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hi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpaghi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpage ANTIKARIUM. i'm also building a museum in the east of france you can follow in on the facebook page here : it is still not running, but hope the museum will be done soon, its a non profit project to save memory of antique shops and works. you're welcome! in different way i'll try to run my own business in antiques, and i'll prefer to sell only for real collector and history lovers. i hope also to find some training to start art restoration (mostly ceramics). (Read more)


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early art nouveau majolica ashtray by EMILE GALLE - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
BOCH FRERES KERAMIS  art nouveau vase  with metallic glaze and floral pattern  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
art nouveau vase by VICTOR SAGLIER & MONTJOYE - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
daum nancy art deco acid etched vase with gold inclusion - Art Decoin Art Deco
rare small lustre pottery vase by CHARLES CATTEAU for rambervillers  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
rare small glass bowl by CHARLES SCHNEIDER model "tortues" - Art Decoin Art Deco
small art deco opalescent glass table lamp signed SAINT AIGNAN - Art Decoin Art Deco
french art deco pressed glas vase by PIERRE  D'AVESN - Art Decoin Art Deco
german art deco porcelain vase  : gotha - Porzellan- und Fayencefabrik F. Pfeffer (1882 until 1934) - Art Decoin Art Deco
french art deco dinanderie vase by LUC LANEL for christofle - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. HI KATZL when i looked some documentation to help somone here i just looked up to this piece, and it is yours-) for additional info-) enjoy.
  2. well if it really doesn not work go : (main menu) click on : "SAMMLUNG" (dark color) then in the page apear a new menu, in the red on click on " MAK - SAMMLUNG ...
  3. go here : copy and padst this link to google on the left side of this page click on " WW Fotoarchiv Objekte: 3640 »" and you will have all...
  4. yes claudia but you have the same WW mark, well now you have to explore the MAK museum archive-) all hoffman work here..... i now in the photo archive 864-) they have some 3640 PICS..... enjoy-)
  5. hi claudia, click on the link bellow pictures mentionned are the 4th on the page (the pair of enameled glass) under themyou hav...
  6. take a look on the mak museum archive-) you will have also luck-)
  7. hi claudia i have just found yet the answer you need-) look in these pair of glass and on the bottom... WW mark as yours... and it is wiener werkstatte... "Der Entwurf dieser Gläser stammt ...
  8. hi claidia, i think it is an original moser /hoffman piece, not a vase, but much more a "pokal" a covered huge gobelet. you will probably find it with it name in some auction result.
  9. thanks kivatinitz -) have a good day. dave
  10. hi jeff, say thanx to worldlingo-) i'm not abler to do that big text without translator ( unfortunately for me) i get this info in the documentation of "musee de l'ecole de nancy"
  11. love it-)
  12. hmm i do think the the figural design could hel to find the maker-) need to find a tin box collectors club or somthing like that and for sure you will find it in it-)
  13. you can also look on the "lock" if some maker mark is here-) i'm glad to help you.
  14. just additional info: the figure could be inspired by " Le Génie de la Liberté " an allegoric sculpture of "liberty" sculpted by french sculptot Auguste Dumont in 1836. as i can see the tin is l...
  15. jensen , the boxes were made very decorative to be also and "advertisment item" they created some models to be used after the original "use" as monney box or treasures for the customers childs... ...
  16. hi jensen , could it be also some sweets bow or for cakes, in france they produced many boxes like this for chocolate, sweets, and cakes, biscuits etc... if it was for jewlery it have to be some "ca...
  17. hi jeff, i just found yours in different colours in the petit palais collection-)
  18. nice glass piece scott, i'd like to see you collection, the "mix" is unusual..... military, photography and art glass-) very eclectic
  19. hi scott thanks, new arrival comming soon-)
  20. thanx kyra-) i love make some research, thats why i usually look for "mystery items" .... good job to be not "alzheimer client" -)
  21. exactly vetraio -)
  22. do you mean this one? : fabulous piece-)
  23. hi vetraio, thanx, yes it is very deep cut as upou can see the cut designs like son squares between the small "circular flecks" like small islands un cutted ocean-) i get really luck-)
  24. hmm i was also feeling that it could be glass with strange "clear glass" look in other view. well it stay a nice decorative piece.
  25. hi surfbud, thanx, this is one of my oldest from 18th century, i get some romain era bottle too, i get found as child in ground-)
  26. thanx all-) i'm waiting for new arrivals-)
  27. pierre de lune? le reflet au dos y fait penser c'est joli-)
  28. hi it is very close to a fritz heckert model.... look at this-)
  29. hi steve85018 & ShakeThatThang thanx for nice comments-) have a nice week-end. dave
  30. love the story you added to the vase-) is fun to find some french ceramics in far countries-) i usually find all my loves "elchinger" sooooo far from alsacian area.... probably in case of WW2 when...
  31. the same view from another painter : for me they are probably china made for tourists....
  32. hi moonstonelover, it reminds me the scenic view of paris fromthe painter "burnett" probably in the same era
  33. nice kivatinitz-) i'm waiting now for some postage-) with nice items too-)
  34. hi kiva i can recommand to you this book-)
  35. hi kivatinitz, thanx, i have to add tha rabbits from the same manufacture-) found few weeks ago-)
  36. finally i've found the mark-)
  37. lucky you-)
  38. verlys, verreries des andelys-) most of models created par pierre d'avesn
  39. Hi solver i've seen the vases on liveauctioneers thanx-) i just have a doubt now if my vase is not with a top part missing.... regards
  40. hi solver, you are very good-) so i have an historical piece-) the big entrance curve remind my my ashtray shape.... thats why i supposed it could be binet..... well i will take a look on all your...
  41. Lol jeff we are all "display hunter" i'm also desperate to don't have the space i need-) for tiffany, i've never readed that caranza had any relation with tiffany, but why not..... everithing is ...
  42. hi idecloisonné, i've finally fouind the goldberg available in france, if you are still interested, or michell-)
  43. hi kivatinitz, thanks for that complete research, but i think the binet you are talking about is a painter.... for me binet is closer to sculptor or medailist ( is that english?) and also architect, ...
  44. hi kivatinitz , thanx-) love them all-)
  45. Hi hi vetraio, i was surprised that nobody bid on it on ebay, i get it for 100 eu.
  46. lovely-) you have really luck and good taste -)
  47. yep la je veux un linossier-) c'est bien plus beau-) j'attends encore deux pepitesn, un joli vase de victor saglier et une coupe schneider-) wait and see-)
  48. hi cody, this is an astronomy item , you can see more details here, the mesurement in "feets" was used in france befor the 1789 revolution and prohibited in1793, switched to "meters" http://www....
  49. superbe travail, congratulation-)
  50. great found -) but why it is signed tiffany favrile? a fake signature added by a seller who dont know caranza?or did caranza work for tifanny, like some french makers?
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Mont Joye Chipped Ice Vase with enameled scene Footed bowl, Jacques and Dani Ruelland (ca. 1960) Amethyst and seed pearls silver beetle brooch sweet and delicate decanter by Legras' factory Legras: rare and wondeful liqueur glass and decanter Wiener Werkstätte Vally Wieselthier glass bowl Art nouveau plique a jour choker, Janvier Quercia. Eugene Baudin Vase with Bronze Base Attributed to Hector Guimard


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