I love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessoriI love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessories, the odd and ugly item that makes me laugh right then and there....and I have to buy. Also enjoy old places: taking pictures, exploring, finding about the history. (Read more)


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St. Labre faux turquoise pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old coral beads get a new life w/bakelite & silver components  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Superior Quality bakelite button and buckle set - Sewingin Sewing
Happy Chinese Year of the Goat! - Go-It! - Sewingin Sewing
1940's-50's wood & lucite horse pin with acetate scarf - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pretty darn old "potch" opals - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sky blue thermoset plastic clamper from 60's-70's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Nice 60's-70's lucite bangles - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Cool carved bakelite clip earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fun bakelite swirl bangle and earrings  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. My thoughts too noob as soon as I saw this. I love this image but we know a little history.
  2. How big is this? To me it looks like a sandwich tray. Please give dimensions with your requests if you really want help.
  3. He said - give a hoot, don't pollute....hmm, what did you mean Roycroftbooksfromme1?
  4. You really should post sizes with your description on first post.
  5. AH - it would be easier to identify if you would post dimensions of all your items.
  6. Hi my friend - would like to send you a bday card. You can email me at
  7. So pretty and thanks for the gorgeous photo #4 too (sunset?)
  8. Very pretty and your photos are great!
  9. I love the green - very pretty!
  10. I remember that song - and loved it too! Love these green shakers girl!
  11. What?! Will miss your wonderful posts. Stay - if someone pissed you off, let me know.
  12. Or it could be a Lucite item from 1960's-present? You should wear this when you are having a martini or vodka shot. Nice!
  13. Yes, it's probably still on I think you would like it altho being a reality show there is nothing real about what they are buying things for.... You bought some AMAZING things. My favorite i...
  14. Good morning Nadia! Yes, I do remember that place and congratulations on the kitties and the FAB $2 bangle!! Wow that was karma working. I know those resale shops are overpriced but when it's for a g...
  15. What does it say please?
  16. Yeah - I rarely give away unless I have duplicates or it's just not "me". But she loved it so. Same girlfriend last birthday I brought her a 1" green end of day bakelite bangle. (it's posted here on C...
  17. Mr. Valentino97 also brags about his bowling abilities. He only last 5 minutes hunting for treasure - all done in.
  18. Hi AH - it was taken off ebay. I think someone contested that it was bakelite.
  19. Thanks inky - another thing about these old chunky link bracelets. Often made in larger size because the fashion was to wear them over gloves. Thanks for loving it.
  20. Hi Mel - it's probably fairly new. I have this exact S clasp. Very pretty tho. I don't know enough about amber so I distrust all of it - sorry.
  21. Yes - different shades of amber? Love them!!
  22. I have similar but mine aren't bakelite.
  23. Thanks Nadia - I had a really great maroon similar to yours that I gave away for the perfect birthday girl. Aren't they wonderful? And not really expensive. My fave is the green one.
  24. These are very charming tho! I think they are really fun. Thanks Kyra for finding them on ebay for 3 euros!!
  25. Exact bracelet on ebay right now.
  26. Thanks sklo42 it is a really neat old bracelet.
  27. Wasn't she something!!! I love this picture frame too.
  28. Thanks sklo42 - so nice of you to say. That green one is pretty special. Thank you antiquerose - they are gaudy and wonderful - I love them too! Thanks Katherine - yes, Nadia's bracelet is from ...
  29. Love them Mani!!!
  30. I forgot to wear green because I was too stressed that morning....LOVE these! Great photos too by the way!
  31. What does the actual item look like?
  32. How did I miss this? So gorgeous!
  33. Wow - amazing. I love this and would have loved to see what the first owner wore it over. Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and comments, links to more research.
  34. This is so beautiful and thanks for sharing it, the comments and research too.
  35. Such a wonderful set! I love this and all the comments and research.
  36. Gorgeous and Happy 100th!!
  37. I like the pearl!
  38. I have these same cog beads....and for some reason I'm remembering German or Czech origin. I love that Miriam Haskell link from Morning Glory.
  39. I have a collection of these too. Your's is really great! Sad to hear the stores are closing. Online is okay but NOT as much fun. On my road trips I always stop at thrift and antique stores a long th...
  40. It's great this lovely item came back to your family.
  41. Thanks Elisabeth, okay to mix fake and real? I've worn it as a necklace too. Thank you CW friends for your love.
  42. I can see this on a 1920's felt cloche.
  43. Not Frankoma? Great color 1960's?
  44. I love this new watch and the ad you posted with it. My landlord's kids contacted the Hoarders crew. They came by and told her about the show, blah, blah, and told her about a charity -thrift store...
  45. I still have Thunderbolt and all his accessories, but not the box.
  46. These look like they could have been hotel lobby chairs.
  47. I love this!
  48. Thanks Kyra - I love my denim jackets and my turquoise stuff...
  49. Thank you Sleniibeadwork for your comments about this. Some might think this is beyond repair but I will leave it as is for now.
  50. Thanks Karen for the nice comment, very fun costume piece. I really LOVE my real items but I wear this one a lot since the design is interesting. Thank you CW friends for love!
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