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Clear Art Glass Basket -- Pilgrim Art Glass

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    Posted 4 years ago

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    My honey brought this home from the local flea market in July. Pilgrim Art Glass Basket.

    "The flowing lines of Pilgrim's crystal basket, catalog #206, bring out the liquidity of glass, especially the two sides where the glass was pulled up and curved to make the handle of the basket, showing as well the Italian feel for glass provided by designer Roberto Moretti...."

    Mystery Solved
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    1. antiquerose antiquerose, 4 years ago
      Looks like the one I posted a while back -- Pilgrim Art Glass ???
    2. jeneric jeneric, 4 years ago
      Thanks antiquerose. They are twins!!
    3. Anik Anik, 4 years ago
      Hi there... I don't believe your basket is American, but Chinese and part of the "Toscany" collection. You can find labeled and boxed examples if you search "Toscany crystal basket".

      Absolutely LOVE the kitty in your photos!

    4. jeneric jeneric, 4 years ago
      It looks like both of those!
    5. antiquerose antiquerose, 4 years ago
      Hi Jeneric, you might want to read this post here from some Senior Glass members back in 2010 about the discussion on these:

      "" Rose, yes it's Pilgrim. I've got one within arms reach. (Oh, I see you found mine :hi:) "" ======== That post was here:

      ~ Other Senior Glass members back in 2010 put in their comments too
    6. antiquerose antiquerose, 4 years ago
      Just wanted to add that I received an email from a Relative that did say these were made by Pilgram Glass. It appears that the OTHER ones are a "Reproduction" of this design made in China.

      Jeneric, does yours have some yellowish looking color in yours? As mine DOES have a yellowish color to it?? It appears the BRIGHT crystal clear like baskets ARE ( REPRODUCTIONS ) from china. Mine that I have posted here has both lots of wear on the bottom, and also has a yellow color tinge to it. So bascially if it might have a yellow tinge to it, and lots of wear on the base -- It may be Vintage Pilgram Art Glass. If it is CRYSTAL CLEAR, NO WEAR.....most likely a new piece ( reproduction) from China.

      NOW --- This is the email I received from their family:

      "" That was a production piece made by various workers including Roberto and Mario...........Yes; I can confirm the last line “Pilgrim Glass either made by production line ( mario / Roberto ). I am Alessandro Moretti’s daughter; my mother just passed away during hurricane Irma; so am busy with funeral arrangements........"


      So I just wanted to pass this on as that is what I received from their family. I Had sent Pics of MY Glass Basket to them.

      It was also brought to my knowledge that ANIK had posted on a FB site about this, and my ( and others attributions ) on it. I was openly condemed on that FB post by ANIK and that I am all wrong. If anyone wishes to see what what said about me ----- I have a *copy* of Anik post on FB and her directing people to CW ..... and I guess to wonder about their CW members knowledge there ( meaning ME ). Sad that one would do that to CW also !!!!

      So -- I am going with what the realtives of these PILGRAM GLASS MAKERS confirmed to me, straight from the horses mouth. God Bless them during this sad time in losing a relative in Hurricane Irma, and for even taking the time to talk to me. Again I thank them !!

      So prehaps Anik can apologize to me here, and there for her words. Appear they were directed straight at me. Thanks

      Anyways -- baskets like mine were made by Pilgram Glass ( Confirmed ) .... and new crystal clear ones ARE CHINA. So as the old story goes in glass -- Check the wear too.
    7. Anik Anik, 4 years ago

      My post in the FB glass group was intended to spark a discussion as to how, with time, new information can shed light on old attributions, and how some people prefer to support old misattributions rather than consider new information with an open mind. Yes, I expressed annoyance. These clear glass baskets are all over the place as ‘Pilgrim’ or Murano, though not one has a label, catalogue picture or box to support such an attribution. Antiquerose, my post in the FB glass group was most certainly not a personal attack on you. (I truly am sorry that you feel that it was. Sadly, I know that whatever I do or say, or don't do or say, will be used by you as fuel to prove to the world that I am, in your own words, a 'bully.' Your obsession with me is really quite disturbing and beyond my comprehension.)

      Back to the question at hand... We have physical evidence that these colorless baskets were produced in China as part of some “Toscany Collection”. The “Toscany” baskets look exactly like the basket above. It would be really great if we could get physical evidence that these are indeed reproductions of a Pilgrim design. Perhaps in the further future, the lady you got in touch with could provide you with the measurements of the Pilgrim version, along with a scan from a catalogue page or pattern book, or a photo of a labelled example.

      Lordy knows it would be useful for both dealers and collectors to know which version they’ve actually got, based on documentation rather than hearsay.
    8. antiquerose antiquerose, 4 years ago
      First I would like to say it was forwarded to me by one of the glass FB members there that said they found it to be offensive, directed totally at me, and a form of bullying. It clearly points to me as the *Someone*, you clearly put down in Writing on FB that is was on COLLECTORS WEEKLY site and the item was Pilgram glass BASKET. You also questioned this person (me ) as being so wrong and you said that you did not want to be the JACKASS WHISPER -- meaning I was the JACKASS !! Those are your words.

