Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Calabria Tarentum Silver Nomos. Exceptional Issue Very Rare Ancient Greek CoinAncient Alexander The Great Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin, RareThasos Circa 450 Bc Stater Satyr Coin036. Greek Silver Coin. Istrus. Ar Drachm. Eagle. AvfLucania Thourioi Silver Nomos / Stater____butting Bull_____plundered By HannibalAlexander Iii The Great Silver Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Graded Choice Extremely FineAncient Authentic Moesia Istros,drachm, 4th Century Bc, Silver Coin20bc-55ad Tyre Ancient Silver Shekel Tetradrachm "money Of The Bible" Pcgs144/3 Bc Attica Athens Ar Tetradrachm (16.88g) New Style Athena/owl On Amphora Lot Of 2 Pcs Ancient Greek Silver Coins Tetradrachm Thasos Dionysus Ngc Xf. C.servilius M.f. Dioscuri .twins. Superb Ancient Roman Silver Denarius. Sicily - Syracuse Greek Silver Coins 6.0gm Ancient Silver Greek Drachm Coin Athena Owl 4.1gm042. Greek Silver Coin. Parion. Hemidrachm. Gorgon. FAgathocles 317-289 B.c. Ae 21 -sicily, Syracuse- Ngc Xf (8.77g)Alexander The Great Silver Drachm Pegasus, Ai Under Throne. Minted In Lampsacus.Ancient Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm Ptolemy C.400 B.c Ancient Greece Thrace - Cherronesos Ar Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vf24. Lampsakos (390-330 B.c.), Superb Drachm Ancient Greek Thrace Silver CoinAncient Greek Silver Coin Sicily Syracuse Timoleon Ar Stater 344-317 Bc PegasusParthian Kingdom , Orodes Ii 57-38 B.c , Ar Drachm , Mint Of MithradatkartMuseum Quality Ancient Greek Silver Coin Drachm Alexander Macedonia Ancient Greek Silver Diobol Coin Istros 22. Trihemiobol Of Thasos (520-148 B.c.) Superb Ancient Greek Silver CoinCato.ngc Xf. Exceptional Rare And Beautiful Roman Coin.arc Enemy Of Caesar Janus Head Rare Roman Republic Coin. Au Ms. Marcus Furius Philus 19. Apollonia Pontika, (450-350 B.c.) Greek Thrace Ancient Silver CoinAncient Greek Hemidrachm Silver Coin Thasos Parthian Kingdom Ancient Silver Ar Drachm Pacorus Ad 78 - 120 Ngc Ms Uncirculate*tater* Kings Of Macedon Ar18 Drachm Coin Of Alexander Iii Zeus 4th Century BcRoman Republic Silver Ar Denarius Q. Antonius Balbus 19 Mm, 3.71g Very Rare Coin041. Greek Silver Coin. Thrace. Drachm. FAmphipolis Macedonian Shield Artemis , Silver Tetradrachm 158-149 BcLydia Tralleis Cistophor Silver Tetradrachm - 2nd Cen. Bc Cista Mystica SnakeParthian Kingdom Ancient Silver Ar Drachm Pacorus Ad 78 - 120 Ngc Au CoinC.400 B.c Ancient Greece Thrace - Cherronesos Ar Silver Hemmi-drachma Coin.vfDemetrios I Of Bactria Bronze Ae28____rejoicing Elephant____the Second AlexanderUncertian Cyprus Frankish Hammered Medieval Silver GrossoAncient Greek Coin/alexander The Great/macedon/zeus/herakles/amphipolisAncient Greek Silver Coin Fifth Stater Philip Ii Macedon 35. Apollonia Pontika, (450-350 B.c.) Greek Thrace Ancient Silver CoinApollonia Pontika Ar Drachm____facing Medusa & Crayfish____ward Off Evil SpiritsParthian Kingdom Ancient Silver Ar Drachm Vologases Iv Ad 147-191 Ngc Ms UncircuPantikapaion, Thrace, Greek Silver Stater Dyrrhachium, Illyria Silver Drachm. 229 Bc. Xenwn, Cow/calf Eagle Hound RunningCilicia Silver Obol (uncertain Mint)___eagle Standing On Back Of LionMacedonian Kingdom Tetradrachm040. Greek Silver Coin. Thrace. Diobol. Helmet. AvfIndo-skythian Kings Azes Ii 35 Bc-5ad Ar Drachm Senior 105.421d Unlisted "p"022 Cleopatra Vii 51-30 B.c. - Ae 10.37mm - 1.409gSyracuse, Sicily 274-216 Bc Hieron Ii Poseidon & Trident 19 Mm 6.8 Grams Stock D20. Apollonia Pontika, (450-350 B.c.) Greek Thrace Ancient Silver CoinCelts In Eastern Europe - Celtic Tetradrachm 2Macedonian Kingdom , Alexander Iii 336-323 Bc , Ar Drachm, Mint Of LampsacusAchaemenid Kingdom, Time Of Xerxes Ii To Artaxerxes Ii. Silver Siglos, DaggerX46) Attica, Athen Tetradrachm - Owl, Olive Branch, Crescent - After 449 Bc18. Abdera (480-347 B.c.) Greek Southern Thrace Silver Drachm21. Apollonia Pontika, (450-350 B.c.) Greek Thrace Ancient Silver CoinParthian Kingdom Ancient Silver Ar Drachm Pacorus Ad 78 - 120 Ngc Choice Au Coin Sicily, Kamarina. Circa 461-435 Bc. Silver LitraIndo Greek Silver Drachm Coin Apollodotos Ii 100-80 BcCelts In Eastern Europe - Celtic TetradrachmRare Xf Large Silver 32mm Seleucid King Demetrius I Tyche 150 Bc TetradrachmSeleucid Kingdom Antiochus Vii (138-129 Bc) Tetradrachm336 - 323 Bc Kingdom Of Macedon Alexander Iii Ar Tetradrachm (17.08g) Ngc Ch Vf Seleucid Kingdom Demetrius Ii 145-138 Bc TetradrachmGreek Silver Coin Stater Pergamon, Mysia. Cista Mystica - Canopic Box Containing Viscera Of The Dead GodAncient Greek Silver Coin Silver Ar Stater Fine 390 - 335 Bc Boeotian ShieldAncient Greek Gold Coin Caria Mylasa El 1/48th Stater 6th Cent. Bc Ngc Vf 0.26g

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