Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Ancient Gold Stater Alexander Iii The Great, Macedonian Kingdom, 336 - 323 B.cGreek Silver Coin - Tetradrachm? - UnresearchedCorinthian Corinth Stater Nomos Didrachm 8.34 Gr, Top Quality, Lovely !!!Thrace, Thasos 500-463 Bce Ar StaterKings Of Macedonia,philip Ii 359 €Alexander The Great Drachm 336-323 Bc Ngc Au 3761627-003Ancient Greek Electrum Gold Hekte Coin From Mytilene Lesbos - 412 BcAlexander Iii Silver Tetradrachme Rare Monogr. Mint 300-295b.c.16.95g/27mm M-748G&n Lesbos Mytilene El Hekte Zeus Lorbeer Kranz Serpent Schlange /1456Ngc Cert. Alexander The Great As God Aesillas Ancient Silver Coin TetradrachmAncient Greek Metapontum Silver Stater Or Nomos Coin - 330 BcSeleukid Kingdom, Antiochis Ii 286-246 B.c. Ar Tetradrachm Sc 571•1.1 Au/uncIonla Phokaia El,hekte,circa 478-387bcAncient Greece Aunc Silver Tetradrachm Heracles & Zeus Amphipolis Mint Original!Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin From Messana Sicily - 465 BcLot Of 100 'dead Sea Widows Mite' Biblical/ Judean Coins,luke 21:1-4, JannaeusMesembria Thrace Alexander Iii Silver Tetradrachm 175-125 B.c. 16g/31mm R-972Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Of Alexander The Great - 323 BcExceptional "vf 35" Amastris Didrachm ! 285-250 Bc, 23mm, 8.7grPhoenicia, Tyre Silver Half ShekelAspendos Pamphylia Silver Stater Wrestlers Very Rare Greek Coin Special Offer Lycia Phaselis 218-185 Bc Silver Tetradrachm Ngc F Alexander Iii CountermarkAlexander The Great Drachm 336-323 Bc Lifetime Ngc Vf 4165807-001Ancient Greek Macedonian Kingdom Huge Coin #16Athens, Attica 3rd Century B.c. Silver Tetradrachm Dewing# 1598 Au/uncAncient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Of Philip Iii Arrhidaeus - 323 BcMacedonia Alexander Iii The Great 336-323 Bc Silver Drachm Ngc Xf 4/5 4/5Apollodotos I Elephant / Zebu Bull Ancient Silver Greek Drachm Square CoinRare Ancient Greek Coin : #1- Attica, Athens. Circa 454-404 Bc. Ar Tetradrachm !Alexander The Great 336-323 Bc Ar Tetradrachm About Unc Herakles In Lion SkinSeverus Alexander Ngc Ch Xf. From The Famous-the Seven Hills Hoards-rare Coin Ancient Greek: Caria, Isl. Of Rhodes, Silver Ar Drachm, 205-200 Bc. Ngc Ch AuIslands Off Thrace, Thasos. Circa 148-90/80 Bc. Ar Tetradrachm 30 MmAncient Greek Akarnania, Leukas 400bc Silver Stater Pegasos Flying Athena HelmetNgc Cert. Sicily Syracuse Hieron Ii Warrior On Rearing Horse 230 Bc Sng Ans 909Ancient Greek Coin Athena Owl & Sprig Of Sacred Olive Tree - Collectible CoinsAlexander The Great Silver Tetradrachm 336-323 BcDimetrius Iii Silver Tetradrachm. Damaskus Mint. Es132Achaemenid Empire Siglos C.5th Century Bc Ngc Fine 5/5 StrikeAncient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of Alexander The Great - 323 BcAlexander Iii The Great Silver Tetradrachm____military Genius___head Of HeraklesPhonecia Arados 2nd Century Bc Ar Drachm - BeeAncient Greek Silver Didrachm Coin From Neapolis - 275 BcSavoca Coins Attica Aegina Stater Sea Turtle Incuse 12,21 G / 18 Mm #mat1939Cappadocian Kingdom Ariarathes 163-130 Bc Silver Drachm Ngc Vf Athena NikeDemetrios I Of Bactria Bronze Ae29____rejoicing Elephant____the Second AlexanderSharp Bust Of Cleopatra I, As Isis - Ptolemy Vi Of Egypt Bronze Ae27____eagle Achaemenid Persia Bearded Archer Siglos (c. 450 Bc) Money Of The Bible Ngc Vf 2nd-1st Centuries Bc Thessalian League Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Ngc F 5/5 5/5Judaea, Yehud, Persian Rule, Silver Gerah, Clear Legend! Es176Kingdom Of Macedon Perdiccas Ii 451-413 Bc Silver Heavy Tetrobol Ngc F LionLanz Demetrios Ii Tetradrachm Antiochia Syria Tyche Seleukid Asia ½hl57Coa High Grade Sicily Syracuse Dionysios I Æ Litra 405bc Dolphin Leaping ScallopAncient Greek HellenisticMysia, Parion. Circa 4th Century Bc. Ar Hemidrachm.Corinth Silver Stater Pegasus And Athena. Very Rare Ancient Greek Coin Coa Ancient Greek Southern Italy, Apulia Arpi Ae21 Bronze 325-275 Bc Zeus / BoarAncient Greek Macedonian Kingdom Huge Coin #12Parthian Empire, Mithradates Ii (c.123-88 Bc), Ar Silver Drachm; Rhagae Mint. Indo-sythian Kings Of Baktria, Azes (58-12 Bc), Ar TetradrachmIndo Skythian , Azes 58-12b.c , Ar Tetradrachm , King And AthenaAlexander The Great 336-323 Bc Silver DrachmaCeltic, Drachm, Silver, Horse, Rider, Philipp Ii, East Europe, 2. Century B.c. Exceptional Pyrrhus The Great- Sicily Syracuse- Herakles & Athena.greek Coin Authentic Greek Coin 80-70 Bc Ar Silver Drachm Unknown King Partian KingdomAncient Silver Greek Coin, Unresearched, Genuine Dated 450bc-100ad- Good QualityCalpurnius Piso Frugi Very Rare Roman Republic Silver Ar Denarius Ngc 5/5 Vf Ancient Greek Silver 3rd Century Bc Isle Of Euboia Nymph High Relief Xfine014. Greek Silver Coin. Macedonia. Tetradrachm. FineThorius Balbus , Juno Sospita & Bull Very Rare Roman Republic Coin Ex Ngc Andcng

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