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I love to research old stuff, to hear the stories, to buy old stuff (of course). My favorites: old plastic jewelry, Native American, advertising graphics, the odd ugI love to research old stuff, to hear the stories, to buy old stuff (of course). My favorites: old plastic jewelry, Native American, advertising graphics, the odd ugly thing that makes me laugh out loud immediately when I see it....bird stuff, sewing supplies & fabric, old pottery and glass - in a nut shell! (Read more)


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Happy Easter from 3 little chicks. - Figurinesin Figurines
Drive-by shooting - where was I? - Photographsin Photographs
Brushed silver domed bracelet & more 1950's-60's examples - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1950's Coro silvertone bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Monet 50's/60's bracelet in a revival 40's rococo style - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Silvertone machine disc bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rail  & mesh silvertone 50's-60's bracelets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Machine age 50's-60's Marino silvertone bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Aqua carved celluloid beads from 1930's  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Brown & cream carved celluloid necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you to all my CW friends; agh, Virginia, nuts, mike, kevin, zowie, aim, Karen, Kerry, lee, tom, nadia, leah, amber and geo.
  2. Thank you Virginia - it is very pretty w/cool graphics. A friend gave it to me. He found it in a storage unit dumpster.
  3. I wish there was an edit instead of delete comment button....
  4. Hi Amber! Only to fly in and then rent the car. My sister lives north past Hannibal on a farm. HI Amber - Yes! Taped bows on head - how terribly embarrassing now that we see the pictures. Wonder ...
  5. You're welcome. Or the half-moon could be an exotic wood. I love this! I have a few but not near as nice.
  6. These are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Karen - this is so gorgeous! Beautiful pictures and great research. As someone who was raised on a grain farm I love this type of work.
  8. The colors and graphics are great!
  9. Yes - Firestone it is! in Downey. Firestone and nearby Lakewood Blvd. have pockets of neglect and closed businesses including an old aircraft plant and movie studio. Of the 2 Firestone seems to be mor...
  10. Thank you to everyone for enjoying and love: Tom, Sean, Sara, Phil, Mani, Elisa, R44, mike, newtimes. freiheit, betty, nadia, gargoyle and leah!
  11. Thank you Stillwater - it is a very nice old bracelet. It sits about 1/2" high at the diamond dome. Missing the security chain.
  12. Thank you Nadia! Are you busy this weekend?
  13. I am not really blessed....taking care of some things. And, I'm going to have a great time just driving around but it will be fun. I wish you could go with me. I always have good road trips.
  14. Don't be jaded!
  15. Thank you Lee and Tom! Got my mouth open just like the chicks.
  16. Kerry - here's my email - Not a big deal - can meet you in your town - but would love to meet you! I am going to be driving around w/my sister in your basic area of the state....
  17. No - I am pretty sure he was just Irving Berlin. Amazing composer of many wonderful songs!
  18. You are welcome and I am hungry from this post. You must be a great cook!
  19. Thank you first to my friend Lee! for your love. agh, nutsabot, mike, kevin, ttom, Kerry and manikin for your love. Means a lot to me. Any guesses?
  20. Happy Easter! What a precious picture of you, sister and your cousins! I have similar pictures as a little kid. Loved Easter not just for candy - very important in the cold Midwest to remember Spring...
  21. softtailgarage - YES you are right about the plant. It is on Lakewood blvd., by our airport and home of the fabulous Long Beach swap meet. NO...pic 4 might be too random - it's more about a community ...
  22. Thank you Miss Aim - we ended up w/hair so no harm done? Thanks for your love! Thank you R4f for your nice comment and love. Yes - fun & whimsical.
  23. Very interesting - I love tins. Haven't seen one like this. I am all about graphics and advertising.
  24. Look forward to seeing more. This is really beautiful and thank you for your research. Is Salvos same as our thrift stores? ie: Salvation Army, Goodwill, DAV, Amvets, CHOC, St. Vincent DePaul?
  25. Nice - but if it was 150 yrs old it would be much scruffier inside and the edges are all too clean.
  26. I never find amazing things like this for next to nothing. So beautiful and thanks for sharing. I hope you wear your items in best health and enjoy them.
  27. Thank you agh, mike and kevin for your love. To nuts - yes, I was cute and then real life came along. But I think I still have that same glint in my eye? To Virginia - thank you and Happy Easter...
  28. What a great find! hee, hee - and with a happy non-eventful ending right? I am visiting my relatives for a few days in Leonard, MO in May. Would love to drive over and meet you.
  29. Ding, ding, ding -a winner! Yes - downtown LA Chevrolet dealership.
  30. Beautiful color coordination of your collection. Love it!
  31. So beautiful! I love handmade nonsymmetrical items. This is really pretty!
  32. You have a beautiful collection - in just 4 years? Thank you for sharing.
  33. Carven is a French design house.
  34. Sea urchin!
  35. Nice quality and Avon does a good job. Just saw one on ebay.
  36. Nice! I believe the links are shell and the half-moon is horn. Probably late 60's-70's. Very pretty.
  37. Wow how amazing! It's really lovely. What a find!
  38. Burma, Thailland, Vietnam or Cambodia maybe? I can't come up w/exact examples. Very pretty.
  39. My favorite is the 3rd - wow!
  40. I agree w/Amber.
  41. Very pretty! I see some matching items to your bracelets.
  42. Thank you racer - it is really great. I love the way it was made from one piece and fabricated (folded and formed?) It's a very bracelet and probably my favorite non-sterling item.
  43. Can't wait to see what you post from this tangle.
  44. Thank you for the love: Sean, nuts, sara, phil, agh, Kerry, tom, mike and newtimes!
  45. What do you mean cured? This is beautiful. The color is so delicate.
  46. Thank you Newtimes. It's pretty neat. Thanks to all for the love: kevin, agh, tom, mike, nuts and phil!
  47. Hi Phil - I know I'm coming in last on this discussion. I have her book on her favorite jewelry.
  48. There is a very good cameo collector on CW. Maybe she will help. I know you've heard this before. Shots of the back help too...
  49. Thanks agh, kevin and nuts for your love!
  50. Thank you Phil - they are.
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Arts & Crafts French gold and silver penannular brooch c. 1880 Vintage stone necklace 1960's painted wood and glass beads from Japan? SWIRLED IRIDESCENT VASE Asian, Native American or WHAT is this doll? Some of My Prince Albert Pocket Tins. Cabinet card of youngster with a Winchester Czech glass place card holder


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