I collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy BoI collect lots of things Indian artifacts old bottles art pottery art glass old insulators and rocks lots of rocks. The picture is in my backyard and my old buddy Bodie named after a old ghost town in California. (Read more)


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QUEZAL  - Art Glassin Art Glass
ORIENT & FLUME - Art Glassin Art Glass
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KRALIK - Art Glassin Art Glass
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  1. Artfoot is 100% correct I checked mine thinking it was Fulper it has the original Haeger paper label
  2. Maybe Fulper
  3. You have the cutest bugs Bonnie
  4. Good find Bill my pop had one real similar to the one in the first photo bottom left brought it home from WW2 I think We are planning on heading to SR either this week or next it has just been kind...
  5. Yep not bad but like yours better she is sexy hope this does not offend anybody I know I am a sexist oh well
  6. Yes I agree this is a great piece of glass would love to see how you have your pieces displayed
  7. Nice piece of glass love Galle
  8. WOW this is amazing don't quite know what to say about it how do you find such pieces I have never seen anything like it glad you got it
  9. I use to walk home from school with a friend who was black he would call me names I would do the same to him we had fun use to camp out on Churn Cr. he was a good person often wonder what happened to ...
  10. Yep not bad for 15 bucks you did good I was very surprised too I was thinking maybe 700 because of the color but 1540 whew
  11. Great purchase I like that the fork uandles are darker shows more use
  12. It closed for 1,540.oo bucks a few went for over 10k
  13. Great piece I assume James Julia they have some amazing pieces I have bid on several items nothing yet I don't remember this one congratulations on a great chunk of glass
  14. Amazing chunk of glass so glad it went to a good home way to go Karen
  15. You have one heck of a collection of art glass I really like the cameo glass
  16. Very cool just posted your bottle with my last post
  17. Well thank you so much ho2cultcha your comments are always appreciated
  18. Thanks SEAN68 Jlmam and aldo for the loves
  19. It is now at 575.00
  20. I have never heard of pietersite gonna have to look this up very nice these little snuff bottles are very fascinating all the different materials used to make them
  21. Thanks they might be the same but different in their own way makes for good trading I do that with my collectibles
  22. Geez I`m an idiot read it wrong thought you said you only had 3 made out of stone sorry
  23. Interesting rock we have found something similar called it poppy seed agate are you sure you only have 3 made of stone I might be wrong but dont you have a couple of jade or jadeite couple of rose qua...
  24. WOW your collection is simply amazing love al the go withs
  25. Beautiful mixture of colors
  26. Very nice Omaha Auctions has quite a few snuff bottle in their auction you might wasn't to check it out I like the tigers eye one
  27. Is this a scent or snuff bottle
  28. You did very well the current bid on the one in the auction is 475
  29. Some insulators have sold well over 20k
  30. I believe what you have is a water jug
  31. There is one almost exactly like this one at open wire insulator auction Dwayne Anthony runs the auction very knowledgeable guy estimates this at 400 bucks opening bid of 200 just thought you would li...
  32. On a wedding vessel both of the ends are open only one is open on yours and they are usually better made with more elaborate designs so don't thing it is a wedding vessel and don't know about a whistl...
  33. Very nice I love it
  34. This is nice do you know the age by the way that is quite the head of hair Bonnie
  35. Thank God hitlary is gone yippeeyiakia
  36. Nice color for the little diamond pony pole top discovery Ray Klekensmith is having an auction with a bunch of ponies check it out
  37. Warwick is not high end a piece like this would sell for maybe 100 bucks on a good day to bad it got broke seems it was an heirloom
  38. Yep you did good Bonnie
  39. Heck I still use one of these they work good even have one that looks like an old very small wood stove which works even better people post the darnest things on here or maybe I am just getting old
  40. Right on Moonhill definitely a reproduction
  41. Reckon my friends and I would not fit in very well with are hot rods
  42. Really don't remember I have a po box just took in the office a said return to sender frugal is good
  43. Good purchase I sent my stimulus check back
  44. Another cool saw like the wood handle first I have seen and I have been in construction for over 40 years has to be one of the first worms
  45. Cool saws are they worm drive
  46. Thanks Rick55 I agree these are Gustavsbergs colors for their Argenta line
  47. Thanks for the nice comments vetraio50 Bonnie and Karen glad you like it this is the scariest thing I could come up with for Halloween
  48. Maybe chief Wolf Robe or dog thief of the southern Cheyanne
  49. I have the exact same piece marked Lalique obviously not
  50. Pretty scary Bonnie
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Vintage Blob Top Bottle Glass Bottle Found Diving in St. Kitts Some unusual glass figures - Japanese?


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