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Old Candelabra? Help Needed

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    Posted 9 years ago

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    I promised a friend I would try to get some info. about this. I think it is a candelabra? Is that what they are called when it will hold 5 candels. It looks pretty old, and used, but it is in good shape. I would love any info. if possible Thanks!

    It is 17 inches tall and 19 inches wide. It weighs 2 lbs 9 ounces.

    THank you!!!

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    1. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      thanks mustangtony for the love!
    2. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      blunderbuss2 thanks for the like
    3. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 9 years ago
      Hi, BHock45! OK, this one is tough. I don't see maker's marks. At first it reminded me of a Menorah, but when I counted the candle receptacles, I rejected that hypothesis. Yes, a candelabra. From the bottom of the base - which is quite solidly constructed, I notice - it looks like it was once silverplated. Over brass or copper, perhaps? The plating has all but worn off of the top portion of the candelabra. I find the design unusual, but I cannot place this in a 'style'. If the plate wear bothers your friend, he could polish off what remains of the silver, and enjoy it as a 'copper' (etc.) candelabra. Sorry, I don't have anything more intelligent to add. This one is a hard one! Perhaps next time I'll be able to help a bit! : )
    4. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      mikkochristmas11 thank you for your opinion. this instance I have to disagree. The copper or brass color you are seeing is all tarnish. I know this because I started polishing it today. I will tell that everywhere on this is a silver color including the bottom or "inside". It is possible that this is all silver, or that the bottom metal is silver in color.

      While polishing I noticed that the light brown color comes off with ease. However, the black tarnish (only in "hard to reach" sections) is difficult to remove, but with a more abrasive polish does come off. A silver color is underneath every part of this candelabra. It makes me think the last person did a quick polish and left tarnish in the hard to reach sections.
    5. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Thank you bellin68 I will take an updated photo soon.
    6. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 9 years ago
      You're most welcome, sir! Oh, good to know that the silver is intact!!! Looking forward to seeing it polished up! I did notice two very promising features about this candelabra. As already noted, the solidity of the base, and secondly the fine form of the units that hold the candles. I'm sure that your friend will very much appreciate your kindness. : )
    7. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Hey I just posted updated pictures mid polish. It looks to have been polished many many times.
    8. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Hello. I discvered a mark...

      Chromium Plated"
    9. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 9 years ago
      Hi, there. Great polishing job viewed on other page with this item! : )

      Haven't found the company that used this "Century Chromium Plated" mark. However, I did find a discussion of trends in plated wares on the following website:

      According to this website, manufacturers moved from nickel-plated finishes to chome/chromium plated finishes in 1930s. And "far fewer" chromium plated wares were made after the early 1940's. There's more on the history of chrome/chromium plated on the following site.

      I look forward to seeing what other information you discover on this particular line/mark! : )
    10. Stillwater Stillwater, 9 years ago
      The plating hasn't worn off on top, that's actually tarnish. Can't think of how a candelabra can get worn really, lol. That brassy color is what old sterling looks like, and many people do confuse it with brass, so I can buy it cheap.

      I swear to god that looks like sterling... Its tarnishing exactly the way solid sterling does. The bottom sort of doesn't, but the rest looks like it is...

      Tell me, are the arms kind of hollow? Or is it like really thickly constructed? You'd better look ALL OVER for a mark, seriously, take a brush and get any grime off, look for ANYTHING.
    11. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Stillwater thanks for the comment. For a second there, I thought I was reading one of my old posts. This is EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. The arms, and "candle holders" are hollow. Looks like you will understand this: You know when you run your fingers over sterling the feeling is unmistakable? It makes that soft ringing sound/feeling? That is how the top parts are
      but NOT THE BASE!

      Plus, it polished exactly like sterling silver not chromium plate or whatever. Great now I have something to do....look look look with a magnifying glass/loupe. THanks!

    12. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      LOL. I can't get over the desperation in your posting Stillwater. Exactly how we feel polishing a piece we swear is old silver. haha Later!
    13. Stillwater Stillwater, 9 years ago
      Lol, I'm a big precious metal hound, I sometimes won't test a piece, I want to try to figure it out on my own. Sure ass heck looks like sterling, I wouldda bought it
    14. Stillwater Stillwater, 9 years ago
      Whoops, *Sure as*
      Not sure ass...
    15. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Stillwater...hey. I am not really into testing a piece. Maybe because I dont know how. What is the best way to test sterling? Is there a kit I should buy? Anyway....I finished polishing it up. Looks like it is labeled STERLING on several parts. I cannot say I am 100% percent sure, but I would say I am 80% sure it is marked sterling. Looks like it was polished so many times before the letters wore down. Did you ever see this happen? Thanks again!!!
    16. Stillwater Stillwater, 9 years ago
      You can buy a little bottle of acid that will last you YEARS for a couple of dollars on eBay.

