Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Ngc Au Alexander The Great. Lifetime Drachm. Very Are Ancient Greek Silver Coin.Attica Athens Athena Ar Tetradrachm Ancient Greek Silver CoinSeleukid Kings Of Syria. Demetrios I Soter Ar Tetradrachm.Corinthia, Corinth Ar Stater. Circa 345-307 Bc.Abdera, Thrace Tetradrachm Greek Silver Griffin 530-500 BcAr Tetradrachm Macedonia / Macedon Under The Romans / Amphipolis, C. 158-150 (1)Aegina Circa 480-457 Bc. Ar Stater; Turtle. Tetradrachm To Be Identified Ancient Greek Silver CoinTetradrachm To Be Identified Ancient Greek Silver Macedon Alexander Iii Ar Drachm Lifetime Abydus Ngc Ch Au Stunning Blue Color!!!450-350 Bc Greek Thrace Mesembria Silver Diobol Helmet/wheel - VfSicily; Syracuse. Deinomenid Tyranny (ca. 485-466 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm,Greek Coin In Silver Unidentified / UnresearchedIslands Of Thasos Thrace Tetradrachm Ar Ancient Greek SilverAncient Greece Athena Obol Owl Of Athens Tetradrachm Greek Coin Necklace Pendant500-450 Bc Thrace, Thasos Satyr/nymph Ancient Greek Silver Stater Ngc VfSicily Gela Ar Tetradrachm Gr 16.02336-323 Bc Alexander Iii, The Great Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc VfEgypt Ptolemy Iii Ae42 44mm Svor.964 Ancient Greek CoinAncient Greek Gold Stater Philip Ii Of Macedon 8.5 Grams116-107 Bc Cleopatra Iii And Ptolemy Ix Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc XfScarce Ancient Greek Philip Ii Of Macedon Gold 1/12 Stater Pella 359-336 BcSyracuse, Sicily; Hieron Ii (275-216 Bc). Ae Bronze.Alexander The Great. Fleur De Coin.the Highest Grade A Coin Can Have. Greek CoinPtolemaic Kingdom Cleopatra V11 51-30 Bc Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients FAuction Start 1 $ Epirus Ambracia 360-338 B.c Ar Stater Rare And High Grade 4th Century Bc Thracian Chersonesus Ancient Greek Silver Hemidrachm Ngc XfTarentum Calabria Silver Nomos / Didrachm___youth On Horseback___riding Dolphin336-323 Bc Alexander Iii The Great Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Ngc VfNgc Xf Goat And God Of Youth. Exceptional Silver Stater Kelenderis Cilicia036. Greek Silver Coin. Alexander Iii. Ar Tetradrachm. Herakles / Zeus. Fine3rd Cent. Bc Celts Imitating Alexander Iii The Great Ancient Greek Drachm Ngc VfAncient Greece 141 Bc Thrace, Thasos Silver Tetradrachm CoinAd 98-117 Arabia, Bostra Trajan Ancient Roman Silver Tridrachm Ngc Choice FCampania Neapolis Ar Nomos Didrachm Gr 6.79Temple Of Jupiter Maximus. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius Ms* Worth $1,0004th Cent Bc Mysia, Parium Ancient Greek Gorgon Silver Hemidrachm Ngc Vf Edge Cut86 Ptolemaic Kingdom Of Egypt - Ptolemy Ii Philadelphos 285-246 B.c.Egypt Ptolemy Iv Ae38 Ancient Greek CoinAncient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Demetrios Poliorketes 294-288 BcParthia Vonones I Sell.60.5 Ef (8-12 Ad)Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy Xll 80-51 Bc Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Ch FAncient Greek Thessaly, Larissa, 460-400 Bc Silver Drachm Troas Abydus C.4th Century Bc Ar Hemidrachm Ngc Ancients FGreek Coin: Philip Philadelphos, Silver Tetradrachm, 93-83bc, Antioch MintAfter 133 Bc Ionia, Ephesus Ancient Greek Silver Cistophorus Tetradrachm Ngc VfBlack Sea Apollonia Pontika Silver Drachm Coin Gorgonion Anchor Ancient Greek Alexander The Great 3rd Century Bc Solid Gold 8.6 GramsSilver Drachm From Thessalian League 2nd - 1st Centuries BcParthia Phraates Ii Sell.16.6 EfKingdom Of Persis; Darius Ii, Circa 1st Century Bc. Ar Drachm. Roman War With Arveni.jupiter Quadriga.roman Republic Coin.q.fabius Labeo.scarceBlack Sea Apollonia Pontika Silver Drachm Coin Gorgonion Anchor Indo-sythian Kings, Azes (58-12 Bc), Ar Tetradrachm.Parthia Vologases Iii Sell.78 Fdc78m Ptolemaic Kingdom - Cleopatra Vii 51-30 B.c.Ptolemy Xii Silver Tetradrachm_____alexandria Egypt_____father Of Cleopatra ViiParthian Empire, Orodes I (90-80 B.c.) Ar Drachm.Parthia Mithradates Ii Sell.29.1 Drachm95-75 Bc Philip I Seleucid Kingdom Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Xf ScuffGaul Allobroges C.100-50 Bc Ar Quinarius Ngc Ancients Ch VfPtolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy Xll 80-51 Bc Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Ch Vf ScratchesBiblical/judean Lot Of 55 Various Prutahs, Maccabees, Herods, Procurators, Etc.Kingdom Of Macedon Alexander Iii 336-323 Bc Ar Drachm Early Posthumous Ngc Ch FAncient Macedonia Tetradrachm Alexander The Great CoinPamphylia Side C.400-360 Bc Ar Stater Ngc Ancients F SmoothingMysia Parium 4th Century Bc Ar Hemidrachm Ngc Ancients Vf Edge CutParthia Vologases Vi Sell.88.17 FdcParthia Mithradates Ii Sell.24 Drachm (123-88 Bc) EfParthian Kingdom , Mithradates Ii , 121-91 Bc. Ar Drachm , Mint Of Rhagai

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