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I love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessoriI love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessories, the odd and ugly item that makes me laugh right then and there....and I have to buy. Also enjoy old places: taking pictures, exploring, finding about the history. (Read more)


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Chalkware 1950's Japanese figures - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Mary of the Sacred Heart plaster wall hanging  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Bakelite, Lucite, Glass: Marriage of parts - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Celluloid? 1920's-40's red choker - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Udall & Ballou. hatpins w/original case - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Marbled orange bakelite ear clips & beaks - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
3 marbled bakelite bangles - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Polka dot bakelite bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
St. Labre faux turquoise pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1940's-50's wood & lucite horse pin with acetate scarf - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. LB today - nice find. Really pretty colors.
  2. Love anything touristy. I enjoyed my trip to Mt. Rushmore a few years ago - a great road trip. AND - your cat is PRICELESS.
  3. I love my coffee I must admit.
  4. Love, love, love the way you displayed your pets! I love these - thanks for sharing them.
  5. Thank you for showing the process more. How old do you think your item is? And, it seems it isn't damaged by putting it in the oven twice. Very inspiring!
  6. Looks beautiful!
  7. Lambda - Yes on the Serial Mom but no I haven't seen that True Stories movie. I will check it out. They seem like a good combination. Thanks Sean for the beautiful. Thanks friends for loving.
  8. Kyra - thanks for posting more wonderful items from your stick pin collection. Gorgeous. Thanks for the advice w/the rubber band. I will remember and use it. Very good trick to secure stick pins. I us...
  9. Love this color collection - Amazing coral and MOP. I love them all - thanks for sharing them.
  10. Yes agree w/vetraio. Take a picture of the outside please.
  11. Aspen leaf? I love the color, prefer light to dark green.
  12. I love CA tile too! This is really pretty.
  13. What a delightful bird! Great collection of pins and wonderful display. You have the eye Kyra.
  14. Thanks Lambda - I liked that movie Pecker too. There's a good John Waters film "This Filthy World" (2006) that celebrates bad taste.
  15. Thanks cwacct. My school St. Columbkille's (patron saint of lepers?) was really a fun little school. It was so small that 2 grades shared a classroom. Not all the teachers were nuns. The new 8th grade...
  16. Ivonne - Yes! quite a combination isn't it?
  17. Philmac - in the 60's it was popular to put the chalkware Madonna statues in a upended bathtub (shrine) w/flowers around her. In the front yard of course. I have a lot of great Saint medals that I ...
  18. Thanks mike - these were made in Japan - ha - go figure! Yes, stoned hippie meets terrorist sums up the one I left behind. Catholic school for me grades 1-8 in a very small Midwest town. We had some a...
  19. That's great - take a picture of the hinge and stamp for us.
  20. If possible - take a photo outside so we can see what it really looks like.
  21. Hi Phil - I'll post it now. One of my names is Mary so I am attracted to Mary items. :-)
  22. pix 2 and 3 are very cute!
  23. Thanks for sharing - let's see them out of their globe. I know you plan to do that. So thanks in advance.
  24. Wow how gorgeous! Yes, I see what you mean - colors and graduation of beads are really pretty. Delicious!
  25. Kyra thanks - I know you get this marriage. I don't want old pieces to sit unloved if there is something I can do about it. The buttons were special. I wanted to use them for a 1940's jacket but it n...
  26. Thanks friends for enjoying: Kevin, Karen, Trey, Rick and GeodeJem! Look forward to the next Kyra collection - thanks my friend!
  27. Hello Bluboi - I tried to do some more searching this morning but the only link I can find is that Udall and Ballou had a store in Rhode Island. My instinct? Yes, they are related but I can't find the...
  28. Thanks AGH and mike for the love! Thanks Ivonne - when I make jewelry from old parts I try to make them look original to their time. I have some great research books to help me. My background is g...
  29. Thanks Rick - the joke here is that I have 3 shoeboxes of random cool old black beads and buttons waiting to get out of the box! Tip: nice beads should be put in plastic bags so they don't scrape agai...
  30. Hi Ivonne - Simichrome is a german metal paste. You should find it easily. I bought mine on ebay. A small amount applied to q-tip or soft white cloth and then rubbed on plastic will turn yellow becaus...
  31. Great collection and pictures! I love these all, especially the butterfly. Are the orange ones coral? I imagine women picking them out for their special hat. What does it mean that mine have blued me...
  32. Ken - simichrome is a German metal polish that comes in a tube. I bought mine on ebay. It lasts a long time! Became popular with restorations on bakelite radios. No it wipes away clean with no residue...
  33. I have a few more than I can wear old blue jean jackets. This one is a favorite Levi's, not as old as the 70's but mended and patched....Thanks for loving the old fake brooch.
  34. Thanks Rose for your nice comment.
  35. Thanks Miss Rose - pretty color isn't it?
  36. Is it a clamper or a bangle? Just from this photo it looks like a Lucite item in the style of Weiss.
  37. I watched Unbreakable last night again which made me appreciate these once more. The fight between good and evil.
  38. And great research by the way from our friend vetraio50!
  39. This looks newer than mid-century - I love it! Great colors.
  40. She's lovely! Great size and restoration. What did you do? Some replaster and how? I have a chalkware 8" Mary but passed on the matching Jesus - he was just too scary. I kick myself now since they wer...
  41. Gorgeous - lovely colors and shapes. You have the eye my friend!!
  42. Looks great! I love the battle w/your cats over this restoration. Looks like you won. Nice job!
  43. Ken - if you can take a little simichrome w/a wht scrap of t-shirt w/you and rub it on the item - often the change will be yellow. Not always but 80% accurate. Harder to use on black and red. Bakelit...
  44. Thanks Mike for the love!
  45. Thanks Kevin for immediate love, and AGH and Mike. Thanks Ken - it is pretty great necklace. Keep looking - you can find these. (Tip: if the plastic items you find have seams - not as old. Lot's of...
  46. I agree w/wright and racer - I love your old posters and thanks for sharing them with us.
  47. Thanks AGH and Kevin for loving too.
  48. Yes Kyra - probably just crystal - darn it! I just did my taxes and hoped to retire on these. Not to be I guess.
  49. I just posted and thanks for all that research you provided. Let's spark a hat pin posting craze?
  50. I have 2 interesting rock crystal? from Udall & Ballou (1900-1939). Not as dramatic as your jadeite which is just gorgeous! Will take pix when the light is better....pitch black right now - goodnight ...
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