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Is there such a thing as doggie dentures?

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Posted 6 years ago


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Found this at an estate sale and got it because it is just so odd. Of course, we all discussed it at checkout, trying to determine what exactly it was, but no one could say definatively. I figured it was doggie dentures (one very spoiled doggie!) but according to the info I can find on the internet, doggie dentures do not exist. Ideas?

Mystery Solved


  1. hotkitties, 6 years ago
    If there are doggy dentures, I don't think they would have people teeth ;)
    Maybe a dentist thing to show his patients? Maybe came from a toy machine inside the plastic capsule? it's funky!
  2. thriftfan thriftfan, 6 years ago
    LOL, you have a point! I could buy maybe a sample set but don't think from a toy machine---they feel very fragile! Thanks for your comments :)
  3. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 6 years ago
    hahaha doggy dentures you made my day - i would say a display to show customers with the top teeth missing. hope this helps ruff ruff
  4. BeauxPurdy BeauxPurdy, 6 years ago
    My Great-grandfather used to have a tooth factory and I found these little teeth sets all over. They were dresser and desk drawers, toolboxes, vanities. I collected them all and gave them my Mother in a big jar. She didn't know what or why they were made. I thought they looked like doll teeth. I also found some huge Teeth. I'll post them soon.
  5. thriftfan thriftfan, 6 years ago
    My hubby said doll teeth too. Thanks for your comments BeauxPurdy.

    vanskyock24, so glad I could entertain you! :)
  6. Manikin Manikin, 6 years ago
    Hi your dentures are not doll teeth :-) But I know a few who could use them . I am going on a limb but I think they went on a string or rope with other dentures showing colors of teeth and style of teeth that Factory could make and how their worked looked finished . A Salesman sample of Dentures . I suspect the other teeth he had were used to set into dentures and you needed many sizes as the mouth of people and how much gum tissue was left as to how far the end went into the mold to stay in place . I worked with a dentist for awhile and of coarse we didn't use this style put we had samples . Just a guess but seems most logical to me :-)
  7. BeauxPurdy BeauxPurdy, 6 years ago
    Sorry I don't have any info about the tiny teeth sets. They would have been too small to be samples and the ones I found were all the same color of white enamel, samples would have come in different shades of white. And I found over a hundred of them, all exactly the same. The name of his company was Dentsply.
  8. thriftfan thriftfan, 6 years ago
    Hhhmmmm, maybe I should walk into my local dentist's office and ask....
  9. Manikin Manikin, 6 years ago
    I just looked and I suspect the samples was correct as they sold artifical teeth . here is what I did find
    They could carry many styles and how the denture was made small rather than full size to show there product.
    On Dentsply Beaux I found this
    Dentsply was originally incorporated in 1899 as Dentists' Supply Company about the same time it made its first acquisition, a Pennsylvania porcelain teeth manufacturer. One of the 4 founders, George H. Whiteley became the main operator of the company as a result of his experience as a ceramist. Whiteley's contributions to the company were invaluable as he was responsible for many innovations such as a patented process involving platinum rings that reduced tooth breakage. Other innovations (credited to doctors like James Williams who were hired by the company for research purposes) included better fitting dentures, tooth size for people of different face shapes and age specific colored teeth.

    In the early 1920s the company selected European distributor Trey & Sons as its primary marketer to Europe however it quickly became the company's main distributor in the US also. A rivalry between De Trey and the main other denture equipment producer at the time Ash company nearly eliminated cash flows due to extreme price cutting. The problem was resolved when the two decided to merge their distribution businesses into one named the Amalgamated Dental Company Limited. In 1925 45% of Zahnfabrik (artificial teeth producer) was bought by Dentists' Supply and its distributor Amalgamated Dental bought a 30% interest in the manufacturer.[10]

    High American tariffs and increased efforts to gain market share abroad especially in Europe and Australia led the company to set up more research and manufacturing centers abroad. Its first foreign subsidiary was established in Australia as a means to acquire Natudryl Manufacturing. In the 1950s and 1960s the company developed many of the ideas used by its equipment today like tooth cleaning machine Dentsply Cavitron and Neolux which improved the finish of plastic teeth. The company renamed itself Dentsply International in 1969 due to its products' brand name being more widely recognized.[6]

    Key acquisitions by Dentists' Supply Company: LD Caulk Company in 1963, Ransom and Randolph Company in 1964, F&F Koenigkramer Company (chairs and stools). Largest was Amalgamated Dental Industrial (former distributor that played a major role in helping the company grow early on that also controlled Australia's largest dental supply chain) in 1976.

    In 1993 after it acquired Gendex Corp in a reverse takeover it went public on the Nasdaq. The new company then purchased medical x-ray tubes supplier Eureka X-Ray Inc. which was key since Gendex was a major manufacturer of x-ray systems (Eureka X-Ray was later sold in 1994).[11] Healthco its main distributor in the US went bankcrupt in 1993.[12]

    In June 2011 Dentsply acquired Astra Tech, the world's third largest maker of dental implants from British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for $1.8 billion. The deal raises revenue by 25% ($535M) and was completed on August 31, 2011.[13][14]
  10. thriftfan thriftfan, 6 years ago
    Wow, great info! I do know that these are precisely made and made well. The detail even includes crevices in the teeth. Samples would make sense to me, and Beux, maybe you found hundreds because they had to make plenty to distribute??? Regardless, these babies are going into a trinket box so that years from now my kids can find them and think what the hell?
  11. BeauxPurdy BeauxPurdy, 6 years ago
    Ha :) That is what I thought, "What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!" My Greatgrandfather was Geo. H. Whiteley. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm poor like a church mouse. All I got were these false teeth... Ooops, I mean "artifical teeth".
  12. BeauxPurdy BeauxPurdy, 6 years ago
    Manikin, Good Thinking about the string. I always wondered what the hole was for, so that would make sense.
  13. Manikin Manikin, 6 years ago
    Glad to help ! I think this mystery is solved :-) I would treasure them they are such a part of history and how fun to have to show people .
    Beaux if that was your inheirtance maybe you could consider he gave you a box of history :-) Thanks to you both for sharing
  14. thriftfan thriftfan, 6 years ago
    Pretty neat Beaux! Definately a keeper! Thanks again for the solve:)
  15. Manikin Manikin, 6 years ago
    Your welcome :-)

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