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Trying to find antique brass marcasite floral pattern pieces....

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    Posted 5 years ago

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    Years ago my dad bought me a bracelet (similar to the one in the pics I have attached - only difference was the center piece was all flowers, no stone) and unfortunately the bracelet was lost.

    I have been searching for another since...I know they are out there as I have found other pieces with the same floral (pointy tip flowers) marcasite pattern (dress/fur clips, brooches, a cross). The bracelet in the picture was for sale on Etsy, I bought it but the seller said she could not find the bracelet and refunded my money...I was heartbroken as it is the closest I have found in 10 years of searching.

    Most of the pieces I have picked up are brass...though 2 I recently bought appear to be pot metal or some other metal. There are other pieces made by the same company/person that have leaves, round petal flowers with marcasites, sometimes shells or pearls are placed in the pieces. I have not been able to determine the origin or exact era for sure. Many people say these are Czech pieces from the 1930s....anyone with information (and pieces for sale) would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    1. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Odd, because that bracelet is listed as being sold. If she couldn't find it, then she should remove the listing.
    2. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi Efesgirl - thank you for reading my story. :) The listing was marked sold after I purchased it....I don't fully understand Etsy as far as why items aren't removed other than it may have something to do with their "favorite" system where you can favorite an item and even if it sells it still can be viewed in your "favorites" - you may know more than I do about it - I had just joined Etsy when I found this bracelet and bought it....she wrote me the next day saying it was missing...she looked for several days and could not find it, so she refunded my money...thank you for listening.
    3. martika martika, 5 years ago
      The pattern is so beautiful!!! Very nice pieces! It's a pity she couldn't find it. Don't worry, there will be more...
    4. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika,

      Thank you! They are definitely pieces for what was described as "common folk" with the marcasites - but that suits me just fine. lol! I love them and will keep searching...there has to be more! :)
    5. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      You're welcome. I looked on the web with several different searches but didn't find anything even close. That's really a shame about the other bracelet, but I have this niggling little voice in my head that keeps shouting that the seller got a better offer during those several days she was "looking" for the bracelet. Just call me suspicious.
    6. valentino97 valentino97, 5 years ago
      Pali - this happened to me too on etsy. I bought a vintage jewelry craft item and waited for 2 wks then was refunded my money. I am sure that the seller had a better offer. It bothered me but I was glad to get my money back so I didn't post a bad review. A short month later I saw that the item I wanted was back on her etsy site.
    7. Pali, 5 years ago
      valentino97 - I am so sorry that happened to you. I never thought about that type of thing happening, but you could be right....I asked her if it was about the discount she gave me, because I said I would pay more for it, if that was the issue and she said no....she said it was lost. :( Either way, I didn't get the bracelet and am very sad about it - I truly have searched for 10 years to replace....I guess if there "was" this one out there, that there is likely another one out there....just have to find it. ha ha. BTW, when you saw it on their site again - had the price increased? Were you tempted to buy it again or was it not worth the new price (if that was the case)? This Etsy dealer refunded my money quickly but also cancelled the purchase before I could leave feedback - which upset me because she said in all the years she has done this business that she has only had this happen one other time. My feedback would have been fair to reflect the situation...but as it is now, no one knows by looking at her site and yet I am upset with the outcome - even though I got my money back.
    8. martika martika, 5 years ago
      I like this kind of marcasite jewellery so much I sometimes look for it now, here is one, but bit expensive for me:
    9. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika,

      Thank you - I have seen this pendant and necklace and have spoken with the person listing it via email - I asked to see photos of the back and because I was not buying it she essentially said she is busy helping customers. She has never sent me or updated photos showing the back. This listing is very expensive. She had it on eBay for a long time and Wanelo as well. Now it is only listed on her website. Not sure I would buy from here even if I had the money by the way she treated me.

      I am seeing a more feminine pattern that appears to be made by the same manufacturer/maker - it is a rounded petal floral clusters with marcasites - have been lucky to find more pieces with it - beautiful! This one is $115 but have seen clips with this lovely pattern for less $$ - lovely isn't it? Sigh. :)
    10. martika martika, 5 years ago
      They are really very lovely. I spotted one on ebay as well, it is a shoe clip turned necklace. Sadly the shoe clip has alterations :
    11. Pali, 5 years ago
      yes - I also exchanged emails about that one - regarding the crystals replacing the marcasites....the seller said the marcasites were missing when they acquired it and they placed the crystals... :( It is a cute clip and I imagine one could replace the marcasites - I would but I am currently unemployed so I am saving my money in case I ever come across the bracelet I am trying to replace. Some of these are just too much money for me. :(

      Do you collect marcasite pieces too? What do you like to wear - necklaces, bracelets or brooches (or all)?

      Depending what you like, there is a set of clips (dress/fur/shoe) that have marcasites and shell/pearl on eBay for $32 which is pretty reasonable:

      I also found a beautiful bracelet with the flowers and marcasites and has beautiful green stones: It is $98 but they may have discount codes...

