Collectible Ancient Roman Coins

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Agn - Roman Empire - Gordian Ii – Extremely Rare Ae Sestertius - Romae AeternaeTrajan - As, Rev. Process. Very Rare And Historical Important Roman Coin. Worth$1.200Trajan - Ae28 Of Berytos, PhoeniciaMedusa/gorgoneion With Hunter Actaeon Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin. Xf*Atiia 8 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___dioscuri Riding HorsesCurtia 2 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___jupiter In Galloping QuadrigaJulius Caesar Silver Denarius.trophy Of Gallic Arms Between 2captives.roman CoinUlysses With His Dog.mamilius.very Rare.roman.silver Tone Gold Highlig50 A.d British Found Augustus Roman Silver Denarius Coin - Contemporary ForgeryLot Of 25 Uncleaned Ae2 And Follis (19-24 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze Coins Papia 1 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___gryphon___protector Of WomenEtruscan Young Jupiter Riding The Goat Amalthea. Exceptional Roman Republic CoinLot Of 50 Uncleaned Ae3 (17-20 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze CoinsRoman Republic, L Roscius Fabatus 64/59 Bc Ar Denarius Serratus ~ Ngc Au StarRoman Imperial, Marc Antony 30 Bc Ar Legionary Denarius ~ Ngc Very FineL. Manlius Torquatus. Sybila And Tripod. Very Rare Roman Coin Ex- Stefanelli.Gordian Iii - Ae26 Of MarkianopolisHerennius Etruscus 251 A.d. Silver Double Denarius Ngc Ch Xf Looks Unc!Notorious Sulla Roman Republic Silver Ar Denarius Superb Xf Very Rare Coin An Exceptional Example Of Rufus Discuri. Rare Roman Republic Coin. Worth $1.100Lot Of 9 Uncleaned Sc And Viminacium Sestertius - Roman Bronze Coins Lot Of 35 Uncleaned Ae3 (17-20 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze CoinsAncient Roman Denarius Silver Coin Julius Caesar, Ar18 Elephant Trampling SnakeLot Of 40 Uncleaned Ae3 (17-20 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze CoinsExtraordinary Fully Silvered Probus. Antoninianus. Very Rare Roman Imperial CoinThe Killer Of Archimedes Very Rare Roman Republic Coin. Old Cabinet Tone.First Jewish War (revolt) Ae Prutah___ancient Judaea___grape Leaf And AmphoraLot Of 45 Uncleaned Ae3 (17-20 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze CoinsRoman Republic, M. Furius L. F. Philus Ar Denarius. Rome, Circa 120 Bc. Imperial Roman Coin Silver Denarius Of Hadrian SuperbElagabalus (222 Ad). Roman Silver Denarius, Invictus. Rome. #ru 5029Roman Imperial Coinage BookHonorius Ar Siliqua (398-423) Augustus (27 Bc-14 Ad) Roman Ar-denarius Ric-207Septimius Severus Denarius Ngc Au Star 5/5 Star Designation Amg Finest Known*skif* Very Rare And Nice Ae2 Of Valentinian Iii (425-455 Ad) Cherson MintHadrian - As, Rev. Clementia*vtere Felix*"use With Luck” Roman Legionary Silver Ring!Julia Mamaea - Denarius, Rev. JunoRoman Empire Ar Double-denarius, Gordian Iii Era, Ad 238-244 Ngc AncientsLucius Verus Silver DenariusRoman Imperial Denarius Antoninus Pius Divo Silver Alter Marcus Aurelius CoinTrajan - As, Rev. VictoryC.100 B.c British Found Roman Republic Silver Denarius Coin.unresearched IssueVespasian, Circa 76 Ad. Roman Silver Imperial Denarius Coin. Rev: Caduceus. VfStraordinary Auction From 1 $:macedon As Rome Province Aesillas Tetradrachm Agn - Roman Empire - Tiberius (14-37 Ad) - Extremely Rare Ar Denarius – 30 AdRoman Empire Ar Denarius, Ad 81-96, Domitian Era, Ngc AncientsPhilip I - Ae27 Of MarkianopolisLot Of 55 Uncleaned Ae4 (14-17 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze CoinsImperial Roman Coin Silver Denarius Of Marcus AureliusJulia Mamaea (232 Ad). Roman Silver Denarius, Felicitas. Rome. #ru 5054Straordinary Auction From 1 $:king Alexander Iii The Great Tetradrachm Babylon Agn - Roman Empire - Gaius Caligula (37-41 Ad) - Extremely Rare Ae As With VestaRoman Imperatorial Coinage, Sextus Pompey. Ar Denarius Fragment, 2.9g. Sicily+++*skif* Ae2 Of Theodosius Ii (402-450 Ad) Cherson Mint RareLot Of 75 Uncleaned Chipped Ae3 (16-18 Mm) - Late Roman Bronze CoinsRoman Republic Caligula As 37-41adBosporus Kings: An#319 Aspurgus (14 –37 Ad) / Tiberius, AsAncient Roman Empire Trajan 98-117 Ae Sestertius Ngc Fine Dacia StandingCirca.96 - 98 A.d British Found Emperor Nerva Roman Period Bronze Dupondius CoinRoman Imperial Marcus Aurelius 161-180 Ad Denarius Ngc Au 29436Crusader Crusade Coin County Of Tripoli Bohemond Vii Ar Gros 25mm 4.23Bosporus Kings: An#469 Sauromat I (93-123 Ad), SestertiusRoman Republic, Q Titius, 90 Bc Ar Denarius ~ Ngc Very FineBosporus Kings: An#348 Kotys I (46 – 63 Ad) Claudius / Agrippina, AsAncient Roman Coin Augustus; Ar19; 27bc-13adNero ~ Egypt, Alexandria Ad 54-68 Bi Tetradrachm ~ Ngc FineHadrian Roman Silver Denarius

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