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Hand painted glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
BAROLAC TULIP VASE ID - Art Glassin Art Glass
Schneider blown glass mantle clock - Art Glassin Art Glass
Riedel cameo lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Antique mantel clock  id ? - Clocksin Clocks
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  1. Thank for the loves
  2. Hello I found this 2 foundry marks on my chandelier,maybe someone recognize them,thanks.
  3. Thank you very much Bruce ,I will do that.
  4. Thanks for the info, I'll keep trying to find out who made it. I think the price would be much higher if we knew who made them,I don't want to sell my lamp, but I would like to know who made it.
  5. Hello ontariojer,have you check for any foundry marks or any mark on your fixture, because i can not find any on my lamp.
  6. Thanks all for the loves
  7. thank for the loves
  8. Thankyou ticktocktime,yes i have the key.but has no marks.
  9. thanks inky,i also think that the shade looks to big.
  10. thaks ozmarty,i dont think is a lamp vase,
  11. Thanks inky,
  12. thankyou all for the love
  13. thanks AmberRose.
  14. thanks for the love,bellin68,mustangtony,czechman,vetario50 and dasullywon.
  15. the smaller piece is "De Vez" cameo vase
  16. thanks chevy59
  17. Thanks mikielikesigns2
  18. Thanks Hedgewalker for the love
  19. Thanks miKKo for the love.
  20. thanks bellin68 for the love
  21. I'll look more closely but I think that only has an old paper lable that read (Schneider Paris France)
  22. thanks vetario50 for the love.
  23. Thank you vetario50,yes i can reverse the position of the clock,but i can not lay the clock another way.
  24. thanks for th love, AmberRose and timeless5......
  25. Thanks JohannB
  26. Thank you officialfuel
  27. Thanks for the comment Bruce, My grandmother lived half his life in Spain and the rest in mexico city,I will look for other marks on the clock,thak you very much.
  28. I uploded some pictures from the pendulum clock,I hope this helps to identify. thanks again.
  29. thanyou for your comments, the "TH" is not a family monogram,i think is original to the clock,im out of town this weekend,on Monday I take more pictures and I look for hidden names, trademarks etc.tha...
  30. Thankyou very much for your comment.
  31. Thanks for your comments,I wish it was from Frank Lloyd,here is another picture from the glass and the socket.
  32. I think they're grapes, because the bronze exterior detail of the lamp appears to be a bunch of grapes.
  33. I already check all the lamp inch by inch for marks and did not find anything except two numbers 3 one in each half of the cast, that I think are for when you close the globe they have to match to be ...
  34. Thanks,AmberRose,TallCakes and inky for your comments.
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