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1960's  LI'L Beaver Toy Truck - Model CarsLoved by nutsabot…
BAROLAC  Forest Vase   - Art GlassLoved by LOUMANAL
Antique Rindksopf Corrugated Iridescent Vase 11" - Art GlassLoved by getthatm…
Hoping for information on these - FurnitureDragonmaiden says After googling, I f...
Victorian Bag / Purse - BagsLoved by LovelyPat
Lötz bowl Cobalt Papillon ca. 1900 with bronze mount in the style of Gruschner - Art GlassLoved by LovelyPat
Ansonia open escapement mantel clock - ClocksBruce99 says Scott, that's very ...
Amphora Wasp Vase - PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
Steuben Aurene,  DeVilbiss Perfume Bottle Etching by Hawkes  - Art GlassLoved by LovelyPat
Art Nouveau vase, unknown maker (vase No. 1) - Art NouveauLoved by ho2cultcha
Key found in Norfolk garden - Tools and HardwareLoved by ho2cultcha
Antique Original Sign from The Savoy Hotel, Kansas City - SignsLoved by SEAN68
KRALIK FEATHERED - MARBLED VASE - Art Nouveauinky says Many thanks...Miche...
Mystery Air Comprssor - Tools and HardwareKife74 says Thanks gentlemen. M...
Harlequin Reader Service Porcelain Doll - Box postmarked Apr 10 1990 - DollsManikin says Same on her as the ...
Harlequin Reader Service Porcelain Doll - Box postmarked Oct 11, 1991 - DollsManikin says Same answer for her...
Harlequin Reader Service Porcelain Doll  "Harlequin Collectibles" Bride doll - DollsManikin says here is one that di...
mermaid handle - KitchenLoved by blunderb…
Plaid Ken Watch - WristwatchesLoved by SEAN68
Toothpick Holder from Germany - KitchenLoved by aura
My 1st Moorcroft! - PotteryLoved by aura
Loetz Candia Papillon Oil Spot Iridescent Ball Footed Vase  - Art NouveauLoved by for.the.lov…
Bohemian Harrach? Opalescent Cranberry Posey Bowl  - Art GlassLoved by for.the.lov…
My Second Shelf of Cabinet Loetz, Kralik Rindskopf & Friends :) - Art NouveauLoved by aura
Nouveau In Purples Greens & Cranberry My Bottom Shelf Babies - Art GlassLoved by aura
A Tango Mystery - Art GlassLoved by AnnaB
Loetz Ausführung 141 vase, steingrün mit neurot, PN II-8205, ca. 1912 - Art GlassLoved by AnnaB
Vintage Deco Moonstone F&F Felger 14k Ring 22 x 10mm - Fine JewelryLoved by aura
Harrach Iridescent Pair & Kralik Honeycomb Mounted Stag Handle Vases - Art GlassLoved by aura
Kralik?, Rindskopf? ... Iridescent Blue Tadpole Gold  Tri Fold Vase  - Art GlassLoved by AnnaB
Antique Gold Ruby Glass Flacon  Caraffe cica 1830  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Kralik In Swirls Purple Green Iridescent Vases  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Rindskopf Feather/Pulled Iridescent Metal Rim Cased Vase - Art GlassLoved by aura
Early Loetz DEK I/94 Pink/Purple Enameled Jardinière Bowl Vase ca 1890's  - Art NouveauLoved by aura
Art Nouveau Pallme Köenig Amethyst Threaded Iridescent Gourd Vase - Art GlassLoved by aura
Unsung Heroes of Glass # 5 Otto Thamm – The man who was nearly never known. - Art GlassLoved by aura
Loetz Titania Silver Overlay - Art GlassLoved by aura
Art Nouveau Loetz, Kralik, Pallme Konig,Welz and Rindskopf Collection of Vases - Art NouveauLoved by aura
Bohemian Welz Spiraloptisch Gold Cadmium Iridescent Slow Twist Vase  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Berries for Christmas - RARE Kralik Sea Uchin  - Art GlassLoved by aura
Disney's "Dreamfinder and Figment" bronze - FigurinesDisneysb says This particular bro...
KRALIK FLORIFORM "OLD MUG"...:-) - Art GlassLoved by aura
#Audobon #Society  -  John James Audobon #Plate Pressing (Age?) Yellowcrested #Chat on Sweet Briar #No28 - Fine ArtLoved by aura
Christmas Trees and Silver Bar Pins / Circa 1960's-70's - Costume JewelryLoved by Peasejea…
chinese calligrapher's water pot - AsianLoved by SEAN68
Mid Century tripod table lamp. - Mid-Century ModernLoved by SEAN68
Strange Hammered Sterling Hemisphere - Middle Eastern?? - SilverLoved by aura
Kew Blas Iridescent Decorated Vase c.1890's. - Art GlassLoved by aura
75024-75071 of 179,004