Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Vf Condition Ancient Greek Gold Stater Philip Ii Of Macedon - 359-336 Bc (856-)377-326 Bc Lesbos, Mytilene Ancient Greek Electrum 6th Stater (hecte) VfPtolemaic Kings Of Egypt; Ptolemy Ii Philadelphos, 285-246 Bc Æ BronzePaphlagonia, Sinope. Circa 330-300 Bc. Ar Drachm (19mm, 5.84 G, 6h). Best!!Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin From Akragas Sicily - 471 BcAlexander The Great Tetradrachm 323-319 Bc Sardes Mint Icg Vf30 No Reserve!Ca. 148 Bc Thracian Islands, Thasos Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Vf5 Ancient Greek And Egypt Silver And Copper Coin LotRare Parthian Kingdom Mithradates Iii 57-54 Bc Silver Drachm Coin 5 Ancient Silver Tetradrachm's 4 Greek 1 ParthiaCarthage, First Punic War; Ae Bronze, Circa 264-241 Bc. Ancient Greek; Lot Of Two Ar ObolsKingdom Of Bosphorus, Polemon I (15-9), Ae Very RareGreat Auction Starting 1 $:thrace 189-149 B.c. Silver Tetradrachm Maroneia MintAncient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Of Tyrant Agathokles Syracuse - 310 Bc Macedonian Kingdom , Alexandra The Great Iii, 336-323 Bc, Ar Obol, Scorpion,rrrPontos, Amisos. Circa 85-65 Bc. Æ (22mm, 10.41 G, 1h). Excellent !Aeolis Cyme Tetradrachm Microphones Magistrate165-140 Bc Ngc Ch Au!! No ReserveAlexander The Great Tetradrachm 323-320 Bc Macedonia Icg Vf20 Nice!!Seleukid Kings Of Syria; Demetrios I Soter. 162-150 Bc. Ar Drachm.Silver-drachm Of Corinth Pegasus Left/head Of AphroditeThasos Thrace Silver Obol 450 Bc. Satyr / ΘaΣiΩn, Amphora - Ex Nn Auction 44Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of King Philip Iii Arrhidaeus - 323 BcAncient Greek Silver Coin #14 Help IdSeleukid Kingdom , Seleukos Ii, 246 - 226 Bc. Tetradrachm ,mesopotamia(?) , RareGreek Coin: Ptolemy Ii Silver Tetradrachm, 285-246bcWow, Nice! Thessaly Larissa 400 Bc Nymph Larissa / Horse Prancing.Pontos, Amisos. Circa 125-100 Bc. Æ (17mm, 4.14 G, 12h). Best !Gold Byzantine Av Histamenon Nomisma Constantine Jesus Christ Virgin Mary 30 Mm Ancient Greek Silver Stater Istros Coin Tweens , Eagle Pontos. Amisos. Ae (circa 85-65 Bc), Weight: 18.7 G. Diameter: 28 Mm.Ancient Greek Bronze Coin Ptolemy Head Of Zeus 46.8gr 37.0mmThrace, Black Sea Area: Pantikapaion; Ae Bronze Circa 4th-3rd Century Bc Gold Ancient Greek Electrum Aeolis 350 Bc 1/6 Stater Hemihecte Ionia Lesbos 425-400 Bc Baalmelek Ii, Heracles/lion Ancient Greek Silver Stater FGreat Auction Start 1 $ Thrace Istros 450-350 B.c Silver Drachm Rare Xf Roman Republic Semis. 208 Bc, Head Of Hercules Wearing Lionskin, Prow, RomaVintage Greek Silver Coin Mounted As Brooch (a268)Corinthia, Corinth 4th Century Bc Stater Pegasus Athena Ngc Xf 4/5 5/5 Toned 155-130 Bc Indo-greek Kingdoms, Menander Ancient Greek Silver Drachm VfRhodes 166-88 Bc. Silver Diobol - Head Of Helios / Rose Bud Nearly UncirculatedAd 531-579 Sasanian Kingdom, Khusro I Ancient Greek Silver Drachm VfGreek Ancient Coin - Kyzikos Silver Obol Circa 500-400 Bc -b156Neapolis Ar Didrachm 320 Bc161 Cleopatra Vii 51-30 B.c. - Ae 12.87mm - 1.36gCeltic Gaul / Leuci - Potin Coin Great Auction Start 1 $ Thrace Istros 450-350 B.c Silver Tetrobol Kingdom Of Thrace Lysimachus 305-281bc Ar Ultra High Relief Tetradrachm Ngc Ms Attica Athens Ca. 393-294 Bc. Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Xf, Test PunchArabia Felix, Himyarites Ar Denarius; Early 1st Century A.dAncient Greek Bronze Coin Seleukis Syria Rhosus Rare 30-31 7.0gr 22.2mmAncient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of Alexander The Great - 323 BcKingdom Of Macedon. Philip Iii, 323-317 Bc. Ar Drachm, 4.32 G Minted At Kolophon1/12 Silver-stater Of Arados In Phoenicia Rv. Galley Right Low Reserve!!! Superb Thracian Chersonesos Hemidrachm Extremely Fine!Paphlagonia, Sinope . Circa 120-100 Bc. Æ 17mm (4.33 Gm). Great Auction Start 1 $ Illira Epidamnos Dyrrachium Silver Drachm Rare Antioch, Syria, 1st Century Bc. Ae22 - Head Of Zeus / Zeus Seated - Vf/xfSeleucid Kingdom Antiochus Ii 261-246bc Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Au 5/5 4/5 Fine StyleRare Ancient Greek Cypriot Salamis Silver Stater Coin Of Evagoras I - 411 BcAuction Start 1 $ Spersia Artaxerses Ii And Artaxerxes Iii 375-340 B.c. SiglosAd 370-279 Sasanian Kingdom, Shapur Ii Ancient Greek Silver Drachm VfAlexander The Great, (kyme Because Of One Handled Cup?) Vf - Ex Nn Auction 44*hhc* Kingdom Of Marion, Cyprus - Timocharis, Lion / Spearhead (inv #u524)The Macedonian Kingdom , Philip Ii, 359-336 Bc , Ar Hemidrachm , RareSeleucid Kingdom Antiochus Viii Epiphanes-grypus 117/6 Bc Ar Tetradrachm Ngc AuKings Of Cilicia, Tarkondimotos Æ22. Circa 39-31 Bc. Rare!Great Auction Start 1 $ Thrace Istros 450-350 B.c Silver Diobol High Grade Parthian Kingdom , Mithradates Ii. 121-91 Bc. Ar Drachm , Rhagai MintM2029 Thraco-getae, Imitating Types Of Philip Iii, Ar Tetradrachm.

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