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2000-P Sacagawea Experimental Rinse Dollar

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    Posted 8 years ago

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    So 12 years ago I was waiting tables at Outback. I had a really rude customer that left me this coin on a $140 tab. I was irrate. As I always do, I took any change I had received that looked different or what have you and threw it in a cigar box. Thats where it remained until a month ago when I saw my exact coin on Amazon for $140,000. I was stunned and I am still in disbelief that I could have one of these coins as only 10 are known to exist out of over 770 million minted that year. I am wanting to get it graded to prove if it is what I think it is. Coin dealers where I live all tell me its just tarnished or that no such coin exists. Its not even listed in the redbook they say. I hope I can prove them wrong. For now it reside in a safety deposit box.

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    1. TubeAmp TubeAmp, 8 years ago
      You can put any number you want on a price tag. It means nothing until it sells.

      Sorry, but certified and slabbed examples of this error can be had for $40.00. The population of this is well over ten.

      T A
    2. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      I have to disagree. You are thinking of a 2001. Only 10 2000's.
    3. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      But your response is the exact one I get from every coin deal.
    4. aghcollect aghcollect, 8 years ago
      As TA said - even gem uncirculated slabbed coins can be had for around $60. - yours has some bad marks on it, both obverse and reverse - professional grade and slab service cost would exceed the value of your coin. Too common to even bother.
    5. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Please show me one for the price you say and I will stand corrected.
    6. aghcollect aghcollect, 8 years ago
      Just send it to PCGS and spend the $35 - no numistmatist would purchase an error coin unless its been professionally graded. - learn the hard way if you don't believe the coin dealers you have shown it to and the advice you get here.
    7. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Got it, but I'm gonna stick to what I've researched. Had people tell me its just tarnished or discolored. No one has yet to prove that it isn't rare or even produce somewhere where another one can be found.
    8. TubeAmp TubeAmp, 8 years ago
      Well don't order your Porsche 911 GT3 just yet. It's worth one dollar until you sell it.

      T A
    9. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Not banking on anything. Just a cool coin that would be a cool story to a crappy tip.
    10. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Wrong coin. Use the same link and look for their write up on 2000-P EXPERIMENTAL RINSE. This is a not a gold in color SAC. It is as chocolate brown as it can be. A coin dealer told me he was gonna show me that it had just come in contact with something and tarnished it. He made some paste with baking soda and water and was rubbing it. He handed it back and said he didn't know what it was. Still brown.
    11. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Here you go. 2001 is at the top. 2000s are underneath.
    12. gusp, 8 years ago
      I cannot imagine anybody that is a coin dealer taking a baking soda scrub to any coin to prove their own ignorance. That is flat out nuts. The internet is full of ignorant cranks just waiting to slam any coin that they know nothing about, and who are too lazy to research before commenting. Ignore them and do your own homework. The greenish chocolate brown Sacs are the experimental rinse coins. The 2000P ones I have all appear to be a bit lower relief in strike, and a bit low on the lustre. They all look uniformly greenish brown in color, and mine have not changed color in over 8 years. Furthermore, they all match in strike, lustre, and color. The 2000P coins are the much more scarce ones with a claimed known population of 10 known. That number may be a bit low, but the coins are real hard to locate. They are even more scarce than current sales price info and information. To my limited knowledge, PCGS has graded at least 1-2000P coin as an experimental rinse coin. The problem with the coin is in the lack of knowledge and understanding. That, and the fact that apparantly a few disgruntled finest known registry set owners chose to slam the coin and have it removed from the NGC registry set. Perhaps they just could not find one, or buy one, so they poo pooed the coin? Too many coin dealers are not really expert numismatists. They are 'make some money today' coin dealer experts. The industry if rife with them. Proof of that is your man who scrubs your coin. That is just flat out stupid. Anyways, your coin looks to me to be the Experimental rinse coin and I say send it to PCGS to have it graded and attributed. For now, it looks like NGC is not attributing the coin. As to the value of the coins, I cannot imagine 140K but, it could be worth a sizeable premium. Good luck and find a better coin dealer.
    13. SEAN68 SEAN68, 8 years ago
      I agree with gusp!!!
    14. gusp, 8 years ago
      P.S. Picky,...It is hard to say from pictures, but, your posted coin looks very much like the ones I have.
    15. SEAN68 SEAN68, 8 years ago
      I like how you "gusp" added detailed information in your comment as well . and the other comments accept the posters comments are more generic not to much info for all of to learn from.
    16. gusp, 8 years ago
      I ran across this page a while back...Look at the 1419 point entry dated 8/16/2011 and then the subsequent removal of the points on 8/25/2011. Not sure, but, I believe that this was the addition and then removal of the NGC65 2000p experimental rinse dollar coin that this owner has, or had. Further comments and or any corrected information are most welcomed. ..
    17. SEAN68 SEAN68, 8 years ago
      Thankyou gusp for the added information and the link!! :) we all could learn something from your comments and link!!
    18. gusp, 8 years ago
      Correction, the coin in the set may be the PCGS67 2000p experimental rinse coin and not an NGC65 as stated. I believe that an NGC 65 coin also does exist, but I am not sure.