      I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT WAS STERLING!!! Even your other post that said chromium, I thought "No way!! That's gotta be sterling!!" I'm good haha!

      Polishing only removes a few atoms thick of surface metal, so it was probably just stamped lightly. Would you make another post of the photos? I'd like to see
    17. Stillwater Stillwater, 9 years ago
      Meant to ask if you would make another posting of the photos of the STERLING marks?

      If you're looking to start hunting silver, you should invest in a bottle of acid. I found this sour candy at a gas station, its like a tiny little eyedrop bottle sort of, about half the size of my pinky, I filled that with acid and I carry it around in my pocket sometimes, I just put a drip on discreetly when I see to and rub it off.

      It changes different colors and does different things to different metals, and it can be really helpful once you learn to read it. Not hard at all. If you need to you can even test other metals like nickel and copper and bronze with it if you learn what colors they turn.

      Anyway, if you could post a photo of the sterling marks, I'd definitely be able to help
    18. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Stillwater, thanks for all the info. is there a specific brand for the acid you're talking about? Also, I will try to get a good photo of the markings. I do not see the whole word STERLING yet. I am able to make out STE.... or ERL..., but like I said I am only about 80 percent it is. But we will keep trying.

      Like I said, it looks like this has been polished over many many times. Have you seen cases where over polishing has "scratched" away markings???
    19. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      I think I am seeing the word in the following places:

      across the bottom of each individual candle holder, just above the "rings" gripping them. On the inside of the scroll design feature facing in. And maybe, just maybe at the very bottom where it meets the base. Looks like it was also stamped at the bottom of the thin hollow arms. I used my jewelers loupe last night, but tonight I will take out my high powered microscope and try to get some digital photos. Thanks!
    20. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      I am not the best at finding markings. I tend to start hulicinating after awhile, seeing rampant lions and the word STERLING everywhere!
    21. Stillwater Stillwater, 9 years ago
      Thats very unusual that it would be marked in so many places, never heard of that before. Its usually marked once, on the side of the base or on the underside.

      I remember now, you're the one that was seeing lions all over the stained silver-plate tray, uh oh!
    22. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Yes. I swear. It's real. I'm nuts. Good night!
    23. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 9 years ago
      Oh, I can hardly wait to see those photos, BHock45! Please get good rest tonight, and when it's convenient would love to see those photos of markings. The man who has selected the beautiful coin silver spoons is NOT NUTS!!! I'm excited now. I have two remarks to make. First, the only genre I know of that sometimes features a combination of a sterling element and either a silverplate or a solid base metal element is flatware and flatware serving pieces. E.g., some MOP-handled fish or fruit services have either silverplate blades or base metal blades, but sterling ferrules. I personally have never seen an item like this with a base metal base and the rest of the item in sterling. I based my judgment that your candelabra was plated based upon the appearance of the underside of the base. I hope that I shall learn something here - i.e., I hope that this does turn out to be sterling above the base. Now, the only other remark I have to make at this point is that I have seen sterling marks worn significantly by use and/or polishing. Take care! I'll check in tomorrow. : )
    24. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Hey everyone. Thanks mikkochristmas11 for the reminder that I am not crazy. I will continue to clean and look tonight, crazy weather here on the east coast caused more power outages today so I hope it holds up. Thanks for the info!
    25. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Hello everyone. No luck! Sorry, finished polishing and I see no is pretty though.
    26. miKKoChristmas11 miKKoChristmas11, 9 years ago
      Hi, BHock45! So glad that you and your family are safe and not 'power-less' from the wicked Winter weather! If the lights do go out, perhaps you can light this beautiful candelabra. : ) The silvery glow is quite delightful now, but I imagine that it would be magical lit. Take care, now. : )
    27. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Thanks for checking on us mikkochristmas11! Yes, everyone is ok, but we have hardly recovered from Hurricane Sandy, and last night was a reminder of that horrible night with the wind and all. Everything is good though now! Take care!
    28. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Stillwater - the testing kit is in. Tonight I start to test!
    29. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      Hey still water, not sure if you can see these, but what happens after you test it and it turns a creamy white color? That means it is silver? The what do you do just polish the mark off??
    30. BHock45 BHock45, 9 years ago
      I am not sure but maybe someone can help me. On the bottle it says that this dark red/brownish color means it is silver. It faded to a light brownish cream color at at the end. Can someone tell me if the blood red color does in fact mean silver (in the last picture).

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