What Is It? Mystery Scooter with Pedals

By CollectorsWeekly.com Staff

December 16th, 2010

Since we first launched Show & Tell in June of 2010, thousands of people have posted photographs and short stories about things in their collections. When someone has a question about an item, they label it as an Unsolved Mystery. Here’s one of our favorites.

It looks like a Vespa, but…
Mork is a recent visitor to Show & Tell, and this visitor’s first contribution reads as follows: “Can anyone tell me anything about this vintage pedal car? make, value? Thanks for your help.” We’d call it a pedal scooter, and to our eyes it appears to be a toy rather than something one would use to, say, commute to the train station or ride to the store for a half gallon of milk. Beyond that, though, we’re as eager to learn more about this unique piece as Mork!

Tell us what you think
Have you ever seen or heard about a piece like this? Is its similarity to a Vespa scooter a coincidence, or did Vespa make these for kids? If you have the answer to these and other questions, leave a Comment at the bottom of Mork’s Vintage Vespa like pedal car page.

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9 comments so far

  1. C. Henry Says:

    The F.C. Castelli Company, of Philadelphia, Pa. made a pedal-powered Vespa schooter. That is most likely what you have.

  2. jean pascal Says:

    this toy is from France produced by Pierre Guy.

  3. Helen H. Says:

    Bought an old J.C. Higgins bike and would like info on it. It has the numbers 50346340 & 1049995 on it. Any info on what these numbers represent? Year?model number?

  4. N.Lopez Says:

    Looks similar to a Garton Super Sonda made in the 50’s

  5. Frank C.Castelli III Says:

    My family’s company FCCastelli Company manufactured a ‘Vespa” pedal scooter .family lore says my grandfather went to Italy in the late 40’s early 50’s and brought a Vespa scooter back to Philadelphia and scaled it down to a childs pedal toy . However the picture above does not look like a Castelli product.

  6. Tony Says:

    it looks like a triang trietta to me

  7. Donna Tindle Says:

    I have a Castelli pedal scotter. It is made a little different from the one shown. You can read the name Castelli on the back fender.

  8. Dean Says:

    I also have an identical scooter, We Lived in Bombay (Mumbai) for several years and purchased this from an estate sale, Interesting also to find out more about these pedal scooters

  9. Andre Says:

    Hello, I`m from Brazil, I have a identical one, brand new.

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