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Alexander The Great Tetradrachm. Masterpiece ! Lysimachos Extremely Rare Greek.Lysimachos Silver Tetradrachm. Alexander The Great's Face .gigantic Coin 34 MmMs* Stater.the Best Coin Face Is Smiling The Other One Is Sad.unpublishMarcus Junius Brutus The Killer Of Caesar. Gorgeous Iridescent Patina DenariusLesbos, Mytilene. Roaring Lion And Calf. Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.worth$2000Greece 454-404bc Athens In Attica Silver Tetradrachm Athena Collection Anacs Vf The Ram Of Mytilene And Heracles. Gorgeous Ancient Greek Gold Coin. Super RareAncient Greek Gold Coin.nymph As Goddess Of Beauty. Very Rare Only 8 Known .Julius Caesar. 49-48 Bc. Ar Denarius. Caesar454-404 Bc Attica Athens Athena / Owl Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Ch AuHigh Grade Trajan Bronze Sestertius 98-117ad Rare In This ConditionWestern Roman Empire Valentinian Iii Av Gold Solidus, Ravenna 425-455 Ad, Ngc AuRoman Empire Mark Antony 44-30 Bc Ar Legionary Silver DenariusVitellius Denarius. Exceptional Rare Roman Imperial Silver CoinAemilius Lepidus. Gorgeous Gold Iridescent Tone Roman Denarius. Equestrian (poet? Male Of Lesbos. Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin Hecte. Only 11 SpecimenCarolingians. Charlemagne Charles The Great I King Of The Franks, 768-814 AdAlexander The Great Tetradrachm. The Blue Coin ( Gorgeous Blue Patina ) RareJulius Sextus Caesar Very Rare Coin.first Mint Under His Name.roman Denarius Heracles In Lion Skin Lesbos, Mytilene. Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin HecteJunius Brutus.the Killer Of* Very Rare.roman Republic Coin.Scarce Ancient Greek Philip Ii Of Macedon Gold 1/12 Stater Pella 359-336 BcKings Of Parthia. Mithradates Ii. Ms* Very Rare Large Flan. Ancient Greek Coin.Roman Imperial Augustus 27 Bc.-14 Ad Silver DenariusCentral Europe Celts, The Vindelici. Silver Stater Early 1st Century BcHadrian Roman Silver Denarius, Attractive PieceOwl Facing And Goat. Very Rare Greekgold Coin From Lesbos, Mytilene. El Hecte.Greek Silver Bi Dishekel. Carthage Circa 290-270 Bc.Domitian Bronze Sestertius 81-96adImperial Roman Silver Coin Siliqua Of Constantius 2nd C 337 AdAa2279) Lot Of Macedonian And The Cappadocian Kings 9 Coins Circus Maximus.processions Cart For Games"ludi Circenses" Roman Gold IridescentRoman Republic,cordius Rufus Denarius. 46 Bc Silver Denarius - 4,03 GrAlexander The Great. Fleur De Coin.the Highest Grade A Coin Can Have. Greek CoinBrilliant Ms***** Pamphylia Aspendos Ancient Greek Silver Stater. 2 Wrestlers M. Baebius Q.f. Tampilus Gorgeous Roman Of Apollo. 'ludi Apollinares'Seleukos I Nikator.lion On Reverse Fully Visible With Fine Dies.tetradrachm Big Roman Republic, Claudius Pulcher 110-109 Bc Silver Denarius, Rome Mint - 3,90 GrMarcus Aurelius Roman Sestertius Consecratio Reverse1.celtic Unresearched Silver Coin With Horse 1st Century BcAncient Byzantine Empire Phocas Gold Solidus 602-610 Ad Ngc MsP. Satrienus. Roman Republic Coin. She Wolf. Symbol Of Roma. Worth $1,500 RareCalabria, Tarentum. Ancient Greek Nomos. Taras Son Of Poseidon, Riding A DolphinA. Postumius Albinus.roman Very Rare Roman Silver Coin. Eagle/senator. HispaniaLot Of 50 Ae1 Sestertius Dupondius As Roman Bronze CoinsRoman Republic, Faustus Cornelius Sulla, Rome, 56 Bc. Silver Denarius - 3,77 GrTemple Of Concordia. Pompey Mint. Salus (health) Snake.very Rare Gold IridescentBeautiful Byzantien Gold Coin Of Alexius Iii Angelus (1195-1203 Ad) - HyperpyronLot Of 55 Ae1 Sestertius Dupondius As Roman Bronze CoinsHadrian Denarius. Unpublished Ms* Elaborate Portrait Unofficial, One Of 3 Known Roman Republic, C Valerius Flaccus Denarius, 82 Bc Silver Denarius - 3,71 GrTrajan Æ Sestertius.L. Flaminius Chilo Roman Silver Denarius.outstanding Gold Iridescent Patina . Roman Civil War Silver Denarius. Uncertain Mint Ad 68Lot Of 45 Ae2 Follis Maiorina Antoninianus Roman Bronze CoinsWow Beautiful Estate Coin! Cilicia Tarsos Zeus Eagle /river God Kyndos SwimmingIslamic, Abbasid Ar Dirham, Al-muhammadiya 192 Ah;Ad 613-641 Heraclius & Her. Constantine Ancient Byzantine Gold Solidus Ngc VfDecimus Junius Silanus Roman Silver Coin.the Assassination Of Drusus.4.02g. 18mmC. Marcius Censorinus, Outstanding Roman Republic Denarius In Iridescent Tone.Pegasus.domitian Caesar Under Vespasianus. Roman Imperial Silver Coin. Imperator L.manlius Torquatus Ar Denarius.roman Republic.dictator Sulla's FriendRoman Imperial Octavian Silver Denarius 37 BcLot Of 50 Ae2 Follis Maiorina Antoninianus Roman Bronze CoinsSasanian Kings Of Persia. Bahram Iv. 388-399 Ad. Ar Drachm.Titus Flavius ​​vespasianus Augustus Roman Silver Coin. Elephant Fully Centered!Roman Republic, L Roscius Fabatus 59 Bc.juno Sospita Silver Denarius - 3,81 GrHelena (328 Ad) Ae3 Follis. Thessalonica #ra 7724Vitellius, 69 Ad (av Aureus 7.36 Gr - 20mm) Rare - Roman Gold CoinLot Of 100 Ae4 Roman Bronze Coins

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