Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Zeugitana / Carthage, Tanit, Horse, Ae 26, Bronze, 208-202 B.c.Alexander Iii Silver Tetradrachme Miletos Mint 300-295b.c. 16.95g/27mm M-745Ancient Greek Silver Alexander The Great Tetradrachm Coin Of Lysimachos - 286 BcSilver-tetradrachm Of Athens In Attica, 449-404 Bc. Quality Is About Very Fine!Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus.athena,cornucopia Very Rare Greek Coin Worth $1200Ancient Silver Greek Coin TetradrachmMesma Medma Bruttium Stater Didrachm, M Below Neck, Sng Ans 587, Mega Rrr!!!Ancient Silver Greek Coin TetradrachmAncient Greek Silver Chalkis Euboea Drachm Coin - 338 BcAncient Greek Silver Hemidrachm / Triobol Coin From Lokris - 360 BcAncient Greek Silver Nomos Coin From Kaulonia Bruttium - 475 BcAncient Greek Silver Hemidrachm Coin From Byzantium Thrace - 387 BcPtolemy Iv 44 Gram Zeus And Eagle Coin Of Alexandria MintAncient Silver Greek Coin Himera Hemilitra 4.06 Gr., 420-408 Bc, Gabrici 106 Extra Nice And So Rare Woow!Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus Athena & Helios Very Rare Greek Coin Worth $ 999Jannaeus Big Planchet, Anchor, Full Aramaic, Lead, Hendin 1155 Biblical/judeanLot Of 30 Top Quality Partial Clean & Unclean Ptolemy & Alexander The Great CoinMetapontum Diobol 0.77 Gr., Hn Italy 1594 Extreme Rarity & Beauty !!!Ancient Silver Greek Coin Jannaeus Finely Engraved Anchor Style, Quite Scarce H-1151, Biblical/judeanJannaeus Lot Of 107+ 'widow's Mites' Biblical/judean See Mark 12:41-4410 Ancients (syracuse Cilicia Greece Mysia Sardes Pontus & More) No ReserveJewish War Year 2, Bold 'masada Type' Biblical/judeanParthian Kingdom Sinatruces C93-69 Bc Ar Drachm 4.14g Ngc Ch VfAncient Greek Silver Diobol Coin Of Herakleia, Lucania - 432 BcAncient Greek Silver Istros Stater Or Drachm Coin - 400 BcAgyrion, ,sicily Ae C. 336-300 Bc, Biblical/judean Starter Set Of 15 Different With Pontius PilateAncient Greek Silver Coin Istros Moesia, Silver Obol Drachm, Superb & Rare Circa.200 B.c Ancient Greece - Persis Ar Silver Drachma - Fourree Type Coin4th Century Bc Thessaly, Larissa Ancient Greek Silver Hemidrachm Ngc Vf 4/5 3/5Sicily, Syracuse, Dionysios I, 425 Bc Female Right, Hair Tied At Top, Octopus!200 B.c Ancient Greece Seleucid Kingdom Antiochus Ar Silver Tetra-drachma CoinGreek Ptolemy Ii - Ae 23 Extra NiceSyracuse, Sicily 288bc Hiketas Eagle Zeus 23 Mm, 9.71 Grams Ef Obverse!Panormos,sicily After 241 Bc Rare Ancient Greek Silver Stater Coin From Corcyra Epirus - 450 BcSyracuse ,sicily Silver Hemilitron 430 Bc RareP54 Ptolemaic Kingdom Of Egypt - Ptolemy Vi Philometor 180-145 B.c. Silver Stater, Corinthia, Corinth, Corinthian Helmet Pegasus Greek CoinHimera Trias 2.7 Gr., 420-408 Bc, Sng Ans 185, Spectacular And So Rare !!!!!!!!!114-95 Bc Seleucid, Antiochus Ix Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Ch. Vf 5/2Seleucid Kingdom Antiochos Vii Euergetes (sidetes) Ar TetradrachmC.330 B.c Ancient Greece Alexander The Great Ar Silver Tetra-drachma Coin.vfMaccabee Lot Of 60 Assorted Paleo-hebrew Inscriptions, Biblical/judeanJannaeus Bold Anchor & Star Full Hebrew, Hendin 1150, Biblical/judeanSeleucus I Nicator 312-281 Silver Tetradrachm 311-300 B.c.16.85g/27mm Rrr R-97695-75 Bc Seleucid, Philip I Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Ch. Vf 5/3Ancient Greek: Zeugitana, Carthage, C. 3rd Century Bc. Ae20, Ngc XfCamarina (sicily - Greek) Ae Cca. (bc 413 - 405) - Copper - Lot Of 3 Coins -1359Syracuse Obol 480-470 Bc,0.59 Gr., Sng Ans 116, So Scarce, Simply Top Top Top!L6 Lot Of 35x Ancient Greek Bronze Uncleaned Coins323-317 Bc Macedon Kingdom Philip Iii Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc F 5/2Tarentum Alliance With Metapontium 302-272 Bc, 3.15 Gr., Drachm, Extra Rare!!!Biblical/judean Lot Of 44 Various Bronzes, Maccabees, Herods, Procurators, Etc.Herod Archelaus, Ethnarch Of Judaea, Bold Prow Hendin 1197, Biblical/judeanHerod I, Bold 8 Prutah, Largest Herodian Coin Hendin-1169, Biblical/judeanParthian Kingdom Sinatruces C93-69 Bc Ar Drachm 4.07g Ngc Ch Vf Strike 5/5Syracuse Himera Ae 472-413. Bc Rare Alexander Iii The Great 336-323 Bc.silver Drachm Ancient Greek Coin / 3,93grSicily Syracuse Ae Poseidon 274-216 Bc Syracuse Sicily 425 Bc, 5.53 Gr., Sng Cop 695, Very Scarce !!!Syracuse Sicily Ae Onkia 415 Bc RareNeapolis Ae Litra Gr 5.45, Rare !!!!! So Nice !!!!!!!Ancient Greek: Attica, Athens; Ar Tetradrachm, 393-294 Bc. Athena / Owl. Ngc XfNgc Certified Alexander The Great Drachm Coin, Lifetime Issue,336-323 Bc, VfTyndaris Sicily Ae 18 Mm 380-254 Bc RareSeleukid , Demetrius I Soter, 162-150 Bc , Ar Drachm , Antioch Lot Of 50+ Ancient Biblical/judean Coins: Maccabees, Herods, Pontius Pilate!

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