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hi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpaghi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpage ANTIKARIUM. i'm also building a museum in the east of france you can follow in on the facebook page here : it is still not running, but hope the museum will be done soon, its a non profit project to save memory of antique shops and works. you're welcome! in different way i'll try to run my own business in antiques, and i'll prefer to sell only for real collector and history lovers. i hope also to find some training to start art restoration (mostly ceramics). (Read more)


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french art nouveau pottery pitcher with tulip pattern by LEON ELCHINGER - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
french  art nouveau pottery pitcher with vineyard pattern by LEON ELCHINGER - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
lovely art deco velvet frosted glass vase,  french or from belgium. - Art Glassin Art Glass
french art nouveau pottery vase by LEON ELCHINGER - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
french art deco decorative dish by Geo Condé for KELLER & GUERIN, luneville - Art Decoin Art Deco
french art deco pottery vase by LEON ELCHINGER - Art Decoin Art Deco
set of 4 miniature salts  by DAUM NANCY - Art Glassin Art Glass
iridescent acid etched / frosted vase by Cristallerie de Pantin (Stumpf, Touvier, Viollet & C°) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
french art deco pottery vase by LEON ELCHINGER - Art Decoin Art Deco
rare french majolica jardiniere figuring a swan by EMILE GALLE  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. hmm i have a lovely neighbour's cat who love to visit my art glass collection.... walking bettwing baccarat glasses... for now nothing broken.... the washing machine is much more dangerous-) 6 ° ...
  2. hi mac, i'm not an ikea addict too-) it just look of some "dressing" of thiere catalogue. i'm living in an attic so its quite difficult for me to find some display for my glass and ceramics......
  3. hi mac , i love the idea of the display, where did you get it? ikea? i knowthey do some for clothing but i'be not seen with glass. regards. david
  4. hi kivanitz its signed elchinger with the model and pattern number.
  5. not so bad kyra, love that kind of passed stuffed, typical of some way of life. flea' season will end soon , hopefully we have ebay-) to survive the winter-)
  7. crazy display,love it all-) just a dream-)
  8. love the design vetraio-)
  9. hi ho2cultcha-) thanks, the big one is the biggest piece i have from this potter, but i'm still waiting for one bigger-)
  10. surfbud, the set is not mine, it is here as documentation, i have juste the single dish
  11. hi sean hope you are fine and youve got nice founds-) the design is nice, i love the on the rigth side "josephine baker" style dish...
  12. hi kyra....i also love "bargain price" -) the best reason to get nice stuff-) (emmaus samedi avec vente d'objets asiatiques, africains et orientaux... je vais faire la razzia-)) wait and see...
  13. bijoux de mariage? dot? dragon symbole de prosperité de chance
  14. hi kyra can i see the back side? one friend of mine, found last week end on flea a silver bee like you are collecting, with 3 letters in backside.
  15. hi cameo, i think idcloisonne is in true, it is silver mouted with macassites stone, and shell cameo. nice work
  16. very nice found,
  17. nice design, love the delicate painting.
  18. lol i've bid also on this vase.... so you were luckyest-)
  19. i've just added, additional info on the description , i just recieved my new book about DESIRE CHRISTIAN glass, and as i've is his creation.... i recommand the book by PHILIPPE ...
  20. lol moonstone, my taste depend of my cash budget-) if i get more cash my taste will grow up too-) ....
  21. thx moonstone-)
  22. salut velo, j'ai pensé a toi en le voyant , jme suis dit ca va lui plaire-) et aussi zut pour le plateau-), je pense que le plateau dois etre polylobé... comme les verres.
  23. lol cogito i have also a "radar" all art deco art nouveau -)
  24. hmm lucky you... how they can not appreciate the high artistic quality..... levey or not readable, we read "this is magnificent".... without signature... hopefully collectors are in place-)
  25. LOVE IT !!!!!
  26. he he i have the last one you need-) i get the same doubt if it is for candles or used as vase.
  27. hi fledermaus, i get nice surprice on french sales website-) i saw this nice vase.... but quite expensive, it reminds me all your lovely amphora vases-)
  28. nice idea austro-) in east of france i'm "building" my own museum it take me lot of time.... and monney hard to finshish without budget... it is about old shops in my area. i'm happy to be ther...
  29. thanks -) i have to takea picture of nice plant stand in brass, lovely piece probably secessionist-) i just not have it at home..... but in my alibabas' cave-)
  30. hi bazelmania -) thanks for the shelving ref-) i love them-) as i've seen your collection ,some object reminds me somthing and i discovered this dutch designer! love it its a mix with art & cr...
  31. lol cogito, marks is EFS in intaglio it means "elchinger fils soufflenheim" but most of pieces doesnt have any marks, somtime, one or 2 numbers, as number of pattern , and shape. thats why i get...
  32. i know cogito, the same for rambervillers and cyter production , some of his production isa little bit more "valuable" in case some famousartists, sculptors, where working on some models.... that...
  33. hmm that's un big budget-) not for mine-) i'll try to get my ceramics cand glass for aproximately 20euros + shipping.... to stay reasonable.... but some of these i was crazy and payed over 25...
  34. comming sonn-) waiting the postman-) i just found this, for you, with similar pattern:
  35. nice cogito, i just bought a sarreguemines too, with etna glaze-)
  36. HI Bazelmania, nice collection of dutch art nouveau/ art deco, it look close to secession art, and bazel cut glass close to moser/hoffmann . where did you find the glass display? i love it , wo...
  37. lovely gold bowl-)
  38. tu vas y arriver j'en doute pas-) a+
  39. merci velo, j'essaye de trouver le legras verrier pas cher pour la doc mais dur dur-) j'ai trouvé celui sur desiré christian a 21eu.... suis ravi. ca va lesexam? hi, thanks for you documentation...
  40. hi alfredo, i've never seen tango glass in wmf production , very unusual-) personnally i like ikora glass
  41. bnof pas grave c'est un japonais qui les a eu avec l'assiette, un autre lot.... un collectionneur fauché comme nous-) bon courage pour le bac si tu le passes. a+
  42. tu l'as pas eu? je viens de vendres mes lalique abimés suis degouté........ vu le prix atteint! 10euros les 8.... ca fait mal! moi qui pensais pouvoir me payer une jolie piece...
  43. ha zut je l'ai vu la semaine derniere sur ebay ou leboncoin... c'etait le tien?
  44. he he -) cousin of my twins-)
  45. hi alfredo-) look at my last add i have a brother for your third loetz vase-) similare shape and same colours-)
  46. well you are right -)
  47. salut velo, oui ils sont encore plus beaux en vrai, la photo ne rend pas assez la texture et le relief, les fleurs de lys sont taillées à la roue, c'est tres beau. quand tu penses que ces verres ont...
  48. HAAAAA OK !!!! i realised ok in my description.... "his" okok i'll do correct it-)
  49. but kyra i've seen these glasses before i was visiting nancy, but i just noticed that they art nice and looks like daum... but i dont really realise.... after my trip in nancy i remind the ebay sale...
  50. you are a she? i dont know english slang-)
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Amethyst and seed pearls silver beetle brooch sweet and delicate decanter by Legras' factory Legras: rare and wondeful liqueur glass and decanter Wiener Werkstätte Vally Wieselthier glass bowl Art nouveau plique a jour choker, Janvier Quercia. Janvier Quercia! More art nouveau plique a jour Eugene Baudin Vase with Bronze Base Attributed to Hector Guimard


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