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JENNY LIND TRUNK - Furniturein Furniture
A.W. Dethloff & Co Dresser or Theatrical Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
European Bentwood Trunk, Turned Harry Potter Fan Made Replica - Furniturein Furniture
Henry Likly & Co Square Tri Fold Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Painting in Dresden Germany at Night - Fine Artin Fine Art
Gothic Painting?? Please Help. .  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Pathfinder Imperial, exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue /Vintage Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage Rain Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Scandinavian  Chest Inside. - Furniturein Furniture
Scandinavian  Chest Small (finally finished)!! - Furniturein Furniture


  1. All of those links are beautiful!!! The ticket is very cool, I love the precise directions it gives. There's a pic of her looking older, I like that one since most are of a very young lady. All th...
  2. Thank you for the link, good luck finding Toni Calvi. If you weren't part of the main show, your were never recorded on paper u til the mid 70's. And even then he was probably an immigrant and part...
  3. Bwahahaha! Of course I have, I have trunks I have not posted on here, . . Yet. And I plan to make a cool recessed trunk wall for my treasures with each one on a roll out shelf! Just the other day a f...
  4. Fat Boy64, everyone has said that today! LOL OK I don't fly or drive hundreds of miles for a trunk. When is the line crossed between addiction and hobby? Hahahahaha!!!!
  5. Drill that's a very nice picture! Thank you for sharing, I love it.
  6. Thank you for the loves: Trunkman Jscott0363 Drill Designer Greenwood Official fuel Bobby725
  7. Trunk man thank you so much! What a great idea that's exactly what I'm going to do. I think that will look best for this one. It's huge, I didn't realize they were made this big. Or how sought after t...
  8. Wow! Jscott0363 that is very generous of you and I am blown away! Thank you so much it will look amazing. I do not know how to email you from here so my email is redwritingism@gmail.com. Thank you, ...
  9. Caperkid, sorry.
  10. Thank you Capers I'd for the love.
  11. Thank you, but this isn't the one I meant, you will have to look at all my posts I only have 14. The first 2 are a Henry Likly dresser trunk. It's super cool and I still have not finished this trunk. ...
  12. It's actually the first 2 of my posts. Sorry about that.
  13. Hi fortapache, this is my second dresser trunk, the first one is a bit more elaborate. It's I think my second or third post on here. Check it out, it's very cool as well. Thanks for love!
  14. Thank you, I didn't need another one but it is really neat. I've been using for crafts. If you open it all the way, you can stand it upon one of the ends and it creates a bookshelf. It's very cool.
  15. Thank you guys for the loves!
  16. Well a drill you have given me zero excuse for learning how to craft any sort of owl, however I believe you to the better expert, so you can send me one! Owl post!! LOL
  17. Oh My Gosh!! Drill you are so funny. I didn't mean to put question marks, I had put three smiley faces with laughing tears. Those are great links!!! Oh I am still not making an owl! LoL!!!!!!
  18. Wow! Thank you each so much!! Trunk man, I wanted to sand the brass corners but I think someone may have previously because the just were steel colored. The only brass would be the locks. So I opted t...
  19. No not yet, I was hoping someone else on here would have some info about it.
  20. Thank you Drill, I will pick some up today and give it a go.
  21. Thank you Scott! These Likly trunks are tough and solid for their time, so much detail in each one. And I just may write a story!
  22. Awesome, I'm going to check that out. I keep delving into the history of Dresden, what remarkable place!
  23. OK I will make another post with some better pictures.
  24. Thanks for the loves!!!
  25. Thank you jscott0363! Bladerunner22, it's 26 inches tall and 11 inches wide. I like that it has the flat bottom also.
  26. Thank you Trey!
  27. Thank you very much trunkman. I really appreciate that.
  28. SEAN68, thank you very much, I have another post on here with the whole chest. 2 months ago I posted the before under the title, old chest. Yesterday I posted under Scandinavian Chest Small (finally ...
  29. Blunderbuss2, thank you for your patience.
  30. Thank you jscott0363!!!
  31. Thank you so very much kyratango!!
  32. One more thing, it is actually a coffer. Blunderbuss2 thank you for reminding me.
  33. Thank you hmsantiquetrunks!
  34. B. . I know it's hard to imagine. I'm not offended or feel as though you are arguing. I'm glad you ask. I am going to do the best I can to explain. In the picture of the corner, it's not a direct corn...
  35. Blunderbuss2, the wood is fir. I may have to post another add with pictures of the way it's made. The wood is very thick. It's extremely sturdy as well. Nothing is out of place or loose anywhere. or ...
  36. Thank you blunderbuss2!!!!!
  37. Thank you Drill, I will look into that. Jscott0363 I did read Jim ' s post. I'm really not sure what it is. More research is needed I think.
  38. Thank you so much jscott0363!!! I had sound advice from Jim at hmsantiquetrunks as well. Sorry my typing skills weren't up to parr. You guys are all really great! Thank you again jscott0363!!
  39. Thank you jscott0363, I too am curious what it was used for. As for the covering, at first glance I thought it was leather. However there is a small tear in the back. And it's clearly very thick canva...
  40. That is really amazing. I love it. . . And I'm jealous! I am 2 blocks from the ocean so if I had anything like that it would just mold. Thank you for sharing!
  41. Thank you shareurpassion! I have stripped several peices, sanded a couple of drawers. And fabricated some fabric peices. This is taking a long time, but I'm also a single mama of 3 and just gained cus...
  42. Thank you for the link to Wells Fargo. I do not believe it was that box in particular, it was just the same style. Wouldn't that be a great find at Goodwill! Honestly at first I thought someone had ju...
  43. Thanks again jscott0363! : )
  44. Thank you jscott0363, this trunk is taking a long time. Everything is covered in duck cloth, twice! It doesn't need any repairs, it's just so tedious. And I have decided to hand rub the stain AND wax ...
  45. Thank you jscott0363! I'm really excited about it!!
  46. Thank you Drill!
  47. Thank you so much Jim! Still new to this, I didn't know what it was called either. I love the catalog link.
  48. Thank you Trey!!!
  49. Thank you so much!!!
  50. The 3rd pic is the same as the 4th. Same drawer just more loved. Sorry I can't seem to get some of my pictures to turn the right way. That's not how they are in my photo alblum.
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