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Ancient Bronze St. Andrew's Crusader Cross Coin & 18k Gold Pendant! No Reserve!Quality Silver Denarius Of Julius Caesar, Elephant / Snake, Italy 49 Bc. Rare!!!Julius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Au Rare Type Coin Sharp Strike!Julius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Au Really Nice Unc Coin!Extremely Rare Silver Denarius Of Elagabalus, Antioch, Ad 218-219. Ric: 195. E.f Ar Tetradrachm- Head Of Alexander The GreatAlexander The Great.spectacular Tetradrachm. Worth $2,000.very Rare Greek CoinRare Silver Denarius Of Octavian, Apollo / Ploughman, 30-29 Bc. Ric: 117. SuperbRoman Republican Silver Denarius Of P. Plautius Hypsaeus, 60 Bc, Neptune. SuperbJulius Caesar Died 44 Bc Ar Denarius Ngc Ch Xf Portrait Style Very Rare Type!Silver Tetradrachm Of Philip Ii Of Macedon, Amphipolis Mint. 315-294 Bc. V.fExtremely Rare Silver Denarius (fourree) Of Claudius & Agrippina, Ad 51. Ric: 81 Lovely Republican Silver Denarius Of M. Aemilius Scaurus, 58 Bc. High Grade!Greek- Calabria-taras DidrachmCaligula Ae-as 37-41 AdScarce Silver Denarius Of Augustus, Signis Receptis, 19 Bc. Ric: 86a. Vf+ TonedEstate Tag Says: Hierapolis Cilicia Ef Reverse! 25 Mm, 9.0g Oddly In CellophanePergamum (133-67bc) Cistophoric Tetradrachm Ef MysiaTemple Of Jupiter Maximus. Very Rare Roman Republic Denarius Xf* Worth $1,000Seleucid Empire, Antiochus Iv Epiphanes (175-164 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. R!Masterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Ms* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Greek.Ancient Greek Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm Of Mysia, Pergamon, 166-160 Bc. V.fMs**the Aqueduct And 4'th King Of Rome Ancus Marcius .very Rare Roman Coin. Ad 350-375 India, Kushan Empire, Kipunada Ancient Gold Dinar XfSeleucid Empire, Alexander I Balas (150-145 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Vf-xf!Twins Discuri And Their Little Dog. Exceptional Roman Silver Coin Denarius.Rare Roman Silver Denarius Coin Pertinax 193 Ad Aeqvit Avg Trp Cos Ii Scarce Silver Denarius Of Divus Vespasian Struck Under Titus, Rome, Ad 80. E.fGreek- Macedon Philip Ii Ar DrachmElectrum Byzantine Manuel Comnenus Gold Electron Jesus Christ Virgin Mary ThroneJulius Caesar. April-august 49 Bc. Roman Silver DenariusPtolemy Iv Ae Ancient Egypt Seleucid Empire, Antiochus Viii "gryphus" (109-75 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Vf+Seleucid Empire, Antiochos Vii Euergetes (138-129 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Vf+29-12 Bc Augustus & Agrippa Crocodile Ancient Roman Ae As VfScarce Silver Denarius Of Clodius Albinus, Rome, Ad 194. Minerva, Ric: 7. V.f.Ms*phalanthos Holding Laurel Calabria,tarentum.unpublished Dies Very Rare StaterSeleucid Empire, Philip I Philadelphus (94-75 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Axf!Ad 610-641 Heraclius Ancient Byzantine Gold Solidus Ngc Ms 4/5 3/5Seleucid Empire, Demetrios I Soter (162-150 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. VfParthian Empire, Unknown King Ii (80-70 Bc). S30.20Ad 613-641 Heraclius & Her. Constantine Ancient Byzantine Gold Solidus Ngc MsGold Solidus Ad602-610 Phocas Ms Mintstate Uncirculated Ngc Mint LusterGold Solidus Ad582-602 Maur. Tiberius Ms Mintstate Uncirculated Ngc Mint LusterCalabria, Tarentum. Ancient Greek Nomos. Taras Son Of Poseidon, Riding A DolphinMasterpiece Silver Stater From Lucania. Au* Demeter, The Goddess Of Corn. Goddess Of Health. Extraordinary Roman Republic Coin.Rare Byzantine Half Siliqua Anastasius Constantinople 491-518 Ad Byzantine Coin To Be IdentifiedGold Solidus Ad474-491 Zeno Ms Mintstate Uncirculated Ngc Mint Luster ClippedSuperb Attractive Iridescent Gold Patina With Bluish Tone. M.tullius DenariusJupiter And Juno Sospita With King Cobra Roman Republic Coin Ms*Kingdom Of Cappadocia, Ariarathes Vi Epiphanes (118-105 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin.Q. Antonius Balbus. Spectacular Gold Tone Very Rare Silver Roman Coin. Circus Maximus.processions Cart For Games"ludi Circenses" Roman Gold IridescentSeleucid Empire, Demetrios I Soter (162-150 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. VfByzantine Coin To Be IdentifiedDiscuri. C. Serveilius M.f Famous Cimbrian War.very Rare Roman Coin. Worth $1800Lot Of 60 Bronze Ancient Jewish, Roman, Greek, Byzantine & Other Coins *247Ms**the Aqueduct And 4'th King Of Rome Ancus Marcius .gorgeous Roman Coin. Spectacular Roman Republic Denarius From Sura (cornelius Lentulus )ms **Real Face Of Philip Of Macedonia With Goat's Horn In Helmet. Ms* Roman Coin.Rare Roman Silver Denarius Augustus Octavian Silver Denarius Coin 31bc-14ad Very Rare Roman Coin With Gold Iridescent Patina.rutilius Flaccus.cicero'sfriend2000 Year Old Widows Mite Judean Lepton Of Alex Janeaus Coin, Ngc Certified Seleucid Empire, Interregnum (146-145 Bc) Ar Tetradrachm Coin. Antoich Mint!Lucius Furius Brocchus Silver Roman Denarius. Minted When Pompey Took Jeruselem!Indo-sythian Kings, Azes (58-12 Bc), Ar Tetradrachm.Trajan Ar DenariusJulius Caesar Very Rare Coin.first Mint Under His Name.roman Denarius1of14 Known

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