California Riviera

I know a fair amount about old jewelry. I love to research old stuff, to hear the stories, to buy old stuff (of course). My favorites: old plastic jewelry, NativeI know a fair amount about old jewelry. I love to research old stuff, to hear the stories, to buy old stuff (of course). My favorites: old plastic jewelry, Native American, advertising graphics, the odd ugly thing that makes me laugh out loud immediately when I see it....bird stuff, sewing supplies & fabric, old pottery and glass - in a nut shell! (Read more)


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Orange to brown bakelite & 2 other plastic bracelets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
7 Black bakelite bangles  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Happy Easter from 3 little chicks - in color courtesy Phil! - Figurinesin Figurines
Drive-by shooting - where was I? - Photographsin Photographs
Brushed silver domed bracelet & more 1950's-60's examples - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1950's Coro silvertone bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Monet 50's/60's bracelet in a revival 40's rococo style - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Silvertone machine disc bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rail  & mesh silvertone 50's-60's bracelets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Machine age 50's-60's Marino silvertone bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Cassidy - you should research what stones are native to SC to see what this green is. I love them but don't know enough to tell you anything important.
  2. Looking again and LOVE your collection!
  3. Very pretty!
  4. LOVE your clear and black Lucite -well done Mom. And hubby tried - those are very nice! Black is harder to find isn't it? And harder to test. I only have 6 that I know for sure are bakelite. I dropped...
  5. Yes this is very nice!
  6. Wow. How in the world can you find bakelite that cheap?? I am so impressed. Great pictures (a cardboard paper towel roll works pretty good for stacks). I hope none broke. I broke a wonderful orange o...
  7. Sorry Jewel - what I see - they are too clean. There's no sign of wear in 90 years? There should be some wear. Even if they have been in a store for that long....would not be so perfect. Please look...
  8. I have some old scrimshaw too. And I have some lovely antler...I am not sure what you want me to say. I like old vintage antique jewelry. Your post looked very interesting.
  9. I am not sure about these rings. Something isn't right.
  10. Just not sure. Can you take more pictures?
  11. You will laugh - it is a tourist piece but I'll post when it arrives. After I bought it I looked at all your MM jewelry again and realized again how amazing your collection is!
  12. Wow! Why don't I have these kind of friends? - or associates? I guess might be because Romans invaded here so no Roman coins so no haggling w/the guy who had the coins. Crap!
  13. Thank you pops52 - yes - it's important to keep those old rhinestones for repair jobs. This is a nice color of green - thank you.
  14. Hey my friend nutsabotas6 - you probably live in the right place to find bakelite and Lucite easier than I can. Keep checking your thrift stores!
  15. I would guess a homemade item ....pinback looks 1950's or 60's. But the face could be older.
  16. Thank you MJ I just bought a "new' tourist bracelet today. It's okay. Rarely find items like yours but I will someday - and will share with you first! Thank you for sharing - helps me search for the b...
  17. And by the way the first picture w/your head and your flip-flop feet - PRICELESS. Very handsome man holding the shell Trey! Yeah Mike at AP should give a comment.
  18. Really great! These are all the real deal?! Don't be offended, so many fakes out there - you might not have gotten response because of that. Where have you found these cool old coins?
  19. Love you and Connie!
  20. And thank you for later loves from my CW friends: Verontique, Cait, gargoyle, sean, pops and aztom!
  21. Thank you Virginia - he was a really nice man and we parted as friends many years ago.
  22. I had a similar puppet of "Lamb chop" - Shari Lewis - TV show? I don't remember it. There was a fabric robe connected to the neck to hide your hand. Mom gave it to me when I was a kid...which would ha...
  23. Thank you to new viewers of this. It's not near as precious as Agram's amazing collection but my best example. Thank you BelleEpoque, Catteann and aghcollect for the love.
  24. Well done! I haven't heard of that website. I was at a concert a few wks ago and the guy in front of me was checking his bidding all thru the night. Yes, I snooped but no, it wasn't really my kinda ob...
  25. Phil I love this! Thank you!
  26. You collected this much in a year? That is very impressive. Keep the boyfriend. Mine kept asking why I wasn't selling on ebay (I got rid of him).
  27. Probably a plastic from the 1950's-60's based on the 3-row style and clasp. It is very unusual and I love it!
  28. No...I think the above guesses for teapot or creamer are better bets. If it was an ashtray the cigs would damage the glaze - seems too big for an ashtray.
  29. Wow she is amazing! A great addition to your ladies. Now I have to ask. Were you on the phone/internet bidding? And how stressful and fun was that?! Or live?
  30. Yes, she is adorable!
  31. I meant 20% of my collection was bought online. Darn where's that edit button Hunter???
  32. Sorry you missed it. It was a bargain. I thought long and hard but in the end I figured I had enough green and I only resell certain colors to a friend of mine who is also a bakelite nut but unlike yo...
  33. Hi Vmode - was it the one that was a 1" wide green & beige mix? If so - yes it sold for $13.oo? I watched it and almost bought it but decided I already had a green. If it would have been ANY other col...
  34. What a beautiful Grand Tour set! Thank you for all your wonderful posts of amazing micro mosaic jewelry!
  35. So nice! I love your ivorine brooch. Maybe it was a tourist item from extra panels? Are the 3 little plaquettes buttons? Just a few hours ago I bought a bracelet - pretty sure it is 1950's but wil...
  36. The best way to clean this piece would be a bath in soap & water - or a mixture w/glass cleaner & water. Then wipe it dry w/an old t-shirt. This isn't old but you don't want to leave these plastics fo...
  37. So wrong that this darling duck would be smoking. It's exactly the kind of thing I love - weird but adorable.
  38. Maybe dyed bone? Are you sure it's stone? Very interesting - thanks for sharing it.
  39. If you post your email I will copy the picture for you and then delete the post so your email is not on CW.
  40. In my book "Ethnic Jewelry" edited by John Mack similar ring is worn on the toes of a Indian bride from Bageli Thakur. "She wears the full quota of new silver called for by the local tradition of her ...
  41. Amazing! I haven't seen this one. I hope you wear it in best health. Really pretty!
  42. Happy Easter! Nice photo of artbowl. I haven't seen it on Mad Men but I LOVE that show and their sets. Thanks for sharing.
  43. These are really great! Your website seems to be closed down?
  44. Thank you antiquerose and verontique for enjoying the pictures and posting your comments. I love old places and their history.
  45. Fortapache - are you a fan of the Blasters? or in particular the younger brother Dave Alvin? I am not a groupie but I know him and am a great fan of both bands and many other local bands that played ...
  46. Thank you CW friends: Karen, Tom, Phil, Nadia, Blunder, Leah, Aztom, Geo, Gargoyle, Sean, Smiata, Meiderman, Virginia, Roycroft and Trey!
  47. Yes - keep simichrome w/you! As for this bangle - it's really great 60's as vmode told you. Getting hard to find these treasures too altho there are similar new ones. The 1960's examples are a little ...
  48. And not a good year to live in Hungary.
  49. I love your collection and thank you for sharing it! Look forward to seeing more of your obsessions. It's good to get your collection out and look at it and document it. I have a lot but mine do not ...
  50. FANTASTIC!!!
  51. See more


Arts & Crafts French gold and silver penannular brooch c. 1880 Vintage stone necklace 1960's painted wood and glass beads from Japan? SWIRLED IRIDESCENT VASE Asian, Native American or WHAT is this doll? Some of My Prince Albert Pocket Tins. Cabinet card of youngster with a Winchester Czech glass place card holder


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