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  1. Your invalid feeder was made by the Reinhold Schlegelmilch porcelain Company (RS Prussia to collectors) in the mid 1890's. The mold is commonly called the overlapping shell mold. It was used for all...
  2. You have an RS Germany shaving mug. A bar of shaving soap sat in the perforated section, and excess water drained through the three holes. The lower section held the hot water used to rinse the shav...
  3. How large are the pieces in this set? To me they appear to be part of a pitcher and basin wash set from the days before indoor plumbing. The set would also include the night potty that sat under the ...
  4. I have just posted a cake plate with the same rose transfer to show another way to verify that an unmarked piece is a genuine antique piece.
  5. Your tray is the real thing. None of the modern forgeries can match the light feel of the old porcelain, or the soft yet detailed transfers.
  6. I think the pattern suggests that this is a nut set, rather than salts.
  7. Wow. A beautiful display! I particularly love the Autumn maiden pot.
  8. In the 1994 RS Prussia collectors book by Gaston, she includes a list describing many of the floral transfers used on RS porcelain. I just did a quick read-through of the list, and found 52 different...
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