What’s with all the American Collector articles?

“American Collector” was a beautiful, high-quality magazine published out of New York City in the 1930s and ’40s for people interested in antiques and collecting.

Because a great deal of research went into the production of that magazine, which is now in the public domain, we decided to put as many of its articles online as possible as a reference for today’s collectors.

The magazine ceased publication in 1948 at the start of the postwar boom, when people were turning to new consumer products and losing interest in antiques. A different, and unrelated, “American Collector” magazine was published briefly in the late 1970s.

January and February 1943 editions of American Collector Magazine

We’re interested in learning more about the history of “American Collector” magazine. If you know anyone who worked there, we’d be grateful for their contact information so that we could speak with them and perhaps do an interview.

Also, we’re still missing some back issues. Specifically, we’re in the market for all of the issues through Sept. 1937, most of 1938, and much of 1944-46. If you have any these issues and would be willing to let us borrow and scan them, please let us know.


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