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Satyr And Apollo.very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.lesbos.mytilene. GorgeousNo Reserve!!!rare Gold 1/4 Stater Of Philip Ii 2.18 Gm. Superb!!!Mark Antony, Galley, Legion Vi, Eagle, Standards, Denarius, Silver, 32-31 B.c.Ionia Phokaia. Dionysos. Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hecte Electrum Ngc Ch Vf. In Fact This Is Ch Xf.superb Anonymous Roman Republic Denarius.Greek Dynasty Tetradrachm 150-425 Bc Ca. Brutttium Region - No ReserveImperial Roman Coin Silver Denarius Of Caracala SuperbRare Byzantine Half Siliqua Anastasius Constantinople 491-518 Ad Circa.200 A.d Unresearched Roman Provincial Silver Tetra-drachma Coin. AntiochC.50 - 100 Ad Unresearched Roman Provincial Silver Tetra-drachma Coin.alexandriaAnonymous Silver Denarius___roman Republic__the Riding Dioscuri___early DenariusGreek Dynasty Tetradrachm 323-336 Bc Alexander Iii The Great --- No Reserve*tater* Roman Provincial Ae21 Coin Of Titus Victory Judaea Capta JudaeaGreek Dynasty Tetradrachme 197-220 Bc Magistrates - No ReserveGreek Dynasty Tetradrachm 88-490 Bc Athens - No ReserveGreek Dynasty Tetradrachm 63-120 Bc Mithradates Vi Eupator - No ReserveVibia 3 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___apollo & Minerva In QuadrigaGold Visigoth Tremissis Svinthilia Barbi Mint Ms63! Rare Grade No Reserve!!!Scarce Roman Silver Denarius Julius Caesar Greek Dynasty Tetradrachm 390-404 Bc Polixelos - No ReserveCeltic, Drachm, Silver, Type "kugelwange", Horse, Boier Tribe, 2. Century B.c.Greek Dynasty Tetradrachm 466-485 Bc Hieron I - No ReserveRoman Imperial As 14-22 Bc/ad Drusus, Son Of Tiberius - No ReserveNo Reserve!!!rare Gold 1/12 Stater Of Philip Ii 0.70 Gm. Superb!!!Roman Imperial Siliqua 337-350 Constans - No ReserveRoman Imperial Denarius 27-14 Bc/ad Augustus - No ReserveRoman Imperial Sestertius 37-54 Agrippina - No ReserveCirca.300 - 100 B.c Ancient Greece - Unresearched Ae Bronze Stater CoinGreek Dynasty Tetradrachm 227-246 Bc Antiochos Hierax - No ReserveGreek Dynasty 1/2 Shekel 201-218 Bc Second Punic War - No ReserveRoman Coin: Marcus Aurelius Silver Denarius Attractive CoinAncient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of Alexander The Great - 323 Bc2 Ancient Roman Silver Denarii Coins Of Emperor Trajan Denarius Rome Rare Ancient Rome 5 Coin 253 To 287ad Normanby Hoard Uk Antoninianii Coin SetGreek Dynasty Tetradrachm 149-167 Bc Roman Protectorate - No ReserveCupiennia 1 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___galloping Dioscuri & Roma004. Roman Silver Coin. Nerva. Ar Denarius. Clasped Hands. AvfRoman Empire Trajan Ar Denarius (ad 98-117) Ngc Ch Au 5/5 Both!Greek Dynasty Tetradrachme 140-165 Bc Olympios - No ReserveQ. Antonius Balbus, Denarius, Silver, Jupiter, Victory In Quadriga, 83-82 B.c.*hhc* Lot Of 25 Ancient And Medieval Coins, Lots Of Variety And Great Detail!C.250 - 350 A.d Collection Of Various British Found Roman Period Ae Bronze CoinsSuper Ancient Greek Alexander The Great Silver TetradrachmRare Coa 22mm 11gr Syracuse Sicily Persphone Left With Horse Chariot Biga 287bcGreek Dynasty Tetradrachme 100-200 Bc City - No ReserveRoman Silver Denarius Emperor Septum Severus Set In 14k Cufflinks With CertL6 Lot Of 41x Ancient Roman Uncleaned Coins D= 14-24mm 94g QualityCirca.200 A.d Unresearched Roman Provincial Silver Tetra-drachma Coin.alexandriaTarsos Cilicia Silver Obol___bust Of Aphrodite Wearing Tania___4th Century Bc025. Greek Silver Coin. Parion. Hemidrachm. Gorgon. AvfRepublican Roman Coin Silver Denarius D Junius Brutus Albinus 48 BcRoman Imperial Cistophorus 27-14 Bc/ad Augustus - No ReserveGreek Dynasty Tetradrachme 323-336 Bc Alexander Iii The GreatGreek Dynasty Stater 325-380 Bc Ca. ProvinceRoman Imperial Antoninianus 238-238 Balbinus - No ReserveParthian Kingdom , Pakoros Ii Circa Ad 78-105 , Ar Drachm , Mint Of Ekbatana Circa.300 - 100 B.c Ancient Greece - Unresearched Ae Bronze Stater CoinWestern Roman Empire Gratian Ad 367-383 Av Solidus Constantinopolis Ngc ChxfRoman Imperial Sestertius 193 Didia Clara - No ReserveLend Me Your Ear Julius Caesar Ancient Rome Silver Denarius Coin Vini Vidi EmiPergamon Mysia Silver Tetradrachm_______entangled Serpents_______cult Of BacchusRoman Imperial Denarius 48 Bc D. Lunius Brutus Albinus - No Reserve"tribute Penny" From Vespasian. Wonderful Strike. Absolutely Like Mint StateDenarius 45-46 Bc C. Julius Caesar And A. Hirtius - No ReserveServilia 6 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___wounded In 23 Single CombatsGreek Corinthia Ar StaterBlack Sea Apollonia Pontika Silver Drachm Coin Gorgonion Anchor Greek Dynasty Tetradrachm 323-336 Bc Alexander Iii The Great - No Reserve005. Roman Silver Coin. Septimius Severus. Ar Denarius. Dea Celestis On Lion. Vf3 Owls! Troas, Sigeion. Double-bodied Owl & Athena Countermarked With Owl 350 Bc

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