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Vibra finger... Gum massager!

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paris1925's loves152 of 499EMANUEL BERANEKA lady showing some caracter! Oil on canvas.
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Posted 3 years ago

(418 items)

Found this years ago at a flea market, it was the time my mother had teeth ache and parodont issues...

As facetious girl, I gave it to her, and traduced the instructions.

As a facetious mother, the following day she told me it had been very efficient and she was no more in pain
Seriously? Lol!


  1. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    You have to know it operate in 110 volts... in France we are 220 volts Ô. .ô
  2. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Lisa! Not sure if I want to see your plug... :-P
  3. AzTom AzTom, 3 years ago
    All I'm going to say is, if you hadn't shown the instructions, I may not have agreed on what you say it is,lol
  4. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 3 years ago
    Hahahaha! Isn't modern technology great?
  5. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 3 years ago
  6. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Hey folks, I KNEW you'd have some fun with my device :-D
    Thanks Bonnie for the link !!!
  7. Manikin Manikin, 3 years ago
    Oh my ! lol I would use gloves to touch that :-) You come up with the most unusual items ! Fun post .
  8. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Lol Manikin, I'm better than sir Fleming at killing germs :-P

    Waiting for Bb2!
  9. Manikin Manikin, 3 years ago
    lol bb2 won't miss this post and I can only imagine what he thinks <wink>
  10. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    I categorised it as mid century... accessories...
    Team thought it was better in .... electronic :-D
  11. PhilDMorris PhilDMorris, 3 years ago
    Is that "thing" from the Addams Family ?? Love it !
  12. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Ooh, Phil, I must find the four others to make "the Thing" complete!
    Or perhaps a mascot for my 14 years old Renault Clio ;-))
  13. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 3 years ago
    What a hilarious thread!
  14. PhilDMorris PhilDMorris, 3 years ago
    You at least need a pair, or can you use one of yours to snap fingers ??
  15. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    On Bonnie's link above it is stated you can replacement finger for $1 each!!!
    How much will I order to satisfy all of you, fans of this funny thread ?
  16. antiquerose antiquerose, 3 years ago
    Ummmmm............The ad says * Customer Satisfaction *........LOL

    @Kyratango --------- It also says above on the paper you have with it ( pic 3 ) that "" Additional Fingers may be obtained for $ 1.00."

    ~ I think I owe you $ 4 dollars........roflmao........for a perfect hand....LOL
  17. bobby725 bobby725, 3 years ago
    Boy, what could be said about the uses of this item!! (you sure it`s not an -----electric nose picker?)
  18. OneGoodFind OneGoodFind, 3 years ago
    ;) ;0) That's by far the funniest thing I have seen on here!!
    Maybe we Shouldn't chew Trident anymore?
  19. racer4four racer4four, 3 years ago
    This post is tickling my fancy!
  20. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Lol! I'm very glad you all have fun with this hilarious finger :-)

    Electric nose picker is one of the many uses of this versatile device, Bobby!

    Thank you all for your priceless contributions :-D

  21. vintageangel vintageangel, 3 years ago
    a gum massager.... oh my goodness.... that's great!
  22. Celiene Celiene, 3 years ago
    LMAO! That is too funny!!! Sure, right - a 'gum' massager...
  23. Celiene Celiene, 3 years ago
    BWA HAHA! "Additional fingers may be obtained for 1.00" !!
  24. AnnaB AnnaB, 3 years ago
    For two days i've been trying desperately to find something intelligent to say about this object, but only inappropriate things come to I'll just keep them to myself.........It's a great looking finger, though....*said it with an absolutely straight face
  25. bobby725 bobby725, 3 years ago
    Wasn`t it on the old "Laugh-in" show that they had the "Fickle Finger of Fate"?

    You could always take it to the movies and use it to pick your seat.
  26. Gillian, 3 years ago
    Do not read this post if you have a mouth full of tea, or pepsi, or coke, or any liquid for that matter.
  27. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Thank you so much, Anna, for your nice compliment, finger is wagging from happiness you found it great looking :-))

    Racer, Vintageangel, Celiene, thumb up for your visit and comments ;-D

  28. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Bobby, will Google for that (don't know it, I'm French. ..)

    Gillian, wise advice, I'm still laughing at all your contributions!

