Southern California Riviera.

Disco Cumi Cloud! I'm a 70's kid from the Midwest. My parents went to farm sales and I tagged along - now I know more about antiques than they do. My favorites: old Disco Cumi Cloud! I'm a 70's kid from the Midwest. My parents went to farm sales and I tagged along - now I know more about antiques than they do. My favorites: old plastics: bakelite, celluloid, Lucite, bird stuff, sewing supplies, depression and other glass, Native American, Mission era everything, advertising graphics and tin lithos, the odd ugly thing that makes me laugh out loud immediately when I see it..... Yes I'm addicted to old things. Cumi is 8. (Read more)


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Black coral cuff bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1950's Red Wing blue fleck violin wall pocket planter  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
McCoy dish planter in my favorite aqua color - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
McCoy Lily pad planter - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
DIY Mid-century tile and wood caosters - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Glenwood Burbank midcentury candy dishes - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Native American sterling bracelet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1850's daguerreotype and what's on my wall right now - Photographsin Photographs
Painted wood beads remind me of Christmas tree ornaments. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1930-40's wood brooch - strawberries? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Oh so much more special w/your sweet dog inside!
  2. Share - that's okay I thought the same! Beautiful gift Sean!
  3. It looks like a rug spanker. Maybe they had a gentler one for linens
  4. Liz is very ugly.
  5. Thank you girlfriend - I was surprised you and your sweeties didn't see it on my dresser and ask me about it. It is a very nice item. I wear it a lot and it doesn't have one scratch on it. Looks like ...
  6. Mani knows!
  7. You got that right fhrjr2!
  8. How do you find something like this today!? I love it and not just because I am a bird nut.
  9. Thank you agh for your love!
  10. I love this! And I really like the watch band
  11. I love this!
  12. They look great together! As usual you took beautiful pictures.
  13. Hope to see more of your collection - this is really great!
  14. I agree! They are a very stylish couple. The dress and hat are great!
  15. What an incredible picture of your lovely items. This is so gorgeous!
  16. Nice collection. I like the 62. And - love your hands.
  17. I guess I am used to some CW friends being a little upset when their items are not old...sometimes I won't comment. I should know better - you love finding the history of your items and sharing as ...
  18. Yes - nicer than my examples. Wear it in best summer health!!! Do you have a green bracelet from your FL trip to share too?
  19. Hi Ken! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend. This time I stuck close to home but had a bbq and fireworks at the beach. It was very nice even if quieter than usual. I don't post w/...
  20. This is really great.
  21. Amber is gorgeous - and these are a nice rich honey color.
  22. Don't be mad - I have very similar earrings and a ring that are from the 1980's.
  23. The earring findings are very nice - not many like this now. I've seen this type around 40's or 50's. Could the stone be chalcedony? I am not sure. I think these earrings are from somewhere near you.
  24. Simon - stay with your dad please.
  25. This is nicer than my 50's celluloid Japan bracelets. It might not be what you think....this looks thicker - mine are only 1/8 to 1/4" thick. So what is this? I love it!
  26. Not Turner prints? Similar but I think Turners are more center front posed and your sweet print has movement.
  27. I'm glad you wear it! It is just beautiful.
  28. I haven't run across this one. The clasp on bracelet to me says 1930's-50's. But to me the charm says 50's - so that's my best guess. I think you should wear it!
  29. Thank you CW friends for the love: surfdub, Ted, Elisabeth, ho2cultcha, tom!
  30. nldionne - that is SO true! And it's all new again and you can admire your own taste and luck.
  31. Thank you CW friends for your love: surfdub, Ted, maryh and tom!
  32. Thank you mike - it is a really good one. Thank you Elizabeth - I really like this aqua color and have more that I'll group together and shoot when I dig them all out. Thank you tom - Yes! The R...
  33. Because they are so cool! And functional! I only have a few. I have the Czech bird on a branch. Let's see, someone on CW posted about 30 or more of those which was very humbling. I didn't share mine. ...
  34. Yes please do! I need to dust off all my white and post it too.
  35. nldionne - I love white and grouping it all together. In fact see below. Since this posting I've found a few...
  36. Thank you racer and mike for your love!
  37. Thank you CW friends for your love: racer, ken, and sean!
  38. Thank you nldionne. I saw the dusty pink one a few yrs back at an antique mall in VA. Is this size too big for your pocket collection? If I see another one I will let you know. And yes I love your Mc...
  39. Thank you Anne! Nice comment - yes majolica - and definitely a 50's vibe.
  40. Thank you Mike - I just looked up your post. I love your dish. When I researched some of my pieces on ebay they were pretty cheap! Which kinda surprised me because at the Long Beach swapmeet (went rec...
  41. Mike - this is great! And what a good price. Thanks for the research too.
  42. What a great collection!
  43. Okay, so he decided to go against the flow of the Dutch and German world and the politics of that time. I don't like to say too much either right now.
  44. I love it more now that I know the history. I think only some of us read the entire post. I always do because you are a fantastic historian. I have a question: what is an anarchist artist? Does t...
  45. This is very cool looking, 60's/70's I agree w/Kerry. I also agree w/flrjr2 that the travel clock is very important. When I travel, I don't bring the sexy antique one. I bring the cheap China newest a...
  46. I know you know these old metal tackle and tool boxes are worth it just to stack against your wall as high and as many as you can get. And hard to find for $3.50.
  47. Very wonderful! What history - do you have any of her cure recipes? What size are these photos and is the glass domed?
  48. Thank you Charm and Budek for your love.
  49. I love smalls. I agree very nice arrangement! I love the green dice and the car at the bottom.
  50. Thank you manikin!
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1999 - Saharan Rep. "Persian Cat" Postage Stamp Arts & Crafts French gold and silver penannular brooch c. 1880 Vintage stone necklace SWIRLED IRIDESCENT VASE


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