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The Pointy-Ear Patrol: Band of Trolls and Mr. Spock

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Vinyl Dolls45 of 581960's Scandia Troll with blue spiral eyes and very long, rooted, shimmery tressesgoofy looking doll
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Posted 6 years ago

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May I introduce you to some of my Troll friends? (Details might contain inaccuracies.)


1960's Scandia Troll with remarkably blue spiral eyes and shimmery LONGGGGGGGGG, rooted tresses. Diminutive 2 and ½ inches tall. Blush in checks and translucent complexion evaded the grasp of my photography. Distinguished profile. She is my Princess Troll, and I love her very much. You will see her in her own post in a few minutes. Her clothes are of contemporary design and manufacture.

Early 1990's Russ Rabbi Troll. Bad photos of a Prince of a Troll. He is very wise and kind, and gives excellent moral guidance. Too bad that only my Princess Troll and Mr. Spock listen to him. He has long cobalt colored faux-mohair tresses in excellent condition, a blue satin suit and a yarmulke. He is much more beautiful than my bad photo conveys. I love him.

1960's Dam Troll (I think). Was told he was an Army Troll when I met him, but if so, I suspect he was court-martialed. Thinking he was retired Army and could command good order is a crisis, I asked him to join my band. Alas, he is a real handful - he keeps Mr. Spock and Dr. Rabbi constantly on their toes. He has a most winsome and enthusiastic face, a scar on one cheek - maybe he had a close chat with a Cat, and a remarkable crew cut. He has a green cap. Bad photo. I love him.

1990's Russ Frankenstein Troll, with one eye sewn shut and a facial scar, a green complexion, bolts in head, forward extending arms, and a silky and glossy shorter coiffure. Nice guy.

1990's Russ American Indian Mother Troll with Baby Troll in Papoose. Orange hair hiding behind Mr. Spock. Beautiful trolls, not like the photo. I love them. Please see Photos III and IV for better views.

1970's Mr. Spock Doll. (Possibly 1974 MEGO doll.) Birthday gift from my schoolgirl days. His joints are toast, but he is still redoubtable, and without him constant chaos would obtain in the Troll Patrol. I love him.

1960's Scandia Troll with scarce green spiral eyes, original and rare bi-colored (orange with mauvey-grey streak) rooted mohair tresses in superb “like-new” condition. Three inches tall, with original hat, suit, and shoes. I love her.

1960’s Dam Troll with original bridal gown, velvet miniature bouquet (not shown), pearl earrings, and bad peach colored hair. I love her.

1964 Dam Troll Things Cow/Bull – Small. Must be a baby Texas Longhorn because his mane is a wreck - only the South Texas coastal humidity and semi-tropical heat could account for the state of his coiffure. Has very prominent hip bones. Very sweet child. I love him.


Note appearance here of 1990's Russ Spaceman Troll on outside, with bi-colored hair, translucent green complexion, red eyes, and silver spaceman's ensemble.


Note close-up of Baby American Indian Troll in Papoose.


Better photos of: American Indian Troll and her Baby, Mr. Spock Doll, and Scandia green-spiral-eyed Troll.


Thank you. Best wishes for a joyful Sunday! Regards, miKKo


  1. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, scandi! They are very pleased to meet you!

    Thank you so much for the kind compliment on my text. I have just learned that I might have approximately 38,000 pages of rather raw archives in Washington, D.C. to somehow mine for Doniphan records, so I thought that the Trolls and I needed some play time. You're right about Spock - his joints are unreliable, and though his mind's as sharp as ever, he needs a vacation. (Those trolls!) I'll send him to Washington.... ; ))
  2. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Hi, scandi. Thank you for your concern for my good friend, Spock. Washington is a dangerous city - some tough neighborhoods, and I wouldn't even walk the nice neighborhoods myself after sundown. He insists on escorting Princess Troll. Don't worry, he's got his phaser set for stun, and he's ready. Besides, Washington is full of people from way outer space, and it'll be a bit like traveling home for him. He's packing his bag as we speak - I even heard him chortle : )
  3. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, kerry10456!!! Maybe soon we can see Mrs. kerry10456's rare trolls!!!
  4. AmberRose AmberRose, 6 years ago
    I give you love but in full disclosure...find the Troll dolls scary. My best friend loves them and thinks they are great so I have built up some tolerance to the troll. This is why I am even able to post...
  5. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, AmberRose! I'd be afraid of them too if I had a house filled with Scandinavian art glass!!! I am too much of a scaredy-cat to watch "The Wizard of Oz" or see the sequels to "Star Wars", but the trolls and I get along just fine. Hope you have a splendid Sunday!!! miKKo
  6. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, vintagemad!!!
  7. inky inky, 6 years ago
    think I would watch out the one eyed green monster, eyes on your Princess me think!....:-)
  8. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, inky for loving Princess Troll! Frankenstein does watch out for the shorter trolls to make sure that they're getting along alright in the 'made-for-tall-humans' world. Goodnight! miKKo ; )
  9. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, bratjdd!!!
  10. Bruce99 Bruce99, 6 years ago
    Spock is from the planet Vulcan, but were do all the other aliens come from? :)
  11. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Live Long and Prosper, Bruce99, geo26e, and BELLIN68! Thank you for expressing your appreciation of the Pointy-Ear Patrol!!!

