Collectible Ancient Greek Coins

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Darius I Av Gold Daric Great King In Kneeling Shooting Arrow , Athena In Corinthian Helmet. Ionia Phocaea Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin El.Ancient Greece Silver Tetradrachm Aunc Macedonia Alexander The Great 16.50 GramsMedusa Heracles.lesbos Mytilene .very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin Worth $ 5.000Hadrian And Neptune Sestertius Very Rare Roman Coin . Similar Sold For $14.000.Sphinx Winged Lion Mytilene Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold El Coin Worth $7.000246 B.c Ancient Greece - Egypt Ptolemaic - Ptolemy Iii Bronze Tetra-drachm CoinGorgeous Silver Greek Tetradrachm Philip Ii Lifetime Issue 359-336 Bc 14.44 GramNymph As Goddess Of Beauty Ionia Phocaia Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin El.Ancient Greek Athena Owl Amphora New Style Silver Tetradrachm 165bc-50bc CoinHorned Dionysus And Apollo Lesbos Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin El Wort1.900Gorgeous Silver Greek Tetradrachm Alexander Type 188-170 Bc Temnos Mint 15.7 G.Superb Antiochus Vii Sidetes Impreressive Large Silver Tetradrachm--starts At $1After 133 Bc Lydia, Tralles Cistophoric Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc VfRare Ancient Greek Coin-silver Stater-lucania, Thourioi -400 - 350 BcAlexander The Great Drachm051-indalo- Ptolemy Ii Philadelphos. Ar Drachm Ca .269-268 Bc. Alexandria MintSatyr And Apollo Lesbos Mytilene Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin El.worth 3500Goddess Io From Ionia Phocaia Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin El. Worth $3.000Gorgeous Silver Greek Drachm Lysimakos (323-281 Bc) Lampsakos 4.07 GramsAlexander Iii Silver Tetradrachme Miletos Mint 300-295b.c.16.95g/27mm Rare M-745C.400 B.c Ancient Greece Macedon King Phillip Ii Ae Bronze Stater Coin.vfAncient Greek Coin Pergamon Mysia Silver Tetradrachm 166-67 B.c *lucernae* Athens Ae14. 3rd-2nd Century Bc. Helmeted Bust Of Athena Right / Owl Heracles In Lion Skin Ionia. Erythrai.very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin El.057-indalo- Roman Judaea, Pontius Pilate.bronze Prutah, 31 Ad. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ef Paleo Hebrew Letters 6 Ancient Maccabean Coins Script Used On 10 Commandments054-indalo- Lydia, Under Persian Rule. Ca 450-330 Bc. Ar Siglos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ancient Greece Silver Larissa Drachm Thessaly 340 - 320 Bc Nimph 5.66 Grams Rare048-indalo-alexander Iii. Very Nice Ar Drachm. Ca 301-297 Bc. Kolophon Mint !!!!Ionia Phokaia El Gold Electrum Hecte Hekte 1/6 Stater Circa 478-387 B.c.Egypt Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy Ii 285 - 246 Bc Coin 45 Mm 82.6 Grams Ancient Greek Calabria Silver Diobol 380bc Athena Herakles Wrestling Nemean LionMacedonian Kingdom. Alexander Iii, 336-323 Bc. 3 X Ar Drachms , Macedonian MintIndo Skythian , Azes Circa 58-12 B.c , Ar Tetradrachm052-indalo- Uboea, Chalkis. Very Nice Ar Drachm Circa 338-308 Bc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Concordia Gordian Double Denarius Very Rare Silver Roman Coin 4.62 GramsMacedonian Kingdom Ar Tetradrachm Philip Ii 359-336bc Father Alexander The GreatTwo Mesembria Thrace Ar Obol 450-350 Bc #2053-indalo- Illyria, Epidamnos-dyrrachium Ar Drachm. Ca 250 Bc. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Medieval Cyprus Billon Sizin Coin Pietro Loredano 1567-1570 A.d.018. Greek Silver Coin. Macedonia. Ar Tet. Artemis. VfLot Of 50 "nice Patina" Widows Mite Biblical/ Judean Coins,luke 21:1-4, JannaeusGreek / Seleucid Kingdom Ar Tetradrachm Antiochus I Soter 281-261 BcTwo Mesembria Thrace Ar Obol 450-350 Bc #1Lysimachos 323-281 Bc. Athena And Lion.bronze Drachm Ancient Greek Coin Circa.400 - 300 B.c Ancient Greece Thrace - Mesembria Ar Silver Obol Coin.vfMacedonian Kingdom Ancient Greek Coin Silver Tetradrachm Philip Ii Undefiend Ancient Greek Coin Silver Tetradrachm Antiochos Corinth, Corinthia. Silver StaterParthian Kingdom , Tiridates 29-27 B.c , Ar Tetradrachm , Extremely RareGordian Double Denarius God Sol Invictus Very Rare Silver Roman Coin 4.62 GramsPersis Kingdom , Namopad Son Of Artaxerxes Ii , 1st Centuty A.d , Silver Obol375 - 300 Bc Greek -corinth Ar Stater 8.4 Grams Rev. ' P ' Under PegasusMacedonian Kingdom Ar Tetradrachm Alexander Ii The Great 336-323 Bc ,Lot Of 7 Judean Prutah Coins. Very Nice.Coa Rare Lifetime Issue Alexander The Great Silver Drachm 325bc Wear Lion Skin Lot Of 14 Ancient Greek Coins Un-identified: High Resolution Photos Both Sides!Ancient Bronze Coin - JewishGordian Double Denarius Jupiter Commander Xf 5/5 Very Rare Silver Roman Coin Celtic, Drachm, Silver, Type "kugelwange", Horse, Boier Tribe, 2. Century B.c.Scarce Circa.400 B.c Ancient Greece Aegina - Aegean Ar Silver Stater Coin.turtleGreek Amphipolis Under Roman Rule Ar Tetradrachm ΜThrace Istros Ar Stater 400-350 Bc #2Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Ptolemy XiiGoddess And Gordian Double Denarius Very Rare Silver Roman Coin 3.72 GramsAncient Greek Coin - Greek City Histiaia In Euboia -silver Ar Triobol 300-200 BcAthens, "eye In Profile" Transitional Style Silver Tetradrachm, 393 - 300 B.c. Asiaminor , Ionia , Klazomenai 480-450 B.c. Ar Pl Obol , Ram's Head Right , Rare012. Greek Silver Coin. Alexander Iii. Ar Tet. Herakles

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