      So you clearly pointed out the site where it was ( Collectors Weekly ) as you did not even use the letter CW, but the total name there of Collectors Weekly . Also you directed that the item in question as a PILGRAM GLASS BASKET on Collectors weekly. So you did directly direct people to where, when, and who. You posted that on FB Sept. 7, 2017 on FB. I would it is totally directed at me, the item and also directed to the Collectors Weekly site. It WAS directed at me. It was not to spark a healthy discussion -- as one would not referr to another as a *Jackass*, not the site, nor the item. To spark a debate one would just have to raise a simple question....." Did Pilgram Glass make this Glass Basket ??" would all one need to spark debate. No names, no direction to a site, and the item, or the jackass...

      You once came onto CW under Another name which was " A Gal with Glass". Again, this person attacked me on CW with whatever I said. How would I know You ( Anik) were "A Gal with Glass" when you never posted a item, or posted your location at all. BUT I knew it was you right away with the attacks on me. It is never ending in the 10 years. So - I called you out by your name Anik when you were hiding under the name A Gal with Glass. Funny, when I called you out by your real name those comments on other people posts dissappeared. It appears "A Gal with Glass" did not want Her true ID to be known, yet I knew it was you right away. I am used to you doing this to me for 10 years, on about 5 other different forms. Strange.....

      Of course I knew "A Gal with Glass" was you. I knew. I am used to this in 10 ten time. You attack me just so innocently, but you always do. So when "A Gal with Glass" joined CW, and I knew it was you, i called you out as to you real ID. Funny how *I picked up it was you* when you where under a disguise on CW. Funny how that was.....cuz yes, you have been bullying me for about 10 years now. Yet, when I ask for your help you refuse to help.......I have asked a few times for help and you ignore me. Your not Miss Sweet and Innocent. When I have someone as a friend on here you run to them to try to get them on your side, and run me down to them. That has been brought to my attention too. I could say: " Your obsession with me is really quite disturbing and beyond my comprehension." Ten years of this, on about 5 different forums now, and then hiding under another name here while attacking me once again.....then then when I call you out, you get those comments deleted. Whatca hiding ??

      Anyways, you always seen so hell-bent to prove me wrong on anything and everything. Did you ever stop to think maybe the China Glass Basket did come after? As you refer to them as Reproduction pieces. That is why I contacted that family member. Still, I guess if she sent me those emails, she too must be wrong. Well whatever...I guess you have never been wrong.

      Then there were times you did speak up for an ID of mine on CWand maybe you did not realize it was ME you had quickly replied to. All of a sudden your reply went POOF off my page, and the only way it can go Poof off my page ( as only I can delete or a CW staff ) can delete a comment. So how does your comment ID get removed from a post IF you did not request it to CW, or are you staff on CW where you can remove your own posts off my pages......Strange. I did questioned where your ID went, and was told you did not want to ID my stuff. So i guess you Have a problem with me. Again I knew it was you in no short time when you came on CW under the name of A Gal with Glass - as your tactics have always been the same in the last 10 years. You came under a different name, yet I knew it was you by the comments, the actions...and I called you out right here on CW with your name. You got those comment deleted, even when it was on another person post. So how you doing that? What were you hiding to hide that I called you by Anik under your disguised name for it? Why when I called you Anik back then, those were removed? What where you trying to hide? Funny that I could figure out it was you even under the name of A Gal with Glass. I am quite used to your tactics in the last 10 years, and on several sites where I have joined first, then to have you only join after me ????

      Your Not Miss Innocent, or Miss Gooddie-Goodie two shoes. At least those names are not as bad as the one you called me on FB of being a JACKASS.

      Question: Why when you came on CW under the disguise name of 'A Gal with Glass' and I called you out by your name......why did you get those comments deleted, like you did not want anyone to know WHO you were. You were hiding under another name to get at me then. That kinda sound something a Bully would do, as i have always been here under my name.....No disguise names for me here

      So one thing for sure - there are reproductions to look like other glass, (Eg) we all know about Novica made in the Style of Murano glass but not Murano. Or the Seguso from Brazil that makes art glass. Glass history is not always a science...and the whole point still is to prove me wrong. Maybe I am, but then I guess their family members must be too. Whatever....

      ~ ~ ~ Anyways I see you tried to apologize here to me but I have to ask....did you apologize to me on that FB page? If I recall what was also sent to me from there were gifs of crazy monkies, and donkies there as I guess were "Referring to me" since you referred that you did not want to be the Jackass whisper to the Jackass (me). It is noted in Jackass gif's posted over there == that YOU gave the THUMBS up for those picture gif, and comments. So is your apology real or just words here on CW? I have a bunch of people over there that do Not know me at all, that are laughing at me, posting gifs pics of jackasses because of your post there and that I am a Jackass.

      So tell me Anik, are you really sincere in your apology here ? As nothing was posted over there yet ?


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