Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Constantius Chlorus Caesar. Very Rare Roman Greek Gold Coin Worth Over $12.000 Gold Roman Ring With Cornucopia. From Lucius Aemilius Paullus 4.38g Worth $2.000Athena And Lion Attacking Stag,velia Silver Ar Nomos Greek Coin Worth Over$2.000Alexander Iii "the Great" (lifetime) Drachm 336-323 Bc Ngc Ch XfIonia: Phocaea The Best Coin Ever Gold El Hecte Nymph As Goddess Of Beauty AuThracian Or Scythian; Coson, After 54 Bc Stater 8.54 Gr. Gold Ngc Ms! Must See!Ancient Greek Silver Pamphilya Aspendos Olympic Stater Coin - 420 BcClaudius Pulcher And Urbinus Roman Republic Silver Ar Denarius Superb And RarePamphylia, Aspendus, 4th-3rd Century Bc Ar Stater, Ngc Ch Vf, Wrestlers, Slinger(57bc To 58ad) Five Parthia Silver Drachmas Attributed Ancients No Reserve Unique Bronze Protomoney Ax Iiv-v C. B.c 195g/45mmAkarnia Argos Amphilochicum, 350-270 Bc, 7.57 Gr., Stater, Pegasi Ii, P. 531!r!Ionia Phocaea Very Rare Greek Gold El Coin. Superb Condition 2.511g Hermes Ef Persephone & Dionysos Lesbos Mytilene Are Greek Gold Coin El Worth Over $2.000Phoenicia Arados Ar Tetradrachm 52 Bc Ancient Coin 785Syracuse (sicily - Greek) Hemilitron - Copper - Hieron Ii. (275-215 Bc) *Scythians, India - Azes 58-12bc Silver Tetracrachm Nice Uncirculated Rare!!Pergamon Mysia Silver Tetradrachm____serpents___cult Of Bacchus____lucius AntonyScarce C.400 B.c Ancient Greece Istros - Moesia Silver Stater Coin.vfAugustus Caesar Silver Ar Denarius Rare Spanish Mint 19mm 3.552grams Roman CoinScarce C.300 B.c Ancient Greece Thrace - Mesembria Ar Silver Diobol Coin.vfLucania, Herakleia Ar Diobol (922u)Kings Of Armenia. Tigranes Ii €Metapontum Nomos Didrachm 430-400 Bc, 7.29 Gr. So Rare, Wooow !!! Uncleaned!Parthian Kingdom , Mithradates Ii , Ar Drachm , Rhagae MintRhodes Caria 387 - 304 Bc Ancient Didrachm Ancient Coin 791Alexander Iii The Great Silver Tetradrachm____military Genius___head Of HeraklesC.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Cheronesos Ar Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfIllyro-paron Damastion 345 - 330 Bc Ancient Coin 793Silver Tetradrachm Athena Owl Ca. 450 BcGreek, Attica. Athens. Ca. 134/3 Bc. Silver "new Style" TetradrachmKings Of Armenia. Sophene, Arsames Ii. Circa 230 Bc. Æ *lucernae* Attractive Tingis, Mauritania Ae20. Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/1 Spike.*lucernae* Scarce (tingis), Mauritania Ae21 Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/2 Spikes.Metapontun Lucania Stater 350 - 330 Bc Head Of Leucippus Ancient Coin 801Ancient Greek Bronze Coin Unknown Very Interesting / 18mmC.250 B.c Ancient Greece Histaea Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfScarce Sicily, Syracuse. Time Of Dion Ae Hemidrachm (982u)C.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Cheronesos Ar Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfGreek Coins , Unidentified!,,,,,,,,Scarce C.400 B.c Ancient Greece Apollonia - Pontica Ar Silver Drachma Coin.vfAncient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of King Ariobarzanes - 129 BcParthian Kingdom , Group Of 12 Ae Parthian Coins , Pallantium Peloponnesus 196-146bc Zeus/monogram Ancient Coin 786Corinth Greece 386- 307 Bc Pegoses Head Of Athena Ancient Coin 799Antioch (syria) Ae17, Rev. Ram And Crescent Moon*lucernae* Scarce (tingis), Mauritania Ae17 Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/3 Spikes. IsisLot Of 5 Ancient Greek Coin's -histiaia, Euboia, Ar Tetraobol, 3rd To 2nd CenturKings Of Armenia. Tigranes V. Circa Ad 6-12. Æ RrrGreek Coins , Unidentified!,,,,,love!!Fourre Ancient Greek Coin Stater Of Neapolis Head Of Gorgon Syracuse Sicily Ae15___laureate Apollo & Pegasos (the Immortal Winged Horse)Phoenicia , Silver Drachm Of Alexander Iii The Great Marathos Ca. 230 - 225 BcSeleucid Kingdom. Antiochus Vii Euergetes. Ar Tetradrachm. Ngc Au 5/5, 5/5.Kings Of Persis. Darev Ii Ar Drachm (902u)Lot Of 30 Uncleaned Greece Bronze Coins 135g/11-25mm Perfect R-753C.400 - 300 B.c Archaic Ancient Greece Unresearched Ar Silver Obol Coin.vfAncient Greek Bronze Coin Unknown Very Interesting / 19mmGreek Coins ,cilicia Obol Ar ! Royal Judean Jar Seal "lmlk" Jewish King Hezekiah 8th Century BceKinnlos \\ Chinless Type Celtic Tetradrachm - Eastern Celts \\ OstkeltenAncient Greece Attica Athens Aeo Owl Silver Coin 18kt Yellow Gold Pendant Greek Kings Of Armenia. Sophene, Arsames Ii. Circa 230 Bc. Æ Rr!Lydia. Tralleis Cistophoric Tetradrachm Ngc Au 4/5, 5/5*lucernae* Attractive Tingis, Mauritania Ae26. Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/2 Spikes.Ancient Greek-syracuse,sicily 440-425 Bc-head Of Arethusa,dolphins/cuttle FishRare C.500 - 400 B.c Ancient Greece Olbia - Sarmatia Ae Bronze Dolphin Coin.vfAlexander The Great Drachm 336-323 Bc Ngc Vf 4166030-002*lucernae* Very Rare Tingis, Mauritania Ae18. Ii-i Century Bc. Baal/3 Spikes.Silver Tetradrachm Of Alexander Iii The Great, 336-323 Bc, 99001

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