have to do some reading
  12. Very nice good heavy silver also thanks for the information on my couple of pieces it is appreciated
  13. What a great tray I don't collect eastern but if I saw one of these for sale might just have to get it
  14. This is nice Karen hope you don't mind me calling you by your name mine is Bill Looks like it has a little fire opal in it I went to the Orient & Flume shop in Chico they make it look easy a friend ...
  15. Nice rock you know what I`m gonna ask did you find any arrowheads
  16. Nice displays gotta ask about the huge red plate hanging on your wall is it a local artist piece it has to be heavy how is it hung
  17. Sexite = just another f-in rock googles goofy Leaverite = leave it right where you found it Rock slang and my poor attempt at humor I think this is a scraper not enough of an edge for cutting
  18. Holy crap you have a lot of god glass like to see it as a collection or how you have it displayed very impressive
  19. That would be a good choice too I was able to overlook the rims somewhat the 40 really bugs me wide white chrome rims same size tires like he ran out of money
  20. Could be a scraper or piece of leaverite or maybe sexite
  21. Yep the 56s a beauty again I would change the rims reckon just got to much old school gray American mags for me on this one
  23. That a good car alright if it were mine put bigger tires on the rear they are the same size and get rid of the chrome rims it has red interior so paint the rims red add beauty rims with baby moons but...
  24. I can pert near feel it my little hot rod puts out just below 450 to the wheels with a 355 SBC what in other words what motor is in it
  25. Nice....... Tell us a little more like why is it so positively wicked I`m curious
  26. Cute first Harley Davidson shark letter holder I`ve seen lol
  27. Thanks vetraio50 for the nice comment it is appreciated as is all the loves from everyone else
  28. Geez Mikelv85 racer4four and inky these are the nicest compliments I have had thank you guys so much sorry it took so long getting back been at another car show
  29. Thanks ravage60 Milwaukee Brewery had and outlet in San Francisco they made some very nice trays
  30. This is cool what a great place to have a show good post
  31. Inky you have some great pieces of glass love your displays and this is a very good idea love it. First time I have gone through all your post very impressive
  32. Lets see some of them SpiritBear
  33. Thanks Breweriana that is one of my favorites too Thanks SpiritBear you probably have I have a print that is very similar these are all prepro trays Thanks to everyone else for the loves
  34. Nice piece inky really like your case
  35. Great picture love the car those were some good days
  36. Wish I could inky but have a few responsibilities that prevent me from leaving for any length of time thanks for the invite
  37. Wow what a beautiful chunk of earth I would love to come for a visit next week be OK
  38. Thank you inky I was very pleasantly surprised to find out this is early Loetz probably one of my better buys where is the mountain in your picture love it
  39. This is nice inky where is the mountain in your picture I want to be there
  40. Thank you inky it certainly does shine or reflect even in low light love silver on glass glad you like it too
  41. Holy crap I`m gonna have nightmares
  42. Maybe a sheet metal tool I use one similar welcome to CW
  43. Nope but close chrome chain real spiffy
  44. Just learned something thanks Nicefice think I will call them dubbies seems to fit
  45. Oh yeah one of my favorites The Rolls just looks rappy
  46. Thanks Nicefice you are one of the few I agree with you Celiene Blunderbuss2 the guy that had this was old in his 80s just throw on a rap song let the good time roll lol
  47. Guess we`re showing our age I thought they were mags too but you are probably right Nicefice and on the inside he had a shifter that looks like it came out of and old granny box that's when I asked hi...
  48. Thanks Celiene
  49. Yep I think so too or she hit the snail on the head lol sorry
  50. By golly I think you found it Celiene thanks
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Glass Bottle Found Diving in St. Kitts Some unusual glass figures - Japanese?


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