Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Julius Caesar Very Rare Coin.first Mint Under His Name.roman Denarius1of14 KnownMs* Philip Ii Tetradrachm.majestic Head Of Zeus Unbelievable Perfect Greek Coin.Masterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Ms* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Discuri. C. Serveilius M.f Famous Cimbrian War.very Rare Roman Coin. Worth $1800Ancient Greek Calabria Taras Ar Didrachm Dolphin Bc 281-228 Ngc Ch Xf Fine StyleUlysses With His Dog.mamilius.very Rare.roman Coin Exceptional Ms Worth $1200Imperator L.manlius Torquatus Ar Denarius.roman Republic.dictator Sulla's FriendSilver Tetradrachm Of Philip Ii Of Macedon, Amphipolis Mint. 315-294 Bc. V.fAncient Greek Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm Of Mysia, Pergamon, 166-160 Bc. V.fSuperb Attractive Iridescent Gold Patina With Bluish Tone. M.tullius DenariusMs**the Aqueduct And 4'th King Of Rome Ancus Marcius .gorgeous Roman Coin. Alexander The Great.spectacular Tetradrachm. Worth $2,000.very Rare Greek CoinCalabria, Tarentum. Ancient Greek Nomos. Taras Son Of Poseidon, Riding A DolphinSpectacular Roman Republic Denarius From Sura (cornelius Lentulus )ms **525-480 Bc Saronic Gulf, Aegina Turtle Ancient Greek Silver Stater Ngc FMasterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Au* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Roman Republic Denarius. Very Rare Blue Patina Exceptional.roma And Victory.Ms*phalanthos Holding Laurel Calabria,tarentum.unpublished Dies Very Rare StaterJuno Sospita Ms/au. The Goat Goddess. Gorgeous Roman Silver Denarius. RareGreek Indo-scythian Empire Azes I/ii Ar Tetradrachm Athena Bc 58 Ngc Xf4th Cent Bc Mysia, Parium Ancient Greek Gorgon Silver Hemidrachm Ngc Xf AuJudaea,prutah, Bar Kochba/bar Kokhba Revolt, 132-135 Ad, Year 2, 133-134 AdAthens Tetradrachm 369-365 BcParthia Mithradates Ii Sell.24.9 Ef With Receipt Greek Kingdom Of Thrace Lysimachus Ar Drachm Bc 305-281 Ngc Ch VfAncient Greece Silver Tetradrachm Thasos Thrace 148 Bc Hercules & Dionysos Rare!Ptolemy Vi Ae27 Diobol______portrait Of Cleopatra I As Isis______ancient EgyptJupiter And Juno Sospita With King Cobra Roman Republic Coin Ms*Wow! Cilicia, Anazarbus Trajan Decius, 5 Prize Urns!, Estate Coin In CellophaneReal Face Of Philip Of Macedonia With Goat's Horn In Helmet. Ms* Roman Coin.Celts Greek Types Of Alexander Iii Ar Drachm 3rd Century Bc Ngc XfParthian Kingdom Vardanes I 38-46 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitiPtolemy Iv Ae Ancient Egypt C. Minucius Augurinus. Very Rare Roman Silver Coin. Similar Sold For $3,400 Au.Tiberius.veturius. Rome's Oath 2 Soldiers, Youth With A Pig.god Mars Au****Very Rare Roman Coin With Gold Iridescent Patina.rutilius Flaccus.cicero'sfriendPergamum (133-67bc) Cistophoric Tetradrachm Ef MysiaParthia Parthamaspates Sell.81.1 Ef DrachmParthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii Ad 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitiKingdom Of Cappadocia, Ariarathes Vi Epiphanes (118-105 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin.Seleucid Empire, Antiochus Viii "gryphus" (109-75 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Vf+Mysia Parium 4th Century Bc Ar Hemidrachm Gorgoneion Bull Stg Ngc Ch Vf Edge CutGreek Seleucid Kingdom Demetrius I Ar Drachm Bc 162-150 Ngc Ch XfElectrum Gold Byzantine Coin Manuel I Comnenus Jesus Christ Throne Virgin MaryGreece Aegina, Ancient Silver Stater, 510-490 Bc Ar Tetradrachm- Head Of Alexander The GreatSicily Agathokles Ar Head Of Arethusa Tetradrachm Ancient Greek Silver Estate Tag Says: Hierapolis Cilicia Ef Reverse! 25 Mm, 9.0g Oddly In CellophaneParthian Kingdom Vardanes I Cad 38-46 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitoParthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf Graffito4th Cent Bc Phoenicia, Tyre Hippocamp/owl Ancient Greek Silver Shekel Ngc FPtolemy Iv Svor.1148, Sng Cop 207 Ae38 Ancient Egypt With ReceiptSeleucid Empire, Alexander I Balas (150-145 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Vf-xf!Seleucid Empire, Alexander I Balas (150-145 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Sidon Mint!Mark Antony. The Most Famous Ship Coin. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius. 323-317 Bc Philip Iii Heracles/zeus Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Ngc Vf 5/5 4/5Estate Tag Says: Tarsos, Gordian Iii, Tyche, 37mm, 22.7g, Oddly In CellophaneParthia Phraates Iv Sell.52.16 "superb Ef" With ReceiptThracian Chersonesus 4th Century Bc Ar Hemidrachm Lion Incuse Ngc Ancients Ch VfSeleucid Empire, Demetrios I Soter (162-150 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. VfAr Stater Ca.196-146 Bc Thessalian LeagueL. Saufeius Roman Republic Coin.Extraordinary Roman Republic Coin. Thorius Balbinus. Attacking Bull And JunoKingdom Of Macedon Alexander Iii 336-323 Bc Ar Drachm Posthumous Heracles ZeusTemple Of Jupiter Maximus. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius Xf* Worth $1,000Sidon, Astarte's Car Containing Baetyl, Sacred Meteorite! Estate Cellophane BagParthia Mithradates Ii Sell.27.1 Rhagae Mint "superb Ef" With Receipt Greek Coin, Kingdom Of Macedon, Philip Ii Ar Tetradrachm (359-336 Bc).350-300bc Anacs Vf30 Greek Thessaly Krannon Dichalkon!! #b7807Ancient Alexander The Great Greek Silver Drachm!!!!

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