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Ancient Greek Judea Shekel Of The First RevoltAncient Jewish Silver Half Shekel First Jewish Revolt 69 Ad,extremely RareAncient 238-244 A.d. Emperor Gordianus Iii Aureus Au Roman Gold Coin -308 A.d British Found Maximinus Ii Daia Roman Au Gold Aureus Coin.cyzicus MintJulius Caesar Died 44 B.c. Silver Denarius -venus/cupid- Spanish Mint Ngc XfOwl And Athena Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.lesbos.mytilene.1/6stater.hecteRome Julius Caesar As Dictator Denarius *ngc Au* 49-44 Bc Venus Obv Aeneas RevScarce Oliver Cromwell 1658 Silver Shilling Coin.(obverse) Bust Of Cromwell,466-406 Bc Sicily, Syracuse Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm VfBull.persephone. Lesbos Mytilene. Very Rare Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hectePhoenicia Sidon 1/2 ShekelSeverus Alexander. Gold Aureus Fourree. Ex Berlin Sale With Collector's SlipHeracles.and.ram.very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hecte.from.lesbos Athena Griffin Ionia Phocaia Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hectePanther.hermeslesbos Mytilene.very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hecteRoman Ae Sestertius Vitellius 69 Ad (638)Very Sharp Ancient Greek Gold Coin.lesbos.mytilene.zeus.snake 1/ 6 Stater. HecteJulius Caesar 44 Bc Ar Denarius Elephant Reverse Ngc Graded FineEc Attica Athens 454-404bc Silver Tetradrachm - Owl / CrestedPhocas Av Gold Solidus___constantinople Mint___christogram & Cross___centurionRare Pan. Ionia Phocaia Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hecteApollo Artemis.lesbos Mytilene.very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin1/6 Stater.hecteNero Silver Bi Tetradrachm_____alexandria Egypt_____poppaea !121-96 Bc Antiochos Viii Ancient Greek Seleukid Kingdom Silver Tetradrachm VfAncient Greece Macedonia Silver Tetradrachm Artemis 148 Bc Macedonian ShieldLion. Athena.lesbos Mytilene. Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hecte246-226 Bc Seleukos Ii Ancient Greek Seleukid Kingdom Silver Tetradrachm VfOld.dionysus.lesbos Mytilene. Very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 Stater.hecteAlexander The Great - 336-323 B.c. Gold 1/4 Stater (12mm, 2.12g. ) Amphipolis Ancient Mark Antony Roman Silver Denarius Legion Viii 32-31 Bc Nice Rare Coin!Alexander The Great Ar Silver Drachm 336-323 Bc Ngc Choice Vf 3483521-0011 Real Silver Cob Coin1662 Double Date Robcar Certificate Consolation ShipwreckIonia Miletos Gold .1/6 Stater. Lion And Mosaic Very Rare Ancient Greek Coin.Ancient Greece Macedonia Silver Tetradrachm Philip Ii 359-336 Bc Authentic Rare!Lot Of 312 Uncleaned Roman Bronze Coins.Apollo Artemis.lesbos Mytilene.very Rare Ancient Greek Gold Coin1/6 Stater.hecteIonia, Miletus Mid 3rd Century B.c. Silver Drachm -apollo/lion- Ngc Ch XfPhilip Ii. 359-336 Bc. Ar Tetradrachm, 25mm, 14.49 G. - King Of MacedonNice Julius Caesar Silver Denarius Error Triple Strike, 3 Strokes Very Rare CoinIonia Ephesus Silver Ar Cistophorus Ngc Ch Vf Circa 180/167-133 Bc AcVespasian Ngc Cert. Vf Winged Caduceus Snakes Denarius Ancient Roman Silver CoinLot Of 390 Uncleaned Roman Coins Ancient Coins, Lot Of #four#Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin Of Alexander The Great 323 Bc , Rare!Hjb- Macrinus, Denarius1. Roman Coin Sestertius AgrippinaJustin I Ad 518-527 Av Tremissis (1.48gm) Rev.victory Advancing Ngc Ms 4/5 3/5Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Coin Of Alexander The Great - 323 BcAncient Coin, Alexander The Great Macedon Silver Ngc Cert. Choice Xf Gordian Iii Laetitia Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin Ancient Coinage Of Sicily, Herbita, C. 350 Bc Æ Bronze Manius Acilius Glabrio 49 B.c. Silver Denarius -valetudo Holding Snake- Ngc AuConstantius Ii, As Caesar (317-337 Ad). Ae 3. Constantinople. Rare. (e-818)Tiberius 14-37 A.d. Ae28 -rev. Bull Standing- Ngc Xf (11.64g)Rare & Extra Grade Silvered Antoninian By Florian / ConcordiaAfter 109/8 Bc Seleukeia Tyche / Thunderbolt Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm VfLarge Wholesale Lot Of 100 Slabbed Genuine Ancient Roman Coins Low GradeCyprus Byzantine Coin Isaac Comnenus Tetarteron .. 1184-1191.. Ef Coin.Parthian Kingdom Ancient Silver Ar Drachm Pacorus Ad 78 - 120 Ngc Choice Ms UncNgc Choice Vf Maximinus/salus Feeding Snake Ancient Roman Coin Silver DenariusGreek Coin: Alexander Iii (the Great) Of Macedon, Silver Tetradrachm, 336-323bcMacrinus 217-218 A.d. Silver Denarius -rev. Salus Feeds Snake- Ngc Au73. Byzantine Gold Tremissis Anastasius Coin - 1,45 GAlexander Iii The Great Tetradrachm 336-323bc301-indalo-kingdom Of Macedonia, Philip Ii Ar Tetradrachm. Amphipolis,c.323-315 Silver Dragon Dollar Szechuan Emperor Guangxu China 7 Mace 2 Candareens 1901-08Parthian Empire, Gotarzes Ii (c. A.d. 40 - 51) Ar Tetradrachm.Lepidus & Octavian - DenariusAlexander The Great Tetradrachm 188 - 187 Bc, Pretty + Rare Selucid CountermarkAugustus (27bce. - 14ce.) Denarius Ar 18mm. 3.69gr. Beautiful Coin !!!

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