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hi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpaghi there, i'm young french art deco/ art nouveau collector, glass and ceramic lover. i'm also collecting lot of various items, you can follow in mey second CWpage ANTIKARIUM. i'm also building a museum in the east of france you can follow in on the facebook page here : it is still not running, but hope the museum will be done soon, its a non profit project to save memory of antique shops and works. you're welcome! in different way i'll try to run my own business in antiques, and i'll prefer to sell only for real collector and history lovers. i hope also to find some training to start art restoration (mostly ceramics). (Read more)


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french / european art nouveau porcelain vase - unknow maker.  circa1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
magnificent glass enamel art nouveau era , Persian decor . circa 1880 - Art Glassin Art Glass
french art nouveau pottery vase byLEON ELCHINGER- grapes pattern, circa1910 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
a large DAUM FRERES  jardiniere - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
rare DAUM FRERES miniature scenic vase of "grisailles" series circa 1893 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
a rare lustre pottery vase attr.  to  LEON ELCHINGER - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
a rare art deco pottery jug for wine grower PIERRE WEISSENBURGER, by LEON ELCHINGER - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
an early EMILE GALLE glass bonbonniere circa 1867 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
art deco tango glass enamel vase signed AR, in manner of DELATTE - Art Decoin Art Deco
large french art nouveau cameo glass jardiniere by GEORGES RASPILLER -NANCY - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. hi sean thanks, i get trouble , somone did bad thing on FB i get my eccount locked please add my under my new acount" adam von bersett" make me crazy that somone jalous claimed my museumpage.... fee...
  2. happy issue, get monney back.... and this bad purchase will got back to the unfair antique dealer....
  3. merkiiiiiiii va falloir que j'en trouve pour la modiste-) des belles... thanx a lot-)
  4. hello my dear, dis moi puis-je te chiper les photos de ta collection d'epingle à chapeaux, je voudrais les partager sur la page du musee. j'en suis fan. merci pascale.
  5. love the lustre--)
  6. probably cesari or carillo or arrers
  7. his last answer..... pathetic. I'll explain what is my son to look after and take his vacation pay in my stock of items for sale. I am indeed antique and when I see the poor collectors, if you can ...
  8. hi sean.... the seller doesent reconize his fault.... i did paypal claim, the send me an email: i have to return the jardiniere to the seller and then they give me monney back..... but i have to pa...
  9. i'v contacted paypal today, the seller didnt answer my mail..... after paypayl picked him monney back..... he answered very quick and rude . i advised him to be polite if he will not finish on "repr...
  10. ahoj zdravi francouzko ceskej zberatel z francie-)
  11. oui mais dans ce cas la paypalme rend l'argent je pense par contre dois-je renvoyer sa pompe? pfff
  12. well guy bad news..... it is a fakle daum engraved signature on a real legras montjoy jardiniere........ well afriend who follow my museum page advisesd me to contact author of fantastik book of fra...
  13. well kyra i've found a modelof legras- montjoye with similar pattern sold as "lauriers"
  14. lol kivatinitz -) i dont have the illustration i've found it on internet -) have a nice day. ciao bello
  15. hmm vetraio i dont now thinking of "sureau" i just worried og the model i'm not sure the professional seller was honest,the signature is not in good place..... and when daum did engraved signature ...
  16. thanks vetraio-)
  17. juste un defaut de cuisson au col mais bon c'est la vie-)
  18. thanks sean
  19. hi vetraio-) thanks to you-) to share with us nice items to see-) have agood day. dave
  20. another link to the bonbonniere who help to identify mine.
  21. hi kiva-) yes nice tango glass enamel, but mine is not goupy i dont think so. goupy signed M. GOUPY, OR GOUPY
  22. thanx all for comments and loves
  23. just a good fortune and good feeling-) kyra-)
  24. hi inky, i'm also missing where i got very good "bio" of raspiller.... now looking on genealogy...
  25. lol kyra... hop this leon have also some magic power to attract other leon here-)
  26. j'aime beaucoup tout ton ensemble-) jolie chine. awesome set kyra-)
  27. bonjour alan la dimension est precisée 20 cm de haut. bientot un nouveau modele sur CW-) Dave
  28. hi racerfour, it is my 32th piece now.... hope to get more-) the boggest collector get over 1000 items here for over than 45years flea search-)
  29. thanks surfdub-)
  30. love this one-)
  31. thanks sean-)
  32. une boite pour le cirage et la vinaigrette ? le je ne sais plus quoi dire-) je suis dans le cirage ca c'e'st sur-)
  33. loooolsorry dyslexie que revient au galop...... ras le bol
  34. hi kivatinitz, happy easter to you too. no i have not been on cw for a long time. will go to see what new treasures you have-) cia bello-)
  35. the cover if unfortunatelly a little bit damadged..... but well.... for 2eu.....
  36. not first but one of the early one-)
  37. hello pascale, yep and one more again today-) modele "ananas" soon on cw-)
  38. thanks sean-)
  39. hi love you daum, i've never seen this model before. nice puchase. how tallit is? circa 25cm?
  40. hi my dear love your kyratisation -) and the brooch too-)
  41. very nice cogito, it is written " from art heritage" sorry my translation is not probably correct, so it mean that it was from his own studio or probably from his familly in prague -)
  42. merci alan
  43. love the colours, it remind me some works of schneider-)
  44. congrats my dear-) nice top 3-)
  45. hi vintagelamp can i have a look of the baclof external frame ( the gold patinated) for mee it looks old.... nee to see corners
  46. well not good-) modern copy production
  47. eu cher? pas suivi la fin mais pas de regret il est juste magnifique
  48. well.... my dear i got it!!!!!!! it could be from this artist : Artist: Childe Hassam Completion Date: 1898
  49. here the serie of monet parliament.... yours is not inside.....
  50. hi vintagelamp, i need to see the back.... not the painted area-) also details of the frame, the frame is in style "louis XVI" so if the painting is not good-) maybe the frame could be a good one...
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a 'peek' behind cabinet doors : ) Victorian Card Case of silver filigree, enamel and marked Mont Joye Chipped Ice Vase with enameled scene Footed bowl, Jacques and Dani Ruelland (ca. 1960) Amethyst and seed pearls silver beetle brooch sweet and delicate decanter by Legras' factory Legras: rare and wondeful liqueur glass and decanter Wiener Werkstätte Vally Wieselthier glass bowl Art nouveau plique a jour choker, Janvier Quercia. Eugene Baudin Vase with Bronze Base Attributed to Hector Guimard


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