Southern CA beach - not spoiled YET.

I love collecting - the stories. My parents took me to farm sales so I remember some of the oldies that are now impossible to find. Have been collecting for 40 yearsI love collecting - the stories. My parents took me to farm sales so I remember some of the oldies that are now impossible to find. Have been collecting for 40 years and know a lot about old costume jewelry, old plastics, Native American jewelry. I plan to replace this profile picture which altho I'm Mary and so is she....we are not alike. Plus this picture looks like my little sister Teresa, so got to change it. (Read more)


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Overdyed celluloid carved necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Delicate rose gold and gold wash vermeil earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mesh rose gold bracelet w/flower accents - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Gold flower spray pin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Rococo style 40's or 50's vermeil scroll pin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
50's pink moonglow bow brooch & pink on grey for Freiheit - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Happy Thanksgiving from 2 turkeys - Booksin Books
Richmond Brewery beer bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Beach glass bottle neck ring: sentimental to me - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Apple juice bakelite serving dish handle turned bracelet and candy dish - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Great color!
  2. Vintagemad - I forgot to say THANKS for the names to search further. Thank you aura and everyone else for the loves!
  3. Thank you Nicefice for your comment. Thanks everyone for your love!
  4. Hi Bonnie and Gudrun - so true about 925 mismarked items! Always good to check and check closely. Thanks friends for the loves.
  5. Thank you Peasejean - kinda sweet aren't they? Thanks friends for the loves!
  6. There it is! I like your color combination better. Too bad it doesn't give more of a description or value.
  7. Thank you Kevin for your comment. Thanks friends for the love!
  8. Thank you themuse for giving me this info about my pin! I appreciate your expertise.
  9. Thank you my friend - it's a nice 50's example of chunky design. The fake opals might be Lucite or they are thermoplastic.
  10. Thanks mike for the love. I have 2 more items to post and then I have to get outside and enjoy some sun.
  11. Hi Bonnie - that's too bad! The old stuff is too pretty to go unworn! BTW, lots of newer 925 or sterling necklaces are marked on clasps but the necklace isn't 925 or sterling - just the clasp. You pr...
  12. Thank you aura - and thanks Bonnie for you great comment!
  13. Thank you Kyra and aura for the fast loves!
  14. Thank you Kyra!
  15. Thanks Kyra - that's a size 2? 1930's sewing dressform - she can expand to your size by twisting that nob on her neck - ha ha, I have never tested it. She makes all my tiny vintage clothes look amazi...
  16. Thank you Bonnie - I think I paid $10 for it w/some unmatching earrings (not those in pic 3) Yes, you're right - better than pretty. :)
  17. Thanks for posting your bottles. There's nothing like digging up an old thing someone used and then threw away because it wasn't special to them.
  18. Thanks for showing us how it's done. This is very interesting to me. I still have to tackle some of my plastic repair projects. Seeing your results is very inspiring!
  19. They were not allowed in our household of 8 kids. Thank goodness.
  20. I can't drive 55! Love that song - thank you Sammy. I have an old sign white on black that just says TO. I gave it to my youngest brother Charlie for his bachelor pad. I also gave him home plate from...
  21. Hey Share - I LOVE that idea! If I find another, I might do that. Yes, it is very "scratched, frosty and worn", tumbled for a long time in the ocean. I think it was a beer bottle. Great idea by the wa...
  22. Yes Share - they do! And someday that pesky earring will pop up.... Thanks Rose. Ha ha, Gudrun if it wasn't so expensive to mail things out of the country we could! Glad you like that cardigan -...
  23. Hey Share - the 3 of us have a set! Love these. I forgot you posted this, sorry it took me so long to shoot my where is that pesky missing earring!
  24. Could be 60's or 70's. Do you have the link from online pic you saw? You can email it to me or share it here.
  25. Peasejean - this bracelet has a past and enjoys messing with you! Forgive me for saying - I wouldn't wear this dancing with some Scotsman because anything could happen right? But, wearing it to your s...
  26. Peter - so great you got this family heirloom back!
  27. They are very cool, great find. What size?
  28. Delicious! Happy Thanksgiving friend. Love these shown together.
  29. Hi davy I love talking about this ring! The curved glass fit perfectly over my ring finger and because there were 2 natural ridges (maybe this was a wire and flip stopper top bottle) it was natural t...
  30. Thanks Karen - I love vintage fashion! I think I'll wear it tonight going out to hear some good rockabilly from my friends' band. Thanks inky for loving it all too. Thanks friends for the love: ...
  31. So beautiful! I like combining it with your necklace. Nice "set".
  32. Thank you sklo42 - Peggy? for your love
  33. Thanks Kyra. For awhile this brooch was only a few bucks but there's a clear one on etsy now for $50. Surprising but pretty soon the 50's-60's moonglow will be hard to find and prices will go up. I lo...
  34. I think the other two are also tiger eye. The brown beads have been heat treated and are called red tiger eye and the greenish might be blue tiger eye or hawks eye. They scratch easily so I think yo...
  35. Is the elastic white or clear? Just an observation but old 60's stretch bracelets were usually strung w/white or black elastic -that usually has broken down since then. Clear elastic is fairly new an...
  36. You know I'm a nut for plastic - but I haven't seen this in my searching and prowling. Hmm....the marbled grey looks like a technique used in Lucite.
  37. Thanks aura for the fast love!
  38. I did fort - and I have another dinner to attend today, then cook my turkey for my sweetheart next week. I like to spread the holidays out a bit, get as much homecooked meals as I can (hee, hee - I lo...
  39. Yes - charcoal or even a mid heather grey color. (I watched Dior & I on Netflix, he loved that combination). I have the matching ball earrings and the large bow tie pin. Will post since they complemen...
  40. Yes I love it! How long is it? Nice find!
  41. Thank you Nicefice - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
  42. So beautiful - nice rich color and graceful design.
  43. I love these! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  44. Happy Thanksgiving Fort to you and yours! Thanks Kyra for getting the turkey joke. I have the book from 1950 - it isn't a big one 8"x6" but beautiful prints of birds I love! Thanks Jscotto for t...
  45. Thank you Kevin and Fall Greetings to you too!
  46. Thanks Ken! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too :)
  47. Very nice necklace of dyed coral. Yes probably was $40-60 and maybe just a few years old. Note in picture 3 - the lines that don't take the dye as nicely as your necklace slices. Dyed coral is everywh...
  48. Thanks Mike - Have a great holiday!
  49. Thanks Rick - I love weird one-of-a-kind, personal sentimental old things. And yes, it is a conversation piece. Not everyone gets us. The other night I was with friends at a party and overheard Gina ...
  50. Thanks Katherine - the setting is unusual. But the back has the same scratched inventory mark. I think this is a 1970's hippy creation. Thanks everyone for the loves!
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Shergar Horse and Jockey figurine on wood base, a lively example for a figurine. A Large Andamooka Sugar Treated Matrix Opal Three Idd Large Pendant Native American? Miriam Haskell Red "Coral" Necklace Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clock Females Bracelet Gorgeous gold metal brooch - Cat paw in a fish bowl !


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