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Does anybody have any idea what this is?? We are stumped!

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Posted 6 years ago


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We bought this in a antique store in Charlestown WV--They did not know what this was--and the numerous other people who saw and wanted this item--loved it--we have no idea what this item is HELP! Do you?
It is about 18" long x 15" tall x 10" wide--the back top opens to a container--it is stoneware, or? It is about 15 1/2 pounds
Thanks for your help!

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  1. flowerchild, 6 years ago
    Please help us figure out what this is??
  2. walksoftly walksoftly, 6 years ago
    A bizzare cookie jar ???
  3. flowerchild, 6 years ago
    It has been said--it is bizzare, I will give you that!
  4. flowerchild, 6 years ago
    If you saw it up close--it is not clean enough for cookies--it is really big and kind of creepy looking-my husband loves the thing-he just wants to know what it is and how old it might be!
  5. cogito cogito, 6 years ago
    Looks German (at least the figure does). Maybe some sort of condiment container...sauerkraut, maybe?
  6. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    I can't tell you what this is, but I can tell you I have seen images of something really similar; It looks like a rabbit stewing pot that was used in Malta 100s of years ago. I've only ever seen one set of images and truth be told, that was pre-internet.
    The only thing throwing me is the head figure at the front.
    Malta was a lot more rural a few hundred years back and hunting was a Grandmaster's passion. The grandmasters were typically German, Spanish, French...
    Your piece looks quite old, how old do you think?
    I'll keep my eyes open for you.
    Maybe you could contact a museum over here and ask their opinion.
    If I remember correctly, the one I saw had a figure of a man straddling the lid.
    If I'm correct, It'll be of interest over here. If I'm not, a piece like that should still be worth a pretty penny.
    Good luck, flowerchild.
  7. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    I don't know if this might help...scroll down to the 1530 section

    I've come across a few references to the traditional Maltese meal - Fenkata -
    spaghetti with rabbit sauce followed by the rabbit stew originated as a form of protest in favour of hunting rights ( for the poor) against the grandmasters, strangely enough, as did our local carnival...which might make the head at the front a bit more meaningful.

    It is still a weekly tradition for many, and generally organised in groups.
  8. Greatsnowyowl Greatsnowyowl, 5 years ago
    looks like a chamber pot to me
  9. Greatsnowyowl Greatsnowyowl, 5 years ago
    the shape reminds me of a gin pig (glass usually) I don't know if there are any clues there.
  10. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Neatest P.O. box I've ever seen.
  11. walksoftly walksoftly, 5 years ago
    Someone made this bizarre meaningless thing 60 years ago hid it in the wall of their house, knowing that someday it would be found & people would go crazy trying to figure it out.
    They get the last laugh ;-0
  12. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    This IS what it is!!!

    Boooya...who's the man, baby?
    Please don't tell me that isn't the same thing!
  13. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    Il-baqra translates as 'the cow'.
    Seriously, this item could have some serious age to it.
  14. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    oh my gosh--it does look a lot the same--i think it is really old also--You may have figured this out--now how to figure what it may be worth? It is exciting to think it could be 100s of years old. Thanks so much let me know if you come up with any more info. Nancy
  15. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    From what I've found out, I don't think anyone here is sure of their origins.
    They may have, and most probably did, come from somewhere in mainland Europe.
    The ones ( they have 4 at the Falson Museum) that are found locally would be of more interest here as national heritage, unless of course, they were in fact made here.
    The mystery deepens...
  16. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    dickweedrules-where are u at?--You said over here. Nancy
  17. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    You are so much help--thanks... I was thinking maybe some of them were just made fancier-a creative crafter
  18. stefdesign stefdesign, 5 years ago
    I think it looks like you may have solved part of your mystery... what it is. Looks like dickweedrules may have discovered its purpose! But in my humble opinion, the piece doesn't look hundreds of years old. Maybe you're right flowerchild... made by a creative crafter! My guess is under 40 years old. (I'm not an expert, but I like acting like one, LOL!)
  19. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    I live in Malta (UK born), I'll try to visit the museum next week, it's been on my agenda for a while, I'll see if I can get some pics of the other three and maybe try to get a lead on anyone who might tell me if they were fired here or not.
    I don't see why not, we do have some clay around the island, the size of the pot itself would have needed a big oven to cook in (I doubt they were placed directly over flame) as it suits the long, slow stewing method for rabbit - and we had hundreds of old bread and food ovens.
    Most, big enough that it was customary for most people in the villages to pay the bread maker a few pennies to cook their food in the ovens.
    But, I'm sure, only someone of means would have had a pot like that.
    A University profs told me that some have a head at the front - not sure if I 'mis-heard' him, though.
  20. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    Thanks so much-i will be waiting to see what you find out, maybe you could take the pictures with u, maybe they could tell by that. You are awesome, I can't thank you enough.
  21. walksoftly walksoftly, 5 years ago
    I agree with stef, I don't think it's that old. It appears to be more decorative, an artists representation, more form than function.
  22. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    I really think it is really old-if you could see it up close the materials it was made from are the old way grains of rocks in it. But hopefully we will see soon! Thanks for your input!
  23. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    Hey Flowerchild, found you another one, they're popping up everywhere now..
    (6, including yours)

