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Art & Crafts (Secessionist? Jugendstijl?) copper vase/WHO MADE IT? - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts copper vase- who made it? - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Help me identify- this Arts & Crafts matte green vase! - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts


  1. It's 95 degrees + today. Indeed, idcloisonne! Beer + watermelon = ???
  2. OK! Could be a BIG stein! 2 handles! I'll contact a metalwork expert; thanks, Windwalker. Thanks for great comments. About to fill vase with 4 beers and chill. Cheers from Mississippi! Where A & C is ...
  3. Thanks for comments! Ha ha, loved the "double handles", blunderbuss2! German sounds right. Too big to be a stein... Will keep searching. Roycroft and most American A & C copper seems to be more rounde...
  4. Just posted details... as new "Show and Tell" entry.
  5. I'd have to kill you (joke!) if I told you where I found it... (cost me $25/the pair was $50)! WHY WE SEARCH- Ha ha! I'll take better detail shots. No marks on bottom, sides, inside! Thanks, AmbeRose,...
  6. Yes, confirmed- it's definitely the Haeger E-181 Geranium Leaf Green vase. Grateful to art.pottery, AmberRose, TallCakes, and all- for help! Love it!
  7. Thanks, TallCakes- funny, I ordered the Paradis book (Schiffer- used, Amazon) last night before art.pottery wrote me. Life is good. Enjoy weekend!
  8. art.pottery, What is "Paradis" reference?
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