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Let George Do It, Dont Monkey With Me   - Photographsin Photographs
Unknown Photo-Sea-Side  - Photographsin Photographs
Unknown Baseball Player  - Photographsin Photographs
Unknown Sailing Ship - Photographsin Photographs
A Group Of Russian Peasants And Children - Photographsin Photographs
The Day We Left New York - Photographsin Photographs
 Men With Out Heads In 1895 - Photographsin Photographs
1895 Quebec Dog Sled Memory - Photographsin Photographs
Atlantic City? PartIII - Photographsin Photographs
Atlantic City? PartII - Photographsin Photographs


  1. This tin is awesome, it reminds me of the Domino Sugar sign in Baltimore. At night the sign is lit by neon and is spectacular. Happy Valintines Day vanskyock24, hope your day is as sweet as this tin...
  2. The differance of designs could be in symbols for luck, There are eight symbols. Fish Parasol Conch Knot of Eternity The Wheel Vase Banner And Lotus, maybe of dish in your photograph?
  3. These remind me of Benny Hill Show, all I remember is huge boobed nurses like this!
  4. Thank you Bellin & Walksoftly! Also, pickingupbones packrat-place AmphoraPottery bratjdd VintageArgentina Manikin THANK-YOU!
  5. Thank-You, scandinavian_pieces, pickingupbones, rocker-sd, BELLIN, walksoftly, kerry10456, Manikin & packrat-place!
  6. Bellin has a good looking chiller too! But, these...!!!! WoW.
  7. Ok. For many a years I have wanted a good looking ice/wine chiller...But they are not usually of a graceful manner. I have looked at so many ugly clunky lucite & faux wood buckets. And the uglier they...
  8. Thank-you scottscuff! It is such a small photo, but it has such gentle strength to it.
  9. Thank you for comment packrat!
  10. Thank-You packrat!
  11. Also you write a very fine description of the manufacturing process and history on all of your items, Thank-You, I enjoy your items very much!
  12. Love, love, LOVE!
  13. Thank-You Manikin. I have so many olD, oLD, OLD! negatives that need to be scanned, I just need to put on my technical thinking cap and go buy the right equipment!
  14. Thank-you Bellin! It makes me think of Pirates. AAARGH :)
  15. I'm glad to see you, I've missed you Manikin! Yes, That is a crush of people. It does look at the same time exciting & cheerful, yet scary too. With the expanse of water beyond the crowd of people, I...
  16. WoW. What a difference. Thank-you Phil, for photo favor again, and for unlocking the secret to this photo!
  17. Phil, Thank-You!
  18. Thank-You Bellin!
  19. I was lucky enough to find a closet stuffed full of these in my grandparents farm house, Eastlake for sure. Very striking frames, great buy!
  20. My Granny had these in an icy blue color, I never really liked them growing up, they never matched the other dishes. But after she died and nobody wanted them I brought them home and now I LOVE them....
  21. This is GREAT!
  22. Thank-You Vetriao! I certainly enjoy all of your wonderful postings!
  23. Thank-you, You are Wonderful!
  24. Thank-you, toolate2! And EJW-54 & VintageArgentina, Thank-you!
  25. Thank-you Phil!
  26. Walksoftly, Oh, I am so bad at facial recognition! But you are right, once I figured out who my Granny was, it started to fall into place... And some of these people (a LOT of them) died before I was...
  27. Phil, What an amazing difference. I am so grateful!
  28. Phil, Amazing! Thank-you so much, I am speechless, these are great!
  29. WoW,ThriftyGypsy, I thought I was just being silly in thinking a photo booth could be that old! You did some some great research, and thank you so much for sharing it here. I found these in my Grandpa...
  30. Thank-you walksoftly!
  31. Thank-you walksoftly!
  32. Thank-you walksoftly!
  33. Great Photos, Thanks for Posting!
  34. walksoftly & scandinavian_pieces, Thank-You! And if someone could tell me the year of car that would be wonderful!
  35. bratjdd ,BELLIN68 ,walksoftly & Manikin, Thank-You!
  36. And he wore his best bow for photo, I'm sure he was lovingly groomed beforehand too! He has such a sweet smile, I bet they brushed his teeth :) Thank-You!
  37. Is Funny.
  38. I just remembered how much my Granny loved Shorty's Wood Shop in Bethany Beach, how I wish I had one of those whirly birds!
  39. toolate2, Ah! I've never been to Wallops Island, when I was young I thought it was a made-up/pretend/fictional place because of such a funny name...!
  40. Also I added two photo's that were found in same area of floor.
  41. I was wondering about the big metal tower next to building? Could that help to date or ID this?
  42. SMD, I've been trying to get a clear image of this but this is the best I can seem to do... When I first saw this I thought Indian River. But I'm no expert... Wallops Island? All photos were throw...
  43. Thank-you FineLines.
  44. I thought the same thing Bellin, Thank-you for all of your kind comments too!
  45. I found some of these (none this beautiful) cleaning out grandparents house, and kept wondering why the letter-holders were kept in pantry next to the little salt & pepper shakers... I thought they we...
  46. vetraio50, Brilliant find of treasure! I can relate to your champagne tastes on a beer allowance!
  47. I hope they dredging up some clams!
  48. me too! But I also wanna sing the Green Acres Song :)
  49. Thank-You Bellin, I have looked at thousand of them, and these are my favorites!
  50. Scottvez, Love this photo! And thank-you for warning...
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