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    Posted 4 years ago

    (813 items)

    I degunked and oiled it. Runs too fast, but it now runs. LOL.

    I still haven't found an alarm clock that I like that works well. I have the perfect one, but it runs faster than any clock I've ever seen. It's electric, so I won't touch it as the last electric clock I worked on exploded and knocked the power out in my home.

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    1. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Always liked Art Deco, don't have any but like it.
    2. shareurpassion shareurpassion, 4 years ago
      I love art deco too. It's always noticeable to me...well, I think it is anyway ;)
    3. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      Some things I like. Other things are just hideous. LOL.
    4. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      One of those that's not really a fine line between fantastic to hideous they tend to be clearly one or the other that said I find most fantastic just not so much so to buy any, I would rather find a unusual button LOL
    5. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      A whole bunch of buttons at the flea today. Most of them I saw last year too. LOL.
    6. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      I need to start hitting them again I got some great deals at such places in the past, Maybe take a few pics next time I'll let ya know if you can make $100 or $10k on a button as a few sell for 10s of thousands, one has a $100,000 reward on a new example (other then the 7 known 1920 Cox - Roosevelt)
    7. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      With 99% certainty can I say that they were all junk. LOL.
      I'm more excited about the Free Spirit bike I picked up in my favourite colour. When your pseudonym is half there on a bike in your favourite shade of your favourite colour, you know it's for you.
    8. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Yep a good 99% will be, It's that 1 in a 100 that keeps me looking.
      Sounds like a great find, The free spirit found it's way home meant to be even, Good 4 you.
    9. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      I have only one very interesting pin.
      It's gonna be a bit of a fix, though. New cables, new tyres, new chain, etc.
    10. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      That will keep ya out of the bars anyhow ;p
      What pin is that one?
      Won a few good button's cheap last week the "No Cop Ever Called Me Whitey" I won for $11 often sells for $30 to $50
    11. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      If only it would keep me away from the bears. LOL.
      Just down the road a cop hit a tree last week and died. It's pretty badly damaged. The speed limit is 35. He wasn't pursuing anyone. Questionable?
      This is the pin. It's stuck into the mattress above me, just like most of my others:
    12. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Very interesting pin with the scull and crossbones ever find out what it was for?

      Had a trooper and a few others killed plus countless injured in front of my last house it was on a dark curve in a otherwise straight road with a 55 MPH limit that nobody paid any attention to, Lucky for me during the 12+ years I lived there I only had to tend to the injured and didn't need to place any crosses.
    13. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      He added the skull and cross-bones, but the rest was his family crest.
      The crosses are actually roadside distractions that risk leading to even more accidents by distracted drivers. While it's nice for the family and friends, the person who died won't ever see it either.
    14. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      I always felt the same way about the roadside crosses.
      Finely found my family crest a year or two ago, there's a village in England that bares my last name today alas no Kingdom or Castles just a few dozen small houses.
    15. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      Pinbacks, England? :P
      My family is Germanic, and there was a Germanic kingdom where we were nobles some centuries ago. Our crest isn't much to marvel at.
    16. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      You might be a land barron there noble son ;D
      You know England, birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles, is a country in the British Isles bordering Scotland and Wales. The capital, London, on the River Thames, is home of Parliament, Big Ben and the 11th-century Tower of London
      LOL UK better
    17. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      Yes, my ex (who left me a week ago, by the way), came from England. Says he loves me still, but he'd rather end us now than later? I try to seem happy, but this month has sucked the past 6 years. Everything always goes wrong in May.
    18. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Aww well that just suxs sorry it ended (period but like that) maybe better now if he was going to go sooner or later as later likely would have felt even worse I know it hurts anytime but trust it will get better and my guess is you will be even happier in time with someone else just gotta hang in there (but don't ya hate a cleshay like that) bright side May is more then 1/2 over, My dreaded month is Feb. strange how that works.
    19. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      My beloved dog Rhoada will be dying before this month is over, to continue the streak.
      Why February?
    20. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Oh man sorry to hear that too, Never easy never, You can lean on me (another great song you likely will hate lol "lean on me") but really if you want to vent I'll listen anytime.

