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Disco Cumi Cloud! I'm a 70's kid from the Midwest. My parents went to farm sales and I tagged along - now I know more about antiques than they do. My favorites: old Disco Cumi Cloud! I'm a 70's kid from the Midwest. My parents went to farm sales and I tagged along - now I know more about antiques than they do. My favorites: old plastics: bakelite, celluloid, Lucite, bird stuff, sewing supplies, depression and other glass, Native American, Mission era everything, advertising graphics and tin lithos, the odd ugly thing that makes me laugh out loud immediately when I see it..... Yes I'm addicted to old things. Cumi is 8. (Read more)


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1940's bracelet: white onyx & sterling made in Mexico - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Ladybird and Pat didn't own this one....maybe Eleanor - Accessoriesin Accessories
face along hwy 14/19/60 in Wisconsin - Photographsin Photographs
Hinges & chickens at the Wisconsin farm - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Crochet coin purse  - Bagsin Bags
Old unfinished beaded bag - Bagsin Bags
1960's lucite bangles in circus colors - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pewter dragon or duck head bangle bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1970's  handmade pewter necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1960's pewter cuff Brodene Mylius, Norway - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. I love these - I have one w/birds since I am the crazy bird lady....I think it's the same size. Mine opens up tho. AND, how weird - I bought it in Puerto Rico.
  2. Hi NapierExpert - well I thought that's probably what happened and why I dislike smart phones (ha, ha!) Interesting - they didn't sell as sets! I bought these together so someone bought them together....
  3. Thank you Lisa for your comments. I love Mexican stone and sterling! Interesting and a bit rough. It's so hard to find bracelets for a decent price. There might be some on Etsy that are fairly low. EB...
  4. Thanks Phil - it's pretty fun isn't it?
  5. Thank you friends for checking this out: Mike, Elizabeth, Antiquerose, Sara, Racer and EZa!
  6. Kevin - as always thank you! I want to send you a postcard. Here's my email if you're interested:
  7. Thank you Lisa. I was sad I couldn't afford a similar bracelet on ebay but then I remembered and posted my "humble" bracelet. No I'm kidding. It is a really great bracelet. I know it is and enjoy it. ...
  8. Yikes! Are there any Asbestos companies around now?
  9. Karen - I love you wear a brooch every day! Mike these are very nice. Love the colors. FYI in the past 5 yrs. lots of large round rhinestone pins were remade and sold in Macy's, Dillards, etc. Whe...
  10. Please share more! We need to post some quilts and other sewing items.
  11. Oh that reminds me when I pet sit Alexander - I was making a dress and left for a minute...and back to see he had thrashed the pattern and sat happily on it and the yes, I think you should...
  12. Thanks NapierExpert for your post. I know they aren't a set - why would they be in the same add? What's an add? Will check out your book to see what you have to share.
  13. How did you get ahold of this amazing piece of newspaper history?
  14. You probably already know but have you placed it flat between acid-free paper or at least tissue paper until you can frame or sell it? Yes, that's an option. Even if it is under you bed in a flat pla...
  15. Hey Lisa - I just looked at your items. Love them!
  16. How did I miss this? Interesting to note here in this GORGEOUS bracelet is the fold over silver bezel treatment. Gives me some good ideas for artclay projects. Thanks for posting and commenting on my ...
  17. Thank you Lisa! For some fine CW examples check out the Mexico jewelry show & tell section.
  18. Thanks Ken - if you go on ebay and search Mexican sterling jewelry you'll see some very nice examples which are very expensive (OUT of my price range!) I won't sell this so I am okay w/adding links so...
  19. Thanks agh for your fast and constant appreciation.
  20. Hi MJ - Recently I've seen some similar under celluloid or Lucite categories on the internet- and often attributed to Leah Stein. Or at least "in the style of Leah Stein". I believe the style was made...
  21. Thank you FanciGirl for your nice comment! Kinda fun. I love the pin most. And thanks also to CW friends for loving: Lee, Kevin, Nadia, Tom and MJ!
  22. Love the colors!
  23. And love that you know they're pop and not sodas!
  24. This is really great. I love it - I am a green nut. The glass decoration is interesting - wood? Are the pulls painted metal? Whatever 1930's or 50's - I would love to have this.
  25. Is olive oil better than lemon oil? This is a really nice set. I love it because of the green accents.
  26. Thank you Lee and tom for love. And MJ for the like. Some members don't like "likes" but I completely agree - we all have different tastes. How many times I've sat here in front of the screen and laug...
  27. Thank you Elisabeth. It is a fun purse. Besides bracelets - I think I like old bags the best. Maybe because I am one? Thank you Lee!
  28. Thanks tom, nitty-gritty and Elizabeth for your loves! These are still very reasonable Elisabeth - I am happy to have 3 and knowing me I'll wear all 3 same time.
  29. Kyra - you said what many of us were thinking. I've decided from now on to list all my jewelry in the fine jewelry category. I'm not the first CW member to do this.
  30. I liked the Peter Max 1970's graphics best - but I'm a 70's child. I remember some cut-out paper airplanes. I held on to that book for a long time but now I have no idea what happened to it. This is ...
  31. Gorgeous!
  32. He looks angry because he has a red sticker on his butt.
  33. Mani who do you think is the most handsome man alive now? Hmm, let's throw that one around.
  34. I think 1970's.
  35. I really love getting those ebay packages too...
  36. Here in Long Beach in my neighborhood we have substitute mail carriers and many times only get mail 5 days a week with no explanation. Everyone in the building gathers around sad when our beloved ma...
  37. Ripley way to go! Interesting - I learned something new today. And that's what CW is all about. Thanks!
  38. Sean takes the best photos. Everything he has looks amazing.
  39. He was the most handsome man alive in his time.
  40. So elegant. Everything you have is gorgeous!
  41. I like that it is in your dining room in case someone needs to call for a taxi home?
  42. Oh sorry I hate this one but I respect you love it.
  43. Austro - I read somewhere only 10% of artists actually earn a decent living making their own art. But we are a creative breed and will irritate that other sort in any job we have. AND, I was not desig...
  44. Oh that's too bad! The trick is to put her in the last picture. You saw how many dumb bird pictures I have on here? Some members won't open up your posts unless they follow you. Don't go! It's fun to ...
  45. Thank you Phil - these are really great when I look at them again. I forget what I have when they are all packed away.
  46. Thank you agh! I love these and most recently had discussions w/collector who commented the first is an early piece. She said it might have been from melted pennies in 1940's. Not sure but an interest...
  47. Thanks agh for loving this right now. I have to reshoot. It's so much prettier than this.
  48. Mani - I am going to send you some fun chicken pictures. Get ready.
  49. Yes it bugs me too when my boyfriend says "sell it" and my nieces say "oh neat what is it?". Neither makes sense.
  50. Thanks for showing both sides of earrings. And yes - older than screw type backs.
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1999 - Saharan Rep. "Persian Cat" Postage Stamp Vintage stone necklace


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