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GOOD HUMOR ICE CREAM vending freezer

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    Posted 2 years ago

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    One of the perils of driving a pickup truck is dealing with the constant risk of "assorted (sometimes large) things" that occasionally fall into the back of it, at random (often totally unexpected) moments. Here's today's such "thing". ;-) :-)

    Spotted curbside in my neighborhood yesterday evening (somebody's cleaning out a rent house) I glanced at it and thought " ice cream freezer? looks dirty, and heavy, and I don't need an ice cream freezer" as I continued on home. Then after having mostly forgotten about it, I was genuinely surprised when it was still sitting there this morning (last nite's rain must have kept the usual scrappers away?) so I did look a little closer at it while turning the corner -- but it was *still* pouring rain, so I didn't stop then either. Told myself "well, maybe if its still there by lunchtime, and if it isn't raining so hard then...?"

    And it was (still there) and wasn't (raining so hard) so CRAP... I stopped, got out, looked a little closer to confirm it was what it seemed to be (and also looked like it was all there) then dumped a few gallons of dirty rainwater outta the thing while wrestling it up into the back of the truck. Now here it is, sitting in my carport... <groan><lol>

    It is what it looks like it is -- a GOOD HUMOR ICE CREAM freezer -- probably pretty much just like thousands more out in the world in c-stores/etc stocked full of various pre-packaged ice cream treats, sitting somewhere near the checkout counter so's to tempt customers into an 'impulse buy' on their way to pay for something else. Unlike those thousands more though, this one has probably spent its most recent years sitting somewhere semi-outside instead... <groan, again>

    It is a little over 3' high and 2' deep, about 3-1/2' wide. GOOD HUMOR logo on its front and sides, with curved clear plastic sliding doors on its top. 3 wire basket racks are rusty but remain inside. All its compressor/mechanical parts *appear* to also still be intact in their compartment in the bottom RH side. Its manufacturer's labels plus a GOOD HUMOR property# (?) label are still on its backside, suggesting (if I'm guessing how to interpret the maker's data correctly) it might have been made in 1999. And YES -- it is just a wee bit on the heavy side (esp being fully waterlogged) as I nearly dropped it twice (and probably bruised my leg in process) while loading the stupid thing up by myself... NO idea yet if it still *works*, but there's nothing obvious to suggest it won't at least *try* to, once it gets some much needed de-grunging and closer inspection...?

    AND FOR THE RECORD, I STILL DON'T have the slightest idea what the h*ll I'm gonna DO with an ice cream vendor freezer, whether it cleans up/works or not...?? <sigh><headdesk>

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    1. Brunswick Brunswick, 2 years ago
      To this day, I cannot go by one of these, say in a convenience store, and purchase a ice-cream! This is a nice looking sample!! And just for fun..The first ice-cream cone was conceived at the Worlds Fair, Chicago or New York, and a gentleman was selling ice-cream in dishes that he ran out of..another vendor next to him was selling warm waffles..he wrapped the waffle into the cone shape and helped his fellow vendor!! So, the first cone was a 'Waffle Cone'!

    2. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 2 years ago
      Pick-em-ups can be a curse sometimes. Plenty of "Thanks" and seldom a $ for your petrol for helping friends move. Still looking for my truck after Irma !
    3. fortapache fortapache, 2 years ago
      I drove a pick-up for years did a lot of moving. My current car holds more than it looks like, that would fit in easily. Too bad no one around here throws something like that away.
    4. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      THANKS SO MUCH to: fortapache, Brunswick, blunderbuss2, Newfld, PhilDMorris, officialfuel, iggy, EJW-54 & Toyrebel for your comments and <love it>s!!
    5. lzenglish lzenglish, 2 years ago
      Nice find, and the price was right too. Having worked on these many times, i can tell you this (from what i can see). Someone has install a tubing piercing valve, which indicates it was worked on, most likely from a low on refrigerant charge call. The reason for the low on charge, was probably due to the "stab it with an ice pick" defrost method, used by the previous owner. This would/could have caused a leak of refrigerant. Dry it out, and fire it up to see what you have to work with.
    6. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      MORE THANKS to elanski and lzenglish for sharing the <love> -- esp. lzenglish for your excellent advice!!! (I sorta know a little bit about how refrigeration equipment works and that's what I was planning to do, but its always good to hear from somebody that really DOES know?!!! <applause>)

      I've just replaced my last pic (showing the guts) with a new one reflecting a little bit of experimentation this afternoon. (which, for the sharp eyed observer, shows the machine actually running!) After cleaning out most of the (still sorta soggy) leaves/acorns/bugs from in there, I more closely looked it over, re-connected one wire (from its fan) which I found had come undone, and plugged the sucker up to see what'd happen. HAPPILY, its compressor started up immediately just like it should, and even the fan started spinning after I bumped it with a finger. (though by its resulting sound, it remains a definitely not-quite-happy-camper, no doubt needing some fresh oil at least...) I didn't leave it running for very long, but in the few minutes I did it even seemed like it *was* trying to operate -- one of the little pipes leaving the compressor got noticeably colder than the other right away, and the inside walls of the freezer itself sorta seemed like they were starting to cool off (from ambient temp) too. Who knows -- cross your fingers y'all for me -- maybe the dumb thing *might* still work...? :-) :-):-)
    7. lzenglish lzenglish, 2 years ago
      Your Welcome A.O. The good news is that your freezer uses R134-A.. Refrigerant, as opposed to R-12. Here is the Compressor Cut Sheet for You.