    Thanks for your patience, and your kind interest in the green members of the Patrol, Bruce99. It's been a busy day here, but we now catch up on our correspondence.

    Now, other than Mr. Spock, there are only two real aliens in the Pointy-Ear Patrol. Spaceman is originally from Zeta45.6GallaxyYojezbyGlowBII. His position as a Traveling Salesman takes him away from Earth for some good periods; however, he is fond of Oklahoma and makes it a point to visit often, usually during football season. He gets discounts on football season tickets because he has red eyes and has an OU Sooners pennant prominently painted on his nacelles. With all the OU-theme hats and windbreakers around here, he fits right in. His travels of late have been somewhat circumscribed by the high price of gasoline, otherwise he might offer to secure a Zeta45GBJ clock for your collection on his next trip home. (I think that that the Zeta45 might be the only clock you DON’T have.)

    Now, Capt. Martian Rat Fink declares that he is from Mars. I cannot confirm this but I see no need to, either. It is an unhappy sign of incivility, I think, to publically challenge a strange man on his military rank. It can also be a dangerous practice, as the Captain IS a bit strange and as he DOES come from a culture that holds a deep respect for honor duels. (I know that you yourself aren’t challenging him; I’m just speaking in general, because every so often the matter arises.) Now, he is one of the family, and is quite peaceable, so we are all happy together. The Captain has not journeyed to Mars since moving into our home, though he can often be found hurtling around on a doomed meteorite. Speedy descents and memorable burn-outs are his chief hobbies. He helps with the housework in his ambulatory intervals. No one dusts base boards better than he, and he goes about his work so cheerfully! (Doesn’t he have a beautiful smile?)

    (Let’s keep our voices down about this, OK?...) Francis Frankenstein Troll is sensitive about this appearance. His Dad would try to improve his constitution by upgrading parts periodically, but Doc Dad was not a tidy seamstress - as you can see, and the dismal results have contributed to his natural shyness, leaving him a tad on the side of morbidity. Besides, Francis has never been able to tolerate the lightning bolt applications, and he flees at the sound of the word “Germany”. So, let's just say that Francis is a Northern European, and not mention his illustrious father - who understandably misses him dreadfully, and is still searching for him, I hear - with the assistance of Chief Inspector Dreyfus.

    Princess Troll is not an alien. She is a proud descendent of the original Trolls of the great castle in Turku/Abo Finland. She speaks English beautifully, which is a good thing because no one but children and linguistic geniuses ever learn to speak Finnish. (I’ve found that carrying individually wrapped brownies in one’s pocket while traveling there is a useful way to get to know a Finn if one doesn’t speak the language. The Finns are celebrated bakers, but for some strange reason the only thing the Finns can’t do is make a brownie. Finns and Trolls, particularly Finnish Trolls, love brownies, so you will find this a useful tool when traveling in Finland.)

    Military Troll (ha!) is an original DAM Troll, and comes from Denmark.

    The good Lady American Indian and her Baby are from Russ, New York, USA.

    Good Dr. Rabbi Troll is from the University of Louvain, Department Russ, in Belgium - originally.

    The Bride Troll is from Texas, as her wild coiffure indicates. So is the sweet Cow/Bull Dam Thing Troll, who also has hair issues. Cow’s/Bull’s parents were from Denmark.

    The Scandia Troll with the orange tresses and purple ensemble is from Florida.

    Thank you again for the kind reception you have given the members of our Pointy-Ear Patrol. Live Long and Prosper! miKKo
  12. kerry10456 kerry10456, 6 years ago
    MiKKo, I went to the other house, well storage building,LOL and took a couple shots of some of them, but the cobwews really show up great, I'll post them until you see them, Then I'll remove posting, until they get cleaned back up.
  13. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Hi, kerry10456! Wheee! I'll be right there!
  14. Bruce99 Bruce99, 6 years ago
    Wow! How about that? I'm originally from Nebraska and I've always suspected that there were aliens amongst the Sooner fans! LOL! Very nice MiKKo!
  15. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, Bruce99! Yes, I don't know what it is with Okies, but they fall into a trance during football season. I was born in Texas, but my Dad was an Okie and retired back to Oklahoma. He was a fiend for football - Sooner or Cowboys, whatever!!! You will appreciate this when I tell you that once he had a major cardiac episode - I could tell he was really sick because he didn't want to watch the OU - Cornhuskers game. I notified his medicos, and he was put into ICU....Another great team - the Cornhuskers! Year after year, these teams turn out super football! Thanks for befriending the Troll Patrol, and your fun comments all! Regards, miKKo
  16. Bruce99 Bruce99, 6 years ago
    Nebraska almost always had its hands full to overflowing with OK & TX teams. Fans like your Dad made the rivalry all the more special. Thanks again for sharing part of a very special world with all of us. It's a cute collection that you've brought to life. :)
  17. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, BELLIN68 and geo26e!!!
  18. Luisa Luisa, 6 years ago
    wow awesome collection!! I LOVE all your little trolls!!
  19. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, Luisa!!! Live long and prosper....
  20. trunkman trunkman, 6 years ago
    This is a thoroughly enjoyable post to read. Your imagination and wit combined with your writing skills are extraordinary. I see that Spock has landed in the land of intelligentsia -- and has met his match. Which is probably why he is seated now among equals, able to rest his intellect in this strange new world before he goes off to the challenges of DC.
  21. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you, trunkman for your most generous appreciation of the Pointy-Ear Patrol and the thread!!! I do so appreciate it! Mr. Spock, Dr. Rabbi, and Princess Troll send their best wishes: "Live Long and Prosper". Hmmm....It's a bit quiet around here - better go see what's up....miKKo
  22. flowerrose, 6 years ago
    They all make me happy. Their beaming smiling faces.
  23. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, flowerrose!!! I love them too, even that incorrigible mischief maker, the 'military' troll. If I were as fine a photographer as yourself, I would have taken a photo of the bite marks on the side of military troll's face. Likely made by a cat or kitten, I think. Take a look at his crew cut. The shape is reminiscent of a melting ”Hershey's Kisses” candy. It is 'fused'. Was it designed that way? I wonder. Possibly troll was accidentally tossed into the dryer and his hair fused then. Perhaps a child spilled something sticky on it. Who knows?

