Collectible Ancient Roman Coins

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Julius Caesar 42-bc,roman Republic,gallic Arms, Silver Denarius -19mm- 3,20-gr364-367 Ad Valens Gold Solidus (portr: Valentin Ii) Ancient Antique Roman CoinJulius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Au Really Nice Unc Coin!Julius Caesar Very Rare Coin.first Mint Under His Name.roman Denarius1of14 KnownJulius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Xf Portrait Style Very Rare Type!Julius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Au Rare Type Coin Sharp Strike!626-629 Ad Heraclius Gold Solidus (constantinople) Ancient Antique Roman CoinMs* Philip Ii Tetradrachm.majestic Head Of Zeus Unbelievable Perfect Greek Coin.565-578 Ad Justin Ii Gold Solidus (constantinople) Ancient Antique Roman CoinRoman Coin: Tiberius 14-37ad Masterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Ms* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Discuri. C. Serveilius M.f Famous Cimbrian War.very Rare Roman Coin. Worth $1800Valentinian Iii (425-455). Solid, Ravenna.CaesarUlysses With His Dog.mamilius.very Rare.roman Coin Exceptional Ms Worth $1200*prados* Lot Of 230 Roman Coins.Imperator L.manlius Torquatus Ar Denarius.roman Republic.dictator Sulla's FriendLot Of 50 Uncleaned Ae2 Follis Maiorina Antoninianus Roman Bronze CoinsSuperb Attractive Iridescent Gold Patina With Bluish Tone. M.tullius DenariusMs**the Aqueduct And 4'th King Of Rome Ancus Marcius .gorgeous Roman Coin. Alexander The Great.spectacular Tetradrachm. Worth $2,000.very Rare Greek CoinOf Great Rarity Mn Cordius Rufus 46 B.c Ar Denarius With Dioscuri Calabria, Tarentum. Ancient Greek Nomos. Taras Son Of Poseidon, Riding A DolphinSpectacular Roman Republic Denarius From Sura (cornelius Lentulus )ms **Rare Silver Denarius Of Octavian, Apollo / Ploughman, 30-29 Bc. Ric: 117. Superb*prados* Lot Of 115 Roman Coins.Lot Of 150 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsRome C.n. Balbus 79 B.c Silver Denarius Serratus High GradeRome C. Naevius Balbus 79 B.c Silver Denarius Serratus Rare High GradeRome Ti. Minucius C.augurinus 134 Bc Ar Denarius Rare High Goddess Of Health. Extraordinary Roman Republic Coin.Masterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Au* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Maximinus I 235-238 Ad Ar Denarius Ngc Ms Looks Gem Unc Very Rare This Nice!Roman Republic Denarius. Very Rare Blue Patina Exceptional.roma And Victory.Extremely Rare Silver Denarius Of Elagabalus, Antioch, Ad 218-219. Ric: 195. E.fMs*phalanthos Holding Laurel Calabria,tarentum.unpublished Dies Very Rare StaterJuno Sospita Ms/au. The Goat Goddess. Gorgeous Roman Silver Denarius. Rare*prados* Lot Of 82 Roman Coins.Rome D. Silanus 91 B.c Silver Denarius High GradeJulius Caesar. April-august 49 Bc. Roman Silver DenariusRoman Empire Otacilia Severa Ar Double-denarius Ad 244-49 Ngc Ms Ancient Roman Empire Denarius Vespasian 69 -79 AdRoman Medallion Of Lead 58 Grams 2nd Century Jupiter And Juno Sospita With King Cobra Roman Republic Coin Ms*Real Face Of Philip Of Macedonia With Goat's Horn In Helmet. Ms* Roman Coin.Lot Of 140 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsLot Of 50 Semi-cleaned Ae3 Roman Bronze Coins Lot Of 120 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsC. Minucius Augurinus. Very Rare Roman Silver Coin. Similar Sold For $3,400 Au.Tiberius.veturius. Rome's Oath 2 Soldiers, Youth With A Pig.god Mars Au****Very Rare Roman Coin With Gold Iridescent Patina.rutilius Flaccus.cicero'sfriendQuality Silver Denarius Of Julius Caesar, Elephant / Snake, Italy 49 Bc. Rare!!!Lot Of 100 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsScarce Roman Coin, Macrinus, Ad 217-218 Ar Denarius , *providentia*+++Horseman Protecting Comrade. Superb Roman Coin In Gold Iridescent Tone. P.capito*loracwin* Very Nice Lot Of 50 Roman Coins.Large And Superb Ancient Roman Bronze Lion Head Phalera Applique -c. 1/2nd C. AdLot Of 50 Nice Roman Bronze Coins #1Roman Empire Constantine I Ad 307-337 Ae3 Bl Nummus 3.51g Rom Votive Wreath NgcLot Of 130 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsMark Antony. The Most Famous Ship Coin. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius. Severus Alexander 222-235 Ad Ar Denarius Ngc Ms Looks Gem Very Rare This Nice!Silver Tetradrachm To Be Identified Diva Mariniana Wife Of Valerianus Billon Antoninianus With Peacock Very Rare **d-d** Roman Republic, Vargunteia 1, 130 Bc. Denarius, 3,84 G. Very FineL. Saufeius Roman Republic Coin.Extraordinary Roman Republic Coin. Thorius Balbinus. Attacking Bull And JunoTemple Of Jupiter Maximus. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius Xf* Worth $1,000Trajan Sestertius Ad 103-111 Spqr Optimo PrincpiRoman Empire Constantine I Ad 307-337 Ae3 Bl Nummus Ngc Ancients Au

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