    Still waiting for Bb2. ........
  29. bobby725 bobby725, 3 years ago
    Is bb2 secretly trying to buy this from you, and that`s why he`s laying low?
  30. Caperkid Caperkid, 3 years ago
    Lol what did they catagorize this in. Im a little speechless lol
  31. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 3 years ago
    ROTFLMAOOOOOOO!! If this thread gets any longer, I will have to make a cup of coffee to keep my eyes open. Don't wanna miss a thing!
  32. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 3 years ago
    This HAS to take 1st prize for the most screamingly funny invention ever posted on CW.

    Blunder, heist yourself over here! You have no idea what you're missing!
  33. Rick55 Rick55, 3 years ago
    My, my, my Kyra... your finger, and all of the "colorful" comments have made my day! ROFL!!
  34. vintagelamp vintagelamp, 3 years ago
    You "nailed" it with this post kyra! I can think of a lot of comments but I must remain proper! The Green Lady
  35. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Strange as such a serious health concern became totally WILD...
    Any good dentist will insist on how important it is to keep your gums in good condition!
    And any good M.D. will encourage you to laugh at least 10 minutes a day:
    it prevents constipation ;-)

    Thanks Caperkid, Rick and Vintagelamp/Green Lady to join the crazy group!
  36. melaniej melaniej, 3 years ago
    DO NOT OIL......unnecessary!

    OMG...this is hilarious!
  37. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Mélanie, I can see you seriously studied the instructions :-D
  38. melaniej melaniej, 3 years ago
    Of course. ...I had to read the instructions thoroughly.

  39. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    Bobby, if I had that, I bet Jacky would would move back in ! LOL ! Kyra, I'll offer my usual hectare of land, 6 goats & 3 copper bracelets for it .
  40. Gillian, 3 years ago
    Guess they didn't know that moisture combined with electricity could cause explosive results.
  41. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    Gillian, I haven't found any moisture in months .
  42. Manikin Manikin, 3 years ago
    Do you have 6 goats bb2 lol
  43. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    So, in affect Kyra, You gave your mother the finger ! Yeah, wish I had found this earlier .
  44. bobby725 bobby725, 3 years ago
    WOW, willing to give up half of his herd! Kyra, this is something special!
  45. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 3 years ago
    ....and the hilarity continues!
  46. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Bb2, I can consider your (generous) offer...

    Only if the land is sea view, if the lawn is well mowed, and if the 6 goats are groomed!

    I can polish the 3 copper bracelets myself :-)

    Just let me know ;-D

    Little precision, my mother passed in 2000, so I inherited the finger, which may well few haunted. ..
  47. jgstaeger jgstaeger, 3 years ago
    unbelieveable--- saw that and thought --What the Hell-- LOL-- oh- by the way- I may post something from france--- knowing no-one will believe what I have,,, hints,,, Antibes france---- ripolin---fibrocement ---1946
  48. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    The goats & water buffalo keep the river bottom well trimmed.
  49. bobby725 bobby725, 3 years ago
    bb2, you can also use this to stir your drinks (goat milk). :-))
  50. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    Bobby. I don't think I would waste it on that ! Show that to a few girls here & I would have to hire a secretary to answer the phone calls! LOL !! The "Coconut Telegraph" is fast !
  51. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Bb2, Bobby, Lol!!!
  52. bobby725 bobby725, 3 years ago
    kyra, it sounds like he REALLY wants this item! I`d hold out for a few more goats!! (and maybe Jacky would be willing to add something)
  53. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    I would have designed it as a long tongue massager .
  54. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
    How about a 3 legged water buffalo (butterfly mines again). LOL !!
  55. paris1925 paris1925, 3 years ago
    Lol this is an unusual item in your collection-)
  56. kyratango kyratango, 3 years ago
    Pas du tout! Ça fait Bzz Bzz aussi... lol!
  57. bobby725 bobby725, 2 years ago
    Oh no! not this again!! ;-))
  58. kyratango kyratango, 2 years ago
    Sorry, I was in facetious mood again ;-D
  59. bobby725 bobby725, 2 years ago
    Don`t be sorry, I`m sure we`ll get some new ideas for using it!!! I could use a few chuckles!!
  60. kyratango kyratango, 2 years ago
    Here it is again! Cocktail anyone?
  61. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 10 months ago
    Kyra, with global warming, that ocean view you wanted is getting closer. Alas, still just minefields on 3 sides. Herd was up to 16, but back to 14 since 2 wandered too far in the wrong direction. The bright side is, they opened up a few more sq. meters for poppies.
  62. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 10 months ago
    This may have been sold with Preparation - H for temporary relief of hemorrhoid itch.
  63. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 10 months ago
    Your posts go well with brownies.
  64. buckethead buckethead, 10 months ago
    I knew a girl years ago that purchased a similar item but with more of a crude design. She came to work the next morning with a chipped tooth. I am certain that she really didn't know how to use it.
  65. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 10 months ago
    When all else fails, read the directions. Almost forgotten that joke. It's still good. Having a goat roast, if you want to come.
  66. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 10 months ago
    OH. MY. GAWD. How on earth have I managed to miss this post...???
    <ROTFLMAO> 'Ya wanna plug *that* into 120 (240?!) volts, and stick it *where*...??? <EEEK>

