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Coca Cola Wooden Crate?

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Posted 6 years ago


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Here is a new Coca Cola item that I acquired. It looks to be a crate sort of some kind. It is wooden. Possibly for selling Cokes? Any information would be greatly appreciated. It is maybe 24" x 20" just guessing.

Mystery Solved


  1. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Thank you Ray for the info.
  2. earlycoke earlycoke, 6 years ago
    How old are you MrJ? The reason I am asking is that these red cases with the"dynamic ribbon device" as the white wave was called, were used after 1970 to hold 24 bottles to be taken from the warehouse in a truck to be delivered to the store or machine. Before 1970 they were yellow with Coca-Cola in red. My childhood was filled with these cases. The fact that you asked that question tells me that maybe you are younger and dont remember a time before cans. . . . I feel old! Its value is little to nothing becasue of the millions of cases that were used. An unused earlier yellow one might be worth a few dollars.
  3. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Yes, I am not before the 1970s. I'm not sure my mom would remember too much before 1970 either. If I start collecting items and knowledge while young, I'll be well off in both categories in the future. Thank you for the info!
  4. scottvez scottvez, 6 years ago
    I'd also tell all young collectors to read and research BEFORE you buy.

    I can't count the number of times I went to an auction preview and saw something I liked, but wasn't familiar with the item or its value. I'd go home/ to the library (pre internet) and pull books on the subject to gain some knowledge.

    Today a vast amount of knowledge is only a click or two away.

    I know it is hard to resist an impulse buy (I've made and regretted some in the past) when it appears to be a good deal. But in the long run, you and your spending budget will be the better for it.

  5. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    When my children and grandchildren ask me about something I want to be able to tell them all about what they want to know. In the future I hope to own an antique store at some point. Don;t you hate going into an antique store and the owner knows nothing of what they are selling? I do! But sometimes it works out better for you, knowing more than the seller, that way you can make money off of other people's lack of knowledge. I would like to be the owner who is extremely knowledgeable and whom collectors travel from far to come talk to. I think I am off to a great start and thanks to you guys, I am learning more and more every day. Enough of my hopes and dreams lol.
  6. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    I agree with you Scott. With the business I am in right now I don't buy people's items, they pretty much give them to me. The items they call 'junk' and they don't want anymore. Other than the Fenton Glass, I pay for that. I also frequent garage sales and only buy what I know, if it's questionable I don't buy it. I guess I'm a picker of sorts. I'd rather gain knowledge, save money, and use both to gain riches in the future.
  7. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    Yes, Mrj, you will learn a lot from these guys (and others) than you would have ever thought possible. Since I've been on this site, I've learned a ton about collecting, history, tips on researching items, and more. Even though I grew up in the 50s, I don't remember these old coke crates so I've learned something else today! I guess you're never too old to learn.
  8. earlycoke earlycoke, 6 years ago
    That's the most fun part of the hobby. Of course adding objects to the collection is fun, but the search for knowledge is the best. Four or five people might have the same object, but only one of them might have taken the time to find out everything there is to know about it. That is what separates a true collector from from a hoarder. Number of items in a collection mean nothing. Its the quality, significance, and history of the item that counts. (the world according to me!)
  9., 6 years ago
    I don't know where you live to get the crate for 5 bucks. In SC. they ask over 10.00 most over 20.00 for a crate about the same shape. The picker show has coused items around here rise in price. I buy items I like at the price I want or I keep walking. I'm not much on coke items at this time. I did buy a Coke trailer the other week. Decided to leave it as is for now.

  10. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    AR8Jason---How interesting (and exciting really) that the producers of American Restoration contacted you! I don't watch that show much, but I do watch (and love) American Pickers and Pawn Stars but I've always thought that they were somewhat staged, especially Pawn Stars. I wonder if they do the same thing....solicit people I mean. Good for you for resisting the temptation of having your 15 min. of fame and saying no to restoration!
  11. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    AR8Jason, I found the mysterious Lauren who approached you about your telescopes. It appears you weren't the only one she tried to solicit about 4 months ago.
  12. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    Yes, AR8Jason, I agree that she was out of her element. Why on earth would you want to restore your telescopes? Like my grandpa’s canteen, the telescopes are museum pieces, to be seen and shared, certainly not restored or used. I also watch the Pawn Stars for the interesting items that are shown and they also have several experts who seem to be knowledgeable. The stars can be amusing but also tiring. As far as the Pickers go, I don’t care if it’s staged. The personalities make the show. Have you heard about the new show, The Picker Sisters? I wonder how many men will watch that!!

    I’m not shocked at all to read about your experience with the news media. We had our own run-in with the folks. In the early 70s, my husband and I ran around in the same circles with a man who would later become vice president. When there was speculation at the convention he was going to be the vice-presidential nominee, my husband’s office was inundated with calls from the media looking for a story. To a lesser degree, we also received calls at home, even a call in the middle of the night from the London Times. One day a CBS crew out of Chicago barged into my husband’s office, ran past his secretary, and with cameras running and a mike in his face asked him if he thought this particular person was qualified to be vice-president. Since my husband only gave them information they didn’t want to hear, they left just as quickly. Later the barber next door told us they stopped by to use his phone and he overheard one of the crew say to his boss: “No dirt here.” The question they asked my husband was as loaded at the ones you were asked at the convention.
  13. earlycoke earlycoke, 6 years ago
    Wow. And that conversation stemmed from a 1970's coke crate. :)
  14. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    Yes, earlycoke, it's amazing how some of us can get off into our own tangents.
    That's what I love about this site!
  15. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Definitely won't be watching the picker sisters, and I'm a female....
  16. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    I would agree, AR8Jason, and I'll let ya'll know when it comes on!
  17. marcobabe13 marcobabe13, 6 years ago
    Speaking of the new show with female pickers, my husband and I caught it on TV the other night.......I used my remote after 5 minutes, my husband left the room after about 2 minutes.

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