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White Family Rotary Treddle Sewing Machine

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    Posted 12 years ago

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    The White Sewing Machine Company was founded by Thomas White in 1876. This sewing machine is called Family Rotary. I'm not sure of the date of manufacturing, but would guess 1900. the only number I could find is 99064. It has the early fancier white FR cabinet.

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    1. reneejew, 12 years ago
      I have an old White Treddle too. Bought it for $25.00 at a yard sale. I looked up White online a few years ago and they were able to tell me the year by the serial number. Mine is a 1912. Still have the original owners manual, and accessories that came with it, not to mention the key for the drawes, which is unheard of! Those are usually the first thing that gets lost. The only part that White still sells for it is the belts, which is the only thing that mine needed. 2 for $5.00!! I absolutely love mine.
    2. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      You have one very nice White machine there . My first sewing machine was a White treadle which I still have . They are very nice machines and will sew forever as long as you take good care of it . Your cabinet is in fantastic shape as well .
    3. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      Just make sure that your daughter wants it . Our daughter could care less about my White treadle . I also have the key , manual , attachments and extra bobbins for my machine . I bought mine with my first job out of high school and made all of my cloths on it in my room . When I got engaged I even made my wedding dress on it .
    4. toolate2 toolate2, 12 years ago
      Very pretty cabinet. My neighbor buys these and takes them apart. He makes coffee tables out of the cabinet and puts marble tops on the bases. He sells them at a local flea market and does quite well with them.
    5. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      toolate2 : That is terrible ! I just hate to hear things like that . It is no wonder the cabinets are so hard to find . I am always looking for the treadle cabinets and have a hard time finding them . I restore and put the machines back into them . What state are you in ? , if you do not mind me asking .
    6. toolate2 toolate2, 12 years ago
      I'm in Maryland. I knew that I would upset so people with that but you have to look at it from his point of view. These old sewing machines aren't worth what they once were. As a dealer he's just trying to find innovative ways to make money on the things he knows and loves. I think it's cool that he's repurposing these old things and making them desirable again. He also buys old pump organs and turns them into bathroom vanities complete with sink...
    7. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 12 years ago
      I paid $90 for mine 10 years ago. You can't touch them at $150 on the market here now.
    8. Amber, 12 years ago
      How can I find when mine was made?
    9. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      toolate2 : The fact that your friend takes the old machines does upset me because I buy and sell sewing machines all of the time . I also fix , restore and sell vintage and antique sewing machines . You are wrong when you say they are not worth much ! I have one in near ment condition that was selling on E-Bay for $ 800.00 , so yes they are worth something today . There are also large groups of collectors and people that want the older machines as they are built to last , and do . My 100 year old machines can sew circles around the new plastic wonders and will still be going 100 years from now !
    10. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      Thank you Toyman : Those kind of people really burn me ! They should see what I have done with some of the machines I have that others considered junk !
    11. Lynne Carroll, 12 years ago
      I have a White family Rotary machine that was manufactured in 1924 in cleveland. I am trying to establish a value and would like to sell. Does anyone know who can appraise?
    12. ttomtucker ttomtucker, 12 years ago
      Lynn, Nancy Salisbury could answer your question when she comes back on.
    13. Lynne Carroll, 12 years ago
      Thank you very much!
    14. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      Lynne : I am sorry , but I can not give you an excate value for your machine without seeing it in person . It all depends on conditon of the machine and cabinet and what someone is willing to pay for it . I gave $200.00 for a Singer in a similar type cabinet as this White Rotery above . The Singer machine was not in very good shape , but the cabinet had been nicely refinished . I wanted it just for the cabinet to put a nicer machine into . So maybe that will give you some idea . Also check on E-Bay . When I first got mine in a similar cabinet Singers like mine were selling on E-Bay for up to $800.00 . White Machines do not sell for as much as a Singer but they are very good machines .
