I love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessoriI love to collect old junk and enjoy all the stories. My favorite things: bakelite and old plastics, Native American items, old jewelry, vintage clothing & accessories, the odd and ugly item that makes me laugh right then and there....and I have to buy. Also enjoy old places: taking pictures, exploring, finding about the history. (Read more)


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Superior Quality bakelite button and buckle set - Sewingin Sewing
Happy Chinese Year of the Goat! - Go-It! - Sewingin Sewing
1940's-50's wood & lucite horse pin with acetate scarf - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pretty darn old "potch" opals - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sky blue thermoset plastic clamper from 60's-70's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Nice 60's-70's lucite bangles - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Cool carved bakelite clip earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fun bakelite swirl bangle and earrings  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Happy Valentine's Day! Red pin and bakelite bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1920's tooled handbag w/silver frame - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing


  1. Nadia will know for sure but I believe this is from Tibet or Afghanistan. Very pretty.
  2. How beautiful Lee! Love, Your birdiac friend from the LBC. Phil knows his research doesn't he?
  3. AGH, I was right by the old Tucson Studios (pic of opals) when we went to the Sonora Desert Museum. We didn't have enuf time to do both but wanted to. Howard Hawks - great director and look at the ...
  4. Happy 100!!! I LOVE this set! Hope you and your family are all well.
  5. Not real pearl darn it. CindB - in late 1800's a few button companies used mother of pearl - shell - from the Mississippi River. I wish all 5 were here but love this card anyway. https://blog.etsy....
  6. Hey Vintage - I'll email you right now so you can look at the trail. I LOVE CW!! I am so addicted too! And I love the stories CW posts - wonderful!
  7. Thank you Phil for the nice message. This jacket is a fitted Tommy Hilfiger - and really great - newish - I love this pin and scarf together!
  8. Yes - I kept your email. I agree with you, really love these friends too. I enjoy talking about all the old stuff that matters. After all - it's our obsessions isn't it?
  9. Oh no problem at all! would love to chat w/you thru email vintagelamp - you have so many wonderful items and lovely sense of style.
  10. I am sure you both still enjoyed seeing the show. I haven't been to a button show yet. I have heard they are really something.
  11. I hate the imploded stories.
  12. Gees Bend quilters used denim and other heavy fabrics too. Pretty Quilts and thanks for sharing them.
  13. I think this is from the 50's or 60's.
  14. Very pretty - post the back side too please.
  15. In the 1950's to 70's American life, marketing, housing... and spending was pretty good again. Women had a little money to spend on themselves. So many beautiful clothes and jewelry to buy. Why not b...
  16. Hi Elisabeth! I believe these are from 1950's-70's. The American garden party reference goes back as far as Civil War mid 1800's. It describes the women who wears a lightweight dress and hat - mainly ...
  17. Thanks friends Reed, Sean and AmphoraPottery for loving!
  18. Thank you vintagelamp - it's not like your amazing beaded bags. I enjoy researching.
  19. My family had 5 kids by 1965: did not have these. Ha, ha - okay maybe the diaper pins, they look familiar. We didn't have anything new but that's okay. I think these hangars are from 50's/60's and so...
  20. You are welcome! This book might be on internet and is worth it! Another I really like is "A Century of Bags" by Claire Wilcox.
  21. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm only guessing the $800 might have been French or German 1600's? Where was this show? And thanks for your comment!
  22. If you want me to email the picture from my book - send me your email address. I agree the lining is so unique!
  23. 1978 was a good year for me. Darn why were they so big? to go the way of the dinosaur?
  24. What's going on here about this mosaic tile table which relates to another CW friend who posted one awhile ago that I loved - crap - is mine gone too? Now I gotta look.
  25. Very pretty - I've seen these great flowers on similar mesh bases in yellow, red, blue, pink - mostly just sold as Czech when they are threaded simply. I love this color - would like to hear more fro...
  26. Best quality stabilized or altered turquoise? I think if they were Navajo or Native American made there would be more than just the tiny 2nd mark.
  27. Hello Gudrun - I am not sure... These aren't my taste so I wouldn't have paid much attention but I believe 1980's or 90's and of best quality.
  28. This could be from a 1920's kit. I saw one in my research book that looks almost exact to your purse - "Vintage Purses At Their Best, by Lynell K. Schwartz" on p. 35 as described: "Thames design cr...
  29. Just beautiful! This looks like the 1920's -"fine soldered mesh bags in the Dresden style": impressionist silk-screen color wash. Bags are silk lined and with a pocket and mirror. Wholesale prices ra...
  30. Happy birthday baby!!! What a gorgeous girl. I pass on this sentiment my aunts, Mom and Grandmom used to say at my bday parties "Just remember, you will always be younger than me." Not sure what you ...
  31. My favorite color - new growth. How fun. It looks like a garden party necklace. :)
  32. Thank you Elisabeth - they are really fun. I haven't worn them yet. Thanks friends for all the love: Kyra, Sean, Trey, glasslove,
  33. No one commented on my Sonora desert photo! I am so hurt. These are old cacti after all.... (wink, and :)
  34. Kyra - yes, I just looked at all the fine and costume jewelry posts. It is so frustrating when the post stops without any chat or resolution. Plus, there are many repeat posts lately. What's up with t...
  35. Share what a nice message. These are the lowest grade opals but they are very interesting and work w/today's taste for chunky. - Not everyone's taste I know. Karen gave some great background didn't s...
  36. Thanks again to all who enjoyed this: ho2, mani, sean, trey and elisabeth.
  37. Thanks Karen - this was in the pkg my sister sent me a few days ago. Loved these graphics and seemed to fit w/Chinese New Year. Thanks agh, Katherine, mike, pat, glass and trey!
  38. Thanks friends for loving: kevin, mike, agh, karen, mani, patsea, trey and Elisabeth!
  39. Thanks Kyra - yes for the laugh and Thanks Elisabeth for your nice comment. Thanks everyone for loves: ken, glasslove, karen, phil, mike, ted, sean and trey!
  40. VERY beautiful! I can imagine the beautiful ensemble this woman wore gorgeous! Just love that old coral. I only have the branches from 1950's-70's and they are considered rare too.
  41. Nadia this is darling! Went to Wiltern Theatre last night to hear Maz Jobrani. He was so funny - quite a dancer and comedian supreme of different cultural stereotypes - down to the accents and mann...
  42. Great to hear from you MisterE! Look forward to any comments on tonight's Oscar "tuxedos". I think it's great that men have more variety of formal wear now.
  43. Trey - I did! Thanks for asking - you as well? Thanks also to Sean for love.
  44. Yes, moss agate and very pretty!
  45. I have a bunch of these too - but not as fun as these - love the colors! Early 1970's. I seem to remember my Grandma wearing them w/wide collar qiana shirts or her polyester pant suits.
  46. Me too ho2! Sorry they arrived broken but great job assistant!
  47. Love it - is that a flower corsage your mom is wearing? And great tie!! Your dad looks like he just told her a joke.
  48. Here in the LBC we get free eggrolls from Panda Express today.
  49. So pretty! Could this have been a beach vacation souvenir?
  50. Give it to someone who loves old things. Or...make an exception and keep it to remind you of your wife's grandfather.
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Japanese Parfait Glasses


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