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Lot Of 955+ Roman Uncleaned Bronze Coins Circa.474 - 475 A.d Byzantine Empire Emperor Zeno Au Gold Tremissis Coin.vfScarce Brass Dupondius Of Caligula (germanicus) Quadriga. Ric: 57. Ad 37-41. Rare Brass Dupondius Of Caligula (divus Avgustus) Ric: 56. Ad 37-41. Vf.Byzantin Gold Solidus, Marcian [450-457ad] Officina N Constantinople Mint20bc-55ad Tyre Ancient Silver Shekel Tetradrachm "money Of The Bible" PcgsScarce Brass Sestertius Hadrian: Dacia. Ad 136. Ric: 849. Excellent Condition!!!Very Rare Brass Sestertius Of Caligula: Legend In Oak Wreath. Ric: 46. Ad 39-40Elephant On Shield.apollo.metellus.very Rare Roman Republic Denarius.ngc Vf 5/5.Calabria Tarentum Silver Nomos. Exceptional Issue Very Rare Ancient Greek CoinNgc Xf. C.servilius M.f. Dioscuri .twins. Superb Ancient Roman Silver Denarius.Rare Circa.100 A.d Finest British Found Roman Period Glass Bottle.vf StateEastern Roman Empire Theodosius I Milan Mint Gold Solidus Ngc Ch XfC.vibius C.f.pansa.ngc Vf. Superb Scarce Roman Republic Silver DenariusScarce Republican Silver Denarius Of C. Memmius C.f, 56 Bc. Rrc 427/2. Vf.Ancient Byzantine Gold Solidus Coin Of Romulus Augustus 475ad One Of The RarestScace Byzantine Gold Hyperpyron, Alexius I, Constantinoble Mint (1092-1118)Thasos Circa 450 Bc Stater Satyr CoinRare Circa.100 A.d Finest British Found Roman Period Green Glass Bottle.vf StateNero, Scarce Copper As: Temple Of Janus. Ric: 304. Ad 65. Superb Condition!036. Greek Silver Coin. Istrus. Ar Drachm. Eagle. AvfNgc Vf. Albinus.legionary With Eagle. Hispania Veiled Rare Roman Republic Coin.Alexander Iii The Great Silver Ar Tetradrachm Ngc Graded Choice Extremely FineM. Baebius Q.f. Tampilus. Ngc Vf. Superb Scarce Roman Republic Silver DenariusVisigothic Gold Tremissis. Suintila ,scarce Ancient Coin Byzantine Gold Tremissis. Justinian I , Very Scarce Ancient Coin SuperbCato.ngc Xf. Exceptional Rare And Beautiful Roman Coin.arc Enemy Of Caesar Byzantine Maurice Tiberius Ad 582-602 Gold Solidus - Ngc Ms 4/4Ancient Roman Silver Elephant Denarius Coin Of Julius Caesar - 49 Bc Ancient Alexander The Great Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin, Rare144/3 Bc Attica Athens Ar Tetradrachm (16.88g) New Style Athena/owl On Amphora Roman Silver Denarius Mark Antony Solid Silver Unknown Roman Coin Antique Old Ancient Horse Metal Decting Find UkAncient Greek Silver Coin Sicily Syracuse Timoleon Ar Stater 344-317 Bc PegasusJanus Head Rare Roman Republic Coin. Au Ms. Marcus Furius Philus C.50 - 360 A.d Collection Of Various British Found Roman Period Ae Bronze CoinsAncient Authentic Moesia Istros,drachm, 4th Century Bc, Silver CoinLucania Thourioi Silver Nomos / Stater____butting Bull_____plundered By Hannibal042. Greek Silver Coin. Parion. Hemidrachm. Gorgon. FLot Of 2 Pcs Ancient Greek Silver Coins Tetradrachm Thasos Dionysus Gen Ancient 1028-1034 Greek Byzantine Histamenon Nomisma Romanus Iii Gold CoinCollectible Ancient Ship Wreck Silver Coin In A 18k Yellow Gold Pendant 3.5gRoman Republic Silver Ar Denarius Q. Antonius Balbus 19 Mm, 3.71g Very Rare CoinVery Nice Roman Unresearched Silver Siliqua Coin Metal Detecting Detector FindPtolemy Vi Philometor Bronze Diobol__egypt_____married His Sister - Cleopatra IiImperial Roman Coin Silver Denarius Of Vitellius Rare Coin Ancient Silver Greek Drachm Coin Athena Owl 4.1gmPersia, Qajar Dynasty, Naser Al-din Shah; Silver Kran, Hamedan, 1262 Ah Sicily - Syracuse Greek Silver Coins 6.0gmS654) Byzantine Empire - Semissis - Tiberius Ii. Constantine - Gold - Sear 424Lot (4) Ancient Roman Ar Denarius 193 - 217 Ad Julia Domna, Geta 209-211 RomeAncient Widows Mite Coin, Ngc Certified,2000 Years Old Judaea Prutah Cir 100 BcU400) Ptolemaic Kingdom - Ar Tetradrachm - Ptolemaios X. - Year 9281-261 Bc Seleucid Kingdom Antiochus I Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Ngc VfRoman Silver Denarius Coin Of Julius Caesar Gordian Iii (241-243 Ad). Roman Silver Antoninianus. Rome Mint. #rp 1661Considia 4 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___adherent Of Julius CaesarAfrania 1 Silver Denarius___roman Republic___victory In BigaMarc Antony Silver Denarius___roman Republic___actian Campaign___legion ViiiDelmatius (330-335 Ad). Rare R5 Roman Ae3 Follis. Alexandria Mint. #ra 1349Safavid Dynasty, Shah Sultan Husayn I, Silver Abbasi; Dated 1131 Ah, Isfahan.Ancient Gold Coin Axum Axumite Kingdom Ebana 440-470 Ad Av Tremissis 1.69gAncient Greek Attica Athens Owl Silver Tetradrachm 5th Century Bc Pantikapaion, Thrace, Greek Silver Stater Roman Silver Coin Maximian Or Galerius Ar Argenteus 286-311 Ad Serdica CampgateVery Rare Republican Silver Denarius Of Q. Pompeius Rufus, 54 Bc. Rrc 434/1. Unknown Unidentified Antique Ancient Large Silver? Coin (head, Horse)!!Fundania 1 Silver Denarius__triumph Of Marius & CatalusC.300 B.c Ancient Greece - Egypt Ptolemaic Period Bronze Stater CoinGaius Caligula 37-41 Ad Dupondius As Struck 37/8 Ad. Vesta Seated Holding Patera

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