    15. nancy, 12 years ago
      i have white family sewing machine ser#fr238439 i would like to know a way to find out what year it was made thanmks nancy
    16. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      Gatherer : To lift the machine up out of the cabinet there is a cable that should be attached to the lid and the wood part that holds the machine . If the cabel is broken your machine will not lift out when the lid is raised . The cable broke on mine a while back and I have not been able to fix it just yet or I might be able to tell you how to do it .
    17. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      nancy : Hi , I do not know a whole lot about the White machines although I have several of them . I would also like to know how to find out the year mine were made . Let me know if you find anything . I know more about Singers .
    18. Deborah, 12 years ago
      I just purchased one at a yard sale. Te cabinet needs work. It looks as thou it became dry and the wood is loose. I also need a belt. Any resources in Michigan? Thanks deb
    19. Nancy Salisbury, 12 years ago
      Deborah : If you do not have a sewing machine repair shop near you the belts can be ordered off the internet . There are several sorces besides E-Bay . They are about the same price off the internet that you can buy them for in most shops .
    20. Loucile, 12 years ago
      To find the year of your white machine call Husqvarna. They took over the White Co in the 80s. I found my model number at the end under the hand wheel behind the bobbin winder. I called Husqvarna and they told me my machine was built in 1949 the year I was born, imagine that. I gave $25.00 for it at an estate sale. It is in perfect condition and looks new. Somebody really took care of it. I have had many Singers throuth the years, but this machine will beat Singer hands down any time. This is the best machine I have ever owned and one of my Singer machines was brand new when I bought it.
    21. Loucile, 12 years ago
      I also hate that man tearing the cabinets apart like that. These old things were built to last because money was so hard to come by. It is like the old houses built in the 1700s still standing that will be still be standing when some of these newer ones has fell to the ground. If companies nowdays took the time to make things right the world would be a better place.
    22. Renee, 12 years ago
      If you look up White's phone number you can call them and they'll give you the mfr date by the serial number that you have. That is if they're still in business. This was about 15 years agao that I called them. I also have the manual, key and all accessories in the box that comes with it.
    23. Bill, 12 years ago
      I need information on how the lift mechanism works on a vintage White machine. The one we have needs to be repaired but I have to know how it works first. The machine comes up when you raise the cabinet top. The top is attached to a lever that extends below the surface that is level with the machine when it is in its operating position.
    24. Loretta, 11 years ago
      I have a White Rotary sewing machine, serial number 77-129808, that was left to me by my grandmother. The machine works perfectly and the cabinet is in mint condition. I'd like to sell it and am wondering what the value is. (I have photos if anyone would like to see them.)
    25. Nancy Salisbury, 11 years ago
      Bill : My White Rotary sewing machine has a cable that is attached to the top and goes through the cabinet and is achored somewhere underneath . It is the cable system that raises my machine . I also need to work on it as the cable broke a while back and the machine droped back down breaking the wood that holds the machine . I was just sick when this happened and now I am not sure how to go about fixing it . I bought a new cable but I have not tried to figure it out yet . Let me know if you are able to .
    26. Judy, 11 years ago
      We came across a White Rotary sewing machine FR 363459 in my father-in-laws shed. As we are trying to have an estate sale (he passed away 3wks ago) but we do not know what price to place on the sewing machine. Could you give us an idea? The machine works but it is in a Singer cabinet....I don't know why his mom did this.
    27. amj415, 11 years ago
      I just purchased a White sewing machine in the fancier cabinet with the manual, key, bobbins and accessories in the metal box. I found 2 numbers. One looks like a serial number on the machine (FR2343634) and the other just below the ruler embedded in the cabinet in front of the machine (PAT. SEP '87). It is in beautiful condition. Can anyone tell me a value (range) on this? Thanks for your help.
    28. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 11 years ago
      Post pics of your machine maybe they will help
    29. amj415, 11 years ago
      Pics are now posted.
    30. eagledeb, 11 years ago
      can anyone tell me about how much a white rotary with a serial number of 77-39569 would be worth it has all attachments and book
    31. Aquapex, 9 years ago