    12. martika martika, 5 years ago
      Hello Pali, I have got some marcasite pieces, but I can't say I deliberately collect them. The pieces what you showed us are so beautiful, it prompted me to look for a same decoration and if I would find something for good price I would buy it.
    13. Celiene Celiene, 5 years ago
      I think the cross up there is gold. The chain certainly looks it.
    14. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika,
      I completely understand about the cost. I would love to see your marcasite pieces - I am not completely familiar with this site/forum so don't know if you could post pictures or not. :) I never really intended to collect, but in trying to replace the bracelet my dad bought me, I have picked up a few pieces....I truly wish I could find another heart hurts for losing the one dad bought me. :(
      martika, I found another cross identical to mine (see picture in my original post) is on Etsy...but she wants $399 for it! Way too expensive...if you are interested, please let me know on here and I will provide you the link...

      Celiene - thank you for your message. The chain is definitely gold - it did not come with the cross - I had the chain and when I bought the cross I put them together. :)
    15. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika - check this one out!

    16. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika - I have been searching a lot today and have found some that are actually priced quite well - this one is beautiful - seriously considering this one as it is on sale and it has the floral marcasites...let me know if you like these!
    17. martika martika, 5 years ago
      These two are certainly very pretty, but not exactly the same. I like more the pattern with the slimmer petals. Don't worry, if I would come across a bracelet what you are looking for, I leave it for you :)))
    18. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika - oh! I appreciate that! :) I actually felt that if you saw one you would let me know. I just wasn't sure which style you liked and there was no way for you to share pics of the pieces you have.

      I have a couple pieces with various petals that I didn't post on my original inquiry because I am looking for the bracelet with the pointy flowers. But, there haven't been many listings, of any petal style, and most of the prices have been very high. Except the few that I linked above.

      Did you see the dress clips with the slim/pointy petal with the marcasite cluster that I attached on here a few messages up? I also mentioned the cross with the slim petal, here it is: Just saw this one with slim petal:

      I appreciate the ones you posted for me and if I see any more than what I posted above, I will let you know too! Let me know if you end up buying! Exciting! :)
    19. martika martika, 5 years ago
      Thank you Pali! Yes, I saw the cross... It's so beautiful! The shoe clips are nice too. I'm thinking about the clips, the cross is out of my range.
    20. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi martika,
      How are you? I have not had any luck finding a bracelet still. Have you found and purchased any pieces? I just have not seen much out there. I found a bracelet identical to the style I am looking for - literally - except it was the rounded was exactly like my lost bracelet - except for the pointy is a was a necklace/bracelet set for something like $60 on eBay... I didn't send it to you because you said you like the pointy petals too. I hope you have had better luck than me. Sincerely, Valarie
    21. martika martika, 5 years ago
      Hello, Pali! Thank you, I'm ok, I hope you too. I often search for a 'brass marcasite' on ebay or google. Same as you, I didn't see much jewellery with pointy petals, but quite a few with the rounded petals. A month ago I bought a filigree brooch, you can check it out amongst my CW posts. It is not marcasite, but the flowers look very similar.
      I'm sure your bracelet is out there somewhere. It happened me a few times, I was desperately looking for something and that item just turned up out of blue and for a bargain!!! It will happen to you. In a case I would find your bracelet, as I promised I alert you about it. I wish you a good luck in your search !!! :)
    22. Pali, 5 years ago
      Martika - that brooch is lovely! Wow! Where did you purchase it from? It is stunning! I love it! I hope a bracelet will turn up like you say it will! :) I appreciate you keeping an eye out for it too! Have you worn your brooch any where yet?

    23. martika martika, 5 years ago
      Valerie, I found it on ebay for a tenner. I love jewellery, but rarely wear it. And I never wear brooches. In my mind a filigree brooch doesn't go together with today clothes. But this is only my opinion... Maybe it will change...
    24. Pali, 5 years ago
      Wow! good deal! lol I agree - sometimes though I will put a brooch on my vintage coats and it looks cute. Or I dress in layers with a tank top under a crocheted cover/top and use smaller brooch to close the cover....bigger brooches don't work for that...or I will wear the smaller dress/shoe/fur clips in my hair! :)
    25. martika martika, 5 years ago
      Hi Valerie! You are very creative to find a use of a shoe/dress/fur clip as a hair pin! I bet it looks very nice on you!!!
      I have got a new addition to my necklaces, check it out! And I bought it only for £0.99! The shop assistant probably thought it's a modern piece. It just reinforces my belief everything you are looking for it will come to you, regardless how mundane or important it is.
      I found some bracelets on Etsy with a similar flower decoration. Not like yours, but still pretty:
      Sadly the last one is sold (not to me).
    26. martika martika, 5 years ago
      Hello again! Just wanted to show you (maybe you didn't see it) Valentino97's bracelet. It's a bangle, but with the flower decoration what you are searching for.
    27. Pali, 5 years ago
      Hi Marta,
      Thank you for your recent messages! I had not seen Valentino97's is so lovely! I have seen a couple bangles with the floral marcasite pattern that I love so much - they were sold before I came across them....yes so very close to mine....I keep hoping. Thank you for keeping your eye out for me - means so much to me! I love your recent finds....and even more amazing is how much (or should I say how little) you had to awesome!!! I am still just figuring out CW - I just recently saw your "bio" (with your name :) ) and your posts. :) I am really starting to love this site - so fun!
    28. martika martika, 5 years ago
      I'm pleased you like this website, Valarie! It can be quite addictive!!!

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