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hi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpaghi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpage ANTIKARIUM. i'm also building a museum in the east of france you can follow in on the facebook page here : it is still not running, but hope the museum will be done soon, its a non profit project to save memory of antique shops and works. you're welcome! in different way i'll try to run my own business in antiques, and i'll prefer to sell only for real collector and history lovers. i hope also to find some training to start art restoration (mostly ceramics). (Read more)


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art deco daum nancy candle holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rene Lalique Blidah Glass Circa 1931 - Art Glassin Art Glass
SMALL rené lalique bowl "pissenlit" circa 1921 - Art Glassin Art Glass
LARGE ART DECO LAMP FEET " KAZA" etling edition. - Art Glassin Art Glass
ART DECO glass TAZZA loetz or jan beck? - Art Glassin Art Glass
german art deco WMF  ikora glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
FERNAND ELCHINGER  art deco vase 1938 - Potteryin Pottery
early leon elchinger vase circa 1895 - Potteryin Pottery
pierre adrien dalpayrat footed bowl - Potteryin Pottery
early EMILE GALLE  thistle enamel cup. circa 1884 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. ho my god-) when an angel finally find her wings-) -))) toujours la bonne etoile pascale-) will look for the original drawing of your treasure-) i'm now feeling like you.... waiting my meisent...
  2. Thats a lucky find????
  3. malkey thx for loves and nice comments-)
  4. thx jericho
  5. thats why... i got it with a crapy ugly lampshade.... nobody cares thinking of some ikea make..... but derrick was there-) i just saw the brass... and like archimede says " eureka" i put is look...
  6. my babies always call me -) come-on babe, come on! -)
  7. thx all -) to comment and love my few hunts... i'feel a little bit sad with a " ready car" to hunt on fles... but well... i had some lucky find so.... "baby dont' cry baby-)"
  8. 3e..... j'y croyait pas... 15broc passent pas un regard dessus loooool
  9. celui la il a du me couter 50 cent mouuuuaaaaahhhh
  10. DERRICK A ENCORE UN BEAU RENe SUR LE FEU.....on attend que le vendeur se manifeste-)
  11. Jolie trouvaille content pour toi????...j'ai la poisse perso car des que je trouve une piece incroyable elle disparait d'ebay dans l 'heure????.. Wish you to find more beauties????
  12. lol the bug hospital still in action-) -) je vois qu'avec le froid on s'occupe-) bien au chaud bise pascale.
  13. On y travaille???? bonnee annee a toi et que ton jardin soir rempli de nouvelles bzzz????
  14. nice tango colours -)
  15. lov the seal the two kyra's buddies and the nice garden. happy new year-)
  16. have the same one-)
  17. hi all merry christmas to all of you-) hope you will also be blessed with some nice surprize-)
  18. no "nancy " flower" in american airline "meyer flight"? -) on peux dire que tu ratisse large -) mon chardon est toujours sans preneur.... il m'attend ce vilain il va me pousser au vice!
  19. THX SEAN AND KYRA merry christmas too with full of nice gifts-) for your collection -)
  20. stunning piece ... mais ou vas tu nous chercher ca-)
  21. thx malkey , merry christmas-)
  22. love the design,
  23. salut pascale, toujours pas convaincu que l'amphore soit un poincon de controle pour l'argent d'importation? de l'autre coté si jme trompe pas tu as 800. il faudrait faire un liste des bijoux "a l...
  24. Je l avais vu je mesuis ditquetetaissurement sur le coup?
  25. mama mia ! i love crappy boxes-)
  26. hehe -) i had to do now some place..... all is full at home-)
  27. thx sean i got crazy-) when i saw it
  28. ya pas de chou vintage? -) welcome bijoucaillouvintage, ici c'est toujours a la bonne franquette-)
  29. never say never.... i wissh you to be true fromall my heart-) i know how you feel when you find somthing like that.... je vien sjuste detrouve trop tard une broche de ronga..... les boules ...
  30. next one will be 2.31€ / kilo-)
  31. ispiss di craneuse-) as i can see we all are " needy of stuff" we can't stop! -) original item-) ya pas que les bzzz dans la vie-)
  32. comme dirait stromae : papa papaoute -)
  33. dommage je ne le suis pas-)
  34. Thx racerfour. Its now hard ton find one and especially the lustre series.
  35. wow you've got a really nice peynaud set-)
  36. hmm i'm not in jewelery mood yet , looking to complete glass-) need some baccarat world exhibition masterpieces-) je sais.... je suis pas difficile
  37. mian mama ! -) fleafinder-) hop to find another good piece for my future museum...
  38. how how how -) le pire noel est encore passé-) i think i've seen this beauty but as you sayd...... it was a bid war-) derrick still not found the mesterious etruscan mark.... -)
  39. gracias kivatinitz, hope you did some new nice buy-) this was waitinf me over than one year to a frien in paris-) sooo now i'm happy to get it in my display at home-)
  40. i've sold one, its called "pale jadeite" yours could be early XXth maybe from the 1930' but i'm not really expert in this items-)
  41. in bargain hunt you are also lucky-) poor pickers are lucky bargainers-) on a pas le choix de toute maniere-) love to see the next kyratango's hunt-)
  42. have you seen faberge's snails? i'm sure you will also fall in love-) lovly snail-)
  43. derrick is still hunting the fucking unknow amphora sterling mark but no way!!!! but when derrick will find the murder.... hi did find.... so never say never-) as my vallerysthal tazza-) he he...
  44. je l'ai depuis un an pascale, mais chez un copain a paris faute d'avoir pu trouve un "livreur" hihihi elle avait de chouette colloc ma coupe des jolis daum-) elle c pas ennuyée toute l'année-)
  45. whaouuuuuuuu magnifique !!!! love it-)
  46. love this model, nice catch
  47. lucky man-)
  48. thanx sean
  49. Alors t'aimes?
  50. pascale la c'est un poinçon de controle, ton amphore.
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Jugendstil enameled glass bowl Art Deco Brooch (Germany), ca. 1930 Baccarat Diamond Serpentine pattern large bowl mounted a 'peek' behind cabinet doors : ) Victorian Card Case of silver filigree, enamel and marked Footed bowl, Jacques and Dani Ruelland (ca. 1960) Amethyst and seed pearls silver beetle brooch sweet and delicate decanter by Legras' factory Legras: rare and wondeful liqueur glass and decanter Wiener Werkstätte Vally Wieselthier glass bowl Art nouveau plique a jour choker, Janvier Quercia. Eugene Baudin Vase with Bronze Base Attributed to Hector Guimard


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