      Hello I just purchased a mason roarty treadle sewing machine for $70.00. My question for anyone out there that might know if there is a web site that can tell me how old and what model it is. Serial number isFR7072583. And I agree with Nancy about destroying a antique sewing machines to make a coffee table. That makes me sick. Just restore them and sell them or collect them that is my thoughts.
    32. Mercer50 Mercer50, 8 years ago
      I also agree that an antiques value is in the fact that it is an intact antique. To intentionally destroy an antique is shameful.
      My first refurbish was a 1910 Singer Model 66 Redeye. I have since picked up a complete 1909 Singer Treadle to be refurbished and a 1949 electrified Singer.
      Just yesterday, a friend texted me asking if I wanted a complete White Rotary. I jumped at the opportunity.
    33. Nikkilou216 Nikkilou216, 8 years ago
      I have a White Rotary as pictured above. The cabinet is not is as good shape. The serial number is FR 305892.
      I am in California and need to clean mine up.
      Is there anyone in Central California?
    34. Aquapex, 8 years ago
      Nikkilou216 what part of california are you in. I am in Bakersfield Ca.
    35. Nikkilou216 Nikkilou216, 8 years ago
      I am in Stockton, CA
    36. lavender, 8 years ago
      I have just purchased a White like the one pictured. Any idea of the going rate? It is in good shape and has the machine still inside.
    37. cathiea1, 8 years ago
      I just acquired a vintage White vibrating shuttle machine with the cabinet and coffin top. It appears to be missing the shuttle. Unfortunately, it is also missing the drawer keys, so we may find it in the drawers once we can get them open. Is there a good resource for replacement shuttles?
    38. BearCWY, 8 years ago
      Hi cathiea1 the shuttles are very hard to find, one of the most difficult of all the vibrating shuttles, they have a shaft running through the middle of them the bobbins are hollow to fit on the shaft in the shuttle. I have seen keys on ebay and plenty of them. But be sure and get the right key the end is triangular shaped. once you get it open you may very well find a shuttle or two in the drawers, also the bobbins are also scarce but the may be in the drawers too, in mine there is a drawer that has a section to hold bobbins and needles Get a key and then see what treasures are in it. I have a old White vibrating shuttle, cabinet model 35 that I got for a song at an antique store for $50, I've had for going on 15 years and it still sews as good as the day it was made. I got the attachment box with the attachments, and all the paperwork except the original sales receipt. Good luck with your machine.
    39. SewKris, 8 years ago
      I just aquired an antique White treadle Sewing machine. It has a coffin top, shuttle bobbin that uses bobbin pins. I also aquired some attachments. Everything seems to be in working order. I called Huskavarna and from the serial # 324493 I was told the machine was made in 1882. I would like to find a resource to obtain a manual for the machine. The drawers on the machine were unlocked, but I use a small straight edge screw driver and the locks opened easily
    40. DLD, 8 years ago
      Looking for information regarding the type/ style of cabinet a White Rotary treadle came in. The treadle is dated to Cleveland 1910FullSizeRender.jpg
    41. emcmillion, 8 years ago
      I just inherited my great grandmother Ada's White treadle sewing machine and a wood cabinet which encloses the machine and the treadle. The serial number is 61610. My great grandmother Ada was born April 9, 1887 and her father bought it for her when she was twelve. The last patent date listed on the metal plate near the needle is April 10, 1900. That would actually make Ada 13 when she received it. My mother remembers her grandmother Ada telling her that she was 12 when she got it. I am 56 and the last time I sewed on the machine I was about 15. Ada passed away in 1977 and my grandparents (her son and daughter-in-law) received it. I don't believe the machine was used very much after 1977 so it seems to be in fine condition. Does anyone know how I would find a manual for this machine. It has all of the attachments, bobbins, etc. in two metal cases, as well as the key to lock the wood cabinet. The only problem that I can see, other than having to be oiled and cleaned is the bobbin thread does not catch. I believe the timing may be off when the needle passes down to catch the bobbin thread. If anyone has information on where I can purchase a manual for this machine and any other information I would be very appreciative.
    42. ca95242, 7 years ago
      Here are two websites that sell instruction manuals:
    43. msnorma, 7 years ago
      I just got a White sewing machine a neighbor gave me.
      It is in a sad condition being stored you can tell by the dust on it.
      The cabinet needs to be refurbished and was never polished.
      The emblem White is made out of a beautiful twig design.
      Does anyone know who l can take it to do it can be oiled and cleaned.
      Ms Norma
