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Disco Cumi Cloud! I'm a 70's kid from the Midwest. My parents went to farm sales and I tagged along - now I know more about antiques than they do. My favorites: old Disco Cumi Cloud! I'm a 70's kid from the Midwest. My parents went to farm sales and I tagged along - now I know more about antiques than they do. My favorites: old plastics: bakelite, celluloid, Lucite, bird stuff, sewing supplies, depression and other glass, Native American, Mission era everything, advertising graphics and tin lithos, the odd ugly thing that makes me laugh out loud immediately when I see it..... Yes I'm addicted to old things. Cumi is 8. (Read more)


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Ladybird and Pat didn't own this one....maybe Eleanor - Accessoriesin Accessories
face along hwy 14/19/60 in Wisconsin - Photographsin Photographs
Hinges & chickens at the Wisconsin farm - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Crochet coin purse  - Bagsin Bags
Old unfinished beaded bag - Bagsin Bags
1960's lucite bangles in circus colors - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pewter duck bangle bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1970's  handmade pewter necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1960's pewter cuff Brodene Mylius, Norway - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Black coral cuff bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Thank you Phil - these are really great when I look at them again. I forget what I have when they are all packed away.
  2. Thank you agh! I love these and most recently had discussions w/collector who commented the first is an early piece. She said it might have been from melted pennies in 1940's. Not sure but an interest...
  3. Thanks agh for loving this right now. I have to reshoot. It's so much prettier than this.
  4. Mani - I am going to send you some fun chicken pictures. Get ready.
  5. Yes it bugs me too when my boyfriend says "sell it" and my nieces say "oh neat what is it?". Neither makes sense.
  6. Thanks for showing both sides of earrings. And yes - older than screw type backs.
  7. Is there a picture of your wife wearing it to help us?
  8. If you both enjoy it - that's what matters.
  9. Well honestly those earrings are ugly. Not near as interesting as this bracelet. Could you retake the picture w/light background?
  10. Austro - I'm a graphic artist too! I was able to work in the field for 15 yrs. Now I'm on my 3rd or 4th career (newspaper writer, editor, pattern-maker for Reebok, production (man I hated this job!) t...
  11. Mike - I don't know. 2.5" works as a bracelet. Someone will recognize your KCR mark.
  12. And to fhrjr2 - I lived in Hollywood Florida and I REMEMBER the "stand your ground" gun law. But, I never had to shoot the critters and I wasn't a drug addict so no other problems that way. BUT, many ...
  13. Peasejean55 - rats but I deal w/cockroaches the size of figs. I think those are called palmetto bugs? I don't like rats or mice either. I love chickens and birds in general. I'm the w...
  14. My mom always said "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all". But she also said "I love you Val - but I don't like you." was a confusing childhood.
  15. Old Alpaca is very collectible which you already know. I'm not so sure about the pink beads. But someone is.
  16. Smaller wrists back then. Mike you find some really fun items at your GW. I think my next road trip needs to be to Ohio!
  17. Don't be mad. This is so ugly. Forgive my first outburst but I think that is why you are both laughing on your profile picture. I respect that you love this and posted it. I have some darn ugly thi...
  18. So lovely. How did it get to Argentina?
  19. Oh that is a BIG problem but it is beautiful. I've made some mistakes too. Does it bug you having it around or do you just look at it and smirk..."never again fooker".
  20. Hi fortapache and Virginia - thank you both for enjoying the pictures along the road. I think I was a Bedouin in my past life.
  21. Thank you Phil - it is a romantic ruin. It's kind of scary in a way. I'll see if I can find out more info. Someone loves this old place.
  22. Love that bracelet.
  23. Take a look on the internet or chatting w/antique dealers. There is a lot of items like this to reference.
  24. Did you test it to see if it was glass? Is it green or white rhinestone? I found a lot of hits for Garne rhinestones on the internet. Have fun!