    19. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Thanks for the informative reply. Yes, I know nothing about coins other than the top 100 most desired that I look for in every handful of change I come across. Probably a waste of time, but I've found some cool coins doing this. I am going to get it graded but every certified deal I have gone to wont do it for me. I just wanted someone who might know the coin to see mine and weigh in on what they think before I go out and get it graded on my own. As for my local coin dealers.....I live in south Alabama. Thank you for your replies.
    20. gusp, 8 years ago
      Correction, the coin in the set may be the PCGS67 2000p experimental rinse coin and not an NGC65 as stated. I believe that an NGC 65 coin also does exist, but I am not sure.

    21. gusp, 8 years ago
      I plan to sell one of mine next year via auction. Maybe that will set some kind of fair market value for the variety... if the grading guru's at PCGS are still attributing the coins. Find a trusted authorized PCGS dealer, or attend a coin show where PCGS is in attendance and get the coin graded and certified. The 2001p coins sell on Ebay for 75-300+ dollars and they are easily obtainable... at least relative to the 2000p coins. Good luck. The only way to beat a con artist is to become an expert in the artform.
    22. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      Good Save
    23. Bigsarge Bigsarge, 8 years ago
      Based on all I have read here would it be hard to believe that I, until now have never seen that coin before???

      Great coin by the way.
    24. aghcollect aghcollect, 8 years ago
      Did you ever get this PCGS graded?
    25. TubeAmp TubeAmp, 8 years ago
      So did you send it to PCGS?

      T A
    26. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 8 years ago
      I did not. I did put it in a safety deposit box. I am waiting to take it to a show to have it graded.
    27. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 7 years ago
      Every couple of months I search the web on these. See some new ones have popped up. No one has graded yet.
    28. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 6 years ago
      The search continues...
    29. scottvez scottvez, 6 years ago
      WHY does the search continue? There is an easy solution-- why not just get it graded and determine IF you have something??

