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    Posted 2 years ago

    (813 items)

    Well, everybody, I will be permanently leaving Collector's Weekly on 13 April 2019. I'm still debating if I should delete my account or not. If there's any information I've posted you want to keep note of, now is the time to transfer it to your computer or notebook. Photos are also free for you all to use if you want, so now is a good time to save them.

    I'm moving across the country and will be beginning a new life apart from collecting. In the end, everything is just stuff-- junk and excess baggage weighing us down in this life. I want to be free from items of no eternal value and free from this game of comparing and competing as if amassing a hoard of non-useful items somehow makes us better people?

    I've come to realise that money, too, is worthless. The value of things we collect is artificial. It's all a concept of our own minds-- money isn't much different as it has no use in and of itself beyond the trade value we assign it. The select few who control that value keep us wanting more and more because we will always strive for it. We're never content with what we have, and that's how they want it. It's their source of power/control.

    When J.D. Rockefeller was asked when he'd have enough, he answered, "Just a little bit more." I realise that I fell into that same trap. "More" does not truly satisfy. The pleasure is temporary. It's never good enough. And it all just sits on a shelf collecting dust when the money spent could be spent on actually enjoying life-- in the company of others-- or even be spent on helping others to have a basic means of comfort. We, though, hog it all for ourselves while others suffer alone in the cold. Why a piece of paper will have more value than a human life, I have no idea. We're just that blinded in our comfortable, self-satisfying lives.

    We're supposed to be masters of ourselves, yet we end up enslaved to money and things we consider valuable when those things have no applicable use to life. All my collections are useless. I'm practically just abandoning them due to how sick I am of realising that they owned me-- not me them. I'm breaking free and call you to do the same.

    All that you see around you will one day be destroyed. It has no eternal value. You, though, have eternal value. Take charge of your life instead of letting life take charge of you. We make stuff-- we should be it's masters. Yet we let it master us. Stuff may not be bad in and of itself, but "everything in moderation."

    With this I will leave you. This is my last post here and I will not be responding to comments. I must make a full break from the temptation-- otherwise this plague will always find me.

    Good luck every-body. I had a great time here.

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    1. pw-collector pw-collector, 2 years ago
      I've enjoyed your post and your comments, but I agree, life is short and one needs to enjoy it and share it with family and friends. The sitting on shelves and collecting dust rings true in my house. I hope you find peace and contentment in your future journey.
    2. kwqd kwqd, 2 years ago
      I understand completely, SpiritBear. I am on a similar journey. I retired on 1 February 2018 and decided to take two years and just drift, no plans, no expectations, just discovering who I am after toiling in artificial conditions of all sorts since 1970. I'll take stock on 1 February 2020 and maybe make some plans then. Best of luck to you!
    3. Watchsearcher Watchsearcher, 2 years ago
      Good luck and happy life, young man!
    4. antiquerose antiquerose, 2 years ago
      Thank you Spirit Bear for your posts and knowledge. You will be missed, but it is Your life, and Your choices - and you have to do what your heart and Brain guide you to do. All the best to you now, and forever ~
    5. Newfld Newfld, 2 years ago
      Good luck to you SpiritBear/Robert, it is sad to see a popular regular CW contributor go, but you are young with your whole life ahead of you, and I wish you all the best. Our collectible items are precious to us and we enjoy sharing with others on this forum, but you are so right that things are just things, money just money, and life can go on without them quite nicely. God bless you, Jenni
    6. officialfuel officialfuel, 2 years ago
      Good luck on your new adventure!!

    7. TallCakes TallCakes, 2 years ago
      Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    8. Ms.CrystalShip Ms.CrystalShip, 2 years ago
      If C W was about "comparing & competing", I never would of joined. It's about sharing, and learning, at least in the small part I'm a member of. I am not "amassing a hoard of non- usefull items". I enjoy collecting my jewelry, and wearing it, and it will be left to my Daughter. Does it control my life? Certainly not!
      My children & grandchildren are my most important treasures. And I am content with what I have because I worked hard for it, along with my late husband. There's nothing wrong with a warm bed, a modest house, a dependable car to take my grandkids to basketball games & little league. Don't "abandon" your collections. Giving everything you have collected to charity would be a great start on your journey. After all you say "money is worthless"
      You are young Robert, and I wish you the best, and a long and happy life. I believe you are in a pipe dream and I so hope it all works out for you.
    9. Ms.CrystalShip Ms.CrystalShip, 2 years ago
      Oh, C'est la vie.....
    10. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 2 years ago
      Certainly a different point of view. I can respect it and at the same time disagree with it. I am older than many items posted here but see this site as a place to learn, share information and at times banter back and forth or at times an exchange of humor along the way. I wish you well and suggest that should you change your mind the door is open and the light is always on.
    11. kwqd kwqd, 2 years ago
      Minimalism is a movement gaining favor with recent generations:
    12. aura, 2 years ago
      Spirit Bear i shall mis you.

