Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Junius Brutus.the Killer Of* Gold.iridescent Tone.roman Republic Coin.Seleucid Kingdom, Greek Coin, Silver Tetradrachm Antiochus Vll 138-129 BcJunius Brutus.the Killer Of* Gold.iridescent Tone.roman Republic Coin.M.junius Brutus_&_senator Ahala.the Killer Of*gold.roman Republic CoinAlexander The Great, Big Silver Tetradrachm Ancient Coin, Greek CoinClassic Ef Owl, Attica - Athens. 330-310 B.c. Silver Tetradrachm. 17 G, 24 MmAncient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of Alexander The Great - 323 BcOctavian Augustus . Bull Of Caesar. Very Rare Roman Republic Coin Ms* Ex-rosslinJudaea Jewish War Ad 66-70 Ar Silver Shekel (13.57gms) Year 2 Xf Ngc Certified 200 - 185 Bc Demetrius I Greek Silver Tetradrachm CoinCa. 550-500 Bc Aegina Silver Greek Stater Coin Celtic, Drachm, Silver, Type "kugelwange", Horse, Boier Tribe, 2. Century B.c.280 - 261 Bc Antiochos I Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Alexander Iii The Great Tetradrachm Ngc Ef Lifetime IssueCorinthia, Corinth 360-330 Bc. Silver Hemidrachm S-2643 Very FineAncient Greece - Thrace - Istros Silver Stater - Circa 300 - 200 B.c (1075-)Circa.300 - 200 B.c Ancient Greece - Thrace - Istros Silver Di-obol Coin145 - 130 Bc Heliocles I Greek Silver Tetradrachm CoinAncient Greek Bronze Coin Cleopatra Vii 51-30 11.9mm 1.1grRare Azilises 85bc Indo Skythian King Holding Spear Horse *ancient Greek Coin! Histiaia, Euboea "nymph On Galley" Awesome Ancient Greek Silver CoinCirca.300 - 200 B.c Ancient Greece - Thrace - Istros Silver Stater CoinRhodes 166-88 Bc. Silver Diobol - Head Of Helios / Rose Bud Nice UncirculatedPtolemy Ix "eagle On Thunderbolt" Large Tetradrachm Ancient Greek Silver CoinSea Monster Ketos Very Rare Greek Gold Coin El One Of 2 Sold $6.000Great Auction Starting 1 $ : Syracuse 485-480 Silver Tetradrachm With Arethusa Classic Silver Tetradrachm Of Alexander The Great, 28 Mm, 16.62 Grams.Islands Off Troas Tenedos After 189 Bc. Greek Silver TetradrachmRare Grade Ancient Greek Judea Capta Caesarea Imperator Titus Bronze Coin Julia Domna.wife Of Septimius Severus Oldcabinet Gold Highlight Tone Roman Coin.Silver Ancient Greek Coin King Macedon Philip 359 - 336 Bc Alexander .23 MmKyzikos Mysia Silver Trihemiobol___captured By Alexander The GreatKatane, Sicily. 3rd Century Bc. Apollo "e" / Kata-naiwn, Isis Holding Bird. Ancient Macedon Silver Drachm Alexander Ngc Certified Xf Pegasus Double StrikeCirca.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Alexander The Great Ar Silver Drachma CoinSilver Ancient Greek Phokis Delphi AmΦi-ktio-nΩn 338-333 Bc Apollo Demeter 2nd-1st Cent. Bc Celts, Danube Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Ms 4/5 5/5Macedonia Alexander The Great Type Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Kolophon 4.2g NgcNoblespirit No Reserve {3970} Rare Greek Juba Ii 25 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Vf GradedAncient Greek Hemidrachm Silver Coin Thasos 200 Bc, Odessos, Thrace. Apollo. / "odessiton" Below Reclining The Great GodChersonesos Silver Hemidrachm Greek Coin, 386-338 Bc.008. Greek Silver Coin. Chersonesos. Ar Hemidrachm. Lion. VfAgathocies Of Syracuse 317-289 B.c. Ae 23 -winged Thunderbolt- Ngc Vf (8.57g)Circa.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Alexander The Great Ar Silver Drachma CoinHellenistic Era Theater Ticket 1st C. Bc. RareAncient Greek Silver Obol Coin Rhodes Helios 166-88 BcActually Says "syracuse", Sicily, 212 Bc Zeus Left Syrakosiwn, Nike Biga Left90 - 70 Bc Hermaios Greek Silver Tetradrachm CoinJuno Sospita.extraordinary Roman Republic Coin.instead Of Bull Is Horse ChargingGreek Silver Coin Alexander The Great 16.9gms Lysimachus Tetradrachm 297-281 BcAd 69-79 Vespasian Ancient Roman Greek Provincial Silver Didrachm Ngc Vg 4/5 4/5Celtic, Drachm, Silver, Type "kugelwange", Horse, Boier Tribe, 2. Century B.c.Noblespirit No Reserve {3970} Greek Archaean Hemidrachm 1st B.c. Ngc Vf GradedUnknown / Unresearched Ancient Greek Bronze Coin. Elephant Coin # N 155Zeugitania, Carthage 4th-3rd Century Bc. Ae24 - Horse & Palm - Very FineApollodotus Ii Silver Drachm___athena Alkidemos___indo-greek Kingdom___80-65 BcSikyonia, Sikyon. 4th Century Bc. Silver Obol. Laureate Head Of Apollo / Dove 011. Greek Silver Coin. Byzantium. Ar Hemidrachm. Cow / Trident. AfineCirca.300 - 100 B.c Ancient Greece - Unresearched Bronze Stater CoinsAncient Greek Silver Obol Coin Istros Ancient Philisto Arabian Silver Obol Coin, Ex. Rare Philistia Philisto Coin #d91Thessalian Confederacy 196 Bc Pallas Itonia Advancing Hurling JavelinRomans Fighting Dog's Of King Bituitus.gorgeous Oldcabinet Blue Tone Roman Coin.Ec Kings Of Armenia , Arshakuni ( Arsacid ) Dynasty, Unidentified Coin RrrrrEc Kings Of Armenia , Tigranes Vi,60 - 62ad , First Reign , AeUnresearched Ancient Greek Silver Coin. Ancient Coin # N 139Agathokles Ca.295 B.c. Ae 24 -sicily, Syracuse- Bmc#422 UncirculatedA427 Nice Ptolemy Egypt Cleopatra Vii Portrait 51-30 Bc Ae11Rare! Thrace, Dikaia, Silver Hemiobol. 5th Cen. Bc. Bull / Bunch Of Grape

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