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C.200 - 300 A.d British Found Roman Period Gold Aureus Coin.unresearched IssueGold Double Two Guineas George Ii Macedonian Greek Gold Stater Coin Of Alexander The Great 336-323 Bc NiceShekel Of Tyre 126/5 Bc - Ad 65/6 * Beautiful Silver Shekel (14.22 Gm)India Kushan Empire. Gold Dinar. Xf++.Gold Aureus Domitianus 81-96 A.c.rome.rare And SuperbPhoenicia Tyre Ngc 126 Bc-ad 65 Ar Shekel Bible Money Judas 30 Pieces Of SilverGold Solidus Ad602-610 Mintstate Byzantine Phocas Uncirculated Ms Ngc RareHalf Shekel Of Tyre Silver Ancient CoinCrispus , Av Solidus 316-326Macedonia Philip Ii 1/4 Gold Stater / Very RareOtho. 69 Ad. Ar Denarius. Bare Head. Securitas Holding Scepter. Rare Roman Coin!Roman Silver Denarius Coin Of Julius Caesar 44 BcTwo Silver Shekel Of TyreIndia Kushan Empire. Gold Dinar. Xf.2. Roman Gold Coin, Tremissis Of Constantine Iii (407-411 Ad)Quarter Stater Alexander The Great - 330-320 Bc - Gold Coin1. Roman Gold Coin, Tremissis Of Aelia Ariadne (460-515 Ad) Ancient Greece Attica, Athens C. 460-440 Bc Ar Tetradrachm Silver Coin 16.2g * SLesbos Mytilene Sapphos And Lyre .rare Ancient Greekgoldcoin ,ngc Xf Sicily Syracuse. Dionysios I 405-400 Bc Ar DrachmAncient Greek Silver Stater Kroisos 408-450 Gold Solidus Theodosius Ii Roman Imperial Byzantine Vf+ Constantinople RRoman Gold! Coin Anastasius I Genuine Ancient Solidus VictorySicily. Syracuse. Ar Tetradrachm (16.96gms). Ngc Choice Fine 4/5 - 3/5. Ngc. Xf. Calabria Taras Riding Dolphin.didrachm.exquisite Ancient Greek Coin.Byzantine Electrum Gold Coin Ngc Graded Xf Strike 4/5 Surface 4/5Byzantine Ancient Gold Coin Super Condition Tyre Ar Shekel Kp Type, Ngc GradedIndia Kushan Empire. Gold Dinar. Vf+. Macedon. Ar Tetradrachm. Amphipolis.ngc Choice Xf 5/5 - 4/5 With LusterJustinian I Av Solidus - AuGermanicus Gaius, 37-41,rome, C. Ad 37-41 DupondiusAncient Macedon Alexander The Great Silver Drachm Ngc Au 4.3g Goddess W/torchesGreek: Thessaly. Pharsalus. Ca. 425-350 Bc. Ar Drachm Ancient Roman Silver Elephant Denarius Coin Of Julius Caesar - 49 Bc Very RareCaligula , Denarius ,roman CoinCircus For Ludi Megalenses.cybele Entering In Arena With Lions.Julius Caesar Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Ngc Certified Near Perfect StrikeDrusus, Son Of Tiberius, 23 Ad . Ae SestertiusTibet Silver Rupee Horizontal Rosette Szechuan Mint Guang Xu Emperor 1905-1912 ASmsd* Justin I SolidusAncient Electrum Coin - Ionien Incerti - Miletus Standard - 1/24 Stater #a45Vf Condition Ar Tetradrachm Alexander The Great 336-323 Century Bc (1007-)Islamic, Abbasid Caliphate, Av Gold Dinar, Madinat Al-salam; 198 Ah.Copper Pattern Coin Long Whisker Dragon Dragon Dollar 1911 3rd Year Of Xuan TongBalduin Ii Von Courtenay1240-1261gold Hyperpiron Constantinopol 4.20g/24mm R-699Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Apollonia Pontica Circa 400-350 Ar Very RareBar Kokhba Undated Middle Bronze, Palm Tree, Vine Leaf, Biblical/judean Sicily Himera. Circa 420-409 Bc. Ae OnkiaGordianusJulius Caesar Silver Denarius With Venus, Military Mint, Aeneas & AnchisesParthian Bi Tetradrachm, Vardanes Ii Ad 55-58. 13.84g Ngc Certified Chxf 5/5 5/5Lot Of 50 Roman Antoninianii, 3rd Century A.d. #g4523Republic Silver Denarius, Anon., Roma Head & Dioscuri, Crawford 171/1, Ex RbwC.100 B.c Roman Republican Silver Denarius Coin.unresearched Issue Ancient Thrace Silver Tetradrachm Mesambria Alexander Iii 175 -125 Bc OriginaLot Of 1200 Gram / 43 Ounces Roman Coins Fragments, Scrap Coins ! #13Silver Shekel Of TyreCorinthia Ar Stater. 4th Century Bc. 8.30g Ngc Certified Chvf 2/5 3/5Greek: Locris. Locri Opuntii. Ca. 350-340 Bc. Ar Hemidrachm10. Amazing Ar Denarius Of Decimus Calvinus Balbinus (april 22 To July 29 Ad238)Emperor Ioannis A’ Tzimiskis- Byzantine Empire-“gold Solidus”Ionia Ephesus Ephesos Bee Tetradrachm Ar 22 Mm 14.6 Ancient Byzantine Gold Coin Tibet Silver Szechuan Rupee Vertical Rosette Emperor Guang Xu 1905-12ad Qing DynRoman Empire Domitian (ad 81-96) Denarius Ngc Xf 5/5 4/5 Fine Style Rev: MinervaTenth Roman Legion Xf Countermark On Antioch CoinHeraclius 610-641 Ad. Gold Solidus S-738 Cross On Steps Reverse Vf20. Bronze Coin Of Dizatelmeos (dizatelmews) Kling Of Thrace, (120 B.c.)

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