    44. MMikeJBenN, 7 years ago
      My wife inherited my Aunt Florence's White treadle sewing machine, but can't figure out how to thread it. Can you supply a diagram?
    45. ttomtucker ttomtucker, 7 years ago
      see ca95342 posting
    46. Jewe1s, 7 years ago
      I have read the previous posts and like the passion everyone has. (I also have a vintage Singer machine given to me by a very dear friend.) I have a vintage White sewing cabinet (no sewing machine). The finish is dark and rough but I think it looks great. I have a key and extra belt. I used it as an end table in our family room - it worked great! Are there any groups or organizations in Southern California that are specifically for vintage sewing machines and cabinets?
    47. Brittster, 7 years ago
      Hi!!! So I am a new sewer (I'm 30 and collect antiques) and I just purchased a white sewing machine for $70. It needs some tlc and refinished and since I'm new to the work of treadle sewing I'm not entirely familiar with the mechanics of this machine or if anything is even missing. I bought a manual and it's on it's way but I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions of sites I could look up to familiarize myself with this gorgeous machine
    48. Brittster, 7 years ago
      Also I'm a bit confused on where my serial number is..... The only number I found on the machine is on a small metal plate infront of the base of the machine and it's simply 1783770
    49. Garrison, 6 years ago
      Have 3 White Rotary machines: 2 alone, 1 in cabinet works and everything. Will give serial numbers when someone who is knowledgeable responds. Want to keep in family but need them appraised. Please post and I will respond.
    50. ttomtucker ttomtucker, 6 years ago
      Thanks everyone for your comments.
    51. Jrush, 6 years ago
      Hello everyone, I just became the proud owner of a white treadle machine. I have been trying to date my machine and to find out more info on it. I have even tried calling Husqvarna and was told the White company went out of business in 2009 and they are no long allowed to give out historical information on the white machines. So now I am at a dead end on finding info on my machine. Does anyone know of someone that could help me? the last Patent date on the plate is March 11, 1890. Serial #1822632. It is in a "Twig" style cabinet that still raises the machine when opened. The word "White" is missing off the front of the cabinet. I believe she has all its attachments. She looks to just need cleaned up and a new belt. I would really appreciate any assistance with this. Thanks in advance!
    52. seanmclainbrown, 6 years ago
      Hi good folks! I have a 1934 White Rotary Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress Sewing machine. It's in perfect working order and has the original cabinet and all the paperwork. Does anyone have an idea of its value? Collectors' sites say that items from that Worlds Fair are the most desirable of all worlds fairs.
    53. Nikkilou216 Nikkilou216, 6 years ago
      Can someone post a picture of the key needed to lock the drawers?
      Also, the address to buy a new belt.
      Thank you
    54. Britsmith Britsmith, 2 years ago
      My question is one were can I get attchment bobbin cases for my fr white rotary treadle sewing machine as I no attchment or exter bobbin cases. I have bobbin. This is my grategrandma machine it date 1911 fr 2229348
      All here orginal itam went missing after passing of my grandmother it ten later I got back clen her up just did deep clening sadly none thing made it do it detail are not with her no oil can or tools. Or Book Manuel. All info help be grateful she tsheart left up plate tear drop look bobbin holders like model 43 white rotary sewing machine. My outher grandma had modle43 from 1927 electric. Thank you
    55. keramikos, 2 years ago
      HI, Britsmith.

      It really would be best for you to create your own post with pictures of your machine, rather than piggy-backing onto somebody else's post. The creator of this post is still active here at Collectors Weekly Show & Tell.

      This bobbin case might be compatible:

      As to manuals, here is a collection of vintage sewing machine links:

      Scroll down to the bottom, and there is a link for a free White Rotary manual. There are also some links for a model 41/43 manual, but they're not free.
    56. keramikos, 2 years ago
      Hi again, Britsmith.

      After further research, I don't think that bobbin case I linked yesterday looks right.

      I think I see examples of the "teardrop" style you wrote about, but we have a couple of problems.

      One is that this is the post belongs to another CW S&T user, ttomtucker. I see a lot of comments over the years on it that have little to nothing to do with the subject of the post, but I don't want to add to them further without the express permission of the creator.

      The other problem is that I feel like I'm flying blind with no pictures of your machine. Please create a post of your own with pictures of your machine.

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