    I think that you'd love the troll with the orange hair with purple streak. She has amazing green spiral eyes. My photos are very poor. She is in fabulous condition. The little cow/bull has tiny horns - find the ears and you'll find the horns. He also has really boney hips, just like a real cow/bull. This troll was issued with really long, bouffant but trailing tresses, but I'm afraid that they were 'loved off'. Princess Troll is even more beautiful in person. Wish you could see her. Thanks again for visiting, and for loving these sweet little creatures! Regards, miKKo
  24. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, lundy!!! : )
  25. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 6 years ago
    miKKo, tell Spock to put a Vulcan mind melt on those "off-worlders" You know trolls are emotional, Spock hates that! LOL
  26. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Hi, mikielikesigns2! Thank you for your request. Your request has been forwarded to the Mind Control Deparment for processing. You will get a proper response in about 2 years, I think. That was how long it took to replace the team the last time that the trolls went AWOL and Mind Control Dept. jumped ship. However, I do want you to know that we feel your pain, and we have forwarded some water park amusement discount tickets to you so that you can 'wash them right outta' your hair. A word about Mr. Spock, if I may. He said that the ancient Vulcan mind technique in question is to be used only for the purposes of understanding an alien being. It is for MELDING minds, not melting them. Spock MELDS minds, Trolls melt minds - and nerves, and willpower. Spock asserts that it is better NOT to understand the Trolls, since nothing can be done to improve them anyway, and it is rather hard on the nerves to be able to predict their next prank and then have them be late with the execution because they have been distracted from their original plans by fascinating with a passing stranger. In closing, Spock has sent you some coupons redeemable for Denny's grilled cheese sandwiches, which are MELTED not MELDED, and which look a lot like his countenance at the end of the day. P.s., the Trolls want to know if they can borrow the Studebaker this weekend. They heard that Oklahoma is famous for its excellent troll roads, and just borrowed a roll of quarters from me and snatched my best map....Good luck with the trolls! If you come to have any influence over them, let me know how you did it. Regards, miKKo
  27. mikielikesigns2 mikielikesigns2, 6 years ago
    I stand corrected miKKo, we here in Okla. FEEL like a well done grilled cheese. (104) last week.We are going to take the Studibaker to get away from the heet, somewhere cooler, possibly the surface of the sun. Ive "melted" with Spock, thats where he told me to go. My wife tells me where to go all the time!
  28. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, mikielikesigns2, for your appreciation of the Pointy-Ear Patrol and your delightful and witty comments! You and Trunkman keep me on my toes...I hear that Neutrogena has come out with a sunscreen of SPF 100 - make sure you pack some into the Studebaker, and have a pleasant trip! I hope the heat doesn't take its troll on you. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.) From Mr. Spock and myself: "Live long and prosper!" miKKo
  29. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, Deanteaks!!! : )
  30. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you kindly, bratjdd!!! : )
  31. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Hi, bellin68! Good to see you! Hope that your Saturday was very fine, and that your evening will be splendid! Thanks much for your kind appreciation of the pointy-ear patrol! Trolls can be found in almost any profession; many are quite distinguished in their respective disciplines. If I had a 'Super Cool Collector Troll', I'd send him to you straight away, for he'd want to work with the bestest!
    : D Take care, bellin!
  32. nsvmom nsvmom, 6 years ago
    Spock finds himself lost on a strange planet full of colorful folk! :)
  33. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you for your cheerful and kind comment, nsvmom!! Nice to meet you! Looks like Mr. Spock could use that Boy Scout first aid kit. : )
  34. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 6 years ago
    Thank you very much, mustangtony!! : )
  35. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 5 years ago
    Thank you very much, birdie, for your kind appreciation!!! : )

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