    The head part is looking more like yours now, maybe the same guy made them all, and finally perfected his art with yours
    Honestly, I've enjoyed every minute of it..really. It was nice that my memory served me well- I was going off an article I had red about 20 years ago- your photo jogged my memory.
    I would still try to keep your feet on the ground, the naysayers may have a point in some respect, but honestly, do you think that some weekend potter could have put these together? Really?...really?
    You can buy Roman glass for a pittance relative to its age-but there's lots of it.

    What does your husband think?

  24. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    Well he was excited that he might finally found out what this crazy thing might be. I believe that it is very old-if you could see it up close and personal-you can just tell!
    We really appreciate your help, no matter what we found out! the picture is more like it--hope!!! They all say the same, this is quite a adventure you are taking us on, Again, thanks so much! nancy
  25. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    Hey, my husband thinks, the head might be a hunter-they used to get dressed up to hunt long ago--the rich men anyway? That would go in line with the rabbit stew cooker? Just a thought! Nancy
  26. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    I had told you before I found the first image that the head was 'throwing me off' a bit, I've been thinking about it ever have no idea how much I would love to see it in front of me!
    I just erased a whole paragraph on my theory about the head ( I was thinking carnival again - they are equally old and intertwined here), coz looking at it a few minutes ago I realized the resemblance to an old traditional peasant costume..(wow that memory is still working). Et voila...

    What do you think? Coincidence...really? I think this could be of more interest locally now.

    The full page...

    Your husband is probably right, what are generally referred to as peasants (hate the connotations) in this context is really a rural farmer, miller, country person, who in most cases would have eked his existence through nature, naturally.
    Do you notice the lack of shoes in the picture...that may have been seen as peasant 'behaviour'.

    So is this a Maltese peasant head?

  27. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    I forgot to mention in my last post that it was the hat I wanted to point out.
    Too many coincidences, wouldn't you agree?
  28. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    We agree, we were just talking about it! Wish you could see it too, but u are a long way away! I live in Harpers ferry, WV--USA.
  29. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    C'est la-vie.

    Just googled images of Harpers Ferry, it looks kinda like a South Tyrol town from the air. Nice and green.

    I've got some free time next week, I'll find out who's best to contact and I'll call them; I'm sure they'll be quite intrigued. I'll check out what the costume exhibition curators think about it too.

    Would it be too much to ask for a few (A LOT) more pics by email? I'll give you mine if you're worried about security.
    Or at least edit the pictures in your entry occasionally showing some close up details - especially the face...What is the lump at the lower left of its nose, I can't make it out?
  30. walksoftly walksoftly, 5 years ago
    The lump by his nose is his mustache, if you zoom in you will see both sides.
  31. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    I had to download the images to zoom, thanks, Walksoftly.
    Seems like you've been following this one for nearly seven curious are you to know more?
  32. walksoftly walksoftly, 5 years ago
    Still curious, I'm still looking for answers, I love a mystery.
  33. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    So do you still need more pictures? I can give u my email, then send me something, and I could add some to that and send back!
  34. flowerchild, 5 years ago my email address!
  35. flowerchild, 5 years ago
    dickweedrules Hi, I just took a bunch of pictures-so if you want them send me an email, and I will send them your way!
  36. dickweedrules dickweedrules, 5 years ago
    Just emailed you...don't let the mail address confuse you, my name's not Patrick.

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