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hi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpaghi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpage ANTIKARIUM. i'm also building a museum in the east of france you can follow in on the facebook page here : it is still not running, but hope the museum will be done soon, its a non profit project to save memory of antique shops and works. you're welcome! in different way i'll try to run my own business in antiques, and i'll prefer to sell only for real collector and history lovers. i hope also to find some training to start art restoration (mostly ceramics). (Read more)


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art nouveau enamel glass vase - french or bohemian.  in manner of legras - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
charles catteau & boch freres vase, circa 1920 - Art Decoin Art Deco
leon elchinger art nouveau vase with with flowers pattern circa 1905 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
maximilian boudnik & josef knizek, ullersdorf, early 1900' pandora glass vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
green iridescent loetz martele bowl/ vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
small frosted glass bowl "les cactus" by andre hunebelle. - Art Decoin Art Deco
a nice art nouveau pottery in manner of carries school and japonism - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
art deco ceramic astray by EDOUARD CAZAUX - Art Decoin Art Deco
early'1900 silver brooch "rose de france" by L. Lexcellent, ECOLE DE NANCY - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
early 20'  perfume atomizer MOLINARD « Le Provençale » - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. dans la jungle terriiiibleuuuh jungleeeuh le léon est mort ce soirrrrrrr -) winbohéo winbohéo..... léonnnnn ho ho ho -) dans l'léon tout est bon-)
  2. still in auction? wish you good luck to catch your wanted piece-)
  3. hi philmac51 what did you get? can we have a look-)
  4. thx ian-)
  5. i saw it for along time in ebay france-) and nobody care of it-) .... french if its not signed hey dont know what it is-)
  6. a complete loook of the item willhelp
  7. well done pictures ean
  8. thx vetraio
  9. oui j'adore le travail tres fin sur les petales... c'est ca qui m'a plus hyper realiste
  10. thx sean-) it was a lucky day
  11. i got the monney back..... lucky me-) and do not have to send it back-)
  12. hi scott i did a paypal claim... so wait and see.
  13. 2000$ for the pair? not that expensive. on ebay i saw some argentina seller with many stunning art nouveau glass.... the prices where also stunning-) i payed mine with shipping 194$ expensive f...
  14. hi glassie, the thing i disslike is people who sell as "perfect" no dammages".... and as "client" we trust each other..... when wecant take it by hands.... for me it isan unfair situation, and most...
  15. hi-) derrick just got luck-) and had alucky day too-) with some new items for the museum-) et un beau leon-) pictures soon on CW
  16. thanx sean ,
  17. it is quite nice. some chinese souvenir in early 1930' for european market? some similar on ebay
  18. blunderbuss2, himmler was quite crazy-) so for german WW porcelain , you have all factories in germany who where probably producting for military use. but much more for the basic military use, for...
  19. hi rucklczglass the small jewels are added with glue? it does not look like applied hot glass, it could help. thants kivatinitz for your help too-)
  20. hi for SS you had the allach factory from heinrich himmler (he buy the factory)
  21. why not... but many did similar decoration,
  22. ? i've not understand all but seems to be bad-) well another thienot have to come home soon.... i wil not touch on it anyway!
  23. pierre d'argile.... je sais shame on me.... mais entre la patine et la crasse du grenier je voyais pas la diffrence.... bref... j'aurais rien du faire.... de toute maniere ca traine comme dans un gr...
  24. well my friends, i'm not sure the cleaning was a good idea.... used soap and soft clay powder. hope i've not destroyed the patina who look still strange for my, with some "patine medaille" in back...
  25. hmm well.... i'll try a small cleaning-) and see what happened-)
  26. lucky you-)
  27. sean on bronze you never have to use water..... really not, very bade for patina. i nowasked to a specialist how to clean it safe-) the patina is quitestrange with fleck, the vase was in an attic....
  28. essaye à l'eau chaude je viens de bousiller 3 petites cuilleres en argents massif de touriste-) ca se decole comme rien les ecussons-)
  29. looool derrick ca va etre mon surnom sur CW -) et Toi doctorBZZ -)
  30. hi sean its quite difficult to see was signed "a la pointe" very small R LALIQUE FRANCE i can only see it outside when its sunny day. my camera it not able to take that small signature. when i ...
  31. thx antiquerose-) another one will come soon at home-) hope not broken
  32. thanx gillian i prefer opalescent glass i i can choose but when i get luck to have a lalique non opalescent i'm happyl too-)
  33. belgian school,
  34. show me the back side please, a good painter add usually the studio stamp on canvas od the wood frame. somtime you have old labels or numerbre of past sale lot etc...
  35. and the same model here, great catch-)
  36. thomas hovenden unfortunatelly in french-)
  37. gallé signed with marquetry, or small engraving in the wood, he also signed pieces under the desk.... majorelle usually used a stamp, printed or embosed on wood. Rustyboy try to put off the ...
  38. le leveillé c'est pour moi-) bon je cherche une carte postale de notre ami, ca va prendre un peu de temps mais.... derrick à pas dit son dernier mot.
  39. lexecllent -) pascale pas leveilé-) t'es tombée du lit? -) bzz bzz je continue abutiner sur la baie
  40. "doctor BZZZ" well done restoration-)
  41. nice colours-)
  42. Thanks for this complete description historismus-)
  43. bonne journée BZZ bzz... -)
  44. i will get this piece as document,the broken parts are very informative of each technics where used.... i attribute this piece as eugene rousseau workshop.
  45. on fait ce qu'on peut-) -)
  46. thanx my dear-)
  47. coucou pascale oui tu peu si je trouve un truc sur paris fragile si tu peux le recuperer-) la jte chinerai du BZZZ je le traquerai au bout du monde-) bzzz bzz bon devine quoi? ma coupe cassée me n...
  48. thanks katherine-)
  49. thats what i can't understand, when i sell somthing i dont care about monney i cre of people that they get happy to reacieved a safe packaed.... and feel good. all is about money now... no value o...
  50. you can't imagine how i feel.... its and incredible piece of art... its not about monney, but i cant imagine this people care of a baby... when somthing is fragile, everithing you can do to pres...
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Art Deco Brooch (Germany), ca. 1930 Baccarat Diamond Serpentine pattern large bowl mounted a 'peek' behind cabinet doors : ) Victorian Card Case of silver filigree, enamel and marked Mont Joye Chipped Ice Vase with enameled scene Footed bowl, Jacques and Dani Ruelland (ca. 1960) Amethyst and seed pearls silver beetle brooch sweet and delicate decanter by Legras' factory Legras: rare and wondeful liqueur glass and decanter Wiener Werkstätte Vally Wieselthier glass bowl Art nouveau plique a jour choker, Janvier Quercia. Eugene Baudin Vase with Bronze Base Attributed to Hector Guimard


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