    30. iboyasir, 6 years ago
      hey PickyPickerton, i read your post about an year ago, i found 1..which looked EXACTLY like the 1 on SMALLDOLLARS.COM.
      sent it to PCGS, came back saying..they dont "recognize" it.
      any luck with your coin?
      you can contact me directly on
    31. MY4SONS, 6 years ago
      Pickypickerton, Just wondering if you had your coin checked. I am fairly new to coin collecting and recently found a coin very similar to yours. Sorry I cant post a pic at this time. My 2000 p sac dollar is chocolate in color with a few green tarnish areas noted. It appears to be more copper then brass in composition and has a mat finish. I have not been able to find much information on it. I read that there were experimental rinse error coins this year but not much info on them either. iboyasirs last post states that PCGS said they didnt recognize his. It appears we have the only 3 known coins to exist that no one knows anything about. So, how do we get them recognized? I would love to hear from anyone with info on this coin.... because they do exist!
    32. coinmartin, 5 years ago
      Hi, I too have the coin you are referring to. I received it around 2000 from the bank. I put it away and just pulled it out again. I have been trying to find out what its worth but not having any luck. saw a guy on utube talking about one. Any way I have been checking on line and came across your page. I too live in dothan, that was really a shock! I hope you get this message.
    33. JessChocolateSACHunter JessChocolateSACHunter, 5 years ago
      I have a few chocolates coins mainly two i would consider chocolate and will be getting them graded might tale me a few months to get membership to gradebit will definitely do and post back the results as well. I have one that looks like the one in ths post then i have a second one you can see in my profile pick i dubbed it the twilight SAC.
    34. PegPeg77, 5 years ago
      HELP, 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar dark brown and gritty to the touch? Would it be part of the - Experimental Rinse Dollar?
    35. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 4 years ago
      Haven’t checked the thread in a while. Got into a discussion tonight about this coin and was told there was no such thing. It was just tarnished. As always. Lol. I’ve been in the weeds with a new biz and haven’t had time to do a thing. Anyone else?
    36. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 4 years ago
      I can’t find the link but I rencently found a story about some copies made in Mexico that looked like this. I believe they tarnished heavily and even pitted over time. Will Post if I find the story again.
    37. Trisha6519, 4 years ago
      Think I have one also.
    38. JessChocolateSACHunter JessChocolateSACHunter, 4 years ago
      I have not been able too grade mine and heres the reason why. NGC ir PCGS if your coin is valued over 10k and and you want to submit it for athentication it is 1% of the total value and i just dont have 2k to get it back. Then it would draw interest for every day it was late being paid. So basically it takes money to make money.......
    39. JessChocolateSACHunter JessChocolateSACHunter, 4 years ago
      I swear mine is just like yours though and you can see the smooth soft look these types of coins have compared to the fakes but I think its bullshit that when ever you tell a coin collector about these they are so afraid of it that they dont want anyone else to have the actual thing. Theres a major difference in circulated and none circulated toning. Honestly if its brand new looking such as ours is then they shouldnt be chocolate at all unless they are real and the ones that are circulated and kind of chocolate you can tell are fake because they are to glossy and beat up to be real......this is the only one i have ever seen like the one i have and i actually had another one but i sold it for 300 and regret it. But yeah this is the only other one ive seen that has that beautiful chocolate matte finish and theres a little wear on the high spots like the babies head ever so slight but it isnt yellow metal underneath it honestly looks white, so who knows?
    40. JessChocolateSACHunter JessChocolateSACHunter, 4 years ago
      I changed my pic so you coukd see the one im talking about sorry its sideways...
    41. MrDusty MrDusty, 4 years ago
      I feel your pain. Unfortunately there are a great deal of people who are quick to dismiss various coins that are extremely rare or that are often mistaken for another forrm; and just as often there are plenty of coin dealers who will either try to convince you a coin is either fake just to "low-ball you out of pity" or who will try to convince you that it's something else entirely that is much less valuable so they can make a, sadly, the entire basis of Numismatics (and especially error coins) is to convince someone that a "Dime is worth a Dollar".

      Now, unfortunately, when it comes to experimental rinse coins it can be nearly impossible to prove or disprove the validity of it without a true "Expert" (and that's hoping you can find one who isn't shady) as, due to the very nature of a rinse, it can be duplicated by finding a similar batch of chemicals to process the coin in. Unlike an Experimental Planchet, Alloy, or Wrong Denomination coin there isn't a proprietary die/production device used to produce it; it's a chemical bath. I do wish you luck but, other than speaking to someone who actually owns some of these coins (as opposed to your run-of-the-mill coin dealer who often gets cherry-picked for error coins by actual experts) there's virtually no way ever "proving" it.

      Unless you plan on selling it though; the whole point of coin collecting is to have a coin you enjoy. If you do intend to sell it eventually I highly suggest you take better care of it by putting it in a protective holder. If you do have it graded I HIGHLY suggest you take extensive photographs of every single mark on the coin with a very powerful and precise the one person who would be able to swap your coin out for a facsimile would be an "Expert".

