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Isn't She A Beauty -- 1958 Huffy Eldorado -- I Think

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    Posted 8 years ago

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    Hi guys -- ted and i had a fire in the house may 18th and will not be back into the home until mid sept -- for those of you who have the telephone number -- please do not call as all utilities are out until the cause of fire can be determined -- i do have my same email address here at the hotel so will check in and can keep in touch via that route -- both ted and i are safe and so is little abby the cat -- we are blessed to have a great insurance company, good friends and neighbors, and many professionals that are putting our lives back in order --

    lost my last gift dad gave me in 1959 before he past at age 38 -- i was 10 -- will miss my huffy -- but they tell me she is a goner -- sure after everything is settled -- i will pull her down from the ceiling and i swear i will somehow get her back to her original mint condition -- she deserves no less from me as she served me well and now it is my turn to bring her back from the depths of hell

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    1. vetraio50 vetraio50, 8 years ago
      New beginnings! I wish you both well and good luck on the new adventure! You have the right attitude!
    2. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks kev
    3. nldionne nldionne, 8 years ago
      Oh Epson. I'm so glad all of you are okay. Take care.
    4. walksoftly walksoftly, 8 years ago
      Glad you are both okay & that all is being taken care of.
      Looks like huffy will be okay with a little TLC.

      Be well:-)
    5. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks nldionne -- hugs to little gumption -- abby is learning the hotel and decided to take her 3am whore walk about -- the little slut returned this morning sometime around 5am

      also thanks walksoftly for the loves -- ted and i are hoping to buy her back after the insurance company salvages her out -- can't tell if the paint is charred or just smoke coating -- she was a beautiful aqua, with a red and white seat and gold light on the front fender -- have a great week
    6. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks sean -- appreciate your blessings -- we are all fine and the hotel is spoiling us rotten -- once the rain stops -- ted and i plan to take advantage of their spa and pool -- but according to the weather that will be another week -- stay safe and glad all is well and you have been able to settle into your new digs
    7. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Autumn, I am sending my prayer and light to you and Ted! And of course Abby! I am saddened by what happened and can only safe and stay happy and sound. I cannot imagine what you have been through...and I know you are blessed with great friends and lots of love surrounding you. I will keep you in my prayers and thank you for sharing your heartbreak and thank God you are all well and are moving on to the future with bright eyes!!! XOXOXOXO please call when you can..... :)) Miss you lots :))
    8. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks jay -- all is fine -- just terribly busy -- documenting what was lost and the place to cost -- almost all items in the garage were lost due to extreme heat and smoke damage -- fire is like a tornado -- when you see what survived and what was a total melt down -- ted and i were able to get the 2000 prelude out the next day after they cut the bolts on the garage door to manually release the door -- the auto adjusters come this week to take her to a detailing company and to be checked out to see if the heat damaged her engine etc -- the prelude was right below the huffy bike -- ted's car was closest to the fire so we have no idea what she is like as we can not get her out due to the debris you see in pic 2 above

      i will try and call but it maybe awhile as all utilities are cut and will not be restored until the fire investigators release the house to other consultants to start the rebuilding process -- they gave me a cell phone -- but i try and not use it for personal use -- in order to be available to take calls from the insurance, restoration, city officials etc etc -- requesting information and documentation -- as you can see by the pics i sent you -- the house inside is just about all packed up -- tues the inventory people come through to determine what is left and place a price on the loss

      thanks for your thoughts and prayers -- the good news is ted, abby and i are fine and in good health and able to complete the task given us -- take care dear one
    9. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks moonstone -- you being of the same spirit as i -- i feel your vibes and good wishes -- sure all will be fine -- just will be a slow process and seems like sept is so far out -- but i am amazed how much gets accomplished each day -- the insurance, restoration, investigators etc etc are all very amazing people -- you take care -- and you will be always in my thoughts and good wishes also -- your "wicca" sister
    10. musikchoo musikchoo, 8 years ago
      Bless Your Hearts. We know everything will turn out alright. There are a lot of prayers being lofted for you.
    11. toolate2 toolate2, 8 years ago
      I'm a bike guy so I kinda travel in those circles. I'm always on the look out for nice old bikes and parts. Why don't you get your Huffy down and make a list of what you need to get her back in shape and we can make a project of it here on CW. I'll be glad to donate anything I can find to help! And I'm sure there are many others here who would do the same... All the bright work will probably clean up just fine. Let us know what you need!
    12. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks musikchoo for the loves and yes i do agree there are many well wishes and prayers for us -- we are soooooooooooo blessed

