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"If people didn't have different tastes there would be nothing in the thrift shops." (thanks to mikelv85 for this reminder.) I love to collect old junk and enjoy "If people didn't have different tastes there would be nothing in the thrift shops." (thanks to mikelv85 for this reminder.) I love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessories, the odd and ugly item that makes me laugh right then and there....and I have to buy. Also enjoy old places: taking pictures, exploring, finding about the history. (Read more)


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A bracelet to match Freiheit's brooch? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
2 mid-century sterling rings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Carved sunflower carnelian & green sardonyx sterling bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
30's to 50's celluloid and brass flower bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mid-century Mexico dancing demon? earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Early 20th century French steel cut beaded bag - Bagsin Bags
1920's-30's marbled green celluloid and silver belt - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sterling double clasp swag brooch w/Arts & Crafts motif - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Blue star glass deco sterling bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Segregation of states! 1960's-70's enamel state charm bracelets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Love it! Nice bold feeling. I had one w/fake ivory curved shapes but for some dumb reason I sold it in the 80's.
  2. Aren't these great? Thanks Valentina for your comment.
  3. Oh - please, this is not as nice as your brooch - but it kinda matches! Have a great weekend! Regards, Mary
  4. Well - you cleaned it the right way! It is really pretty - you have the same book? I love research books. When my sister's mother-in-law died her library sold for over $1,000. She was an antique deale...
  5. I have one like this too that opens. No, not a watch. Your's might be Victorian but these were very popular in the 1940's. My great uncle bought one for his little sister Regina and her name is engrav...
  6. A brush pot?
  7. I have a bog oak Victorian brooch to post - but it also has the crepe carving. I guess that was popular carving technique. I got to find it....
  8. Could this be crepe stone? from Victorian era, carved French jet or black glass? I love Mr. Mittens!
  9. This is so great - would be fun to "line" it w/different print scarf to match your outfit wouldn't it?
  10. Thanks Katherine for the nice comment! Thanks Gudrun - sorta a match? Thanks friends for love: Kyra, AGH, Mani, Newtimes and Trey!
  11. Yes Kyra you know how to restore. Gudrun cleaned it up perfectly.
  12. Very nice as always. The Kyratize - I realize I love. That didn't rhyme the way I wanted.
  13. Thanks mike - I'm waiting to see what Freiheit says....I think we have "coordinating" items. Thank you Kevin for love.
  14. I quoted you on my profile because it reminds me we are all Collectors and not of the same things thankfully! Way to go helping SA sell that bracelet for $250. I know what you mean about working at a ...
  15. I have a lot of reference books in my personal library. Darn they take up space!
  16. Interesting comments from Anne & Share - so I had to post a very similar clasp bangle like Gudrun's lovely brooch. Nice work cleaning this lovely old piece and bringing the main stone back to life! Af...
  17. I quoted you when I updated my profile pic. Did you see?
  18. Love them! Do you work at SA? I know my local SA but they won't let me go thru the new stuff (boo hoo, oh poor me - that's okay. I'm kidding. I would be completely broke if they did.) These are wonde...
  19. Pic 3 example is pretty! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  20. Thanks again - I would never guess $175! I know it's nice because it is great quality - solid, perfect construction and signed. I found this ring in Omaha, Nebraska in the 80's.
  21. It's really great! I love it - wonderful color and yes great design for any figure.
  22. Happy Birthday!
  23. Thanks Elisabeth for telling me who made this ring! Are they (by Anna Greta Eker) hard to find?
  24. Thanks Share! I know what you mean about ducking - mine like to swoop, but they don't mean any harm just curious. The white one Cumi is completely from a hand-fed world and he is so sweet despite his ...
  25. My mom and grandma had some of these Christmas pins - I did not like them. But I guess they are collectible and I should have kept their items. We all have different taste on CW - and THANK YOU! Mike ...
  26. Thanks Mike and everyone else who enjoyed this.
  27. Thanks also to Sean, Karen, Trey, Mike and Rick for loves.
  28. Hi Ivonne - my trip is getting closer! I'm excited & have much to do but I think I have 3 friends who can watch these 4 terrors. Brawler parakeets are usually females. I fostered a grown female once f...
  29. Hi Kyra - yes the jester looks a lot like drosera! My ring is hefty. I've seen this design copied also from Mexico but not same quality. Thanks for seeing the Bugs in the design and yes my parakeets a...
  30. Thanks AGH!
  31. Thank you Kevin, Karen, Agh, Ivonne, fortapache and Katherine for loving this.
  32. Thank you my friend Kyra for loving this - it's a nice bracelet - I don't know where it's from but yes a nice yummy piece - thank you!
  33. Karen thanks this is a really nice bracelet. That's my Mom...I guess I better change the profile pic. Oh boy...she turned 82 yesterday.
  34. Thank you Kevin!
  35. Thanks Katherine for the adoring comment! Thanks Virginia for your beautiful comment! Thanks Karen for loving this fantastic bracelet. Thanks CW friends for loves!
  36. I think this could be as old as 1920's. I've posted some like it. Also I have some old catalogs from 1890's-on and the woman who bought this bag was a working woman. You might want to rub this w/leat...
  37. Thanks Ken - Hard to find celluloid bracelets and necklaces in my price range anymore. I found this one about 20 yrs ago and the years have been kind to it - the bracelet and clasp are not brittle as ...
  38. I love it!
  39. These are great Ken - the golf club is very fun! I have the saber.... Now you might get hooked on matching cufflinks.
  40. Thank you - I just asked again about dimensions and you answered - Wonderful!! Love these.
  41. These are so beautiful- love them! - I've asked before - what are the lengths?
  42. Very pretty - the one on the right has nice dazzle and unusual barrel beads. Love them!
  43. I think these are coral. 50 cents!
  44. I don't know the mark A Cadman but agree this is a very nice quality ring.
  45. I hate this and love it at the same time. Like my raccoon baculum.
  46. I have Ohio Ken!
  47. Half way there! I just added 9 more and leaving space for the 4 I am not supposed to know about. Thanks all my CW friends for enjoying this new hunt.
  48. Maybe they will have some insight on the items. Please take them in and then tell us what they said - every little detail. It's a great MYSTERY!
  49. Maybe not....wait a bit. What an exciting find but how sad they were lost for so long. But you have them and that is Good!
  50. Thank you Miss Lee - I really love them!! Thanks Elisabeth - I couldn't find anything either but will keep looking. Thanks CW friends for loves!
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Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clock Females Bracelet Gorgeous gold metal brooch - Cat paw in a fish bowl !


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