      Feb. not enough room for the list, Disabled, Deaths, Divorce ... ... ... starts the Ds but like anything "This too will pass"
    21. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      I've known that song for years. Thank you for the kind offer. Lately I've felt quite lonely and confused.
    22. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      ah so theres hope Metal is a faze LOL jk, might as well blow a few speakers while your young.
      Understandable it's been a rough time for ya just know it is temporary you have a good 60 years yet, well a GOOD 30 or 40 kinda so so after that ;p
      I'll be happy to give you my email or I'm sure we can find a decent chat site (do they have decent ones? lol) I'm not up to date on social media, I just have twitter to vent on (about a certain politician?)
    23. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      I used to be a country fan. After that, contemporary Christian and hymns (I still sing hymns daily). I began to experience life's hurricane and began to need something harder than the light, happy music playing on my speakers. I needed something that could beat back the wind and pain and storm into my mind before my mind blew away. I moved to rock, hard rock, metal, got into death metal, but then settled on hard Christian metal as it was, well, not negative. LOL.
      Good news: My neighbour wanted me to go out to the property behind our house, which is owned by him, to survey the line the new house going up has a string showing (he doesn't agree with it). Whilst we were walking in the small, open field, I looked down and suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, a box turtle!" before realising.... it was the turtle that had escaped a couple years ago from the pond area we had fenced in for her. She didn't go but an acre away to the creek and took up residence in the field before the ravine. So she's now with Gus, one of our pet lizards, in his larger tank. They seem fine together.
      Decent chat sites are hard to find. I like to say that chats are either full of horny mutts or religious nuts. I use Skype, but you have to sign-up for that. As for free chats, Gmail has a chat-box. The other chats I use, which are no-signup, are more geared toward people my age and younger, as I've been on one chat for 3 years now?
    24. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Sounds like a much better day overall that's great!
      In today's world Christian Metal seems like a reasonable choice positively better then death metal.
      Did it look like the new house placement is within code? I wouldn't think they would mess that up with the cost to move a house a foot of two.
      I always liked box turtles that's cool you found her, Maybe put in a recirculating pump at the pond edge so she sticks around when out there, Her name Black? so you have Black n Gus (Black Angus) wa wa wa
      Skype came installed on my laptop however I need a new battery for it, Seems like I had to open a Gmail for my VOIP phone (obi box love it) i'll look that up and or hit whatever site for when you want/need to chat.
    25. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      They have a line running where they can and cannot cut trees. The line is far from straight and they cut trees on his property. He wanted a second opinion, I guess. It sounds bad, but I try to avoid him. LOL. He always wants to talk, and it ends up being about 2 hours of many repeated things before I can escape.
      The pond had a running pump and fountain. It's been DCed since last year, as we now have polliwogs swimming around.
      My email is
    26. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      They might end up having to pay for any trees cut off his land, I have a neighbor like that too with the same stories and never wants to go home but he's a ? "special ed" young guy so I cut him extra slack besides he's moving before fall so I don't mind so much, Gave him my old 10 speed bike that was upper end 100 years ago when I bought it still in very good shape but I won't be using it and he loves it so win win
      polliwogs = free turtle food she would love it in there.
      Got it if you want to remove it, I'm at still need to find my gmail name that likely would be an easy way so I will find that.
    27. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      Awfully old for a 10-speed. Those are usually 1970s on.
      They're too cute to feed.
      Of course yer a drifter. LOL.
    28. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      It was a tad bit old only 45 years or so and I'm WAY too old to be riding that, MAYBE a giant trike LOL But of course what else could I be ;p
    29. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      In the drying time for my other projects, today I was working on my 1960s 5-speed Schwinn. It was custom built for someone with long legs, it seems. My legs are long, and I'm 6 feet tall, but this bike is too high for me. And I was hammering the seat post as low as it could go. It needs chopped. LOL.
      You could be,...... a collector of pinbacks. :)
    30. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      Smaller wheels maybe?
    31. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      Too much smaller, and the pedals will scrape concrete. The seat post can be cut, but the seat is a b****h to get back on. It took me 10 minutes with a wrench and hammer just to get the seat on. LOL.
      Sadly, the decals are crumbling off, and I cannot find the vaseline, so for now I applied aloe baby oil to moisturise them. Same goes for the tyres, which I replaced with those off my wrecked 1980 World Sport (got hit by a car not a week after I spent $100 getting it fixed up. Bent the frame so it cannot be ridden. LOL)
      Button Glutton eating mutton in Sutton?
    32. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 4 years ago
      You might be able to spread the clamp part of the seat with a hammer and large screwdriver or chisel? You can find many bike decals on eBay or at the site below:
      Something else to keep you out of the bars m away from the Bears
      Struttin 4 Nuttin Button Glutton ( wouldn't touch Mutton lol)
    33. SpiritBear, 4 years ago
      I loosened the clamp before working on it.
      Thank you for the link.
      Sir, the bars are no worry as I'm only 20. LOL. As for the bears, raccoons, foxes, wolves, etc.... I spent 11 years at an exotics animal sanctuary. I'm fond of them all. :)

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