    And for the lack of an offhand clever comment to match those already here...just imagine what the "meetings" between the inventor of this thing and its (potential) "investors" or "manufacturers" could have/must have been like...??

  67. kyratango kyratango, 10 months ago
    Bb2, lol! For now, I'm not too sure if I still want ocean view ;-)
    Take care of your herd, it is part of your wallet for swap...

  68. kyratango kyratango, 10 months ago
    Fhrjr, good idea! Bb2 may improve Preparaton-H formula with adding some of his brownie's ingredient... ;-))
    Yep, Bb2, still laughing :-D
  69. kyratango kyratango, 10 months ago
    McDaddy, her toothache was recurrent, due to her bad gums as her debtist told her! She knew I was kidding ;-))

    Buckethead, the girl with the chipped tooth thought the got the new improved model of gum massager, the 2.0 serie... lol!
  70. kyratango kyratango, 10 months ago
    Bb2, so true! You can say too 99% of electrical devices failures come from the plug!
    For the goat roast, I'm coming! Keep the charcoal red hot, I love my meat well done :-)))
  71. kyratango kyratango, 10 months ago
    AnythingObscure, I knew you'd enjoy the whole post :-)

    I must add the power cord is rather short... need to be very close of the outlet!!!
    And right, the presentation to the investors by the publicists must have been hilarious, as are the ads:

    Thanks all for your interest ;-)
    And for the good laugh reading your comments!
  72. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 10 months ago
    "Allows localized massage in needed areas". LOL ! Sorry you missed the goat roast. Kind of tedious eating, picking out the bits of shrapnel . Well, it was pre-tenderized !
  73. collocollo, 9 months ago
    just wanted to ask if I may use your great images for a blog article about the infamous vibra-finger!
    Kind regards!
  74. kyratango kyratango, 9 months ago
    Hi collocollo, yes, you can use them. Thanks for asking :-)
    Please post a link to your article, I'm thrilled to read it!
  75. collocollo, 9 months ago
    Thanks a lot! That's great news. I'll post a link here when the article is online...
    Kind regards and greetings from Austria! (the tiny country in the middle of Europe - sorry, no kangaroos!). Blogpost will appear in an Austrian newspaper - German language.
  76. bobby725 bobby725, 9 months ago
    No doubt this will bring out competition buyers to contend with bb2! He will surely need to offer more goats!
  77. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 9 months ago
    Bobby, are you trying to drive the price up on me ?!! I'm down to one billy goat now & hoping nothing happens to him, or I will have to take over his job .
  78. bobby725 bobby725, 9 months ago
    No, just warning you that you had better act fast, the European market is getting bigger! Get a couple of nanny`s and tell billy to get busy, between the two of you the herd should grow! Times a wastin! (just don`t try to milk billy)!!
  79. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 months ago
    I'm getting tired of showing him what to do ! He may be gay ! No wifi yet, so back at my favourite Chinie restaurant where they have it. If mama told you life was going "to be easy", I'm sorry to tell you, she lied! At least mine gave me some warning. SXM is "mash-up, Mon!" !
  80. collocollo, 8 months ago
    Thanks again - the blog entry is online:
    Kind regards
  81. kyratango kyratango, 8 months ago
    Great article/writing :-)
    Thanks for the link and the credit!
  82. collocollo, 8 months ago
    You're welcome!
    Greetings from Austria.

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