    8. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE MORE, lzenglish!!! <applause> With that tech sheet even I can probably figure out how to 'fix' it, if in fact it even needs fixed...?! I suppose I'll have to take some time on the next nice day we get and actually clean the whole thing up, then plug it in for awhile to see how cold it will get...?? :-)

      And then, from the "what to do with it dept": well, I suppose if the thing does get cold enough to keep ice cream frozen, it'd probably also keep stuff like bags of ice and frozen pizzas (etc) too...? I have been thinking for awhile now that maybe I should buy one of those little generic 'chest freezers' (often found rather cheaply at discount stores) for just such extra stuff that doesn't easily fit into my fridge's freezer...but I guess a 'commercial model' with Good Humor logos all over it would be way-funner than one of those now, wouldn't it...?? <LOL>
    9. lzenglish lzenglish, 2 years ago
      My Pleasure A.O... I will be around if you need long distance help. Make sure it has Refrigerant in it before you let it run, as that is how the pot is cooled. Then put several milk Jugs of water inside the box, to help balance and hold the cold temp., while you are testing. Also turn the thermostat to max cold. It will take at least 24 hours to see what you have. Good Luck!
    10. lzenglish lzenglish, 2 years ago
      10-4, got it.
    11. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      @ LZ -- :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

      All the best, with continued gratitude for your generosity in offering to share your expert knowledge with a total stranger -- I LOVE CW so much, exactly because of folks like you (and so many others around here) who are willing to freely share their valuable experience and information (about any odd thing?!) with all the rest of us. My hat is off to you, Sir! :-) :-) :-) --Tim
    12. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      [responding belatedly to fortapache's comment a few days ago]

      Even if this freezer would fit into your car (SUV?) I can guarantee ya dude... you would NOT have wanted to actually put it in there as it was when I found it...

      ...well, unless you would really look forward to the thought of spending several further days afterward having your car cleaned/dried out/de-bugged (the crawly kind, not the spy kind) etc. etc. etc... I dumped *most* of the standing water (+leaves/mud/acorns/grunge) out of it in process of loading it to haul away, but there's still plenty more grunge's gonna need a THOROUGH bath with the garden hose (inside and out) before I will be able to do much more with it...and until then it will most definitely still remain *outside* of my house... ;-) :-)
    13. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 1 year ago
      NEW UPDATE 20Jun2019 -- **IT LIVES?!!**

      A "trial by fire" (well, 'freeze' I guess?) prompted by a phone call from a friend 1st today, reporting that a little sorta 'wind event' we had here last evening had taken his power out then, likely not to be restored until *at least* sometime tomorrow. (!!) And he has 2 fridges-ful of frozen stuff slowly thawing, and "does that ice cream freezer *work*??"

      To which I honestly had to answer "I don't know". Because, again in total (lazy) honesty, the thing has just been sitting in my carport ever since I drug it home...I've never had the spare motivation to actually clean it up/check it out or anything else. <groan>

      AND SO, before I left for work this morning I pulled it out, plugged it up, got some oil into its fan so that'd spin reliably, and filled up the 'water jugs' inside (per lzenglish's suggestion) to see what'd happen. <crossing fingers> After half an hour or so it was indeed starting to 'frost up' a little and the thermometer I put inside showed it had dropped 10 degrees already, so I went on to the shop. By lunchtime when I returned it was showing ~50deg inside, I then rearranged most of the jugs into the actual bottom (instead of the racks) and it kept dropping. (added more oil to the fan too, for good measure...) By midafternoon when we added 2 coolersful of assorted (mostly) frozen foods, all within a heavy black plastic bag because its still filthy in there, it was down around 40 -- an hour after that (last time I looked) it was at the 30 line. <horray!> A couple heavy packing blankets spread over its (plastic, w/worn out seals) top doors probably isn't hurting either. ;-)

      I don't think the water in the jugs is starting to freeze up yet, but signs seem to indicate it probably WILL do so...and meanwhiles it (so far, anyways) might have saved all my buddy's frozen food...?? I'll call that a WIN, I think...?

      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    14. buckethead, 1 year ago
      Keepin' my fingers crossed for you...good luck!
    15. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 1 year ago
      THANKS buckethead, and also to ho2cultcha for sharing the <loves>!

      I just looked again a little while ago and the temp inside the freezer is now reading about 25...also the water jugs *are* indeed beginning to freeze. WOO-HOO!!
      :-) :-) :-)
    16. yougottahavestuff yougottahavestuff, 1 year ago
      Wow!! Your the Freezer Whisperer!!!After 30 years in the biz!!! I have 3 dead ones in the basement!!! I use them to store "Stuff" Can you say a few prayers over them??? Hope your temp. keeps going down!!
    17. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 1 year ago
      It *did* 'Stuff -- my buddy now has his power back again but we haven't re-transferred the frozen food yet so its still in there, now sitting in roughly 15dF comfort when I looked inside again this afternoon for a quick moment. Water bottles seemingly all kinda 'blocks of ice' now too, even those still sitting on the shelf over the compressor at 'rack level' while all the rest is in the bottom.

      Hopefully all that down there hasn't truly turned into an entirely solid block of 'frozen', such that it won't be a PITA to unload/return to its proper home tomorrow...?? <LOL>

      Meanwhiles I turned its 'temp control' knob back towards halfway (instead of full-blast) closer to where it was already set when I first started messing with this thing...seemingly now plenty cold inside, without continually spinning my electric meter needlessly...?? ;-)

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