Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Lydia. Kroisos. 561-546 Bc. Av Gold Stater Rrr!Achaemenid Empire Siglos C.5th Century Bc Ngc Xf Star!! 5/5 Subs! PersianAncient Greek Athen Owl Silver Tetradrachm 450 Bc Shekel Of Tyre Judas "30 Pieces Of Silver" Of Bible / Jesus - Ngc Ch Xf 117/6 Bc3 X Silver Celtic Coins Parthian Kingdom, Mithradates Ii (123-88 Bc) Silver Drachm, RhagaeKing Lysimachus, After Alexander The Great. Mint Ancient Greek Tetradrachm CoinKings Of Parthia. Sinatrukes Ar Drachm Rhagai Mint (650x)Ancient Greek Athena Owl Amphora New Style Silver Tetradrachm 165bc-50bc CoinCyprus Found Ancient Greek Alexander The Great Silver Tetradrachm Babylon Kings Of Characene. Attambelos I. 47/46-25/24 .bc. Ar TetradrachmEgypt Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy Ii 285 - 246 Bc Coin 45 Mm 82.6 Grams Tenedos, Islands Off Troas_550 - 470 Bc_silver ObolHadrian And Neptune Sestertius Very Rare Roman Coin . Similar Sold For $14.000.Gorgeous Silver Greek Tetradrachm Philip Ii Lifetime Issue 359-336 Bc 14.44 GramPtolemy Iv Ae 37 Alexandria Mint (632x)Gorgeous Silver Greek Drachm Lysimakos (323-281 Bc) Lampsakos 4.07 GramsAncient Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar Silver Coin 27 Bc-ad 14 Nr!!After 133 Bc Lydia, Tralles Cistophoric Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc VfIslands Of Thrace, Thasos Ar Tetradrachm (646x)Ancient Greece Silver Tetradrachm Aunc Macedonia Alexander The Great 16.50 GramsEuboea. Histiaea. Ca. 197–146 Bc. Ar Tetrobol Rare 18kt Gold Pendant Bezel With Ancient Silver Athena Owl Hemi Drachm Coin-2grIndo Greek Silver Darius (c. 70 Bc) Drachm Minted In Ecbatana (sellwood 35.5-6)Coa Alexander The Great! Silver Drachm 323bc Lion ΦMoesia, Istros Ar Drachm (648x)C.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Egypt Ptolemaic Period Ae Bronze Stater Coin.vfAncient Greek Alexander The Great Silver Tetradrachm 4th Century Bc Greek Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus Ngc Xf 3/5 Strike 5/5 SurfaceParthian King Mithradates Ii The Great Copper Coin Ae Date:121-91bc Mint:ecbatanAriobarzanes Iii Eusebes Philoromaios Ar Drachm (638x)Authenticity Coa Great Kings Of Persia Darius Daric, 2500 Yr Old Persian King InGorgeous Silver Greek Tetradrachm Alexander Type 188-170 Bc Temnos Mint 15.7 G.Ancient Greek Ionia, Miletos, Silver Diobol 510-450 Bc Roaring Lion Head / Star 2 Coins King Herod's Grandson Agrippa Judean 37 Ad Prutah 3 Ears Grain Umbrella020. Greek Silver Coin. Alexander Iii. Ar Tet. HeraklesEphesos / Ionia - Lead Token (2.2 Gr, 15 Mm)Lot Of 2 Vf Widow's Mites, Alexander Jannaeus 103-76 Bc Time Of Jesus, Ef! Coin Of Porcius Festus Procurator Of Judaea Under Nero, 59-62 Ad, Prutah018. Greek Silver Coin. Illyria, Drachm. Cow & CalfLot Of 30+ Uncleaned Bronze Greek Coins Low Quality!Ancient Greek Meserbia Silver ObolAlexander The Great! Wearing Lion Skin Headdress Rare Royal Title Type! Æ TetracSyracuse. Ar Hemidrachm (413-405 B.c.) An (unsigned) Masterpiece Of Portrature !*hhc* Judean, Pontius Pilate Ae Prutah! Date Liz, Bible Coin! Lovely Detail!!!!Ancient Indo Greek Silver Drachm Zoilos IiParthian Silver Parthamaspates Ad 116: Drachm Of Mint Ecbatana (sellwood 81.1)Coa Great Kings Of Persia Darius Daric 2500 Yr Old Countermark British Museum 22Superb Antiochus Vii Sidetes Impreressive Large Silver Tetradrachm--starts At $1Ancient Greek Bronze Coin Ptolemy Ae 36Parthian Silver Phrates Ii (138 - 127 Bc) Drachm Of Mint Tambrax (sellwood 16)Coin Of Marcus Ambibulus Judean Ruler Jesus's Lifetime. 9-12 Ad Coa Alexander The Great ! 325-323 Bc Lifetime Issue. Macedonian Shield And HelmeLot Of 2 Prutah Of King Herod The Great! Anchor / Herod's Name Inscription Seleucid Kingdom Philip I (95-75 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Choice Vf 5/5 3/5 DeposGreek Alexander The Great Silver Tetra-drachm Coin 336-323 B.c. Macedonia Nr!!Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Province Of Syria Philip Philadelphos 46 BcVery Nice Coa Ancient Greek Leukai Ionia Apollo And Swan 350bc Æ HemichalkonCoa Ancient Greek Sicily Syracuse Hippocamp Rare Ae Litra! Dionysios I 410-400bcCl48 Cleopatra Vii 51-30 B.c. - Ae 13mm - 1.86g*hhc* Greek, Appolonia, Illyria, Silver Drachm. Cow Suckling Calf, Very Nice!!!Ionia Phokaia El Gold Electrum Hecte Hekte 1/6 Stater Circa 478-387 B.c.*hhc* Greek, Alexander Iii "the Great" Silver Tetradrachm, Zeus SeatedAlexander Iii The Great, 336 - 323 B.c., Silver Tetradrachm, Miletos MintAncient Silver Drachm Alexander The GreatThrace Istros Ar Stater 400-350 Bc #2Sicily, Syracuse Dionysus I Hemilitron (5.89 Grams. 19 Mm) 406-367 BcRare Authentic Ancient Silver Greek Hemidrachm Coin In 18kt Gold Bezel- 2.1grLot Of 7 Judean Prutah Coins. Very Nice.Ancient Bronze Coin - Jewish

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