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I love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessoriI love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessories, the odd and ugly item that makes me laugh right then and there....and I have to buy. I have been collecting for 40 yrs so I know a fair bit about the above. (Read more)


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Celluloid & bakelite ring made from toothbrushes, etc.  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Upcycled red&black bakelite and celluloid  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Phylis the 1979 Westfalia goes camping at Pismo Beach. CA - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Carved 2-color overdye celluloid bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Celluloid & rhinestone bangle and (fallen) leaf - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Oscar de la Renta RIP - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
W.Germany ear clips from Elisabethan match my fake patent clutch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
red/clear twist glass bangle for Racer - Good Morning from the LBC! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sea glass bottle neck ring for Jewels - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
14 assorted celluloid bangles  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Wow agh you are the best!
  2. Gudrun I love your reason for buying this. When I travel I wear a bracelet I made w/4 small stone fetish birds. It isn't old so I can't post it - oh heck I might. Would you mind? Reminds me of my swee...
  3. Thanks Elisabeth for the research on these beautiful brides. I'm sure you are enjoying your book.
  4. Thanks and very pretty.
  5. I think these were popular in the 1940's. Is it a tiny size? I have a few of these that my grand uncle gave to his sister during WWII - around 1944 and they were for a small wrist. I wondered why. Som...
  6. It's really pretty.
  7. 1950's or 60's.
  8. I think you're right 70's - not sure about Avon. I don't recognize it. Someone poked his eye out.
  9. Sweet! The bracelet links are interesting and the charms are very charming. I love it.
  10. Share is it 1950s? Lucite or another type of resin is my guess....1960's or 70's? Lucite sings. Love it by the way.
  11. I love it! We all need love!
  12. Yes 30's or 40's. Love these! I really like the bow in pic 2.
  13. This is a very special bracelet. Thanks for your research and these beautiful pictures. Love it!
  14. Mississippi Mud? Marbled butterscotch? Great colors - warm. Love it!
  15. Is it bakelite or is it celluloid? (Is it butter or is it oleo?) Nice!
  16. I think this is glass. Very pretty.
  17. Really great - where did you find it? Fun to see room pictures, I know others agree. Love the bakelite radio. Love all the depression ware. Are those cat toys on the chair in #3?
  18. MisterE - I had a feeling you were a banker! How did you do at the poker table? I've always loved looking at gamblers' hands....a little rhinestone or better -diamond glint on fingers in the smoky lig...
  19. Hey now - women always notice men with style because so many don't dress up or express individualism (except those darn beards). I love Madmen just for looking at the clothes and sets. I'm no Rach...
  20. Show us a picture of the underside please.
  21. Happy Anniversary Carlos and Austrohungaro! Love you- love your collections!
  22. Yes, they have to remain cufflinks! Thanks! And thanks to my other CW friends for loving these lucky links.
  23. MisterE - I KNEW you would love these. I don't think they were ever worn and Someday - I will. I love the Madmen scene (1: ep 3) when Rachel Mencken tells Don Draper to pick out some cufflinks fro...
  24. All right! That's what I love to read - a true obsessed collector!
  25. I love your collection! The pair "trust me" "I'm a banker" - FUN! I'm still looking for the perfect (woman's fit) shirt w/foldover cuffs so I can wear my links again...probably just have to sew one. A...
  26. Tourist Egypt? Love them.
  27. It tests very nice!
  28. We're not supposed to give selling advice but as a sewer I'm always looking for the old machines and here's what I look for. Is it a machine w/metal or plastic parts? Is it working now? Are t...
  29. No it's not silver and the inlay is probably dyed macaroni or some other item, but it's fun.
  30. Wow! nice pinup - I have a small collection of the Isabella Rosselini Manifesto items from 2000....I waited for those too! I'll post them later.
  31. Thanks bratjdd - they are pretty! I'm in a red mood this Fall.
  32. Thanks bratjdd - it's a great ring and not too small or big (often were men's rings). The deteriorated panel is the one w/chunks of gold glitter inside so I guess that was a material that didn't wear ...
  33. Every time I see this kind of ear wire I say "no - not old". BUT, sometimes the ear wire is added later....anyway I agree w/you both - a fun pair to ponder over... could be Victorian or Edwardian may...
  34. My friend Elisabeth thanks for the comment. Sweden has a very hip style too - different makes us interesting. I wish I could come see you since I have 8 days I have to use up before 2015.
  35. Wow Nadia! I would love to have met Elizabeth Taylor. I've seen her but not very close up (store setting). Have not met those 2 ladies. Does Vitadinni still design or it all license now? I also met B...
  36. Kyra - thanks - my camera works best outside. The pie funnel was a great Wisconsin find. I plan to use Share's advice on repairing the leaf. I love talking about jewelry - thanks! And than you to a...
  37. Thanks Phil - I'm sure I can fix it - just a matter of how smooth and close I can make the restoration.
  38. Thanks share - I've seen this listed as prison art. I can't imagine prisoners were the only ones to make these great old rings. And thanks for the comment on my ring box.
  39. Some type of side board or buffet. Probably a large mirror would have hung above it.
  40. I still have my first communion cards too. Love this collection - sweet graphics.
  41. Thank you Earlquinn1 for your comment! Thanks to all my friends on CW who stopped by to love these silly bits of plastic.
  42. Thanks Share! I am known as the bird lady around here (I only have 4 little guys, what's up with that?) so I like this better as a necklace than the ashtray it originally was. And I love how the ring ...
  43. Thank you Kyra! I will look into this and practice and let you know when I get it fixed. I think I'll put a small piece of tape on underside, then as you said apply the resin between the 2 borders. ...
  44. Beautiful! I wish I was there today.
  45. Thank you Phil for your loving.
  46. Thank you Jewels - I like to fix things...
  47. Thank you Kevin, walksoftly, Jewels and AGH for your love!
  48. Family history Peasejean. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Yes - family history is sad and beautiful. I love that the money was used for his sister's wedding ring. Saddest is that I have lost hi...
  49. Beautiful - these would look great at a Texas restaurant or hunting lodge.
  50. Love these! I collect too - your collection are very fun. Great graphics.
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Japanese Parfait Glasses 1999 - Saharan Rep. "Persian Cat" Postage Stamp


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