      I personally don't trust the professional grading services (particularly ANACS) as I've seen them make more than a few mistakes, not to mention that there are dozens of "MS-70" coins out there that've been mishandled and won't show the damage for years. That and, every so many years, a company like NCG or PCGS will change the coin grading scale in order to garner more customers which renders their prior graded coin slabs obsolete (same with CAC Stickers and such).

      And don't even get me started on counterfeit slabs.
    42. Stevenj84 Stevenj84, 4 years ago
      Hey guys. I’m in the same boat as everyone else with this experimental rinse. If anyone wants to help me flip this dollar as quickly and efficiently as possible let me know... I’ll cut you a portion of the profits. I seriously need the money and seriously believe I have this coin. Lmk!
    43. Stevenj84 Stevenj84, 4 years ago
      My apologies... new guy here... was being facetious... Good to finally stumble across a community like this.
    44. JasonSchuster, 2 years ago
      I got a chocolate brown coin like that but its a d mint it is a bit darker brown and just one small area that it looks a bit greenish...its a 2000 D has anyone here of anything else on these chocolate coins and how about a D mint
    45. JasonSchuster, 2 years ago
      Its not a fake its satin finish smooth lines and even wear and great detail its no Mexican fake
    46. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 1 year ago
      As always, I’m checking for this coin on eBay. So I check this week and there it is. A PCGS example. Only for $3500. I feel no one still knows this coin exists and it is worth more than the one on eBay now. Give it 10 year and I think it’ll be a valuable coin to own. I guess 3500 isn’t bad for a coin either lol. Sending mine in in a couple weeks.
    47. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 1 year ago
      7 years and you haven't had it graded. That says you know the coin isn't really terribly valuable. Looking on ebay means nothing unless you are looking at items that actually did sell. As you were told above, you can ask anything but actually selling is a different world.
    48. pickypickerton pickypickerton, 9 months ago
      @fhrjr2 I guess you didn’t read the thread. You could not send it in, without them sending it back. They didn’t start recognizing it existed until 2021. Read before putting foot in mouth
    49. scottvez scottvez, 9 months ago
      So at this point it has been sent in?

    50. JessChocolateSACHunter JessChocolateSACHunter, 9 months ago
      I sold my coin a long time ago and unfortunately all I can say is I am kivking myself in the balls about it every day. I wish I would have graded it to maximize value.....
    51. JessChocolateSACHunter JessChocolateSACHunter, 9 months ago
      And the one tou have is probably the most beautiful one I have ever seen.
    52. Celiene Celiene, 9 months ago
      Fred Weinberg is the definitive expert on these. Everything you need to know is here. Send a pic of yours to this forum:
    53. Celiene Celiene, 9 months ago
      The link I just posted in the last comment includes references & links to MANY articles etc. Here is the forum again. Keep us posted.
    54. Cbrezzy, 4 months ago
      I have a 2000 p that looks am awful lot like this it is a dark chocolate brown .I've seen a vary large amount of these coins. But never one like this one.
    55. apostata apostata, 4 months ago
      insert Waki ( Weinberg -Segs and Briggs)
    56. apostata apostata, 4 months ago
      insert waki , sorry to intrude , not attention seeking ( running on also alfafa hair, otherwise i forget)
    57. apostata apostata, 4 months ago
      personally i don,t think this is the purpose of an anti tarnising ( burning planchets agent coin , because it is quite tarnished

      some people refute because of the km 310- 2006 but there is also a lot of trouble (reassesment) about, but thatdoes not prove much because we don,t know the
      compound of the antioxidant

      Segs put them on the market als capsulaters , but this is circulated

      Weinburg one of best assessors in the world stated , it must be OK, but the MInt won,t substantiate for over 20 years on several occasions

      the point is it does,not matter were you want to get your information , it is all hide and seek, without result

      the symbol in the mid of the shawl seems to be missing, but i got bad eyes

      ruled out all the cheerios, flight feathers are, compared it to the wounded eagle design , but that does,not matter for the value

      assessed on the AlFAFA ( = sprout hair) excellent

      the swapping ratio among peers = 3.91 so quite common

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