  25. Sorry - what's up with that? Crap! It's an unsolved mystery. Sorry all.
  26. Kyra - LOVE THIS. Interesting you post this now because yesterday I was kinda depressed thinking how another member could post 7000 mystery items sounding like a country bumpkin and then when someone ...
  27. Thanks Kerry - we're crossing comments. I'll do this sometime this week.
  28. I am kidding. This probably isn't worth fixing. But I love this watch and it even went to China, Fiji and Pue...
  29. Thanks Kerry - well I LOVE old wind-up watches. For me, they have to work and can't always afford them but enjoy looking and now and again it's my price range. I think Geneva is still in existence but...
  30. Kerry knows - and won't reply to me because then he would have to fix ALL our watches??? Hee hee! It's not too hard to find the vintage rhinestones if you take your time. Mr.Stones online also has som...
  31. I wonder if this was a dime store or fair item. Thanks for the love: agh, kevin, mike, Kerry, racer, sean, mani, geo and tom.
  32. Thank you antiquerose. I was so tempted to get out of the car and investigate a little closer but chickened out last minute. It was obvious the farm was loved and they kept these relics for a reason. ...
  33. Thanks friends: Mani, Radegunder, walksoftly, kevin, blunder, racer, tom, antiquerose, mike, geo and Kyra!
  34. Thank you Mani! I really love it too. Thanks friends: agh, mani, kevin, Kerry, racer, ken, tom, antiquerose, share, phil, mike and geo!
  35. Thanks friends for the love: geo, kevin, tom and ho2cultcha!
  36. Hi brassnut - yes please post and thanks for the nice comment!
  37. Thank you friends: MJ, Kerry, Gudrun, jewels, tom,
  38. Thank you Manikin - I doubled back and as I drove up the lane a local radio station announced a band I follow here in CA was playing in Madison. The brothers Phil and Dave Alvin playing Big Bill Broon...
  39. And Geo!
  40. Oh sorry that was a bit snide anyway.
  41. Why did I think the Kings were the hockey kings this year? Sorry, I'm not a sports follower. I will always pick my home teams though. I was going to make a snide comment about my Canadian friends who ...
  42. Thank you Manikin - I agree. My bag isn't crocheted but I included this page from the book "A book of new bead work" by Emma Post Barbour, 1924. Shows how the finished shape might have been. I collect...
  43. Hi fhrjr2 - The window is in a pile of other glass storm windows, but I think you are right that it was a critter door. None of the windows in that pile fit any of the buildings on the farm! Typical I...
  44. I wanted to do the Pabst Mansion but I ran out of time. I had a day and some and then drove on to Madisson. Because 94 fwy was under construction I drove thru more neighborhoods and stopped at 2 garag...
  45. I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum (my favorite) the Fine Arts Museum, Grohmann Men at Work (Fab!) St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette University and St. Josephat basillica. PLUS there was an Ital...
  46. Thanks fhrjr2....I think they were called blue Iowa chickens. I can't remember. I haven't been on a farm in 30 yrs and I didn't write anything down. Yes I agree he kept the hinges to use later - throw...
  47. No I live in California. This was a road trip vacation. I have 3 sisters and we try to get together once a year. I had more vacation then they did so I flew into Milwaukee - GREAT museums then after 2...
  48. Yes - I agree. Thanks for your nice comment. Thanks freinds: mike, geo, tom, sean, petey, fhrjr2!
  49. Hi Mani - he's near Richland Center/Hillsboro. Even w/directions I got lost going to his place. I'll post my sister's photos of his amazing farm because my pix were crappy. It is gorgeous! I loved Mad...
  50. We moved to my grandparents farm in 1964 and I found an iron similar to the one in pic 2 and brought it to show my Mom. She laughed and said she remembered when her mother-in-law took that iron, went ...
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1999 - Saharan Rep. "Persian Cat" Postage Stamp Vintage stone necklace


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