Southern CA beach - not spoiled YET.

I love collecting - the stories. My parents took me to farm sales so I remember some of the oldies that are now impossible to find. Have been collecting for 40 yearsI love collecting - the stories. My parents took me to farm sales so I remember some of the oldies that are now impossible to find. Have been collecting for 40 years and know a lot about old costume jewelry, old plastics, Native American jewelry. I plan to replace this profile picture which altho I'm Mary and so is she....we are not alike. Plus this picture looks like my little sister Teresa, so got to change it. (Read more)


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60's tin litho bird badges or "hey, ma - I bought a Gran Torino!" - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Bakelite poker chips, etc upcycle. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
What to do with single bakelite earrings and other stuff if you have time. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Red bakelite carved bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Green and grey Beachcomber tackle box - Fishingin Fishing
Big top circus theme scarf - Accessoriesin Accessories
Oh the state (country) I'm in! Melbourne souvenir scarf - Accessoriesin Accessories
Oh the state (country) I'm in! Italy souvenir scarf - Accessoriesin Accessories
Oh the state I'm in! Nevada souvenir scarf - Accessoriesin Accessories
Oh the state I'm in! Florida souvenir scarf - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. You know my friend I am a Scorpio. You too? Love these!
  2. Exactly the same Birdie! But not allowed near anything glass.
  3. Oh ha ha! well, the pictures and style look like copper 1950's, my mistake. Do you see many brass bracelets? I don't - this one is very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Very sweet. tweet.
  5. Thanks friends for the loves: Mike, Gudrun, and Moonstonelover! :)
  6. A deer that died before his time. Or a forest devil. And why would you have this? And, then again, why not decorate it?
  7. Wow - thanks for the link! Copper lovers stay together? Very interesting.
  8. No sadly, just the little bondo colored bird. Sorry, it was a stream of conscious post. I saw the GT and the sassy man inside and he led me to the pet store (sorta) where I bought my GT.....
  9. I love her style or stylist! Some nice white rhinestones too which seem to fall in and out of collecting favor. Hey - all the better for us!
  10. I looked in my favorite copper resource book "Copper Art Jewelry, a different lustre" by Burkholz and Kaplan and yours could be late 40's, but most likely it's a 50's example w/art cabs - Venetian gla...
  11. Very interesting research - and a cool find! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Thanks friends for the loves: Mike, Rose, Kevin, Nordicman, Katherine, Efesgirl, Trey, Bladerunner, MJ, Caper and Tthom!
  13. Share please do share!! Ha, ha - I lived in San Diego for years and loved thrifting all over. Found so many good things - and some up in Oceanside too. Is the large DAV or Amvets?? still in Oceanside ...
  14. Thanks Ivonne - pretty color isn't it? And Hannah always takes a great photo. Thanks friends for the loves: Katherine, Bladerunner, Trey, MJ!
  15. Ha ha ha Fort! You never know you might see it driving around somewhere in those bondo shades kinda like my little GT above (well - minus the white). I love cats too but 2 bird cages in my apt. is eno...
  16. Thanks Rose!
  17. Very nice! I love it and would enjoy using it. I hope you do and find a lot of fun old 78's to play.
  18. Geez Gudrun you run off after telling us it cost .75 cents! Love it - and thanks for finding something so much cheaper than I can. :)
  19. I think this is copper from the 1950's. I don't think it's Czech. I would not clean it.
  20. Thank you Sean for love.
  21. Hi Fort - I agree, I don't know why I was convinced to let my old stereo components go. Probably moving from NE to FL to CA? Yes, young and on the move. Very nice to go with the gramophone you wil...
  22. When did you find it Efes? Because...that's how old it is! Probably from China and sent to your world, to mine, and to all worlds China ships too. I have this too. I found it last year at a thrift sto...
  23. So beautiful!
  24. My guess is 1950's Victorian Revival. Very nice!
  25. Hi Rose - it's 1950's/60's costume but not real pearls made beautifully in West Germany.
  26. Great comments from other pin nuts! Group them on your sweater or jacket and enjoy the compliments! Please post a picture of you wearing these. Then I will too!
  27. Karen - these are so fun and yes I love the hand in 4. I like all the bug and butterfly in 3 too.
  28. Great! And great comments too about these beauties.
  29. Is it a clasp bracelet or stretch elastic? To clean it: first soft brush, then use a damp t-shirt like fabric w/any mild cleanser and clean it! If you are worried, use a hair dryer to dry, but if not ...
  30. I think this is a wonderful 1960's or 70's brooch. Personally, I think it's too elaborate (plus the weight you describe) to be "new" 80's, 90's and beyond. Very pretty!
  31. My guess is mid to late 50's. Maybe even 1960's. Pretty great!
  32. Hi my friend - are you embarrassed because you paid too much or next to nothing? BTW, I don't mind if you ask what I've paid for my items since I'm not selling them. I don't automatically put what I ...
  33. Thanks Share - and back to Oceanside such a beautiful place to watch the eclipse and orange moon! Hope you had a fun visit. Jacks and ball necklace - neat idea! I would have remade to a bracelet becau...
  34. Thanks Gudrun - oh yeah! it would have made a really good bracelet. Well, that's what CW is for: sharing and learning. The cherry bakelite items are always a lot of money.
  35. Thanks Kyra - Valentinisation! It doesn't quite roll off the tongue does it? Anyway, thanks for enjoying my plastic colors.
  36. Really pretty!
  37. These are so great! Thanks for sharing. Love the enamels from your Auntie.
  38. things alive made from metal - great post!
  39. Karen - love these! Especially the enamel belt clips in one and the rhinestone felt in that 2-tone blue plastic below it. These are fun!!!
  40. Love these! My faves - 2 love birds, the crochet man and zebra? Fun!
  41. Share thanks, I enjoy doing this! Since they're just for me I don't worry too much but I don't take apart perfect vintage items either. Nice to hear from you again- did you see the eclipse and orange ...
  42. Hi Newtimes and thanks for your nice comments. Well, I did not show you my projects drawers, just this one box that happens to be fairly organized. Keep your eye out for the ring blanks for your singl...
  43. Rick - thank you - I try to make my redos look as original as possible.
  44. Karen - thank you for your nice comment!
  45. Gudrun - I knew green would look great w/the brown. If I find more of the old green smaller 5/16" dice I'll probably replace these. I love these big dice but the balance isn't right. I love recycling...
  46. Thanks Karen for your wow.
  47. Thank you share for your comment girlie.
  48. Thank you Katherine - yes shells sound about right! I see these from time to time online, but the shipping is usually too high so it was really fun (not a blessing :-) to find this one.
  49. Thanks Fort - I knew your would love it. I have a texasware mixing bowl - splatter? granite? That plastic is a little thicker in the melmac or melamine style. This tackle box is thinner and over the y...
  50. Thanks Karen for your approval that it will no longer be a fish or shell tackle box after the clean up job. No, only dirt and rust - no fishy remains.
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A Large Andamooka Sugar Treated Matrix Opal Three Idd Large Pendant Native American? Miriam Haskell Red "Coral" Necklace Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clock Females Bracelet Gorgeous gold metal brooch - Cat paw in a fish bowl !


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