    13. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks toolate2 -- i knew you were going to be one of my contacts on cw when it came time to work with the huffy -- once i get her down -- she will get a bath and then i can see the damage -- will post pics on her -- if my ladders had not burned in the fire she would already be down and out of there -- but as they are still trying to determine cause of fire -- nothing can be moved or touched in the garage areas -- we are all getting impatient as insurance and restoration would like to move ahead and get the building contractors committed to dates time and cost -- will stay in touch with this site as time permits

      hugs to all members
    14. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      well members this week will be a very busy week as i begin to meet with the adjusters, apply to the city to get power restored etc etc -- so if i am not on the site -- please know i appreciate all your well wishes and loves

      autumn - ted & little abby
    15. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      as to cause of fire jay -- currently i can not say -- the insurance company's fire investigator has a very strong suspect and has turned it over to the insurance lawyers -- which i am hoping will not cause a bunch of problems in litigation between two powerhouses -- the insurance co vs the suspected manufacture and impede our progress on this house -- ted and i are getting ready to dee dee mirer out of this place and do some more work at the house
    16. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks eye$beauty for the loves and thoughts
    17. trunkingforfun, 8 years ago
      I love your attitude. You guys ROCK.
    18. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks liz -- keep me posted on your trunk -- send me some pics -- just answered your email on the other side -- catch ya later girlfriend
    19. inky inky, 8 years ago
      Hi Epson!…so sorry to hear about this, I am so pleased that you both and your Abby are safe that is the most important thing to start with then the rebuilding of your lives and home which I have no doubt with your wonderful attitude and many friends that you have it will be bigger and better and as for your Huffy she too! will come out of this as you say “back to her original mint condition”. Take care a big hug to both of you…Penny.
    20. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks inky for the hugs and well wishes -- yesterday the rain finally stopped and it was so beautiful to be able to sit in the back yard again -- ted and i worked all day and will again today -- finding some of the treasures and bringing them in the house to be cleaned or scrubbed up out on the patio -- ted cleaned his suitecase bike and placed back in his motorhome -- i am still amazed how tenacious that smoke can be -- it totally destroys anything with chrome -- which the huffy has the chrome fenders -- hopefully we can get the items underneath her cleared today to place a ladder to bring her down

      have a great weekend penny and again thanks for you kind thoughts -- these are always such energy boosters
    21. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      many of you have asked how the fire started and i was not able to say until the insurance had completed the investigation and contacted the vendors involved of a pending lawsuit -- i will now share and if any of you have this particular situation in your homes you may want to look into it -- as you maybe an accident waiting to happen -- we have also learned that we are not the first to have this occur -- the insurance company is going after the cable company -- this has been a very expensive fire and rightfully so -- they want compensation

      the fire started because of a faulty cable box -- a couple of years ago our televising industry went to totally digital -- those of us with analogue televisions where provided a box which converted the signal -- this box was not compatible on the voltage between our tv and the box -- the tv was not on at the time -- but a short occurred and worked its way through the wiring -- it raced throughout the garage and immediately shut off all power -- i lost phone service and was not able to call even the fire department to get help -- luckily it was during the day and the neighbors phoned it in

      finally the house has been released as of june 11 and hopefully we will be able to get power back into the house to begin the restoring

      wishing the members all the best and i hope this information will be helpful for those in the same situation
    22. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      i agree with all you said jay and china was the manf of the comcast unit that failed and they are on the list to be sued and hopefully comcast will also take action with them

      business and industry goes by the law of averages -- rather than correct the problem it is better to just pay and stay out of the courts -- problem usually is -- it continues to manifest into a monster -- which many of our car manf and insurance companies have had to learn the hard lesson -- hopefully comcast will be a wise company and correct the mistake before more fires occur and lives lost

      i must be really sensitive to plasticizers since the fire -- as to me the stores just reek from the smells of the chemicals -- i can only image that perhaps the whole country of china must have to breathe their own by-products from these industries -- went to look for a dress last night and just walked out again due to the chemical stench

      thank you for the kind words jay -- you and your family are also very special to us
    23. kerry10456 kerry10456, 8 years ago
      Best Regards to You and Ted, I'm sure with determination the "Huffy" will soon be a restored beauty. Again sorry for all your pain and wish you a brighter future
    24. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks petey -- so far everything is going fine -- garage was gutted this week down to the beams and rafters -- will start to replace the installation and wallboard this week -- then they will start to gut the house -- we have that cleared so ted and i have begun to start the search for samples such as paint, flooring, appliances etc etc

      got the huffy bike down and in storage -- also started looking for items to replace on her -- then she will have to go to an auto body shop for a new paint job -- will probably have to replace the chrome fenders as the acids really did a job on etching the metals

      have a great week and thanks for the kind thoughts -- autumn
    25. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      thanks kerry -- it is all just stuff and can be replaced -- we have our health and each other and that is what REALLY counts in life
    26. toolate2 toolate2, 8 years ago
      epson233, Glad things are moving along for you... Is this bike a middleweight or is it a balloon tire bike? I have a set of chrome fenders for a 26" balloon tire that I'd gladly pass along for the cause...If they'll fit??
    27. toolate2 toolate2, 8 years ago
      Looks to me like your pedals are the old bow type like you'd find on some Schwinns of that same period... I'll see what I can come up with!
    28. epson233 epson233, 8 years ago
      hi toolate2 -- yes you are right on those pedals i can not find them as of yet -- but i am on a search currently -- you are a doll to help me --

      this item number on ebay will absolutely not work

      ebay item number 121105749253 -- that price totally shocks me
    29. Zoie, 6 years ago
      Sorry to read about the fire. Glad no one was hurt! I am a bike nut and noticed the picture, then read the info. Hope you have managed to restore it and more importantly ... ride it!
    30. epson233 epson233, 6 years ago
      no zoie -- believe it or not it is still in the shop -- would seem the original owners went into bankruptcy and skipped town to florida -- luckily they left the inventory and i had all the paperwork to show ownership and payments made -- so she is still a work in progress

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