Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Ms* Philip Ii Tetradrachm.majestic Head Of Zeus Unbelievable Perfect Greek Coin.Greek Rhodes Islands Off Caria Ar DidrachmMasterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Ms* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Discuri. C. Serveilius M.f Famous Cimbrian War.very Rare Roman Coin. Worth $1800Ancient Greek Calabria Taras Ar Didrachm Dolphin Bc 281-228 Ngc Ch Xf Fine StyleJulius Caesar Very Rare Coin.first Mint Under His Name.roman Denarius1of14 KnownUlysses With His Dog.mamilius.very Rare.roman Coin Exceptional Ms Worth $1200Imperator L.manlius Torquatus Ar Denarius.roman Republic.dictator Sulla's FriendAncient Greek Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm Of Mysia, Pergamon, 166-160 Bc. V.fSuperb Attractive Iridescent Gold Patina With Bluish Tone. M.tullius DenariusAlexander The Great.spectacular Tetradrachm. Worth $2,000.very Rare Greek CoinCalabria, Tarentum. Ancient Greek Nomos. Taras Son Of Poseidon, Riding A DolphinMs**the Aqueduct And 4'th King Of Rome Ancus Marcius .gorgeous Roman Coin. Silver Tetradrachm Of Philip Ii Of Macedon, Amphipolis Mint. 315-294 Bc. V.fSpectacular Roman Republic Denarius From Sura (cornelius Lentulus )ms **Masterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Au* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Roman Republic Denarius. Very Rare Blue Patina Exceptional.roma And Victory.Greek Indo-scythian Empire Azes I/ii Ar Tetradrachm Athena Bc 58 Ngc XfJudaea,prutah, Bar Kochba/bar Kokhba Revolt, 132-135 Ad, Year 2, 133-134 Ad525-480 Bc Saronic Gulf, Aegina Turtle Ancient Greek Silver Stater Ngc FJuno Sospita Ms/au. The Goat Goddess. Gorgeous Roman Silver Denarius. RareAthens Tetradrachm 369-365 BcMs*phalanthos Holding Laurel Calabria,tarentum.unpublished Dies Very Rare StaterVf Ionia Phokaia 521 Bc Silver Hemihekte–diobol Archaic Female, Ex Roma Esale 33Parthia Mithradates Ii Sell.24.9 Ef With Receipt Ptolemy Vi Ae27 Diobol______portrait Of Cleopatra I As Isis______ancient EgyptJupiter And Juno Sospita With King Cobra Roman Republic Coin Ms*4th Cent Bc Mysia, Parium Ancient Greek Gorgon Silver Hemidrachm Ngc Xf AuParthian Kingdom Vardanes I 38-46 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitiReal Face Of Philip Of Macedonia With Goat's Horn In Helmet. Ms* Roman Coin.Celts Greek Types Of Alexander Iii Ar Drachm 3rd Century Bc Ngc XfPtolemy Iv Ae Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Silver Tetradrachm Thasos Thrace 148 Bc Hercules & Dionysos Rare!Parthia Parthamaspates Sell.81.1 Ef DrachmClearly A Very Fine Winged Creature? Silver Obol, Lycia, Ex Roma Esale 33Ef Skione In Macedon. 500 Bc. Silver Obol Helmet, Ex Roma Esale 33Kingdom Of Cappadocia, Ariarathes Vi Epiphanes (118-105 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin.Greek Seleucid Kingdom Demetrius I Ar Drachm Bc 162-150 Ngc Ch XfC. Minucius Augurinus. Very Rare Roman Silver Coin. Similar Sold For $3,400 Au.Tiberius.veturius. Rome's Oath 2 Soldiers, Youth With A Pig.god Mars Au****Very Rare Roman Coin With Gold Iridescent Patina.rutilius Flaccus.cicero'sfriendGreece Aegina, Ancient Silver Stater, 510-490 BcOld Estate Id Says, Medallion Sized Maximinus, Tyche In Polos, 33.0 G, 33 MmSicily Agathokles Ar Head Of Arethusa Tetradrachm Ancient Greek Silver Mysia Parium 4th Century Bc Ar Hemidrachm Gorgoneion Bull Stg Ngc Ch Vf Edge Cut Kherei, Dynast, 425 Bc. Silver 1/12 Stater, Athena / Kherei, Ex Roma Esale 33Parthian Kingdom Vardanes I Cad 38-46 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitoParthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitoParthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii Ad 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitiGreek Kingdom Of Thrace Lysimachus Ar Drachm Bc 305-281 Ngc Ch VfEf! Ionia Kolophon 450 Bc Silver Hemiobol Apollo / Monogram, Ex Roma E-sale 33Mark Antony. The Most Famous Ship Coin. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius. Estate Tag Says: Tarsos, Gordian Iii, Tyche, 37mm, 22.7g, Oddly In Cellophane4th Cent Bc Phoenicia, Tyre Hippocamp/owl Ancient Greek Silver Shekel Ngc FParthia Phraates Iv Sell.52.16 "superb Ef" With ReceiptThracian Chersonesus 4th Century Bc Ar Hemidrachm Lion Incuse Ngc Ancients Ch VfTemple Of Jupiter Maximus. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius Xf* Worth $1,000Parthia Mithradates Ii Sell.27.1 Rhagae Mint "superb Ef" With Receipt Ar Tetradrachm- Head Of Alexander The Great350-300bc Anacs Vf30 Greek Thessaly Krannon Dichalkon!! #b7807Seleucid Empire, Alexander I Balas (150-145 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Sidon Mint!Ancient Alexander The Great Greek Silver Drachm!!!!Mysia Pergamum Roman Rule 133-67 Bc Ar Cistophorus Cista Mystica Wreath Ngc VfL. Saufeius Roman Republic Coin.Extraordinary Roman Republic Coin. Thorius Balbinus. Attacking Bull And JunoAugustus. With Gaius & Lucius Caesar. Gorgeous Gold Tone Roman DenariusQ. Antonius Balbus. Spectacular Gold Tone Very Rare Silver Roman Coin.323-317 Bc Philip Iii Heracles/zeus Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Ngc Vf 5/5 4/5Sidon, Astarte's Car Containing Baetyl, Sacred Meteorite! Estate Cellophane BagDenarius Albinus Father Of Brutus Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius. Altar,bull

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