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364-367 Ad Valens Gold Solidus (portr: Valentin Ii) Ancient Antique Roman CoinJulius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Au Really Nice Unc Coin!Ancient Byzantyne Large Gold Coin 10,6 Grams (estate Sale)Julius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Au Rare Type Coin Sharp Strike!626-629 Ad Heraclius Gold Solidus (constantinople) Ancient Antique Roman CoinJulius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Xf Portrait Style Very Rare Type!565-578 Ad Justin Ii Gold Solidus (constantinople) Ancient Antique Roman CoinAncient Byzantyne Gold Coin (estate Sale)Ancient Byzantyne Gold Coin Ancient Bronze St. Andrew's Crusader Cross Coin & 18k Gold Pendant! No Reserve!Byzantine Gold Solidus Coin Focas Phocas 602 - 610 Ad Superb Luster Byzantine Empire Tiberius Ii Constantine Av Solidus Ad 578-582 Ngc Ch AuValentinian Iii (425-455). Solid, Ravenna.Ancient Greek Calabria Taras Ar Didrachm Dolphin Bc 281-228 Ngc Ch Xf Fine StyleGreek Rhodes Islands Off Caria Ar DidrachmUlysses With His Dog.mamilius.very Rare.roman Coin Exceptional Ms Worth $1200Sicily, Syracuse About 400-375.bc. Æ Drachm Imperator L.manlius Torquatus Ar Denarius.roman Republic.dictator Sulla's FriendSuperb Attractive Iridescent Gold Patina With Bluish Tone. M.tullius DenariusAncient Greek Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm Of Mysia, Pergamon, 166-160 Bc. V.fOf Great Rarity Mn Cordius Rufus 46 B.c Ar Denarius With Dioscuri Ms* Philip Ii Tetradrachm.majestic Head Of Zeus Unbelievable Perfect Greek Coin.Lot Of 50 Uncleaned Ae2 Follis Maiorina Antoninianus Roman Bronze CoinsCalabria, Tarentum. Ancient Greek Nomos. Taras Son Of Poseidon, Riding A DolphinJulius Caesar Very Rare Coin.first Mint Under His Name.roman Denarius1of14 KnownSpectacular Roman Republic Denarius From Sura (cornelius Lentulus )ms **Alexander The Great.spectacular Tetradrachm. Worth $2,000.very Rare Greek CoinRoman Coin: Tiberius 14-37ad Lot Of 150 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsSilver Tetradrachm Of Philip Ii Of Macedon, Amphipolis Mint. 315-294 Bc. V.fRome C. Naevius Balbus 79 B.c Silver Denarius Serratus Rare High GradeSicily Syracuse Ar Tetradrachm, Hieron I., C. 475-470 BcRome Ti. Minucius C.augurinus 134 Bc Ar Denarius Rare High GradeAd147-175/6 Ngc Vf Roman Empire Faustina Jr Ae Sestertius Posthumous Iss! #b7550Discuri. C. Serveilius M.f Famous Cimbrian War.very Rare Roman Coin. Worth $1800Lot Of 240 Bronze Ancient Roman, Greek, Islamic, Byzantine & Other Coins *523Egypt Ptolemy Iii Sv.992 Ae 44.9mm With Original ReceiptJudaea,prutah, Bar Kochba/bar Kokhba Revolt, 132-135 Ad, Year 2, 133-134 AdRoman Republic Denarius. Very Rare Blue Patina Exceptional.roma And Victory.*prados* Lot Of 115 Roman Coins. Ancient Roman Empire Denarius Vespasian 69 -79 AdJuno Sospita Ms/au. The Goat Goddess. Gorgeous Roman Silver Denarius. RareGreek Indo-scythian Empire Azes I/ii Ar Tetradrachm Athena Bc 58 Ngc XfParthia Mithradates Ii Sell.24.9 Ef With Receipt Roman Collectible Coin, Marcus Aurelius As Caesar A.d.139-161 Brass Sestertius+Parthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii Ad 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Ancients Vf GraffitoSicily, Akragas, C. 420-406 Bc . Æ TetrasByzantine Andronicus Ii And Michael Ix Av Hyperpyron 1295-1320 Gold *prados* Lot Of 230 Roman Coins.Ad235-238 Ngc Ch F Maximinus I, Ae Sestertius Roman Empire! Goddess Of Health. Extraordinary Roman Republic Coin.Sicily, Syracuse Time Of Dion 357-354 Bc. Æ Litra RrMs**the Aqueduct And 4'th King Of Rome Ancus Marcius .gorgeous Roman Coin. Lot Of 140 Uncleaned Roman Bronze CoinsJudaea,the Jewish War (ad 66-70). Ae Eighth-shekel, Dated Year 4 (ad 69-70)Greek Parthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii Ad 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Vf It. GraffitoLot Of 120 Uncleaned Roman Bronze Coins*prados* Lot Of 82 Roman Coins.Parthia Mithradates Iii Sell.40.3 With ReceiptKingdom Of Macedon Alexander Iii 336-323 Gc Ar Drachm Heracles Rv Zeus Ngc Ch FScarce Roman Coin, Macrinus, Ad 217-218 Ar Denarius , *providentia*+++Real Face Of Philip Of Macedonia With Goat's Horn In Helmet. Ms* Roman Coin.Roman Empire Trajan Declus Ad 249-251 Ar Double-denarius Ngc Ancients AuMasterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Ms* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Parthia Parthamaspates Sell.81.1 Ef DrachmMacedon Under Rome-aesillas 95-65 Bc.silver Tetradrachm.ngc Xf- OverstruckRoman Empire H. Etruscilla Ad 249-253 Ar Double-denarius Ngc Ancients AuGreek Parthian Kingdom Gotarzes Ii C Ad 44-51 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Vf Flan FlawGreek Parthian Kingdom Vardanes I Ad 38-46 Bl Tetradrachm Ngc Vf GraffitiLot Of 100 Ancient Roman Bronze Coins, Follis, Ae3, Ae4 Coins - Good Quality #1

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