Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Constantius Chlorus Caesar. Very Rare Roman Greek Gold Coin Worth Over $12.000 Gold Roman Ring With Cornucopia. From Lucius Aemilius Paullus 4.38g Worth $2.000Alexander Iii "the Great" (lifetime) Drachm 336-323 Bc Ngc Ch XfAthena And Lion Attacking Stag,velia Silver Ar Nomos Greek Coin Worth Over$2.000Ionia: Phocaea The Best Coin Ever Gold El Hecte Nymph As Goddess Of Beauty AuThracian Or Scythian; Coson, After 54 Bc Stater 8.54 Gr. Gold Ngc Ms! Must See!Ancient Greek Silver Pamphilya Aspendos Olympic Stater Coin - 420 BcClaudius Pulcher And Urbinus Roman Republic Silver Ar Denarius Superb And RarePamphylia, Aspendus, 4th-3rd Century Bc Ar Stater, Ngc Ch Vf, Wrestlers, Slinger(57bc To 58ad) Five Parthia Silver Drachmas Attributed Ancients No Reserve Ionia Phocaea Very Rare Greek Gold El Coin. Superb Condition 2.511g Hermes Ef Persephone & Dionysos Lesbos Mytilene Are Greek Gold Coin El Worth Over $2.000Unique Bronze Protomoney Ax Iiv-v C. B.c 195g/45mmPhoenicia Arados Ar Tetradrachm 52 Bc Ancient Coin 785Akarnia Argos Amphilochicum, 350-270 Bc, 7.57 Gr., Stater, Pegasi Ii, P. 531!r!Syracuse (sicily - Greek) Hemilitron - Copper - Hieron Ii. (275-215 Bc) *Scythians, India - Azes 58-12bc Silver Tetracrachm Nice Uncirculated Rare!!Pergamon Mysia Silver Tetradrachm____serpents___cult Of Bacchus____lucius AntonyAugustus Caesar Silver Ar Denarius Rare Spanish Mint 19mm 3.552grams Roman CoinScarce C.300 B.c Ancient Greece Thrace - Mesembria Ar Silver Diobol Coin.vfScarce C.400 B.c Ancient Greece Istros - Moesia Silver Stater Coin.vfLucania, Herakleia Ar Diobol (922u)Kings Of Armenia. Tigranes Ii €Parthian Kingdom , Mithradates Ii , Ar Drachm , Rhagae MintRhodes Caria 387 - 304 Bc Ancient Didrachm Ancient Coin 791Metapontum Nomos Didrachm 430-400 Bc, 7.29 Gr. So Rare, Wooow !!! Uncleaned!C.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Cheronesos Ar Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfIllyro-paron Damastion 345 - 330 Bc Ancient Coin 793Greek, Attica. Athens. Ca. 134/3 Bc. Silver "new Style" TetradrachmLot Of 33 Uncleaned Greece Bronze Coins 142g/11-24mm Perfect R-528Kings Of Armenia. Sophene, Arsames Ii. Circa 230 Bc. Æ Alexander Iii The Great Silver Tetradrachm____military Genius___head Of HeraklesSilver Tetradrachm Athena Owl Ca. 450 Bc*lucernae* Attractive Tingis, Mauritania Ae20. Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/1 Spike.Ancient Silver Drachm Coin Rhodes Caria - 170 Bc*lucernae* Scarce (tingis), Mauritania Ae21 Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/2 Spikes.Metapontun Lucania Stater 350 - 330 Bc Head Of Leucippus Ancient Coin 801C.250 B.c Ancient Greece Histaea Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfScarce C.400 B.c Ancient Greece Apollonia - Pontica Ar Silver Drachma Coin.vfAncient Greek Bronze Coin Unknown Very Interesting / 18mmAncient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of King Ariobarzanes - 129 BcLot Of 20 Uncleaned Greece Bronze Coins 75g/12-22mm Perfect R-525Scarce Sicily, Syracuse. Time Of Dion Ae Hemidrachm (982u)C.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Cheronesos Ar Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfParthian Kingdom , Group Of 12 Ae Parthian Coins , Greek Coins , Unidentified!,,,,,,,,Pallantium Peloponnesus 196-146bc Zeus/monogram Ancient Coin 786Corinth Greece 386- 307 Bc Pegoses Head Of Athena Ancient Coin 799Antioch (syria) Ae17, Rev. Ram And Crescent Moon*lucernae* Scarce (tingis), Mauritania Ae17 Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/3 Spikes. IsisKings Of Armenia. Tigranes V. Circa Ad 6-12. Æ RrrFourre Ancient Greek Coin Stater Of Neapolis Head Of Gorgon Syracuse Sicily Ae15___laureate Apollo & Pegasos (the Immortal Winged Horse)Phoenicia , Silver Drachm Of Alexander Iii The Great Marathos Ca. 230 - 225 BcSeleucid Kingdom. Antiochus Vii Euergetes. Ar Tetradrachm. Ngc Au 5/5, 5/5.Greek Coins , Unidentified!,,,,,love!!Lot Of 5 Ancient Greek Coin's -histiaia, Euboia, Ar Tetraobol, 3rd To 2nd CenturAncient Greek Bronze Coin Unknown Very Interesting / 19mmAncient Greek Baktrian Silver Obol Coin Of King Eukratides - 170 BcGreek Coins ,cilicia Obol Ar !C.400 - 300 B.c Archaic Ancient Greece Unresearched Ar Silver Obol Coin.vf Royal Judean Jar Seal "lmlk" Jewish King Hezekiah 8th Century BceKinnlos \\ Chinless Type Celtic Tetradrachm - Eastern Celts \\ OstkeltenKings Of Persis. Darev Ii Ar Drachm (902u)Ancient Greece Attica Athens Aeo Owl Silver Coin 18kt Yellow Gold Pendant Greek Lot Of 30 Uncleaned Greece Bronze Coins 135g/11-25mm Perfect R-753Kings Of Armenia. Sophene, Arsames Ii. Circa 230 Bc. Æ Rr!Lydia. Tralleis Cistophoric Tetradrachm Ngc Au 4/5, 5/5*lucernae* Attractive Tingis, Mauritania Ae26. Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/2 Spikes.Ancient Greek-syracuse,sicily 440-425 Bc-head Of Arethusa,dolphins/cuttle Fish

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