Southern CA beach - not spoiled YET.

I love collecting - the stories. My parents took me to farm sales so I remember some of the oldies that are now impossible to find. Have been collecting for 40 yearsI love collecting - the stories. My parents took me to farm sales so I remember some of the oldies that are now impossible to find. Have been collecting for 40 years and know a lot about old costume jewelry, old plastics, Native American jewelry. I plan to replace this profile picture which altho I'm Mary and so is she....we are not alike. Plus this picture looks like my little sister Teresa, so got to change it. (Read more)


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Happy Thanksgiving from 2 turkeys - Booksin Books
Richmond Brewery beer bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Beach glass bottle neck ring: sentimental to me - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Apple juice bakelite serving dish handle turned bracelet and candy dish - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Albert Scharning guilloche enamel and sterling brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Grey banded agate pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Nickel 1970's poppy jasper pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Machine-age sterling cuff and ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Montana agate men's rings - part 2 - and tie clip - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
3 carved bakelite bracelets w/plus one from last year... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. So beautiful - nice rich color and graceful design.
  2. I love these! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving Fort to you and yours! Thanks Kyra for getting the turkey joke. I have the book from 1950 - it isn't a big one 8"x6" but beautiful prints of birds I love! Thanks Jscotto for t...
  4. Thank you Kevin and Fall Greetings to you too!
  5. Thanks Ken! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too :)
  6. Very nice necklace of dyed coral. Yes probably was $40-60 and maybe just a few years old. Note in picture 3 - the lines that don't take the dye as nicely as your necklace slices. Dyed coral is everywh...
  7. Thanks Mike - Have a great holiday!
  8. Thanks Rick - I love weird one-of-a-kind, personal sentimental old things. And yes, it is a conversation piece. Not everyone gets us. The other night I was with friends at a party and overheard Gina ...
  9. Thanks Katherine - the setting is unusual. But the back has the same scratched inventory mark. I think this is a 1970's hippy creation. Thanks everyone for the loves!
  10. Indianafarm - have you written a book yet? I think you should!
  11. I had the original 1959 Barbie but my little sisters played with her to death. "RIP old Barbie" and "sorry I didn't buy you guys newer Barbies, it would have been better than you trashing the old B an...
  12. Sean I like your new picture!
  13. It reminds me of tin plaques I saw hammered to church entrances or cloisters in Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  14. I think the hole would have been for a screw to attach it to something so it doesn't roll off and break your toe.
  15. Thanks for the interesting post Thomas. I think PBS did a miniseries on him too? It was interesting and yes he definitely was not a nice man. I love old books. Online readers just don't do it. I love ...
  16. Wow this is so cool. I wanted to "like" it in the GeodeJim style (hee hee and wink) but I love it!
  17. Happy thanksgiving Jared - thank you for your service. And thanks for the post Thomas. Important to remember and be thankful. My favorite holiday.
  18. "Thank goodness he's not a war photographer"
  19. I tried to get Kerry to hold a CW party at his watch museum. Think I scared him. :) Well, and to be fair he hadn't bought the bldg. for the museum yet. Was I pushy?
  20. Thanks everyone: bobby, nice, blunder, caper, trey, ivonne, Kyra and EZa!
  21. Thanks Ivonne - and it's true. I'll have to include this story w/the ring so my nieces will understand it. Thanks Kyra - she did a great job with the design. I love it! Thanks for the loves ever...
  22. Thanks Spirit - I think it's older than 1900 unless you know something I don't.
  23. I love research books and related images of ladies who might have worn these treasures.
  24. Thanks Karen and Bonnie for loving the "sentimental" side of this ring.
  25. Thank you mel, mike, nice, kevin for your loves!
  26. AGH - are you still around? Miss your posts.
  27. Moonglow Lucite from the 70's?
  28. Love this - enjoy collecting items from my hometown too. Posting one right now for your comments.
  29. I had a friend in the 80's who collected these and hung them side by side in his apartment so I love this!
  30. I love cameos! Pretty!
  31. Sometimes I use caps for EXCITEMENT! That's how I read everyone's caps most of the time. I think this is probably a sentimental piece. I have one to post that I'm really HAPPY to have found and made i...
  32. Another wonderful bug!
  33. Love this design and thank you for the research!
  34. Thanks Karen - I love this little dish. Newtimes - thank you. It makes a great bracelet and I can attach something later if I want to. Thanks Nicefice for your comment. Thanks everyone for yo...
  35. Thanks Kyra - I have a few others to restring too.
  36. Thanks sklo and mike for the love. Thank you Bonnie for your bee u tee ful comment! Fun aren't they?
  37. Indiana this is very special to look at. All the lovely ladies and their outfits! Wonderfully staged and photographed. Love them.
  38. Thanks Share - I redid the bracelet. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.
  39. Hi there - yes 70's.
  40. devilled eggs - nice!
  41. Because I'm the crazy bird lady - I would love these - great find! Love that dumpster diving.
  42. Yes ken we both love old pins! Thanks! Thanks Kyra - it was a gift. Just saw it on Rubylane for $175 - wow - this was a nice gift from about 10 yrs ago. Thanks CW friends for all the loves.
  43. Thanks kevin - for you comment - it is a nice design, wearable 60 yrs later!
  44. Well - Christmas balls is not too scary. Glad you enjoyed the revival pieces.
  45. Adele thanks for posting these treasures. The first one brings to mind Claudette Colbert. Fluttery dresses that no one wore during the depression except in the movies. Love them!
  46. Katherine - I haven't seen that fabric. Sounds like great curtains!
  47. Very nice! I agree - and that they included a jacket or shrug. So elegant! Are you on the Facebook pattern group?
  48. Sorry about that - last year I had some scary activity when I posted my email on CW for just a few days. But mine was serious - they hacked into that email account. I contacted CW about it. I hope no ...
  49. Tourist item from Mexico most likely. What's the definition of vintage- 30 years?
  50. Are you an old hippie? -I am, so thank you for your comment and understanding!
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Shergar Horse and Jockey figurine on wood base, a lively example for a figurine. A Large Andamooka Sugar Treated Matrix Opal Three Idd Large Pendant Native American? Miriam Haskell Red "Coral" Necklace Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clock Females Bracelet Gorgeous gold metal brooch - Cat paw in a fish bowl !


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