    13. Vynil33rpm Vynil33rpm, 2 years ago
      There is always the Grave Error
      When you love your things
      You begin to worship them
      They become Idols
      And the Shelves become
      Alters that are Admired
      Until you are mired in
      The Web oF Idols
      Things that Are
      Weighty to man are
      Weightless to God
      I think Joseph
      the Carpenter made
      the most excellent dreidels
      in Bethlehem

    14. valentino97 valentino97, 2 years ago
      Sorry to see you go SpiritBear, best of luck in the new chapter of your life! Exciting - Scary to move by the way!! I have been feeling like you this last year, mainly I'm getting older and my employer has been so awful pushing me to do more without compensation, then writing me up because I am not "performing". My reason to move would be that I can't afford to live in California anymore....and SADLY, that would mean selling a lot of my obsessions. But, they are only possessions and it would feel better to downsize while I am in control. :(
    15. TimeTraveller TimeTraveller, 2 years ago
      No, say it ain't so, SpiritBear!! I have only been here a short time and will truly miss you. I still have some insulators that I needed your help with. They belonged to my dad. I hope that you won't completely delete your account. I will remember your kindness, knowledge and your smile. Like someone once said "you have good teeth."
      All the best.... TimeT
    16. Roycroftbooksfromme1, 2 years ago
      Hey hope you find everything your looking for in your journey,.. Been there and done that and its all good is like throwing a rock in a pond.. which makes a lot of rings ..most folks will only go out to a couple of rings .. and some will go to the farthest ring to see whats there ....smiling , enjoy your life and find your peace ..
    17. LaurenRedmond LaurenRedmond, 2 years ago
      Sorry to see you go Spirit Bear,.
    18. buckethead, 2 years ago
      Hector the Collector, by Shel Silverstein

      Hector the Collector
      Collected bits of string,
      Collected dolls with broken heads
      And rusty bells that would not ring. Bent-up nails and ice-cream sticks,
      Twists of wires, worn-out tires,
      Paper bags and broken bricks.
      Old chipped vases, half shoelaces,
      Gatlin' guns that wouldn't shoot,
      Leaky boasts that wouldn't float
      And stopped-up horns that wouldn't toot. Butter knives that had no handles,
      Copper keys that fit no locks
      Rings that were too small for fingers,
      Dried-up leaves and patched-up socks.
      Worn-out belts that had no buckles,
      'Lectric trains that had no tracks,
      Airplane models, broken bottles,
      Three-legged chairs and cups with cracks.
      Hector the Collector
      Loved these things with all his soul--
      Loved them more then shining diamonds,
      Loved them more then glistenin' gold.
      Hector called to all the people,
      'Come and share my treasure trunk!'
      And all the silly sightless people
      Came and looked ... and called it junk
    19. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      /me <smiles> @ buckethead for that... :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
    20. Watchsearcher Watchsearcher, 2 years ago
      Buckethead, that is so beautiful, so touching it brings tears to my eyes.
      It reminds me of a saying I have framed in my home: “Everything has it’s beauty, but not everyone sees it”.
    21. Filln, 2 years ago
      we think we collect stuff - but really stuff collects us. Sneaky!
    22. AnythingObscure AnythingObscure, 2 years ago
      Somehow, this seems appropriate to go here too...the late great entertainer George Carlin reflects on "stuff"... :-) :-) :-)
    23. Theonlyone Theonlyone, 6 months ago
      hey just heard ,,..smiling know you skipped out of town owing me 10 bucks ....when ya coming back so I can work out the interest ...we'll miss ya safe , have fun,.write offend ,.. brush your teeth if ya want to pick up a girl ...and dont call collect ... '-

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